Chapter 704 – A World Of Talisman Markings

Chen Xi’s expression was peaceful like a meditating monk, and his entire body was shrouded by Immortal Energy, causing his bearing to seem even more ethereal and extraordinary. 

On the other hand, a tremendous change was occurring within his Dantian!

Strands of dense and profound talisman markings flowed smoothly like strings as they poured out from the veins in his body and converged in his Dantian before starting to interweave together both horizontally and vertically, and they developed into a ball of chaotic talisman markings that roiled endlessly like an ocean with a strange and indescribable rhythm.

Chen Xi paid no attention to all this, and his mind was concentrated as he controlled the Immortal Energy and utilized his True Essence as the top of a brush to ceaselessly inscribe on this ball of talisman markings that seemed like the chaos before the world was split open.

His movements were agile and skilled like a great artist painting freely, and numerous striations that carried various forms of the Dao drifted out from his hand before combining and condensing together to form a dense and complicated pattern that was like the starry sky.


At the moment this pattern was formed, wisp of the glow of flames suddenly surged out from the ball of talisman markings that seemed like the chaos before the world was split open, and it emitted a vast and magnificent aura.

It was like the first strand of flame since the heavens and the earth were split open, and it illuminated the world and radiated light that gave others hope, dreams, and the motivation to make great efforts.

Two phantoms could be faintly seen floating within the glow of flames. They wore luxurious clothes and the crown of emperors, and their bodies were coiled with strands of swift and fluttering flames. Various talisman markings transformed into countless tiny figures that jumped about around them, and these tiny figures seemed to be dancing with joy, prostrating themselves in worship, and singing praises for their supreme emperor!

The Crimson Emperor and the Fire Empress!

These two phantoms were male and female, and they stood proudly in the heavens and the earth like Yin and Yang. The glow of flames flowed from them and illuminated the world, and it drove out all darkness and brought boundless hope to the world!

They resided within the talisman markings that seemed like the chaos before the world was split open, and they become the core of the countless talisman markings, causing his Dantian to emanate a blazing and dazzling glow.

Chen Xi still remained indifferent when facing this scene, and his mind was immersed in the drawing of talisman markings. Presently, countless varying talisman markings had been inscribed within the ocean of talisman markings that had converged within his Dantian and seemed like the chaos before the world was split apart.

Every single talisman marking contained a Grand Dao profundity, and they interweaved, coiled, and converged together to draw out numerous extremely profound and complicated patterns.

Everything he’d done was for the sake of reconstructing his Blackhole World.

If the ocean of talisman markings was said to be the embryonic form of a Blackhole World, then what he was doing was perfecting this world. He was giving it a sky, earth, winds, clouds, mountains, rivers, stars, a sun, a moon… He was giving it everything before finally constructing a beautiful world that was like a painting!

At this moment, he’d forgotten everything, and he’d forgotten both success and failure. He was only drawing the flawless world in his heart according to his feelings and understanding of talisman markings, and he utilized his True Essence as his brush and Dantian as his talisman paper to accomplish this.

During this completely oblivious and miraculous state, Chen Xi was utterly unaware that the River Diagram fragment within his sea of consciousness had started to drone lightly.

Its sounded like the profundity emitted by the Heaven Dao of the world, the sound of nature that came from the chanting of gods. It stretched throughout his body like a ripple, causing his soul, Soul Core, and Dao heart to become even purer and translucent. It was utterly devoid of impurities and fused with the Dao, and it was an extremely profound state.

All of this caused his speed of drawing the talisman markings to become even swifter, and a talisman marking appeared with a single stroke of his. It was like he was possessed by the Grand Dao, causing a light stroke to complete a flawless pattern that innately carried the aura of the Dao.

At the same time, the ocean of talisman markings within his Dantian started to roil violently, and it erupted with waves of the divine light of the Grand Dao and a myriad of strands of auspicious qi, causing a brilliant glow to be emanated from it while the tune of the Dao rumbled and expanses of golden flowers descended.

Phantom after phantom of emperors and empresses floated up into appearance and stood proudly within the ocean of talisman markings. Some were coiled with the profundities of wood, and they flowed with vitality and caused everything to grow. Some emitted golden light that shot into the sky and was peerlessly sharp, and it seemed as if a swing of their hands was capable of slashing apart the world and slicing apart the universe.

After an unknown period of time, there were already 10 phantoms standing proudly within the ocean of talisman markings, and they were respectively the Azure Emperor, Wood Empress, White Emperor, Metal Empress, Crimson Emperor, Fire Empress, Black Emperor, Water Empress, Yellow Emperor, and Earth Empress!

The five elements generate each other and develop everything in the world! At this moment, Chen Xi suddenly obtained a strand of comprehension, and his voice was like thunder in spring as he lightly spat out an obscure and incomprehensible word. 

The ten phantoms of emperors and empresses stood in the position of the five elements while their bodies surged with the divine light of the five elements, and then they suddenly transformed into five extremely mysterious and complicated Divine Talismans that resided within the ocean of talisman markings.

At that instant, it seemed like Yin and Yang were divided and the chaos was just split apart. A strand of exceedingly blazing and dazzling glow illuminated his Dantian and emanated boundless light!

Under the illumination of that glow, a vast, gorgeous, and boundless world rumbled as it started to condense into form!

Clear qi rose and transformed into the sky, while muddy qi sank and transformed into the earth.

