Chapter 714 – An Issue Of Dao Companions

After Chen Xi and the others sat down within the restaurant, a beautiful attendant walked over trippingly and brought over the menu.

This menu was elegant as well, and it was a small magic tool made from Mirage Bark. It was like a translucent screen that had the names of numerous dishes and wine floating atop it like flowing water.

The most magical part of it was that in front of every single name was a matching lifelike picture related to the dish, and besides its actual taste, it looked as if it was real.

So long as one swiped with one’s finger, one would be able to choose any dish and wine on the menu, and amongst all the restaurants Chen Xi had been to, it could be said to show ingenuity and have a style of its own.

Chen Xi admired it silently as well because being able to utilize the Dao of Equipment Refinement on little things like this showed the owner of the Immortal Indulgence Inn was a thoughtful person.

He roughly glanced over the names on the menu before successively ordering a few tens of types of dishes for the youths, and he selected a variety of dishes that were fragrant, hot, sweet, sour, and so on and so forth.

Due to them being in a large group, they were spread out over an entire 10 tables, so all these dishes were ordered in 10 sets, and then every single table needed some of the restaurant’s signature wine, the Clearspring Wine.

Hmm? Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when he arrived at the last dish on the menu.

This dish was called ‘Let Ability Shine.’ It was cooked from a variety of rare spirit materials like azure black-boned chicken, reef fish, Nine-Profundity Jadegold Fruit, Starstriped Violet Aniseed, and so on and so forth. The materials had obviously been selected carefully and continued the five elements, Yin, and Yang within it, and its cooking required the spirit chef to pay great attention to carving flowers out of each of the spirit materials and inscribing fine striations upon them. Up until this point, only the first step could be considered to have been completed.

After that, they had to be soaked, nurtured, purified, boiled, and so on and so forth. There were over 30 complicated processes that had to be done before the second step was considered to be complete.

At the end, it had to be baked under Crimsonstar Spirit Flames, and it would produce a total of 36 exceedingly miraculous phenomena, like the phenomena of a golden rainbow shooting through the sun, the auspicious figures of dragon and phoenix, golden lotuses emerging from the sea of hardships, white cranes fluttering above immortal mountains, and so on and so forth.

This was the where the name ‘Let Ability Shine’ came from.

According to the introduction of this dish, merely this single dish was exceedingly expensive and comparable in price to an Immortal Stone!

Most importantly, only a seven leaf spirit chef of the Immortal Indulgence Inn was capable of cooking this disk. Moreover, he limited it to six a day. In other words, even if one had money, one would be unable to enjoy it if one was late.

“Is this still available?” Chen Xi raised his eyes and asked the female attendant.

“I’m sorry Young Master, we only accept preorders for our ‘Let Ability Shine,’ and the six portions for today have already been preordered completely half a month ago.” The female attendant spoke respectfully with a neither humble nor arrogant attitude.

Chen Xi shook his head and was about to pass the menu back to the attendant, yet Xiao Yan who sat by his side had already muttered in a low voice. “But I clearly remember that those people just arrived as well. Moreover, they were even later than us. It couldn’t be that they’d preordered a long time ago as well, right?”

Chen Xi glanced over, and he saw that Xiao Yan was speaking about Su Qingyan and the others.

There were a total of six young women including Su Qingyan at that table. All of them were beautiful, graceful, and extremely striking in this level of the restaurant, and they drew the gazes of numerous customers.

At this moment, there was an attendant carefully placing a dish on the table. The dish was placed on a transparent white jade plate, and beneath it was a strand of spirit flames baking it from below. In next to no time, numerous phenomena appeared in the sky above the dish…

At the same time, an extremely enticing fragrance effused out. The fragrance wasn’t dense and seemed cold like the water of a fountain instead, and it caused one’s appetite to be arouse from just the smell of it. Moreover, it carried a wonderful feeling that refreshed and gladdened the heart.

This dish was precisely ‘Let Ability Shine.’

Chen Xi frowned as well when he saw this. He knew well that Su Qingyan and the others had entered the city at the same time with them, so could it be that they’d preordered this dish half a month ago?

“Young Miss, you’re unaware but those are the disciples of the Heavenly Insight Palace, and they receive special treatment in our Immortal Indulgence Inn.” The attendant explained.

“Special treatment? Why can’t we?” Xiao Yan was disappointed as she stared wide-eyed at the attendant.

After all, she was only a 10 year old child, so how could she possibly know that this world had a strict hierarchy according to the difference in strength, background, and status. Some people were bound to be existences that enjoyed special privileges, whereas those so-called restrictions and rules were usually directed against ordinary people.

That attendant seemed as if she’d heard a huge joke and couldn’t refrain from exploding with laughter, and then she noticed that it was improper and hurriedly closed her mouth, but she couldn’t be bothered to explain any further.

Chen Xi frowned once again when he heard the sound of her laughter, and then he dismissed her with a wave of his hand.

“Haha! She wants to enjoy special treatment at such a young age. It’s truly laughable.”

Right at this moment, a young woman from Su Qingyan’s table laughter lightly, but the trace of arrogance between her brows made her seem haughty.

“Senior Sister Wen, don’t speak like that, she’s only a child. It’s her seniors that should be blamed for being incapable, but since they’re unable to enjoy that sort of treatment, then why come here?” The other young woman seemed to be advising yet actually spoke with ridicule that was even more harsh and unpleasant than ‘Senior Sister Wen.’

“You’re right. Forget it, they’re just a group of nobodies. Let’s eat first.” Senior Sister Wen raised her head up high and glanced arrogantly at Chen Xi before withdrawing her gaze.

