Chapter 711 – Fiercely Slapping Her

The attendant was astounded and seemed as if he was struck dizzy by a pie that fell down from the heavens, and his mouth trembled as he asked. “Young Master, you really…really want 100 sets?”

Chen Xi frowned. “Could it be that you don’t have them?”

The attendant hastily shook his head. “We do, we do, we do! Just wait a moment, I’ll go prepare it for you.” As he spoke, it seemed as if he’d smeared oil beneath his shoes as he swiftly vanished into the back.

This is a big customer, and I won’t have to worry about eating for this entire year if I close this deal!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head. Truthfully speaking, even though the price to purchase these clothes was costly, yet it was utterly nothing to him. Even though the spirit materials, spirit medicines, and other similar materials had been completely exhausted in the Ninth Hell, the Buddha’s Pagoda still stored over 5,000kg of Immortal Liquid!

He’d obtained the Immortal Liquid upon entering the Divine Palace of Creation in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss. At that time, he’d seized more than half of the pool of Immortal Liquid, and it even cause Wen Daoran, Daoist Crimson Sun, and the other people present there to be displeased.

The Immortal Liquid was thick, radiant, and suffused with a refreshing fragrance, causing it to seem like liquid formed from melted gold, and it surged with strands of the aura of the Grand Dao, causing just a single drop to be even more precious than an Immortal Stone!

So using it to purchase these 100 sets of clothes was utterly like a hair on an ox.

When he saw Chen Xi decide right away about purchasing 100 sets of various treasures, Hong San couldn’t help but be envious and jealous to the extreme.

What extravagance!

This senior really concealed his ability deeply. All the treasures I’ve accumulated in my entire lifetime is probably incapable of being a single set of these treasures…

When he thought up to here, Hong San’s face couldn’t help but dim down.

Chen Xi acutely noticed the changes in Hong San’s mood, and he smiled as looked at this weak and thin young man. “I’ll give you a set later as well, just take it as the compensation for leading the way.”

Hong San was instantly stunned, and he simply didn’t dare believe his ears. This…is real?

Right at this moment, he suddenly heard the voice of a young woman sound out from behind him. “Hey, isn’t this Hong San? What? You’re thinking of presenting some trash to me again? I don’t want it, so you should just give up. Even if I, Ran Jiao, never get married in my entire lifetime, I wouldn’t fall for you!”  

These sarcastic and ridiculing words instantly caused Hong San’s face to flush while he unconsciously clenched his fists together tightly.

Chen Xi turned around and saw a delicate and charming young woman enter his field of vision. Her black brows were curved in a high arc, and she possessed thin lips and a tall nose. Her face was covered in ridicule as she looked condescendingly at Hong San while a wisp of faint coldness suffused the corners of her mouth.

She walked over gracefully with her head held high, and her footsteps sounded like the clinks of a musical instrument. The nearby attendants revealed extremely respectful attitudes when they saw her, and they bowed successively. “Young Miss Ran!”

Ran Jiao acted as if she didn’t hear them, and she revealed an arrogant expression as if she was a proud peacock. She walked over to stand before Hong San and scanned him from head to toe before lightly laughing. “I never noticed that not only do you help others gather medicine, you’ve even found a job of being a guide? Unfortunately, you’re still so down and out. Even I feel slightly sad for you. Since we met here today, do you want this Young Miss to grant you some food?”

“Ran Jiao! Don’t go too far! Don’t you forget who sent you into the Treasure Gathering Pavilion to become the maidservant of the Ren Clan’s Young Miss!” Hong San’s face flushed red, and he clenched his fist so tightly that his veins bulged up.

“How laughable! Even if I didn’t have the help of your father, I, Ran Jiao, can still live prosperously by relying on my own ability!” Ran Jiao crossed her arms as she sneered. “Take a look at your Hong Clan. It was boundlessly prosperous all those years ago, but only an impoverished piece of trash like you remains now. This is the cycle of luck, understand?”

