Chapter 710 – Treasure Gathering Pavilion

The young woman was too beautiful. She possessed snow white and crystalline skin, a red string that was gorgeous like fire, and a tall and graceful figure, and it made her seem like an elegant and extraordinary celestial maiden.

All the other young women by her side seemed to become lusterless while before her.

Numerous gazes that shot over from nearby hesitated to move away from the young woman, and they reveal traces of burning desire.

“Miss Su?” Chen Xi recognized with a single glance that this young woman was precisely Su Qingyan from the Darkhan Dynasty, and he’d interacted with her on multiple occasions in the Primeval Battlefield.

“I never expected that I would actually encounter you here.” Su Qingyan walked over gracefully like a fairy that had descended to the mortal world, and she moved over trippingly while her eyes were suffused with a strange sheen as she looked at Chen Xi.

The body of the nearby Hong San trembled as he watched this scene with disbelief. This Senior actually knows her?

How could he who’d lived in Blaze City for all his life not know Su Qingyan? This name and that drop dead gorgeous appearance was practically known to all in  Blaze City!

This caused Hong San to deeply feel that this senior by his side was even more mysterious that he’d thought.

“What’re you doing here?” Chen Xi was surprised, and he was rather happy in his heart from meeting an old acquaintance.

“You’ve forgotten, the sect I joined is here.” Su Qingyan puckered her lips as she smiled. She has clear eyes, an attractive appearance, beautiful hair that flowed down like a waterfall, and a pair of slender, pure white, and flawless feet, causing her to have a shocking beauty of her own.

“The Heavenly Insight Palace!” Chen Xi instantly came to an understanding as he recalled that Su Qingyan had joined this sect in the Primeval Battlefield. Even though less than a year had passed since then, it felt as if it was worlds apart.

As the two of them spoke, the group of young women that came along with Su Qingyan had surrounded them as well. They sized Chen Xi up while looking at the ground of young men in beast skin clothes behind him, and they revealed a slightly strange expression.

Some young women even frowned while their gazes revealed a wisp of detest that flashed in their eyes for a brief instant. It seemed as if they disliked the low status and simply and dirty clothes that Meng Wei and the others possessed.

“Chen Xi, I forgot to introduce them to you, these are my junior and senior sisters. I received orders from the sect to head over to Blaze City and assist the elders in recruiting disciples this time, yet I never imagined that I would encounter you. It’s truly a coincidence.”

Su Qingyan didn’t notice the scene behind her, and she warmly introduced her companions to Chen Xi.

However, before she could introduce Chen Xi to them, one of the young women had already spoke first. “Senior Sister, we’re pressed for time, we should go converge with the elders first.”

“Right, I just obtained news that Martial Uncle He seems to have lost his temper, so it’s better if we quickly head over and receive our orders.” The other young women spoke in succession.

Su Qingyan was stunned and was puzzled because she hadn’t heard of such news.

She swept these young women with her gaze and noticed they seemed to disregard Chen Xi, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi’s companions even revealed undisguised contempt and detest, causing her to instantly come to an understanding.

But even if she understood, she was rather annoyed in her heart. Chen Xi was her friend, yet not only did these senior sisters and junior sisters of hers refuse to pay attention to him, they even revealed an aloof appearance and disregarded him. Aren’t they going too far?

Originally, she wanted to introduce Chen Xi to them, but when she saw this scene now, she couldn’t be bothered to take this liberty, and she turned around to look at Chen Xi as she smiled lightly. “Why don’t we enter the city together?”  

Chen Xi glanced deliberately at those young women and said with a smile, “It’s fine. You go ahead, it wouldn’t be late for us to catch up when you’re free.”

“Yes, alright. You must remember to stay a few more days in Blaze City, and I’ll come looking for you very soon once I’m done with my orders.” Su Qingyan smiled sweetly before leaving with her junior and senior sisters.

Chen Xi watched them leave before turning towards Meng Wei and said, “Let’s go, we’ll enter the city as well.”

“Brother Chen Xi, was your chat from earlier disturbed because of us?” Meng Wei spoke abruptly. He’d always been observing the expressions of Su Qingyan and her companions earlier, and he was clearly aware about all this.

But he didn’t take those malicious gazes seriously, and he was only slightly regretful because he felt that they’d caused trouble for Chen Xi.

Chen Xi’s expression turned serious and solemn as he said, “Big Brother Meng Wei, if you take me as a brother, then don’t ever speak such words in the future.”

Meng Wei nodded and laughed in an unrestrained manner. “Deal!” 


Blaze City was flourishing and prosperous. Wide and straight streets led towards all directions while row upon row of stores were distributed at the sides of the streets. People came and went in an endless stream, and it seemed extremely bustling.

After they entered the city, because of the dressing of Meng Wei and the others, their group couldn’t avoid drawing the attention and discussion of numerous people all along the way, and even though they didn’t say anything, Chen Xi felt slightly sorry in his heart.

Chen Xi told something to Hong San, and then the latter was slightly surprised before grasping the meaning behind what Chen Xi said, and he brought Chen Xi’s group along to quickly arrive at a 3km tall and luxurious pavilion.

The entirety of this pavilion was constructed from Silverviolet Glazed Jade. It was crystalline and transparent and suffused with a misty violet glow. The surroundings of the pavilion had numerous crystal lanterns hanging from beneath its eaves, and they emitted multicolored rays of light that illuminated the walls of the pavilion and enhanced the beauty of the Silverviolet Glazed Jade, causing it to surge with rays of light and seem dreamlike and mysterious.