Chen Xi’s gaze instantly turned cold when he heard such words because Xiao Yan was still a child and children spoke everything that was on their mind, yet she’d suffused such ridicule, so it caused a trace of rage to arise within his heart.

“Uncle Chen Xi, it isn’t worth to get angry with them.” Xiao Yan grinned as she spoke, and she consoled Chen Xi instead.

Chen Xi smiled and rubbed the little girl’s head as he nodded. “Xiao Yan, you’re right. We came to eat, not get angry.”

“Hmph! Don’t cheat yourself.” That young woman called Senior Sister Wen grunted coldly once more, and it was sudden and unpleasant.

At this moment, even those youths were able to discern that the beautiful young woman at that table seemed to be intentionally provoking and going against them, causing all of them to keep silent while looking at Chen Xi.

“Should we…” Meng Wei raised his eyes as he asked.

“Forget it.” Chen Xi glanced at Su Qingyan and shook his head in the end.

“Because of that young woman?” As a woman, Mo Ya’s intuition was exceedingly acute, and she discerned Chen Xi’s thoughts with a single glance. “Sparing a woman is a good thing, but that woman’s thoughts aren’t on you, and she still hasn’t noticed that you’re just at the side.”

Chen Xi went flabbergasted. He was only ordinary friends with Su Qingyan, yet Mo Ya’s words caused him to be like a  pitiable person who suffered from unrequited love.

At the same time, he noticed as well that Su Qingyan seemed to really have something weighing down on her mind, and she was staring blankly in a daze since she arrived at the restaurant.

Right at this moment, a wave of clamorous noise arose in the hall.

“Young Master Yan!”

“Young Master Yan has come as well? How unexpected! Why would a figure like him come to our Blaze City?”

“Which Young Master Yan? Could it be that one from the Heavenflow Dao Sect?”

“Shh! Softly, do you want to die!?”

Chen Xi was stunned when he heard this clamorous noise, and then he raised his eyes to look over and saw a tall young man walking in from the entrance. His back was ramrod straight, and he possessed broad shoulders, a handsome appearance, and was in great spirits. Every single move he made was filled with an overbearing and arrogant aura of supremacy, and it drew the attention of all.

It was actually the famous madman of the Heavenflow Dao Sect — Yan Shisan!

“Junior Sister Su, Young Master Yan has arrived. You should know that for the sake of getting the both of you together, we’ve exhausted a great deal of effort and entrusted Princess Leng Chan’er to personally step out and invite Young Master Yan over.

“Yeah, Junior Sister Su. Young Master Yan is noble, dignified, and extraordinary, and there’s rarely anyone in the same generation that’s capable of being a match for him. There are countless young women in the world that yearn to become Dao Companions with him, so you have to cherish this opportunity that’s difficult to come by.”

“Junior Sister Su, the seniors of our sect would surely be extremely pleased to see this. Not to mention that once you possess such a formidable Dao Companion as Yan Shisan, your status in our Heavenly Insight Palace would surely rise along with it.”

After those young women who wore violet capes at Su Qingyan’s table saw Yan Shisan, all their eyes lit up while they seemed overjoyed, and they kept muttering endlessly at Su Qingyan.

On the other hand, Su Qingyan remained silent while her beautiful brows were knit tightly together. She seemed to want to refuse, yet was worried about going against the good intentions of these senior sisters of hers, and she was struggling violently in her heart.

Even though they utilized voice transmissions, Chen Xi’s Divine Sense was enormous and comparable to an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, so he instantly heard everything clearly.

Only now did he come to a sudden understanding. So it turns out that Su Qingyan and the others are here for the sake of waiting for Yan Shisan. Moreover, based on the circumstances, the objective of their gathering this time is actually for the sake of bringing Yan Shisan and Su Qingyan together as Dao Companions!

Chen Xi frowned and felt it was extremely troublesome when he realized this.

When he was at the Dark Parasol’s Secret Realm before, Yan Shisan had once used the lives of An Wei and Long Zhenbei to threaten him, and this caused him to hate Yan Shisan to the bone. Moreover, if it wasn’t for Yan Shisan fleeing with a Cosmic Immortal Talisman, he would have killed Yan Shisan a long time ago!

On the other hand, Su Qingyan was his friend. So if his own friend was to become the Dao Companion of his enemy, then wouldn’t it be troublesome?

At this moment, Yan Shisan had already sat down at Su Qingyan’s table.

Because the hall was too big, there were numerous customers all around, and Su Qingyan’s table was filled with delicate, beautiful, and cute young women that were eye catching, Yan Shisan didn’t notice Chen Xi’s existence after he entered the hall.

Yan Shisan’s arrival caused Su Qingyan’s table to completely become the center of attention, and it received the gazes of everyone.

Senior Sister Wen and the others seemed to extremely enjoy the feeling of being the center of attention, and all of them smiled sweetly and radiated happiness while they toasted Yan Shisan successively.

Yan Shisan welcomed them all and smiled as he drank with a natural and unrestrained bearing. Merely from his outward appearance, it was difficult to discern hat he was a famous madman in the Dark Reverie that was obsessed with battle.

But his gaze was mostly shot onto Su Qingyan, and he carried a smile in the corners of his mouth while he spoke frequently with her. Obviously, he was extremely satisfied with Su Qingyan’s drop dead gorgeous appearance and extraordinary bearing.

Chen Xi’s brows knit tightly instead, and he hesitated in his heart on whether he should make a move.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Right at this moment, a wave of footsteps sounded out from outside the hall, and it was accompanied by clear laughter. “Brother Chen, oh Brother Chen! I almost turned the entire Blaze City inside out, yet I never imagined that you would be freely enjoying yourself here.” 

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