Chapter 706 – Extreme Cultivation

Mo Ya and Meng Wei’s hearts were filled with surprise as well because their hairs couldn’t help but stand on end when Chen Xi swung that sword strike out, and they felt an intense suffocating feeling.

The mouths of those youths even gaped from shock, and their gazes revealed boundless shock as they looked at the tall figure that was like a god.

They knew their Uncle Chen Xi was extraordinary, yet never had they imagined that he was actually formidable to such an extent, and a sword strike from the swing of his hand could cause the head of a Violet Crystal Rank expert to drop to the ground!

Uncle is…really ferocious!

The youths sighed with admiration in their hearts, while their burning gazes surged with heartfelt respect and reverence.

If the flick of Chen Xi’s sleeve that took away 13 lives caused those Xeno-race experts to the astonished, then this unfathomable sword strike completely put out the flames of greed in their hearts!

The crowd started to move restlessly as a strong intention to retreat arose within their hearts.

Even Qu Zhe and the other team leaders were no exception because this unfamiliar young man was too terrifying, and it caused them to feel terror and panic.

Right at this moment, a wisp of coldness suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth, and he said slowly, “Since all of you have come, then leave your lives behind. How could the three dimensions be a place where all of you can come and go as you please?” As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi took a stride forward as his lightning-like gaze swept past everyone present, and he revealed an extraordinary and arrogant imposing aura within his calm and indifference.

As soon as these words were spoken, the atmosphere at the scene instantly went silent as the hearts of everyone started thumping madly without end. This fellow is too overbearing!

“Haha, do you think you can keep all of us here by yourself?” Qu Zhe started laughing instead from his extreme rage, and his eyes carried a feeling of indifference.

“Little fellow, you’re too arrogant. Our experts are camped just 45,000km away, so how many of us can you leave behind with only your strength?” Someone sneered in secret.

“Exactly, Lord Yun Su is just 45,000km away, and he’ll be here as long as the slightest abnormal noise sounds out from here. Do you think you still have a chance?” The person that spoke was the short man.

When the words ‘Lord Yun Su’ were mentioned, he seemed as if he’d eaten a relaxation pill, and it caused the fear in his heart to be completely swept away. After that, he looked gloomily at Chen Xi with a gaze filled with disdain.

It wasn’t just the short man, even the expressions of the other Xeno-race experts instantly eased up. Right, my race’s base camp is just 45,000km away, and there’s even Lord Yun Su holding down the fort amongst the army.

Perhaps ordinary people would need countless years to traverse this distance, but it was only a breath of time for Lord Yun Su!

Chen Xi’s expression was composed, cold, and calm, and he seemed like the owner of this place as he lightly spat out a few words. “I keep my word!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of numerous people changed slightly, and some revealed expressions of being unconvinced. Even though Chen Xi’s tone was normal when he spoke these words, the meaning within these words were exceedingly overbearing and filled with a tone of being beyond question.

These Xeno-race experts had always felt disdain towards the natives of the three dimensions, and there had never been anyone that dared speak to them with such an overbearing tone and gave them an ultimatum!

“Let me see if you dare attack!” A Xeno-race expert spoke with an agitated expression. “Since when have natives of the three dimensions dared be disrespectful to us?”

Chen Xi's gaze was like a bolt of lightning as it suddenly erupted with two golden lights, and they seemed like blades as they flashed out.


The body of the person that spoke was sliced into half, causing blood and severed body parts to spray down from the sky.

Never had these Xeno-race experts imagined that Chen Xi would actually dare make a move, and they were instantly thrown into panic.

Some wanted to howl and exclaim with the intention of drawing the attention of the army garrisoned in the distance and seek support.

Some flashed and fled immediately.

Some revealed furious expressions and were anxious and doubtful.

The quality of these Xeno-race experts could be determined by their reactions in this instant, and they could utterly not be said to have been well-trained because they were thrown into panic as soon as they encountered danger.

Of course, some people knew that this wasn’t good, but they didn’t have the time to warn the others at all because the battle had already erupted…


A myriad of blazing talisman markings interweaves into expanses of oceans that seemed like a cage of nature, and it descended down while enveloping the surroundings and instantly sealed off all their paths of retreat.

This scene caused the expressions of those Xeno-race experts to go pale, and they roared furiously as they tried to charge through this confinement with all their strength. All of them clearly understood that they had to utilize their entire strengths at this moment, otherwise they would probably lose their lives on the spot before Lord Yun Su could provide support.

“Charge!”“Lord Yun Su, save us!”

“Kill! Everyone, let’s attack together and kill this native first!”

The scene was in chaos. Some clamored about gathering their forces to deal with Chen Xi, some only cared about fleeing, and some placed their hopes on Lord Yun Su, causing the scene to be in a mess.

“There’s no need to shout because all of your voices can’t escape this place while under my manipulation.” Right amidst this chaos, Chen Xi's icy cold and calm voice clearly sounded out in the ears of every single one of them, and it was like a bucket of cold water that caused the hearts of everyone to go cold.

Chen Xi stepped on the Grand Daos he possessed as he walked over step by step. Every single step that descended created a lotus formed from countless profound talisman markings, causing him to seem like the embodiment of the Grand Dao and the master of the Dao of Talismans!


A show of slaughter began.

The recovery of his Blackhole World caused the meridians in his entire body to be densely inscribed with talisman markings, and they formed a circulation of their own that conformed with the heavens and the earth. Not only did it allow his cultivation to recover, his cultivation even attained the 'Extreme Realm,’ and he would be able to easily crush Yan Shisan with this strength if they encountered each other again!

The so-called 'Extreme Realm’ was a way of speaking about a cultivation, and it very rarely appeared. Since the ancient times until now, only peerless monsters that possessed the potential to become exalted figures had the possibility of attaining this state.

Of course, it was merely a possibility!

If it wasn't for Chen Xi's Blackhole World being destroyed and regaining it now by utilizing the five Divine Talismans as foundation to reconstruct it, it would be absolutely difficult for him to attain this state.

As the saying goes, creation requires destruction.

After he experienced grave destruction, it had allowed him to unexpectedly attain the 'Extreme Realm’ in his cultivation!

At this moment, his qi refinement cultivation had attained the highest height amongst those of the same generation, and he didn't have to spend any more effort on his cultivation. All he had to do was attain the Perfection Realm in the various Grand Dao Insights he’d grasped, and his combat strength would multiply explosively.

It was even to the extent that if it wasn't for the sake of his combat strength, he could enter closed door cultivation right now and comprehend the Earthly Immortal Realm!

At this moment, a rain of blood was flowing down within the battlefield while shrill cries echoed out without end.

Chen Xi who'd launched a slaughter moved as if he was teleporting, and his strength was peerlessly formidable. He charged about like a human shaped scythe that surely reaped an expanse of souls everywhere he passed!

These Xeno-race experts had come with the intention to kill, and it had aroused seething killing intent within his heart since a long time ago, so he didn't hold back in the slightest when he made a move now!

Talisman markings fluttered about as various peak-grade Dao Arts flowed down like a rainstorm, and he executed them in waves!

Chen Xi who’d slaughtered to the point of having fun felt indescribably delighted, and his movements became cleaner and cleaner, precise, and direct, causing a casual strike of his to possess supreme might.

Within the gorge, Mo Ya, Meng Wei, and the youths stared their eyes wide open as they looked at that figure that flickered endlessly like a sharp bolt of lightning, and they were shocked speechless and practically forgot to breathe.

He reaped an expanse of souls with a raise of his hand. Does such a supreme elegant demeanor really belong to that sickly Uncle Chen? 

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