As they looked at the luxurious and dazzling pavilion before them, all those youths gaped and were filled with shock.

Even though they’d witnessed countless strange things all along the way since they’d entered the city, it was only a hasty and passing glance, and it was far from being so real and shocking as this pavilion was now.

Chen Xi was slightly surprised in his heart as well. With his current ability, he was naturally able to discern that the wall made from piece after piece of Silverviolet Glazed Jade was covered densely in talisman marking, whereas the crystal lanterns were 108 in number, causing the entire pavilion to be within the protection of a large scale formation.

This grand formation couldn’t be considered to be formidable, but the key was that the set up of this grand formation required consuming an enormous amount of wealth, and merely the Silverviolet Glazed Jade was shockingly expensive.

It was obvious from this, that the owner of this pavilion was extraordinarily wealthy.

A wisp of a complicated expression flashed past Hong San’s gaze, but it quickly recovered to normal. “This is the Treasure Gathering Pavilion, the largest shop of rare treasures in the entire Blaze City, and it carries every treasure one expects to find, causing it to be rather welcome amongst cultivators.”

Chen Xi nodded and led Meng Wei and the others into the store.

Only after he entered did he notice that the space within this pavilion was much larger than what he saw on the outside, and it was even more luxurious! The ground, walls, everything was covered in gilded obsidian that were polished to the point of being smooth like mirrors, and under the illumination of the numerous crystal lanterns, they seemed to be heavy, grand, resplendent, and magnificent.

An attendant came over to greet them with a warm and polite attitude, but his eyelids couldn’t help but twitch fiercely upon seeing the group of youths that wore crude beast skin clothes behind Chen Xi, causing the warmth he displayed to reduce by more than half.

“Welcome to the Treasure Gathering Pavilion, please feel free to look around. You can carefully inspect every single treasure, but please be reminded that you’re not allowed to touch them because dirtying or damaging them will require the payment of an expensive price.”

The attendant spoke lifelessly, and his attitude had become extremely cold.

“Xiao Fei, you can leave. There’s no need for you to introduce anything to us,” said Hong San abruptly.

The attendant that was addressed as Xiao Fei couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when he saw Hong San, and then a wisp of disdain couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth. “Ah, I was wondering who it was, so it’s you, my defeated opponent.” Xiao Fei shook his head before turning around and leaving.

Hong San unconsciously clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth while a wisp of pain flashed within his eyes.

Chen Xi asked. “You have enmity with him?”

Hong San shook his head, and his expression had already returned to normal as he said, “Senior, the things you want to buy are at the east area. I’ll take you over.” Hong San led the way towards the side as he spoke.

Chen Xi noticed the unusual expression Hong San revealed, but he’d also discerned that Hong San seemed to be unwilling to speak about it, so it wasn’t nice for him to ask any more.

Every single precious and rare treasure that had a grade would emit a variety of glows, and this was the glow of treasures, and within their field of vision, the entire store was filled with the glow of treasures, causing it to dazzle the eyes.

A superb collection of magic treasures, precious materials, rare spirit medicines… Even Chen Xi who was accustomed to seeing treasures couldn’t help but reveal slight surprise.

This Treasure Gathering Pavilion really deserved its reputation. Not a single one of the magic treasures and materials placed within it are ordinary.

In next to no time, all of them had arrived before the counter in the east area.

Neatly piled up behind the counter was numerous clothes, shoes, hats, jade pendants, accessories, and everything else that one could desire, and all of them weren’t ordinary treasures.

For example, a piece of clothing that was labelled ‘Cloud Firefly Dress’ was woven from the chrysalis of Cloud Fireflies high above in the sky, and it was covered with layer after layer of formations, causing it to look exquisite and beautiful on the outside while carrying the miraculous effects of being dust proof, water proof, calming, and so on and so forth.

A further example was the belt labelled ‘Jadewood Heart,’ not only did it possess various miraculous effects, it was a storage magic treasure with a shocking capacity.

Chen Xi gestured and asked the youths to casually choose and take whatever they liked.

These youths of the Ninth Hell tribe had never seen such treasures, so all of them were dazzled by these treasures and found it difficult to make a choice because they didn’t know which they should choose.

When he saw this, Chen Xi cursed himself for being an idiot in his heart. At this moment, it ought to be me who helps give them advice and suggestions.

Chen Xi immediately swept the area behind the counter and decided, and he instructed the attendant behind the counter. “Cleargale Feathered Clothes, Purification Flames Belt, Flowing Cloud Shoes, Spiritrace Bracelet…”

Chen Xi spoke a string of over 10 types of things.

The attendant originally had a cold attitude because he’d perceived since long ago that besides Chen Xi, Meng Wei and the others were simply a group of bumpkins that had entered the city, and they hadn’t experienced any aspects of life in the city. So how could customers like this have any purchasing power?

But his expression instantly changed when Chen Xi spoke this string of names, and his attitude turned warm and respectful. Even though all the others were bumpkins, but this young master before him was extraordinary and was obviously someone that possessed status and resources.

He quickly and neatly packed up all these things and placed them into a jade box before asking with a respectful and flattering tone. “Young Master, do you need anything else?”

“No. Just give me 100 sets of these things.” Chen Xi instructed casually.

The attendant couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed when he heard the first half of what Chen Xi said because such a lavish customer was rare, so if Chen Xi was able to buy a little bit more, then the commission he received would be more.

But, when he heard the second half of what Chen Xi said, his entire body froze instantaneously, and his eyeballs almost fell out as he revealed a flabbergasted appearance.

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