Chapter 71 – Vengeful Spirits

Chapter 71 – Vengeful Spirits

At the side of Moon’s Embrace Mountain.

Mu Kui, who’d intended to slip away, accidentally caught a glimpse of the battle in the air and was unable to move a step ever since.

Senior Chen Xi, he… He’s actually so formidable?

Mu Kui’s eyes rippled with extraordinary splendor. The Black Ape King possessed a body refining cultivation at the 4th star of the Violet Palace Realm and had already attained the Violet Palace Realm a thousand years ago. His cultivation could be said to be incomparably powerful, and this was also the fundamental reason he was able to become one of the seven great demon kings.

However, at this moment, the Black Ape King was completely suppressed by Chen Xi!

“Chen Xi undoubtedly only advanced to the Violet Palace Realm a few months ago!” Mu Kui muttered in excitement and he already didn’t know how to express the excited feeling in his heart at this moment.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Chen Xi’s figure was extremely nimble like the wind. the Seventhgold Swordbamboo in his hand was even swifter, to the point the eye was unable to catch a trace of it. It was like wave after wave of tidewater that left behind numerous blood colored sword wounds on the Black Ape King’s body.

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed to have returned to the time he trained bitterly in that sea of bamboo, gritting his teeth as he practiced time and time again under the repeated stimulation of Ji Yu’s remark ‘Not good enough!’ He only stopped when he had completely exhausted the last strand of strength in his entire body. All for the sake of being able to shuttle back and forth a single time in the sea of bamboo within the time of ten breaths.

Not touching a bamboo leaf, not touching the bamboo stem. Such an infuriatingly harsh requirement caused him to seem so skillful and at ease when he dodged the Black Ape King’s rod at this moment, virtually like he was taking an idle stroll in a garden, yet swiftly like the wind.

Whereas his sword technique had instead obtained tempering bit by bit in this life and death battle, and the sword’s force that contained Wind Insight became even swifter and fiercer…

Senior Ji Yu was correct after all, the strength of a Violet Palace Realm cultivator isn’t necessarily required to be differentiated by cultivation, as the cultivation in the Martial Dao is an equally vitally important link… Traces of comprehension emerged within his heart, and Chen Xi’s live combat standard improved along with his increased comprehension.

The Black Ape King felt extremely aggrieved, as no matter how he swung about his iron rod, it was just unable to hit Chen Xi, and was even unable to touch Chen Xi’s sleeves; whereas he instead received numerous bloody wounds from Chen Xi’s sword. Although these wounds quickly recovered flawlessly, he could only tenaciously defend his weak spots, and such a passive position of taking a beating caused him to furious to the limit!

“Dammit! Dammit! Fucking hell!” The Black Ape King fell into a frenzied state. His height rose explosively by 10m and jet-black fur gushed out of the surface of his body, piece by piece of muscles that were like rocks bulged up, and his eyes went red as his fangs shot out.

Around the Black Ape King who’d returned to his beast form, a brutal energy that was mixed with billowing demonic qi suffused out with a bang.

Crackle! Crackle!

Boundless blood colored lights abruptly surged out from the iron rod in the Black Ape King’s hand. The colored lights were dense and bloody, and there seemed to be countless vengeful spirits struggling within them. The instant it appeared in the air, the energy that was violent and cruel caused the hearts of every demon present to go cold.

“The King is furious! How many years has it been? It’s the first time I’m seeing him return to his beast form, and the first time I’m seeing him utilize the Demonic Vengeful Blood Rod in his possession!”

“That human kid is too detestable and only knows how to dodge. If the King doesn’t use his trump card, then that kid would think that the King is afraid of him!”

“Haha! That kid is dead for sure!”

When the crowd of greater demons saw the Black Ape King using his full strength, the worry within their heart was completely wiped clean and they once again started exclaiming loudly.

Once this old ape falls into a frenzied state, his strength would at least increase by 30%, and the Demonic Vengeful Blood Rod in his hands is even refined from vengeful spirits of demon beasts who died from resentment. Even if this kid’s Sword Insight is formidable, his cultivation can’t compare to the old ape after all. It will probably be difficult for him to hold his own, right? The Thunderhawk King, Xue Yu, stroked his chin as he secretly considered, and he also secretly heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Chen Xi’s display had greatly exceeded his expectations. The Seventhgold Swordbamboo in Chen Xi’s possession, his movement technique and sword technique that had attained the Dao Insight Stage had all caused him to be extremely afraid.

The Thunderhawk King, Xue Yu, was a Golden Ironhawk adept in speed that had taken human form, and his body innately contained a stand of thunder energy. Although his cultivation was much higher than Chen Xi, if they were to enter into combat, then besides his speed being able to compete with Chen Xi, he was practically suppressed by Chen Xi in every other aspect.

Utilize thunder techniques?

Chen Xi possessed a Seventhgold Swordbamboo that was innately unafraid of thunder. Moreover, if used well, it could even absorb thunder!

