Chapter 707 –Saint Emperor Chi Yan

A rain of blood swirled down while severed limbs flew about in all directions, and shrill cries rose and fell as they resounded out.

The air above the gorge was like a horrifying pit of death, and a banquet of death was being held there.

On the other hand, Chen Xi seemed as if he held authority over life and death. He walked through the sky like a bolt of lightning as his clothes fluttered along with him, and a rain of blood erupted wherever he went. 

This was a slaughter with a wide gap in strength, and the Xeno-race experts were like worthless dirt that were being gathered.

Chen Xi didn’t show the slightest mercy because these Xeno-race experts had tortured and slaughtered over a million clansmen of the Ninth Hell tribe. What sort of a slaughter was that? Had they ever cared about the ignorant young children, weak old people, and kindhearted women within the tribe?

These Xeno-race experts deserved death!

So no matter how those Xeno-race experts howled and begged for mercy, Chen Xi’s expression didn’t change in the slightest from the beginning until the end, and it was icy cold, calm, indifferent, emotionless, and resolute to the limit.

Within the gorge, the expressions of Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and those youths calmed down before revealed a wisp of sorrow. It seemed as if they saw the horrifying scene of the blood of countless of their clansmen flowing to form a river before their eyes, and they seemed to be able to hear their miserable and despairing cries and screams…

They unconsciously clenched their fists tightly as hot blood surged into their hearts, and their hearts were filled with deep gratitude as they looked at the tall figure in midair.


Meng Wei knelt on the ground, and his face that seemed to be carved with a blade was covered in a solemn, serious, and sincere expression.

In the next moment, Mo Ya and the other youths knelt on the ground in unison, and their expressions were just like Meng Wei and carried a sincere and firm feeling. 

In the distance, the slaughter and bloodbath was still being carried out, and it was a horrifying sight, whereas, the gorge was perfectly silent while the air within the gorge seemed to carry a solemn feeling that was present when the ancient predecessors offered sacrifice to the heavens and the earth and prostrated themselves in worship to the gods.

Kneeling on the ground was an ancient ceremony that the ancient predecessors used when they voiced their ambition and thanks while praying to the heavens and the earth, and only the gods and someone who’d made a great contribution to the tribe was capable of enjoying such treatment 

They didn’t say anything as the clansmen of the Ninth Hell tribe transformed the gratitude in their hearts towards Chen Xi into a type of sincere worship, and this was a method that was most shocking.

Only in this way were they able to display their gratitude towards Chen Xi.

The curtains to the slaughter had been drawn since an unknown moment in time, and when Chen Xi arrived at the gorge and saw everyone who was kneeling on the ground, his expression gradually became serious and solemn.

He similarly knelt on the ground and lightly spoke a single sentence. “My life was saved by everyone!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he glanced far off into the distance before he flicked his sleeve, and a black hole appeared in midair. Shockingly, it was the Manor within the jade pendant!


After a short moment, a flowing ray of light that seemed as if it was teleporting flashed towards the extreme distance. 


Not long after Chen Xi left, the space above the gorge surged violently before a handsome young man appeared there. He had dark blue colored long hair that hung loosely on his shoulders, and lips that were thin like blades and curled into a feminine arc. It was Yun Su.

His eyes narrowed slightly as he swept the traces of blood that dyed the rocks outside the gorge red and the severed corpses that lay all over the ground. His expression still remained refined and composed, but his gaze had become icy cold to the extreme.

I never expected that I would still be a step too late…

Yun Su withdrew his gaze and carried an emotionless expression.


A shapeless fluctuation of energy suddenly stretched out from his body and spread to the surroundings, and it crushed and shattered the gorge to the point it ceased to exist.

Hmm? What swift speed! Yun Su seemed to have detected something and was slightly stunned, and then his face sank as he grabbed out towards the space before him and tore it apart before entering in and vanishing swiftly.


45,000km in the distance, a door floated in midair like a black hole that was profound and mysterious. Team after team of Xeno-race experts were garrisoned in the surroundings of this door and would defend it down to their last dying breath.

“Hmm, it has been so long. Yue Ya and the others have probably returned, right?”

“They’re truly a bunch of trash. Isn’t it just a hundred of Ninth Hell tribe survivors? I guarantee that I’d fucking capture them all easily if I was sent, and how could I possibly take so long?”

“Do all of you think a mishap might occur? After all, we’ve lost six teams in these past few days. Even though there are only a few people amongst these survivors, their combat strength can’t be underestimated.”

“Bullshit! There are an entire five teams encircling them this time, and it would simply oppose the laws of the heavens if they failed again!”

“Laws of the heavens? Haha! This is the three dimensions and not our territory, so who the fuck is talking about the laws of the heavens here!?”

Clamorous sounds of discussion sounded out frequently within the Xeno-race army. They’d been garrisoned here for many days, yet up until now, they hadn’t even seen a bird pass by, let alone the traces of their enemies. This caused all these Xeno-race experts guarding this place to be slightly impatient and extremely bored, so they could only rely on idle chatting to pass their days.

“Hmm? There seems to have been a figure that flashed over, or could it be that I’m seeing things?” Someone suddenly cried out with bewilderment, and he stared his eyes wide open.

“A figure?” The hearts of the others went cold as they swept the surroundings, yet they didn’t notice any traces of a figure after searching for a long time.

“You really lie brazenly. There’s isn’t even a strand of hair nearby, let alone a figure.” This caused everyone to heave a sigh of relief, and then they cursed with extreme displeasure.

The person from before rubbed his head and mutter. “But I clearly saw a figure. How could I have been mistaken?”

