Chapter 712 – He’s The Outside Help

All those three old men had grey hair, and they revealed gloomy and cold expressions. With a sweep of their gaze, all the chaotic and clamorous noise in the surroundings instantly vanished without a trace.

All those attendants revealed expressions of respect, and they were silent like cicadas in the winter.

Hong San’s pupils couldn’t help but constrict when he saw these three people, and his entire body went cold because they were three elders of the Ren Clan. Every single one of them possessed cultivations at the Nether Transformation Realm, and they were rather infamous in Blaze City. 

Moreover, when his gaze descended onto the young woman at the center, it even revealed a wisp of deep fear and even terror!

This young woman had white skin and bright fine eyes. Even though her appearance was extremely beautiful, every single move she made carried an arrogant, bossy, and icy cold feeling.

She was the eldest young miss of the Ren Clan, Ren Pingping.

In terms of being arrogant and overbearing, even Ran Jiao was inferior to this woman, and she was absolutely ruthless and cruel. Many people that had offended her had been tortured and killed a long time ago.

“Young Miss!” Ran Jiao exploded into tears and pounced over to kneel before Ren Pingping when she saw her. Ran Jiao cried without end in a sorrowful and pitiable manner, and she’d completely lost her arrogance from before.

Ren Pingping’s beautiful brows knit together as she consoled. “Don’t cry, I’ll help you vent your anger!”

Ran Jiao raised her head as deep resentment flashed through her eyes, and she gnashed her teeth. “It was him. Not only did he bully me, he even ordered others to cause trouble in our Treasure Gathering Pavilion. All of them deserve death!”

“Hmph! They actually dared to cause trouble in my Treasure Gathering Pavilion? How audacious!” One of the old men grunted coldly. “Little Jiao, don’t worry, all of them won’t be able to live past today!”

“Jiao’er being injured is a small matter, the main point is they dared to cause trouble in our Treasure Gathering Pavilion! They simply don’t know what’s good for them and are lawless! How will our Ren Clan maintain its foothold in Blaze City if we don’t deal with them!”

Ran Jiao gritted her teeth, and her gaze was filled with a ferocious light as she pointed at Hong San. “There’s also him! It’s he who led these people over here to cause trouble, and his crime deserves death. He must be sliced apart into pieces!”

Hong San revealed a rageful expression, yet he felt despair in his heart because he knew he was unable to escape calamity!

Most troubling to him was that he’d unintentionally implicated Chen Xi and the others in his own problems, and this caused him to feel extremely bad in his heart and gnash his teeth to the point they almost shattered.

“Alright! This kid must die as well!” One of the elders nodded.

Ran Jiao said with extreme malice, “No, don’t kill them, I want to deal with them slowly. I want…”

Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s figure suddenly vanished on the spot.

The expressions of the three Ren Clan elders turned grim, yet their reactions weren’t slow, and they protected Ren Pingping at their center at the first possible moment.


Right when they’d just finished doing all of this, they heard the sound of bones shattering, and it seemed extremely ear piercing within this silent atmosphere.

After that, they saw that Ran Jiao hadn’t finished speaking nor had the cruel and excited expression disappear from her swollen face, yet her head had actually been twisted back to her neck!

Her vision went blank as violent pain flooded her entire body, and she heard a sentence before her consciousness blurred. “I already told you earlier that I would kill you if you said another word!”


Her head tilted to the side before she fell to the ground without the slightest sign of life.

Besides that, Chen Xi’s figure had already returned to the place he stood earlier.

All of this had occurred in an instant. From the moment those three elders protected Ren Pingping to the moment Chen Xi twisted Ran Ping’s neck and returned back to where he stood before, the entire process seemed to have been completed in an instant!

It was too quick!

Quick to the point no one had imagined that Chen Xi would actually attack abruptly under such circumstances and kill Ran Jiao in one go!

Everyone was momentarily stunned because this was the territory of their Ren Clan, yet this fellow of unknown origin actually dared to kill someone right in front of their eyes!

“How audacious! You dared to kill before I, Ren Pingping? You’re truly audacious to the extreme!” Ren Pingping was utterly enraged, and her face was filled with killing intent as she said with an icy cold voice, “Jiao’er was the subordinary I doted on the most, yet you actually dared to kill her. All of you’ll be buried alongside her today!”

“As expected, the master is just like the servant. Looks like you’re probably not a good person as well.” Chen Xi shook his head with a carefree expression.

“Young Miss, there’s no need to waste your breath! I’ll deal with this vile fellow!” One of the elders took a step forward as his aura rose steadily, and his hair and bear fluttered as his figure flashed out explosively towards Chen Xi.

“I’ll deal with those barbarians in beast skins!” The other elder let out a wave of ghastly laughter as he transformed into a gust of wind that charged out as well.


The elder that was the first to charge towards Chen Xi was still in midair when he was confined by a shapeless force field, and he seemed as if he’d been nailed into the sky. 


His figure exploded into mush and splattered all over.


On the other side, Meng Wei drew his bow, causing a peerlessly dazzling light arrow to shoot out explosively, and it directly pierced through the elder and exploded, causing him to similarly die miserably on the spot.


Everyone present seemed as if they’d been struck by lightning and gasped while their entire bodies trembled.

It was too terrifying!

Those two lofty and respected elders died in merely an instant?!

This scene was too terrifying because those two Nether Transformation Realm cultivators were rather reputable in Blaze City, and they’d assisted the Ren Clan to deal with countless troubles. Yet now, they actually didn’t even touch the corners of their opponents’ clothes before being blasted apart into pieces.

