Chapter 705 – The Charm Of That Sword Strike

The air was suffused with the slight scent of blood while the gazes of everyone present were glued onto the tall figure in the distance.

This was a tall and handsome young man with an extraordinary bearing whose clothes fluttered without the wind. His eyes were deep and indifferent, yet his aura emanated the feeling of a deep abyss.

No matter who it was, no one had imagined that such an extraordinarily young man would actually appear before the grand formation collapsed by itself! A trace of bewilderment couldn’t help but arise in the hearts of all as they gazed at his unfamiliar face.

Before they’d taken actions, all of them had already found out that the two people amongst the survivors of the Ninth Hell tribe with the most formidable strengths were Meng Wei and Mo Ya. Both of them were experts at the Nether Transformation Realm in body refinement, and they’d been distinguished as figures that should be treated seriously since the beginning.

As for those youths, all of them hadn’t reached adulthood and possessed average strength, causing them to be unworthy of mention.

Coupled with them having mobilized five teams this time and possessing five Violet Crystal Rank experts assuming personal command, they were filled with confidence towards this assignment.

However, now, when they saw the person that had appeared wasn’t Meng Wei nor Mo Ya and was an unfamiliar young man instead, all of them were puzzled. Who is this little fellow?

Chen Xi didn’t speak, he kept his hands behind his back while maintaining a composed expression. Merely by that glance from before, he’d already clearly judged the situation. There was a total of four groups of people that possessed Violet Crystal Rank and Gold Rank experts, and they numbered over 1,200 in total!

“So it’s a little kid that hasn’t even grown hair!” Yue Ya grunted coldly with a gloomy expression that revealed a trace of disdain and killing intent. “And I was thinking it would be a formidable figure!”

Qu Zhe didn’t speak because the miserable death of that fellow from before was too strange. The young man had just taken a step forward before annihilating one of the people on their side, and this allowed him to smell that something unusual was going on.

Most importantly, the young man seemed too calm, and it was a sort of calmness that didn’t conform to his age, and it caused Qu Zhe to have no choice but to treat him with caution.

“How audacious! You’re about to face death yet still dare kill one of us, you’re tired of living! Brothers, let’s kill this native together!” A Xeno-race expert shouted loudly.

Chen Xi swept his gaze over while the temperature within his eyes gradually became icy cold.

Actually, these people could be considered to be careful and have exercised restraint because they’d always remained cautious towards their distance from Chen Xi. Moreover, they didn’t dare charge forward rashly and just moved over to the front of the group. But never had they imagined that even if they had their companions to rely on, it was meaningless to Chen Xi.

He just flicked his sleeve.

Thirteen ramrod straight and dazzling lights flashed within the fields of everyone’s vision.

Everyone in that group went pale with terror and hurriedly activated their defenses with the intention of trying to resist this attack.


Thirteen heads flew up into the sky as blood sprayed all over!

A casual flick of his sleeve actually took away 13 lives under the gazes of everyone present! And their defenses were like paper that didn’t obstruct his attacks in the slightest.

The all powerful lethality he displayed caused him to seem like the most skilled executioner, and his blade rose and descended in an instant! Right within this period that didn’t even amount to an instant, 13 dead spirits had appeared here!

Many people present revealed expressions of terror because such a sharp and resolute attacks that was executed in such a casual manner had exceeded all their expectations!

Within the gorge, Mo Ya, Meng Wei, and those youths that were exceedingly worried about Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing this scene, and then a wisp of shock couldn’t help but appear on their faces.

They similarly had never imagined that Chen Xi who’d always been by their side would actually possess such a terrifying strength!

Even Meng Wei and Mo Ya sensed a feeling that made their flesh crawl from this strike. The Dao moved towards simplicity, and this strike of Chen Xi’s seemed to be casually struck, but the exceedingly fierce Slaughter Dao Insight within it wasn’t something that just anyone could execute.

On the other hand, the expressions of Qu Zhe and the short man became serious as they’d understood more than an ordinary expert, and the shock they received from this strike was far greater than an ordinary expert!

In merely a single strike, the atmosphere instantly became silent and oppressive.

Right at this moment, Yue Ya suddenly spoke coldly with a gloomy expression on his face. “Little fellow, I heard that your tribe possesses a body refinement technique called the Ninth Hell Dao Origin Scripture?”

Qu Zhe frowned. Why does this fellow know about this cultivation technique that’s inherited from the Fiendgod Clan as well?

He glanced at the others and noticed the leaders of the other teams revealed a wisp of surprise as well, but none of them was bewildered. Obviously, all these fellows probably knew about the existence of the Ninth Hell Dao Origin Scripture since the beginning.

This discovery caused his mood to instantly turn for the worst, and he glanced coldly at the short man.

“Nothing is an absolute secret in this world. Leader Qu Zhe, this information wasn’t leaked by me.” The short man had a calm expression as he spoke slowly via voice transmission.

After that, he suddenly lowered his voice. “Yue Ya obviously harbors ill intent by mentioning this now. Perhaps he’s throwing out bait with the intention of making the others fight for him!”

“Hmph! Qu Zhe grunted coldly while his eyes flickered without end. Even though he didn’t want to admit it, the facts were just as the short man had said because someone had come forward right after Yue Ya spoke of the Ninth Hell Dao Origin Scripture.

