Chapter 715 – Overbearing Young Master

As the most reputed restaurant in Blaze City, those that were able to be a customer here were either wealthy or noble.

In other words, only someone with strength and resources was capable of affording the costly dishes and wine here.

Moreover, those with resources and strength usually placed great importance to bearing and etiquette, and they were proud and reserved. Even if they chatted with each other, they wouldn’t talk loudly like nobodies in a market.

For example, the atmosphere in this hall was extremely calm earlier. The sound of chatting was present, yet no one was clamorous, and there was only a short moment of clamorous noise when Yan Shisan arrived.

But it was merely a short moment, and the atmosphere recovered its calm after Yan Shisan sat at Su Qingyan’s table.

However, now, there was actually someone whose voice had sounded out into the hall before he even entered it, and it was so resounding, causing many people to reveal rather displeased expressions.

“What the fuck! Is the Immortal Indulgence Inn a place anyone can come to?” Someone frowned and displayed his displeasure.

“Based on his voice, he seems to be extremely confident. Could it be that a figure from some great power has come? But isn’t this person disregarding his bearing by making such a noise?” Someone seemed to be lost in thought.

Why is it this fellow again? Chen Xi felt his head hurt slightly because he knew who’d come from merely listening to the person’s voice.

Numerous gazes shot towards the entrance as they wanted to see exactly who actually dared to disturb others so brazenly.

In next to no time, Bai Gunan who wore an embroidered robe walked into the hall in high spirits, and he was even holding a white fan with gold linings and had the lifelike drawing of 18 beauties portrayed on it. He fanned himself as he swaggered along as if no one else was present here.

“Young… Young Master Bai!?”


“Who else? The Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan’s Bai Gunan, the overbearing Young Master that’s renowned in the cultivation world. People call him the ‘ghost horrifier,’ and he’s extraordinarily arrogant and overbearing.”

“So it’s him! No wonder, no wonder!”

Everyone instantly came to an understanding when they saw Bai Gunan, and the ill feelings in their hearts vanished without a trace. How could they dare have the slightest feeling of displeasure when facing someone like Bai Gunan?

This was like the saying — the name of a great figure is like the shadow of a tree. But, Bai Gunan’s reputation was displayed in the aspect of being arrogant and overbearing, and he could be considered to be a weirdo in the cultivation world.

“Oh! So there are so many beauties!” As soon as Bai Gunan entered, he didn’t even have the time to sweep the surroundings with his gaze when he noticed all the delicate and gorgeous young women at Su Qingyan’s table, and his eyes instantly lit up. But right after that, his eyes focused.

Because he noticed Yan Shisan was actually sitting there, and this was a madman that lusted madly for battle. He, Bai Gunan, was afraid of nothing except encountering a madman that disregarded his own life.

Even though Bai Gunan was overbearing, he still possessed a certain amount of discerning ability, otherwise it would be impossible for him to be arrogant until this day, so he immediately gave up his thoughts of striking up a conversation with those beauties.

He turned his head around and instantly saw Chen Xi before walking over.

“How terrifying! I heard this Bai Gunan is arrogant, overbearing, and a pervert. I was really worried he would entangle himself with us when I saw him look towards us.” A young woman at Su Qingyan’s table heaved a sigh of relief and grinned.

“What’re you afraid of, didn’t you see him leave?” Senior Sister Wen’s eyes rippled as she glanced at Yan Shisan and smiled. “Of course, all of this was because Senior Brother Yan was present, and only a figure like Senior Brother Yan is capable of suppressing Bai Gunan.” Her voice carried flattery that was vividly displayed on her face.

Yan Shisan smiled lightly and waved his hand casually. “It’s just a small matter. Not to mention that since I, Yan Shisan, am here, I’ll absolutely not allow anyone to bully all of you junior sisters.”

Senior Sister Wen giggled. “I think Senior Brother Yan doesn’t want to allow anyone to bully Junior Sister Su, right?”

Yan Shisan smiled and didn’t denied it, and he just shot his gaze towards the nearby Su Qingyan and didn’t conceal his admiration in the slightest.

Su Qingyan remained silent while her face seemed like still water, and she seemed as if she didn’t notice anything.


“Brother Chen, you really are here.” At the other side, Bai Gunan grinned as he arrived before Chen Xi’s table.

“Do you need something?” Chen Xi frowned and couldn’t be bothered to get up and greet him.

“Alas, Brother Chen, I actually came to Blaze City alone and am extremely lonely. Since I was able to encounter someone familiar like you with great difficulty, I naturally have to drink happily to my heart’s content with you.” Bai Gunan sat by Chen Xi’s side as he spoke, and he didn’t regard himself as an outsider in the slightest.

“You didn’t come here alone, right? Otherwise, how could you have survived until now?” Chen Xi rubbed his brows and experienced a slight headache because this fellow was simply like a plaster that stuck to him wherever he went.

“Err, I did bring some subordinates indeed.” Bai Gunan laughed with embarrassment, and he frowned and said in the next moment, “Brother Chen, why didn’t you order the dish called ‘Let Ability Shine?’ That’s the specialty of the Immortal Indulgence Inn, and it’s a great pity if you don’t try it.”

“The attendant said it’s finished. The quantity of this dish is limited and we’re unable to enjoy special treatment.” The nearby Xiao Yan seized the opportunity to speak first. She was young yet extremely mischievous, and she still remembered everything that had happened earlier.

