Chapter 713 – Immortal Indulgence Inn

Everyone within the Treasure Gathering Pavilion gaped when they saw the scene of Chen Xi questioning repeatedly while the young man in embroidered clothes shook his head repeatedly, and they felt it was so unreal like a dream.

Especially Ren Pingping, she was shocked to the point her jaw almost hit the ground, and her entire body was trembling. Even though she lay in the embrace of the young man, yet she didn’t feel a trace of warmth because even the greatest outside help in her heart seemed like a mouse that had encountered a cat. So how could she maintain her composure? Instantly, she felt that she’d really bit off more than she could chew this time!

But she didn’t dare believe all this because it was too absurd. After all, this was a disciple of the Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan, and he was a Young Master that was renowned throughout the entire cultivation world!

Even if the disciples of the 10 great immortal sects were to encounter him, they would feel he was an extreme headache and stay as far from him as they could. It wasn’t because he possessed a formidable cultivation, but because his background was too shocking.

After all, the Bai Clan was famous for being protective. No matter right or wrong, someone who offended them would be unable to escape some punishment.

This young man in embroidered clothes who was before her possessed this towering tree, the Bai Clan, as his reliance, and he’d seemed to have become a dreadful monster than caused everyone he met to have a headache and be worried about getting into trouble.

But no one had expected that he would actually be like an obedient child before that handsome young man, and who would believe such news if news of this was spread?

Obviously, the young man in embroidered clothes was Bai Gunan. He’d once been fiercely slapped in public by Chen Xi at the highest level of the Ice Cloud Pavilion, and he still clearly remembered those humiliating scenes.

He originally intended to find some help after he left Icesky City to deal with Chen Xi, but his heart instantly went cold when he encountered a cousin brother in the clan, and it completely put out any thoughts he had of looking for trouble with Chen Xi.

It was also from that moment onwards that he found out the damnable fellow that deserved to be sliced up by a thousand blade actually possessed a close relationship with his aunt.

It was even to the extent that his aunt had looked after this bastard for many years while this bastard was still young! Not to mention him, Bai Gunan, even the children of the Patriarch didn’t enjoy such treatment!

So he almost covered his face and left as far as he could at the instant he saw Chen Xi, but he still forcefully restrained this impulse in the end.

It couldn’t be helped. He was the dignified clansmen of the Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan. It would be too embarrassing if he turned around and left in front of so many people, and it would bring shame to the clan!

Chen Xi didn’t know how many thoughts had arisen in Bai Gunan’s heart in this instant, and he continued to grin as he asked. “Then do you want to stand up for this woman?”

Bai Gunan hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth and pushing away Ren Pingping who was within his embrace. “No. Since this woman dared to offend you, then she’s going against me. What do I need her for?”

This scene caused the bodies of everyone present to tremble as they never expected a single word from Chen Xi would actually cause Bai Gunan to so ruthlessly abandon Ren Pingping!

Not to mention then, even Chen Xi was stunned, and he couldn’t help but shake his head as he looked at Ren Pingping who was on the ground and in an extremely embarrassing state.

“Young Master Bai, you… The Young Miss has always been devoted to you, yet you treat her like this, how could you bear to do this!?” The old man forcefully restrained his rage as he spoke in a low voice.

“When did I treat her unfairly?” Bai Gunan’s brows raised as he revealed a ferocious expression. He could lower his head when facing Chen Xi, but he recovered his arrogant and overbearing disposition when dealing with others, and he pointed at the old man. “Don’t push your luck. Wasn’t your Ren Clan able to develop from a small clan into its current scale because of me?”

When he spoke up to here, he spat fiercely as he pointed at Ren Pingping who was on the ground, and he said fiercely. “Don’t take me for a fool. You’ve been fucking flirting and having secret relations with that pretty boy behind this Young Master’s back all through these past few years, yet I couldn’t be bothered to deal with you. After all, the relationship between us is just for fun, but can you strike your chest and say you’re devoted to me?”

“Uncle Chen Xi, their relationship is so complicated.” Blackie muttered in a low voice.

“Even I don’t understand the world of Young Masters.” Chen Xi shrugged.

Ren Pingping originally displayed a bitter expression and a pitiable appearance with the intention of regaining Bai Gunan’s pity. But never had she imagined that she wasn’t able to persuade him to stay but was subject to a string of curses instead, causing her entire body to go cold as her heart fell into an abyss.

Bai Gunan was right, the rise of her Ren Clan couldn’t absolutely not do without the support of Bai Gunan, and it was even to the extent that this Treasure Gathering Pavilion was a business Bai Gunan had bestowed upon the Ren Clan!

“Young Master Bai, I was wrong, please…please forgive me, alright? I won’t dare do it again, I swear…” Ren Pingping was in utter panic as she knelt before Bai Gunan and pleaded with a sorrowful voice.

“Fuck off!” Bai Gunan kicked her away in an extremely heartless manner. “I’ll kill you if you annoy me again!”

“You…” The old man was overwhelmed with rage to the point his entire body trembled.

“What? You want to be annihilated along with the Ren Clan?” Bai Gunan glanced at the old man with an expression filled with disdain. “Quickly fuck off! Don’t be an eyesore here! Don’t blame me for not warning you if you don’t vanish from before my eyes within the time of three breaths!”

The old man’s expression turned pale while he seemed to be indeterminate. Even though he was disgruntled, he could only sigh dejectedly in the end before supporting Ren Pingping up and leaving the Treasure Gathering Pavilion.