However, Xue Yu had lived for thousands of years after all, and he possessed various trump card Magic Treasures. So if they really entered into battle, he wasn’t afraid of Chen Xi either.

“Die!” Right when Xue Yu’s thoughts were flying, the Black Ape King swung the iron rod in his hand. Swoosh! Boundless blood colored lights surged out with a bang, like a surging blood colored river that roared and howled as if swallowed towards Chen Xi.


Accompanying the ghastly and sharp wailing and howling of ghosts, the surrounding world became incomparably gloomy, and numerous vengeful spirits that could be seen with the naked eye whistled in the air as they flew out. These vengeful spirits were all formidable demon beasts that were tortured to death and contained terrifying resentment, then they were tempered within the Demonic Vengeful Blood Rod by Yuan Tong for a thousand years, causing these vengeful spirits to seem material and extremely terrifying. If it was a person who wasn’t mentally firm, then their souls would probably be instantly seized and captured.



The countless vengeful spirits emitted shrill howls as they surged towards Chen Xi while blotting out the sky and the earth.

“Pu!” Yuan Tong, who’d completely fallen into a frenzied state, opened his mouth and spat a mouthful of blood essence onto the Demonic Vengeful Blood Rod, and even more vengeful spirits surged out with a bang from the stimulation of his blood, practically completely blotting out the entire heavens and earth!

“Hahaha! Let me see how you dodge now!” Spitting out a mouthful of blood essence and controlling the Demonic Vengeful Blood Rod in his hand caused Yuan Tong’s face to become incomparably pale. But as he gazed at Chen Xi who was completely and tightly surrounded by the vengeful spirits, he still couldn’t refrain from emitting wild and frenzied laughter.

This fellow, what atrocious methods! Exactly how many demon beast had he killed to assimilate so many vengeful spirits?

As Chen Xi gazed at the swarm of vengeful spirits that charged at him like tidewater, his expression couldn’t help but go grim. Vengeful spirits were shapeless objects and they were completely impossible to be stopped by relying solely on ordinary methods.

What should I do?


Right at the moment Chen Xi’s expression became more and more serious, a strand of a thunder arc abruptly surged out from the Seventhgold Swordbamboo in his hand. It directly struck the vengeful spirit beside him to death, completely reducing it to ashes!


Thunder is of Yang attribute and it’s innately the counter to all ghostly things. The Seventhgold Swordbamboo in my hands is an entire meter long and has experienced numerous lightning strikes, yet wasn’t destroyed, and it innately contains thunder energy that possesses a destructive power. Why should I be worried about being unable to counter these dirty things? Chen Xi’s eyes lit up and he poured his True Essence into the Seventhgold Swordbamboo.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The sword lights were like violent waves that swept away the tide, and in the blink of an eye, a myriad of sword images had already transformed into layer upon layer of sword shadows that splashed out. The sword’s might was forceful and unrestrained, sweeping out together like a myriad of enormous waves that overlapped each other as they swept through the heavens and the earth.

The Windflow Divination Sword’s Tide Squall!

Hiss! Crackle! Hiss! Crackle!

Waves of sounds that were like fire scorching rose and fell, and Chen Xi’s figure was covered within a myriad of sword lights. Every sword light he stabbed out had a strand of a dazzling arc of thunder surging out from it, and everywhere it passed the vengeful spirits weren’t even able to react when they were torn apart and burnt into nothingness.

“What’s going on? Why, why is it like this?” The smile on Yuan Tong’s face froze abruptly, then it was replaced with an expression of shock and rage. The vengeful spirits within the Demonic Vengeful Blood Rod were his trump card, and they were always successful! But when he saw Chen Xi successively annihilating large groups of vengeful spirits with extreme ease, he was completely unable to believe his eyes.

“It can’t be. These vengeful spirits were personally tortured to death by me, then tempered with baleful qi for almost a thousand years. They’d become unafraid of all Magic Treasures and weapons since long ago. How could they possibly become so weak?”

Yuan Tong’s expression warped and fluttered between various expression, yet he still wasn’t able to believe it.

It was at this time.

Silently, a sword light that was swift like lightning seemed to have torn through space as it suddenly approached, its speed was so swift then when Yuan Tong had just recovered from his shock, it had already arrived before his face.

“No!” Boundless unwillingness surged out from Yuan Tong’s heart, yet it was already too late to dodge. A bloody hole directly pierced between his brows.

Even though the Violet Palace Realm of body refinement was capable of regrowing limbs, so long as the head or a weak point was crushed, then one would die without a doubt.


Another sword light flashed past, and Yuan Tong’s head was cut off, dropping into a long and strong hand.

At this moment, not a sound could be heard!

All of the demons stared blankly at the headless corpse that was falling down from mid air as if they’d seen a nightmare that was completely outside of their expectations. Their bodies and minds were all in a state of shock and bewilderment!

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