As she spoke, she turned around to look at Chen Xi. “Young Master, please part with him, and you can casually choose any treasure as my compensation to you.”

Chen Xi frowned and then said, “Hong San isn’t employed by me, so I don’t have the authority to give him up.”

“So that’s how it is, then it can’t be any better.” Ran Jiao beamed as she glanced complacently at Hong San. “Hong San, look, it isn’t easy to do any work nowadays. So how about you seek refuge from me because being my slave is much better than gathering medicine.”

Hong San felt his entire chest burn with rage, and he almost gnashed his teeth into pieces. “Don’t even dream about it!”


A resounding slap!

Hong San’s mind went completely blank as an unprecedented feeling of humiliation surged into his heart and it caused his eyes to go red while veins bulged up on his forehead, and he intended to pounce forward and fight desperately.

Ran Jiao’s sneer remained, and she didn’t conceal her ridicule in the slightest. “If you dare make a move, then you’ll die for sure. This is the Treasure Gathering Pavilion, and it isn’t your Hong Clan that has utterly declined.”

Hong San’s figure froze while he revealed an indeterminate expression, and he forcefully restrained the flames of rage in his heart. He still wanted to cultivate, become stronger, and rebuild the Hong Clan, so how could he disregard everything and gamble with his life here?

“What exactly do you want?!” He gritted his teeth and asked.


Ran Jiao gave him another backhanded slap. “What I want? Your father actually wanted to marry me to a piece of trash like you all those years ago. If it wasn’t for me quickly taking advantage of an opportunity, my entire lifetime would probably have been destroyed! This Young Miss takes pleasure in finding amusement from you!”

Hong San’s face twisted as his eyes almost split apart. “You… Since you weren’t willing to marry me all those years ago, then why did you deceive my father to send you into the Treasure Gathering Pavilion? My father knelt in front of Young Miss Ren that day!”

As he arrived at the last part of what he said, he’d practically shouted it out, and his voice was filled with extreme rage.

“Idiot. If I didn’t enter the Treasure Gathering Pavilion to seek protection, then how could I possibly resist the marriage agreement your father made?” Ran Jiao looked at Hong San with pity. “Fortunately, your father died earlier, and it allowed me to feel slightly peaceful in my heart. Don’t dodge and stand properly!”


Another slap!

Hong San seemed as if he was struck by lightning, and he was infuriated to the point a mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth while his expression turned extremely grim.

A marriage agreement again…

In his daze, Chen Xi recalled some matters of his past, and a trace of a vicious expression appeared between his brows as he took a step forward. “Enough!”

Ran Jiao stopped and sneered. “You’re really pushing your luck. Do you think you have the ability to dictate things in the territory of my Treasure Gathering Pavilion? Are you a newcomer? Fuck off right now if you don’t want to die!”

Chen Xi started smiling, yet the temperature in his eyes became icy cold to the extreme. “You’re right, we’re newcomers!”

Chen Xi stretched out his hand and grabbed Ran Jiao who hadn’t reacted to what he meant, and then he said coldly, “Since you like the slap people so much, then you should try how it feels as well!”

As he spoke, he swung his hand to slap Ran Jiao’s tender and delicate face repeatedly, and his slaps were forceful and resounding because he didn’t have any intention of showing compassion to a woman.

The nearby attendants went pale with fright, and they instantly cried out loudly in panic. “Stay your hand! Do all of you want to die!?”

“Let Young Miss Ran go!” A group of guards charged over fiercely from the distance.

“Fuck off!” Chen Xi suddenly turned around with a gaze that was like a bolt of lightning before grunting coldly, and it was like a thunderclap exploded out and shot those guards to the point their minds droned before they fell back to the ground. Some of the guards with weak strength were even shaken by it to the point of bleeding from their seven apertures and fainting.

The scene was instantly in chaos and panic.

Needless to say, the Treasure Gathering Pavilion was worthy of being one of the most luxurious stores in Blaze City, and its resources and reserves were extremely deep because it wasn’t long before groups of guards charged over.