Just like Ren Pingping, he was utterly unable to figure out who exactly that handsome young man was and why Bai Gunan would become so resolute and heartless for him.

Hong San was completely stunned and was in disbelief because not only did Ren Pingping formidable outside help not cause any harm to Chen Xi, he was instead like a mouse that had encountered a cat and actually kicked Ren Pingping away!

Could it be that Senior Chen Xi is…a disciple of an extraordinary power?

When he thought up to here, Hong San’s heart let him down and started thumping because any disciple of a famous sect was beyond reach to him.

Never had he imagined that interaction would actually arise one day between him and such a figure, and this caused him to feel that it was slightly unreal as if he was dreaming.

“Brother Chen, are you satisfied now?” After the two of them left, a slight smile instantly gushed out onto Bai Gunan’s face, and the speed he changed his expression was so swift it stunned all those youths.

“You’re worried I’d kill them, right?” Chen Xi smiled spuriously.

“How could I possible do that? If you want to kill them, then I’ll grab them back here right now.” Bai Gunan had indeed been bullied by Chen Xi to the point of being afraid, and he spoke carefully as he was deeply afraid of offending Chen Xi.

“We’ll let this matter go at that. Now that I speak of it, I have to thank you this time. After all, you helped me with quite a bit,” said Chen Xi.

“You’re too kind, truly too kind. We’re like family so there’s no need to be courteous.” Bai Gunan laughed loudly and seemed to have already taken Chen Xi to be part of his clan. “Right, did Brother Chen come here for the sake of purchasing treasures? Do you need me to help select them?”

“I’ve already finished selecting them.” Chen Xi declined.

He didn’t want to have too much contact with this fellow because if Yan Shisan was said to be a madman, then this fellow was a troublemaker. So if he did become friends with this fellow, he would probably have to be careful about trouble coming to look for him at all times.

“Oh? Where is it, let me see.” Bai Gunan swept the surrounding attendants with his gaze, and then he asked. “Who was in-charge of attending to my Big Brother Chen Xi?”

Chen Xi was stunned and suddenly had the impulse to leave right away. This fellow…is simply too skilled in making use of opportunities, and I’ve unknowingly become his big brother?

In next to no time, the attendant that attended to Chen Xi ran over swiftly and said respectfully, “Young Master Bai, the treasures this Young Master wanted are within this storage ring.” He passed over a jade green storage ring as he spoke.

“These are all common and ordinary things, bring over those top treasures. Right, it’s still 100 sets!” Bai Gunan sized up the contents of the ring and couldn’t help but frown.

“Alright!” How could the attendant dare refuse, and he ran off to the back once more to prepare the treasures. 


Immortal Indulgence Inn, the most reputable inn in Blaze City.

After he escaped Bai Gunan’s entanglement, Chen Xi brought Meng Wei and the others along under Hong San’s guidance to arrive at this inn, and he booked a courtyard within it.

The youths took a bath and changed into their new clothes.

All of their clothes were treasures and didn’t have sizes. No matter if one was fat or thin, it would adjust its size automatically after being worn, and it would seem as if it was made just for the person.

In next to no time, the youths had finished changing, and they stood there with refreshed spirits.

Chen Xi nodded with satisfaction because it wouldn’t be attention drawing and give rise to much discussion if they walked out like this.

However, to his surprise, even though the youths had worn their new clothes, they didn’t throw away the beast skins they’d been wearing all this time. They carefully arranged the beast skins before keeping it at their sides, and they seemed to want to keep it forever.

This scene suddenly caused Chen Xi to feel slightly moved. Perhaps in a long time from now when these youths have completely merged into the Dark Reverie and become a true expert, the only thing that would allow them to recall their time in the Ninth hell would be the beast skins they kept, right?

What about me?

All along the way here, have I lost this sort of happiness?

In his daze, Chen Xi recalled the Darchu Dynasty, his hometown, and his friends. Everything is changing as time zips by, and only this happiness remains. I can’t allow them to lose it…

“Let’s go. I’ll take all of you to taste the delicacies of the Immortal Indulgence Inn. I heard there are many great Spirit Chefs within this restaurant.” In next to no time, Chen Xi returned to his senses, and he swung his hand as he shouted out to Meng Wei and the others before leaving the courtyard.

The Immortal Indulgence Inn was 9km tall, and it had the good reputation of filling the city with the fragrance of food and wine. Moreover, the Clearspring Wine it brewed was extremely special and renowned in the world.

The prices within it was naturally absurdly high, and ordinary people were utterly incapable of affording it. But all of this was nothing to Chen Xi, and he brought the youths along and arrived at the highest level of the Immortal Indulgence Inn.

It was midday, and there were already many customers here. To Chen Xi’s surprise, he saw a group of young women walking in trippingly right when he’d finished arranging the places for the youths. Shockingly, Su Qingyan was amongst them.

What a coincidence, I’ve repeatedly encountered her twice…

Chen Xi was just about to get up and greet Su Qingyan when he noticed she seemed to have something weighing on her mind. Her beautiful brows were knit tightly together while she seemed to be lost in thought, and she walked right past him yet didn’t notice him.

Only some of the young women in the group noticed him, and all of them were slightly stunned before they left with cold and indifferent expressions as if they didn’t take notice.

Chen Xi laughed with self-ridicule and couldn’t be bothered to fuss about it with them, and then he started taking care of helping Meng Wei and the others select the dishes.

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