“You really aren’t seeing things because the enemy has already entered the passageway.” It was at this moment that a low voice that was filled with a sort of magnetism suddenly resounded out.

After that, Yun Su’s tall figure suddenly appeared on the spot. But at this moment, his expression was icy cold to the extreme, and he didn’t conceal his rage and killing intent in the slightest.

“Lord Yun Su!” Everyone was shocked, and they instantly stood up with slightly uneasy expressions.

“Looks like the boring days have ground off all your fighting spirits. Then what’s the point of living?” Yun Su had an indifferent expression as he flipped his hand, and a golden sword that was large like a plank was held within his hand.


A casual sword strike of his was like a golden ray that touched the sky crushed down, and it annihilated an entire 300 plus Xeno-race experts present before him. Moreover, even their flesh and corpses didn’t remain because they seemed as if they’d evaporated completely.

There was only a 3km long ravine on the ground, and it was deep and horrifying like an abyss.

“You aren’t even able to watch out for a single person, then how can you invade the three dimensions? It’s better that all of you die first so as to avoid you bringing shame to us.” Yun Su put away his sword and shook his head.

This scene instantly shocked all the other teams to the point they felt a chill run down their spines, and the atmosphere instantly became silent to the extreme because every single one of them clearly felt the ghastly killing intent being emanated by Yun Su.

This caused them to be filled with fear because they didn’t understand what had happened.

On the other hand, the heart of the person that spoke earlier jerked as his entire body went cold because he’d clearly witnessed the scene that had occurred, and he was terrified to the point his soul was on the verge of leaving his body.

“You did well.” Yun Su glanced at this person as he spoke indifferently.

That person instantly heaved a long sigh of relief, and he felt extremely fortunate in his heart.

“Unfortunately, you noticed the enemy too late, and the enemy had already fled. So what’s the point of noticing then?” Yun Su’s subsequent words caused the person’s body to freeze while terror filled his body.

However, before he could even struggle, Yun Su had already stretched out his hand and smashed the person’s head apart.

This scene shocked the nearby Xeno-race experts in the other teams to the point their entire bodies shivered, and they felt as if they’d fallen into a pit of ice.

Only after doing all this did Yun Su feel the rage in his heart had reduced greatly, and then he flashed to arrive before the door that floated in midair before frowning and pondering without end. 

The thing he was most worried about had still happened, and the enemy had fled successfully. It wouldn’t be long before all the living beings in the three dimensions will probably know that our Xeno-race army has occupied the Ninth Hell, right?

But how exactly did those survivors of the Ninth Hell tribe flee?

Yun Su frowned as he was unable to figure out how a little over 100 survivors were capable of easily achieving all this no matter how he wracked his brains. 

After that, he suddenly recalled the wisp of a figure he’d detected earlier and that movement technique that was swift like teleportation. Who exactly is that fellow?

Could it be that all of this was caused by him?

“They’ve fled?” A hoarse voice suddenly resounded out while Yun Su was frowning and pondering deeply. The voice wasn’t loud and didn’t contain any fluctuations, yet it carried a mysterious energy that caused even the heavens and the earth to rumble, shake, and resonate with his voice.

As soon as these words were spoken, it wasn’t just everyone present who turned pale, even Yun Su’s eyelids couldn’t help but raise as he turned around swiftly.

In the distant sky, a figure that was like a pillar of flames had suddenly appeared there. He was like a god that was bathed in flames, causing his entire body to be a blur, and only his pair of bright eyes could be seen. They were even more dazzling than flames and seemed capable of incinerating the sky and shocking the heavens and the earth, and it caused the hearts of everyone present to tremble.

Even if it was an existence like Yun Su, his heart couldn’t help but tense up as he felt slightly suffocated.


In merely an instant, all the Xeno-race experts including Yun Su knelt in unison, and they shouted loudly. “Greetings my Emperor!”

Shockingly, this person was a Xeno-race Saint Emperor!

“I never expected that all of you would actually still recognize me after I’d been suppressed here for countless years.” When he spoke up to here, the man that was bathed in divine flames started smiling, and it was a very cold, indifferent, and deep smile, whereas the crimson glow of flames in his eyes grew brighter and seemed as if it intended to incinerate everything in the universe.

“My Emperor, we broke open the dimensional walls of the Ninth Hell this time precisely for the sake of greeting your return.” Yun Su bowed respectfully, and his voice revealed deep reverence.

Yun Su was a General Rank expert that was capable of going against Earthly Immortal Realm experts, and he possessed peerless might. But it was precisely such an extremely dazzling figure that was so respectful, submissive, and reverent to this man at this moment, and he didn’t dare be disrespectful in the slightest.

“I’ve already sensed that Saint Emperor Xuan Chen that was suppressed by the Dark Parasol Divine Tree within the Door of Profundity has already escaped now, and my other old friends are about to re-emerge into the world as well…” The man that was bathed in divine flames took a step forward, and he arrived before the door that led to the three dimensions as he sighed lightly with emotion. “The three dimensions are about to fall into chaos. This is our chance, and we can’t fail again this time…”

“The time to invade the three dimensions hasn’t arrived yet. So, this door can’t be allowed to exist!” The man stretched out his hand as he spoke, and a myriad of flaming glows gushed out of his body and enveloped the door before him and started burning.

This door that caused Yun Su an extreme headache was practically instantly incinerated into nothingness by the myriad of flaming glows!

This was the might of ‘Saint Emperor Chi Yan,’ a world shaking great figure that was firmly remembered in the hearts of the various worlds outside the three dimensions for countless years! 

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