Chapter 709 – Violet Cloaked Young Woman

Blaze City was grand and magnificent. When looked at from afar, its indigo colored walls were an entire 3km tall and lay across a boundless expanse, and it seemed lofty and divine while bathing in the golden sunlight.

Chen Xi’s group walked over and didn’t fly because he wanted to allow these youths of the Ninth Hell tribe to perceive this world.

Perhaps this world had lost that feeling of mysteriousness and shock to him since a long time ago, but everything was unknown and novel to these youths that had been separated from the world for countless years.

Moreover, if they wanted to merge into this world quickly, then there was only a single method: to see, hear, and comprehend diligently because he was unable to help much as well.

“This spirit energy here is very abundant!” Blackie had a serious expression as he judged while pretending to be serious.

“The Laws of the Heaven Dao here are extremely formidable as well. I’m able to clearly sense their existence.” Scarface rubbed his chin and seemed lost in thought.

“How beautiful!” Xiao Yan noticed the colorful wildflowers that were in full bloom at the side of the road, and she couldn’t help but sigh with admiration because the Ninth Hell was completely barren to the point there wasn’t even a single blade of grass.

All the youths stared their eyes wide open as they curiously sized up everything in their surroundings. The plants, mountains, rivers, brooks, the spirit energy that suffused the air, and the ethereal Laws of the Heaven Dao had all become the targets of their study.

Meng Wei and Mo Ya didn’t speak and were still composed as usual, but their Divine Senses were gradually getting to know this world bit by bit.

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw all this. He knew that if some people were in a type of environment for a long time, then they would feel extremely uncomfortable upon suddenly arriving at a new environment, and it was even to the extent it might cause panic, fear, avoidance, and so on and so forth.

The display of these youths at this moment could be considered to be not bad.

Only Hong San was unable to understand all this. He felt as if he was within a primitive tribe that wasn’t civilized, and everything he saw and heard was so absurd and bizarre!

There are actually people who don’t know about spirit energy?

There are actually people who don’t know about the Laws of the Heaven Dao?

Even that cute and beautiful little girl seems to have never seen a flower!

Exactly what sort of people are they?

Hong San felt his brain wasn’t strong enough to process all this. But he forcefully restrained the various curiosities in his heart and followed behind Chen Xi while introducing everything about Blaze City to Chen Xi.

According to rumor, Blaze City was the place an existence respected as the Great Blaze Saint had attained the Dao during the Primordial Era. According to legend, the body of that Great Blaze Saint was supposedly a strand of ordinary flames of the mortal world that had encountered a lightning tribulation by chance and was fortunate to survive. Moreover, the strand of flame had attained intelligence and comprehended a technique to comprehend the Dao from the lightning tribulation. Thus, it started its path to seek the Dao.

Even though it was only a strand of flame from the mortal world, its life was filled with a legendary flavor, and numerous legends related to it was still being passed down all over the Dark Reverie.

The legend people delighted in talking about the most was his combat strength, and he’d once annihilated a true Heavenly Immortal while still at the Earthly Immortal Realm!

To the cultivators of the Mortal Dimension, this was simply a magnificent feat that was impossible to accomplish. But, the Great Blaze Saint had done it! Thus, it was obvious how heaven defying his strength was.

The Great Blaze Saint… Chen Xi sighed with admiration in his heart. He was able to slaughter a true Heavenly Immortal while still at the Earthly Immortal Realm, so exactly how heaven defying was his combat strength?

“Senior, all of you just happened to have come at the right time because numerous peerless beauties and young geniuses would be converging at Blaze City in the next few days, causing the city to be extraordinarily bustling.”

Hong San beamed with joy when he spoke about this topic, and it was difficult for him to restrain his excitement. Under his introduction, Chen Xi quickly understood that the extraordinary power that was comparable to the 10 great immortal sects, Heavenly Insight Palace, was actually at the side of Blaze City.

“Oh, so they’ve come to watch them?” Chen Xi swept his gaze and saw numerous streaks frequently flashing by beneath the sky. Some utilized flying magic treasures, some used treasured carriages, and some rode on flying beasts, and they flowed endlessly towards Blaze City.

Watch? Hong San was stunned, and then he quickly came to an understanding. Chen Xi was talking about the Heavenly Insight Palace opening its doors to recruit disciples, and he couldn’t help but chuckle. “How could they have possibly come to attend and watch the recruitment of disciples? Most of the cultivators have come to see beauties, and many of them found their Dao Companions through this way.”

Chen Xi was stunned because he never expected that such a solemn and serious matter would become an unprecedentedly grand ‘beauty pageant.’

“Oh, which corner did these barbarians crawl out from? Tsk, tsk. They’re even wearing beast skin clothes, those are truly rare goods. Hahaha! Everyone quickly come over and take a look, this group of people are too strange.” It was at this moment that a streak flashed over from behind, and the person couldn’t help but be stunned upon catching sight of Meng Wei and the others. After that, the person roared with laughter and seemed overwhelmed with amusement.

“Oh, this way of dressing is very unconventional and novel. Unfortunately, the beast skin’s quality is too inferior.”

“Hey, do all of you think these people dressed up like this to seek popularity, and they intend to draw the attention of those beauties in Blaze City?”

“It’s possible as well. After all, trash that don’t have strength and ability can only draw the attention of others with these petty tricks, and they’re not worth mentioning.”