Actually, both of them didn’t die an unfair death.

At the beginning, they saw Chen Xi was only a handsome young man, whereas Meng Wei and the others wore simply and inferior beast skins, so they utterly didn’t take Chen Xi and the others seriously. Moreover, they were self-assured because they were in their own territory, causing them to be even more fearless.

Of course, they weren’t silly old men but subconsciously felt that it was impossible for a formidable figure to come purchase something in the Treasure Gathering Pavilion.

After all, their Ren Clan’s forces were only fairly huge in Blaze City, and they weren’t even a first-rate power in the entire Dark Reverie. Moreover, the Treasure Gathering Pavilion they’d opened was mostly for the sake of allowing cultivators below the Nether Transformation Realm to purchase things.

How could they have imagined they would actually bite off more than they could chew this time? And it was even very difficult to chew…

Chen Xi’s current cultivation had attained the ‘Extreme Realm,’ and he possessed six times combat strength, so he was already a top existence amongst those of the same cultivation.

On the other hand, Meng Wei was similarly terrifying. He cultivated the body refinement technique of the Ninth Hell tribe that was passed down from the Fiendgod Clan, and he possessed a formidable Shaman Treasure, the Staruin Bow. According to Chen Xi’s estimations, even Yan Shisan might not be able to defeat Meng Wei.

When faced with two formidable existences like this, how could those Ren Clan elders have any chance to survive?

Witnessing this sudden and bloody scene caused the eyes of Ren Pingping and the last elder to almost split apart, and they were both furious and terrified, causing them to be unable to maintain their composure any longer.

Who’re these people? How could they be so terrifying? Could they be forces from one of the extraordinary powers? But based on their dressing, they don’t seem like figures from a great sect…

Ren Pingping and the elder were in complete panic.

On the other hand, the other people in the pavilion had already been stunned since the beginning. They stood there like clay statues while staring blankly on the spot, and they were practically on the verge of forgetting to breathe.

“Oh, so Pingping was here, and I was looking all over for you…” Right amidst this oppressive and silent atmosphere, loud laughter suddenly sounded out from outside the pavilion.

When she heard this voice, Ren Pingping was like a person on the verge of drowning who’d grabbed onto a life-saving straw. She returned completely to her senses as her face regained spirit, and she recovered her confidence.

On the other hand, a wisp of a strange expression couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth when he heard this voice. Why is it him?

“Err, what’s going on? There’s actually someone that dared to cause trouble in the Treasure Gathering Pavilion? They must be tired of living!” In next to no time, a Young Master in an embroidered robe walked in with elegantly, and his brows suddenly knit together while he revealed a ruthless expression when he saw the flesh and blood that covered the ground and smelt the smell of blood in the air.

“Young Master Bai, you have to stand up for Pingping.” Ren Pingping was instantly like a little cat that was overwhelmed with fear when she saw this young man, and she pounced into the young man’s embrace while speaking with an aggrieved expression.

The elder and the attendants within the pavilion heaved sighs of relief while expressions of delight covered their faces when they saw this young man, and they seemed as if they’d encountered a great savior.

The strange expression on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth grew deeper. It really is him!

“Oh, my little darling, what’s wrong? Who offended you? Tell me, and I’ll kill his entire family!” The young man couldn’t bother to size up the surroundings as he hurriedly consoled the beauty in his embrace.

“It’s him. Not only did he cause trouble in my Treasure Gathering Pavilion, he even brutally killed my maidservant. Moreover, he even cruelly took away the lives of two of my uncles!” Ren Pingping turned around while gritting her teeth, and she stared fixedly at Chen Xi. “If it wasn’t for you arriving on time, this fellow would probably even kill me. Then Young Master Bai would never be able to see Pingping again.” As she finished speaking, her voice carried a wisp of sorrow and despair, and it caused the young man to be extremely moved.

“Fuck! He was actually so ruthless?! Let me see which bastard actually dared to do…” The young man had a murderous look on his face, yet his expression froze instantly when he raised his eyes and saw Chen Xi, and his voice stopped abruptly while he revealed an expression as if he’d seen a ghost.

This reaction of his was instantly noticed by Ren Pingping, and she couldn’t help but be annoyed and muttered. “Young Master Bai, Pingping has already been bullied to such an extent, you…”

“Shut up!” The young man shouted explosively, and his face was terrifyingly dark.

Ren Pingping was shocked. She’d known the young man in embroidered clothes for a long time, yet she’d never seen him lose his temper towards her. For a time, her heart was filled with grievance and bewilderment. What exactly is going on?

“Young Master Bai, we haven’t met for a long time, yet you’ve become even more impressive.” Chen Xi grinned as he spoke.

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present was shocked, and even Meng Wei and the others were slightly surprised. Chen Xi actually knows this young man?

The entire body of the young man trembled when he heard this familiar voice, and he asked while stuttering. “It really is you. You…you…how can you still be alive?”

“Even such an arrogant person like you is still alive, so why can’t I still be alive?” Chen Xi seemed to have suddenly thought of something, and he said, “Right, you said you want to kill my entire family earlier?”

“No! No, I didn’t!” The young man hurriedly shook his head. How could he dare admit it? Moreover, his face burned with pain when he recalled the matter of Chen Xi grabbing him and slapping him.

“Then who did you call a bastard earlier?” Chen Xi continued asking with a grin.

“No…no one.” The young man’s expression was indeterminate as he shook his head once again while cursing his bad luck in his heart. Why did I encounter this maleficent existence here?! 

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