“Little Native, hand over the Ninth Hell Dao Origin Scripture, and I’ll leave your corpse intact. What do you think?” The person who spoke was a 6m tall and completely crimson red man that possessed a ferocious appearance and a rather violent aura, and his voice rumbled like thunderclaps 

Qu Zhe recognized this man. He was called Tan Pu, and he was an expert of the Golden Mulberry World and possessed a cultivation at the Violet Crystal Rank. Most importantly, he’d cultivated an incomplete body refinement technique that was supposedly a true Fiendgod cultivation technique that came from the three dimensions, causing his strength to become powerful and ferocious to the extreme.

Tan Pu was undoubtedly the person who coveted the Ninth Hell Dao Origin Scripture the most amongst all the people present here.

“Oh? Are you talking about this?” An ancient beast skin appeared on his palm with a flip of his hand, and this beast skin was branded with numerous mysterious and ancient writings of Fiendgod, causing it to seem exceedingly extraordinary. It was precisely the beast skin Meng Wei passed to him and recorded the body refinement cultivation technique of the Ninth hell tribe.

The gazes of every single Violet Crystal Rank expert including Qu Zhe lit up and flashed with blazing greed when they saw this.

“Right! That’s it, hand it over to me!” Tan Pu’s breathing became hurried, and even his eyes had turned red.

“You think you’re worthy?” Chen Xi shook his head and seemed to not care in the slightest that there were over a thousand Xeno-race enemies in his surroundings.

“Hmm? You actually dare refuse me? You’re simply courting death! Hand it over!” Tan Pu shouted explosively as he directly stretched out his hand and grabbed.

Chen Xi frowned, and then he stretched out his hand and grabbed. Suddenly, a shapeless sword appeared in the sky, and with a twist of his wrist, this shapeless sword seemed to have been casually drawn from its sheath by him.

During this process, the blade of the sword scraped against space and actually caused a line of exceedingly blazing sparks!


A sword howl shook the heavens and the earth as he casually slashed down with it.

His movement of swinging the sword was extremely casual, and it seemed unrestrained, extraordinary, and otherworldly.

In his hand, the shapeless sword seemed to have come alive. It emitted a heaven shaking sword howl that swept into the eardrums of everyone like tidewater, and it was to the point their ear drums were on the verge of splitting apart!

The expressions of everyone including Qu Zhe, the short man, and the others had turned to shock at this moment!

Their gazes stared fixedly at the shapeless sword in Chen Xi’s hand.

This wasn’t a magic treasure nor was it a material object, yet its imposing aura was so sharp and vast. Along with the slash of this sword, even space itself seemed as if its backbone was slashed apart, causing it to collapse and emit a wave of rumbling.

Most terrifying of it all was that the Sword Insight emitted from this strike was like a vast sea of stars descending, causing the entire sky to be studded with stars, and they were dazzling like gems as they swept down!

“What’s this!?” Someone cried out involuntarily with shock, and it was extraordinarily resounding and ear piercing amidst the perfectly silent atmosphere. After that, his voice stopped abruptly as he stared blankly at the Sword Insight that seemed like starlight flowing down from the entire sky, and he was filled with disbelief!

This Sword Insight actually revealed the phenomena of a vast ocean of stars. Exactly what sort of formidable cultivation in the path of the sword would be required to execute this? He’s obviously just a young man, yet how can he possibly possess such heaven defying ability?!

Could it be an illusion?

But the scene before his eyes was so real. The dazzling river of stars that swept through the heavens and the earth seemed within his grasp and wasn’t unreal in the slightest. This was absolutely a type of terrifying Sword Insight!

Suddenly, a trace of a bad premonition arose in Tan Pu’s heart because the young man before him was even more formidable than he’d imagined! How could such an expert possibly appear amongst the survivors of the Ninth Hell tribe?!

Who is he?

Tan Pu was completely unaware that his mind had already been deterred by this wisp of Sword Insight, and a slight flaw had appeared within it.


Suddenly, a trace of horror arose in his heart, causing him to be jolted back to his senses. However, it was too late for him to make any movements because his pupils suddenly dilated as his body froze on the spot!


A light muffled bang resounded out as a line of fresh and horrifyingly gorgeous blood appeared silently on his neck. After that, a scarlet red and boiling hot fountain of blood sprayed out from his neck and into the sky, and it transformed into a rain of blood that descended to the ground.

Within his field of vision, the young man that swung the sword was becoming blurry.

Who…exactly is he?

While carrying his last shred of bewilderment, Tan Pu stared his eyes wide open yet was unable to see everything clearly, and he completely lost consciousness.

Chen Xi’s expression was calm as he casually moved his hand, causing the shapeless sword to vanish silently without a trace, whereas the stars that covered the sky and the blazing and dazzling Sword Insight vanished along with this.

This sword strike didn’t emit a shred of killing intent nor did it carry a terrifying imposing aura, there was only an expanse of a gorgeous and dazzling river of stars, but in an instant, it annihilated a Violet Crystal Rank Xeno-race expert! And the expert didn’t even have the slightest room to struggle!

Chen Xi’s sword strike caused the hearts of many people present here to go cold while they felt a chill run down their spines, and a trace of the intent to retreat silently arose in their hearts. It was even to the extent that most of the people amongst them didn’t even see how Tan Pu died clearly!

What sort of a sword strike was this?

It was mysterious and unfathomable, yet so vast and gorgeous, and it had exceeded all their expectations.

Who exactly is this young man?

The same thought arose in the hearts of everyone. It’s absolutely impossible for such an expert to be a clansman of the survivors of the Ninth Hell tribe. He’s so unfamiliar and so terrifying!

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