After that, a few more streaks flashed over. This was a group of young men that wore luxurious clothes and had noble bearings. It was obvious from a single glance that they came from rich backgrounds. They started bluntly criticizing Meng Wei and the others as soon as they arrived, and they didn’t conceal the ridicule and sarcasm in their words at all.

Chen Xi frowned and stopped moving before looking back. He didn’t pay any attention to those young men but just watched the expressions of the youths of the tribe. 

In this world where the strong were respected and rank was adhered to strictly, there was applause, attention, honor, and praise, but there was naturally ridicule, shame, and torture as well…

The youths of the Ninth Hell tribe had grown up on a land that was separated from the world, and they were simple like sheets of blank paper. So if he wanted to allow them to grow and gain a foothold in his world as soon as possible, experiencing all of this couldn’t be avoided.

Perhaps this could be considered as a form of situational growth.

Chen Xi felt gratified because the will of these youths was obviously much stronger and more tenacious than he’d imagined. When faced with this sort of ridicule, they were first stunned before gritting their teeth tightly, but they seemed to have come around in the end, causing their expressions to return to a firm and calm state once more while they treated all this with indifference.

They didn’t make a move because they remembered their sense of discipline at all times.

They ceased to be angry because they'd experienced countless bloodsheds and walked through innumerable hardships to get here, so they didn't take this little bit of ridicule seriously.

In the end, they were only like a pack of wolves that had suddenly stepped foot into an unfamiliar place, and they knew how to endure because they knew the laws of survival. They knew extremely clearly that choosing to endure silently first was the best method when they hadn't adapted to everything in this world.

Of course, so long as Chen Xi gave the order, they would not show mercy and slash apart all enemies that dared to provoke their honor with the firmest attitudes they could muster.

Those young men in luxurious others instantly felt bored when they saw that their ridicule was useless, and then they shook their heads before transforming into streaks that flashed towards the distant Blaze City.

“All of you did well!” Meng Wei spoke abruptly to the youths.

“Little brats, don't feel dejected. If anyone dares bully us after we've gained a foothold in this world, then we'll surely make him bear the consequences!” Mo Ya swung her fists while encouraging them.

All the youths smiled happily and were exceedingly delighted.

Chen Xi couldn't help but smile when he saw this, and then he glanced at Hong San by his side and asked. “You recognized them?”

Earlier, he'd clearly noticed that Hong San’s pupils had constricted abruptly before surging with a wisp of reverence when those young men appeared, and this was the reason he asked this question.

“Senior, those are disciples of one of the 10 great immortal sects, the Skyreach Sect, and they possess extremely respected statuses. My dream when I was young was to enter the Skyreach Sect to cultivate.” Hong San said with a complicated expression, “Unfortunately, the older I grew the clearer I understood that it was truly too difficult for someone of my status to enter a great sect like the Skyreach Sect.”

Chen Xi asked. “Then what’s your dream now?”

Hong San shrugged and said with a helpless expression, “It’s naturally to first accumulate a good amount of savings before quitting my job as a medicine gatherer and join a small sect to cultivate in peace.”

When he spoke up to here, Hong San’s expression suddenly became firm and persistent, and he clenched his fist as he said, “But I won’t just stop here. So what if it’s a small sect, so long as I work hard, I’ll surely be able to attain my dreams one day!”

Only now did Chen Xi notice that if it was in terms of age, Hong San was only a sixteen or seventeen year old young man, and perhaps he’d experienced too many hardships and bad fortune that tempered his heart to the point of becoming so clear and bright.

“You’ll surely be able to achieve your dream.” Chen Xi patted his shoulder.

“I surely will. Senior, I actually frequently tell this to myself.” Hong San chuckled as he scratched his head. He was an extremely intelligent young man who knew the limits of what he should say and what he shouldn’t.

In next to no time, the lofty entrance to Blaze City was right before their eyes.

At this moment, there were numerous people walking towards the city. There were both men and women that gathered together in groups, and there was no lack of noble figures that rode luxurious treasured carriages and entered the city under the escort of their guards, causing the city to seem extremely bustling.

The arrival of Chen Xi’s group instantly aroused activity in the crowd near the entrance to the city. It couldn’t be helped, the dressing of Meng Wei and the others was too conspicuous because all of them wore simple beast skin clothes, causing it to be impossible for them to not draw attention.

Meng Wei and the others seemed calm and at ease instead.

“Looks like I have to help all of you select some clothes first,” said Chen Xi while he grinned lightly.

“Indeed. Drawing the attention of others will similarly draw unnecessary trouble.” Meng Wei nodded and agreed extremely with Chen Xi’s words. When one arrived at a new environment, one had to adapt; and one shouldn’t firmly adhere to one’s own views and become misfits. Because how would they gain a foothold in the Dark Reverie if they couldn’t adapt?

“Chen Xi!” Right at this moment, a voice that was cold like the water in a fountain suddenly resounded out, and it carried a trace of pleasant surprise that was impossible to conceal.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he turned around and couldn’t help but reveal slight surprise.

There was a group of beautiful young women in violet cloaks before the distant entrance to the city, and the young woman at the center was the most beautiful amongst them. Her jet black hair flowed down like a waterfall until her slim waist, and it drew out a graceful, slender, and moving outline.

Most striking of it all was that she was barefooted. Her toenails were white like jade, whereas her smooth and snow white ankle had a fine and fiery red string tied on it. 

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