Moreover, she’d experienced how arrogant and overbearing Bai Gunan was in the Treasure Gathering Pavilion, so she suddenly had a bright idea and told him everything.

Sure enough, Bai Gunan exploded into rage when he heard this, and he pointed the fan in his hand right at the attendant at the side. “Go, prepare 10 of them, and this Young Master will destroy your inn if you dare say no!”

The female attendant was instantly in panic, and she rushed off hastily.

This scene caused all the customers in the surroundings to be exceedingly astounded in their hearts. This Young Master Bai is really a fiend in human shape. He even said he would destroy the Immortal Indulgence Inn. How arrogant would one need to be to dare say these words?

“These bastards simply look down upon everyone else. Special treatment my ass! They really deserve a beating!” Bai Gunan grunted coldly and seemed insufferably arrogant.

But a wisp of a brilliant smile gushed out onto his face when he faced Chen Xi, and he grinned. “Brother Chen, this trash restaurant isn’t even worthy of your status. If I was you, I’d have torn this inn apart if I suffered such treatment!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes spun, and they flashed with a trace of a sly expression as she continued. “Yeah, I think so too. But someone just happened to say that Uncle Chen Xi lacks ability and is utterly unworthy to be a customer here, and that person even said he was deceiving himself.”

“What!?” Bai Gunan was astounded and stared right at Chen Xi. “Brother Chen, you’re able to endure such humiliation?”

Chen Xi glared at Xiao Yan, causing Xiao Yan to grin before shutting her mouth up obediently.

“Is this considered as a humiliation?” Chen Xi replied indifferently with a question.

“Of course!” Bai Gunan’s expression turned serious as he said, “Brother Chen, there’s a gully in your chest, so you naturally wouldn’t care about trivial matters like this. But since I’ve found out about this matter, then I’ll surely seek justice for you! Let me see who’s audacious enough to actually dare bully my brother!”

Chen Xi was astounded. When did I become Bai Gunan’s brother?

As he spoke, Bai Gunan had already stood up with a ruthless gaze as he swept the surroundings coldly, and he seemed to want to uncover the culprit.

Their conversation from before hadn’t been carried out through voice transmission, so it had clearly entered the ears of everyone, causing all of them to sigh in their hearts. Bai Gunan is really a ‘ghost horrifier,’ because he can make a problem even when there isn’t one.

Of course, they were only able to think like this in their hearts and absolutely didn’t dare voice it out. After all, they couldn’t afford to offend a disciple of the Bai Clan like Bai Gunan with their status.

But there was always an exception to things. That young woman called Senior Sister Wen had noticed everything that occurred here since the beginning. It was she who’d ridiculed Chen Xi and Xiao Yan earlier, so Bai Gunan’s words were simply curses directed at her, so how could she not be irritated?

Even her companions looked at each other while frowning without end, and they felt extremely unhappy.

As far as they were concerned, Chen Xi’s group was still wearing simple and crude beast skin clothes when entering the city, so how could they be people with any status? Even though all of them had changed into new clothes, yet in their eyes, Chen Xi and the others were still the same inside. They were only monkeys with a hat on.

This was their impression formed from their first impression. Similarly, judging a book by its cover was a common failing of all, and even cultivators were unable to avoid it.

So all of them were only slightly surprised when they saw Bai Gunan sitting with Chen Xi and the others, and they didn’t take it seriously.

But now, Bai Gunan had actually stood out with the intention of standing up for those bumpkins. Besides causing Senior Sister Wen and the others to be shocked, they couldn’t help but be irritated in their hearts because they felt Bai Gunan was simply too arrogant!

This was Blaze City! The territory of their Heavenly Insight Palace!

Could it be that this fellow still thinks this is the Bai Clan?

“Who cursed at my brother earlier? Get out here, otherwise, if I catch you myself, the consequences are something no one can bear!” Bai Gunan had a ruthless expression and was extremely overbearing as he shouted out loudly.

At this moment, Senior Sister Wen couldn’t restrain herself any longer as well, and she slapped the table as she stood up. “This is the Immortal Indulgence Inn and not the territory of your Bai Clan, so you better behave yourself!”

She spoke like this because she had confidence. Firstly, this was the territory of the Heavenly Insight Palace, and secondly, there was a top expert like Yan Shisan by her side, so she naturally had the confidence to go against Bai Gunan.

“Eh, all of you are disciples of the Heavenly Insight Palace?” Bai Gunan was surprised because he’d just recognized their identities from the violet capes all of them wore.

“Exactly!” Senior Sister Wen raised her snow white chin and spoke in an arrogant yet reserved manner.

“Then it was you who cursed at my brother earlier?” Bai Gunan frowned as a trace of ruthlessness flashed within his eyes.

“I didn’t curse anyone, and I was only speaking of some facts.” A wisp of disdain suffused the corners of her mouth as she spoke indifferently.

“You little girl, you’re simply courting death!” Bai Gunan suddenly turned hostile as soon as he obtained a sure answer, and he shouted explosively. “Who gave you the audacity!? Are you looking to be slapped?”

Along with this explosive shout, the atmosphere in the hall instantly seemed as if a fight would break out at any moment.

Everyone in the hall had already converged their gazes over since the beginning, and they were shocked in their hearts. Could it be that Young Master Bai is going to go against the female disciples of the Heavenly Insight Palace this time?

This is a great incident that can’t be missed!

No matter which side of the two, both of them were backed by shocking powers, and it was really difficult to say who would suppress who once they entered into confrontation.

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