Meng Wei and Mo Ya looked at each other before entering into battle right away. Both of them were Nether Transformation Realm experts of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement, so they were like two all powerful gales that swept through the scene as soon as they made a move.

Blackie, Scarface, Baldy, Rock, and the others revealed ruthless expressions as they charged forward as well. They didn’t care what place the Treasure Gathering Pavilion was. Since their Uncle Chen Xi had made a move, they didn’t even spare it a thought and decided to fight first. 


Chen Xi paid no attention to the chaos in the surroundings. After his wave of slaps were struck, Ran Jiao’s beautiful face was instantly beaten to the point of becoming swollen and filled with blood, causing her hair to become disheveled while she herself was beyond recognition.

“Wur kurtung duth! Kurtung duth!” Even Ran Jiao’s mouth was swollen, and she let out a sharp cry that was exceedingly resentful.

Chen Xi was stunned, and he only reacted to what she had said after a short period of time. She was saying ‘You’re courting death! Courting Death.’ But, what sort of villain and ferocious figure had Chen Xi not met? So how could he care about the threats of such a nobody.

Chen Xi tossed Ran Jiao to the side as if he was throwing trash, and he said with an icy cold voice, “Don’t let me see you again, otherwise, I’ll slap you every time I do!”

The nearby Hong San watched this scene with a blank expression. Never had he imagined that the matter would develop to such an extent and Ran Jiao had actually been beaten to the point her head was swollen like the head of a pig!

He felt indescribably delighted as he looked at Ran Jiao who’d fallen to the ground with disheveled hair, but right after that, a wisp of deep worry appeared on his face.

Chen Xi and the others suddenly lending a helping hand had moved him to the brink of tears, but his intellect told him that he’d brought an enormous calamity onto Chen Xi and the others!

After all, this was the Treasure Gathering Pavilion that had one of the most reputable clans in Blaze City behind it, so causing trouble on their territory was equivalent to drawing great disaster to themselves.

“Senior, all of you should leave quickly. Let me alone take responsibility for everything that has happened here!” Hong San gritted his teeth as he went head and spoke in a loud voice.

“All of you won’t be able to escape. I’m going to burn your bones and scatter your ashes so that you’ll never be able to have a proper burial!” Ran Jiao howled with a sharp voice, and she seemed as if she’d gone mad.

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he didn’t say a word before raising Ran Jiao up and giving her a wave of slaps. He slapped her to the point she was dazed and saw stars, and a wisp of terror appeared on her utterly swollen face.

Only now did he recall that she hadn’t escaped danger…

“I’ll kill you if you dare say another word.” Chen Xi tossed away this exceedingly malicious woman with detest, and he didn’t conceal his killing intent in the slightest.

Ran Jiao’s entire body trembled while she felt as if she’d fallen into a pit of ice because the killing intent Chen Xi revealed inadvertently had caused her consciousness to be on the verge of collapse, and she fell weakly to the ground as she shut her mouth with terror.

Hong San was both touched and anxious when he saw this, and he cried out repeatedly. “All of you leave quickly! This is my business, you don’t need to interfere, so quickly leave!”

Chen Xi smiled because this fellow wasn’t bad, and he felt that he hadn’t saved Hong San for nothing.

Meng Wei and Mo Ya started smiling as well because they felt this weak young man had some backbone. But…his cultivation is too weak.

“Leave? Since you dared to cause trouble in my Ren Clan’s Treasure Gathering Pavilion, then all of you can dream of leaving with your lives!” Right at this moment, an icy cold voice suddenly sounded out from outside the Treasure Gathering Pavilion.

Along with this voice was the entrance of a young woman that was surrounded by three old men like a host of stars surroundings a bright moon.

“Young Miss! Save me! Save Jiao’er!” Ran Jiao mustered up strength from god knows where and cried out miserably when she saw this young woman.

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