The five elements circulated, causing everything in the world to grow. Mountains, rivers, lakes, stars, the sun, and the moon practically instantly covered the entire world, causing it to be rich, colorful, and emit a dazzling and divine karmic luck of the Grand Dao.


A tempest arose as the world awoke, and it seemed to be announcing the development of a new world. Everything in the world was growing healthily while overflowing with vigor, and it effused strands of tenacious and copious vitality.

At the same time, a large tree that emanated a divine radiance appeared, and it seemed as if it was returning home as it suddenly stood towering at the center of this world. It had twisted roots and strong branches that were like blades, and it seemed to be ancient, crude, and unyielding. 

There was only a single verdant sapling that stood proudly on one of its branches, and it glowed with a misty green brilliance that transformed into surging Immortal Energy that swiftly suffused and enveloped the entire world!

In merely an instant, a strand of extremely vast True Essence flowed along Chen Xi’s limbs and bones to enter his meridians and apertures, and it was like a happily surging river stream that circulated over and over again without end.

Amidst this, the various talisman markings and patterns that densely covered his meridians, apertures, and internal organs were suffused with a bright and colorful sheen, and then they transformed into a strand of vortex-like patterns that resonated with the True Essence that passed through, creating an aura of the Grand Dao that conformed with the world.

I’ve finally succeeded!


Chen Xi suddenly opened his eyes. Talisman markings surged within his eyes, causing profundities to be formed and stellar bodies to float into appearance, and it seemed like the chaos had just been split apart and the universe was being developed within it. Moreover, it seemed as if it was capable of causing one’s soul to sink into his eyes!

Fortunately, such phenomena only appeared for an instant, and then his eyes returned to its calm and indifferent state.

He carefully sensed the changes in his Dantian. Due to the five great Divine Talismans being the foundation, the Blackhole World that was constructed from a myriad of talisman markings was circulating and developing, and every single thing within it contained the profundities of the Grand Dao.


With a thought in his heart, his entire Blackhole World droned and instantly transformed into countless talisman markings that flickered as they split apart, and they densely covered the surroundings of his Dantian like numerous stars.


It droned once more before his Blackhole World condensed into form once again. Talisman markings surged as the Grand Dao circulated, and it condensed according to his intentions, transforming into shapes like a blade, sword, bell, cauldron, and so on and so forth!

He even noticed that his Blackhole World would be hard and condensed to the limit when transformed into the shape of a cauldron, and it wouldn’t shatter even if he encountered that strike of Bing Shitian’s once more. It was even to the extent that there was entirely no need to take the strike head on because he only needed a single thought to transform his Blackhole World into countless talisman markings and split apart.

I never expected that after experiencing a great calamity this time, I actually benefitted from it, and I’ve expanded my Blackhole World to the limit. I just have to attain the Perfection Realm in the other Dao Insights before I’ll be entirely capable of allowing my combat strength to multiply explosively! Chen Xi muttered with an indifferent expression, and his heart was in a state of peace. Moreover, he possessed a bearing of simplicity and remaining indifferent in the face of gains.

He didn’t sigh with emotion for too long and stood up, and his tall figure had become even more graceful, aloof, and extraordinary. Time seemed to have not left behind any traces on him, and his handsome appearance still remained the same. But his gaze that seemed to be indifferent caused others to have a deep feeling like that of a vast sea, and it drew the attention of others beyond their control.

“Uncle Chen Xi, you’ve come out from closed door cultivation!” A wave of cheering resounded out.

Chen Xi walked out from the tent and saw the youths of the Ninth Hell tribe were looking at his with excited expressions, and their gazes revealed deep respect that wasn’t concealed in the slightest.

On the other hand, Meng Wei and Mo Ya were looking at him with smiles on their faces as well. But a wisp of worry still remained between their brows.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then his Divine Sense swept out towards the surroundings before he instantly understood everything.

It turned out that the energy within the Azuresun Netherflame Formation in the surroundings of the gorge was reducing rapidly, and it was on the verge of completely losing its might, whereas there were four Xeno-race teams glaring fiercely with murderous looks in their eyes from outside the formation.

“Brother Chen Xi…” Meng Wei intended to say something.

“Big Brother Meng Wei, calm down.” Chen Xi interrupted him with a smile.

“What…do you intend to do?” Meng Wei was stunned.

Chen Xi replied casually. “Meet our enemies, of course.” 


Yue Ya’s expression was extremely gloomy as he stared fixedly at the grand formation in the gorge. The energy of the grand formation was weakening rapidly, and this scene simply infuriated him to the point of being on the verge of exploding.


If I knew this would happen, how could all of my subordinates have died?

These damnable surviving bastards of the Ninth Hell tribe! They actually dared to play tricks on me. I’ll surely make them wish they could die once the grand formation collapses!

Yue Ya gnashed his teeth with hatred, and his eyes were on the verge of spitting flames.

Presently, amongst the teams outside the gorge, only he, Yue Ya, was a general without an army and was all alone. It was simply as if his clothes had been torn off completely, and it caused him to feel an unprecedented feeling of shame.


I must annihilate all these surviving bastards of the Ninth Hell tribe!

Yue Ya roared in his heart.

On the other sides, the eyes of Qu Zhe and the leaders of the other three teams flickered as well and were suffused with a wisp of piercingly cold and ghastly killing intent. They were like hungry wolves that were waiting to attack and drink their fill of fresh blood.

Swoosh!However, before the energy of the grand formation in the gorge could vanish completely, a figure suddenly walked out from within with even steps, fluttering clothes, and his hands behind his back, and he revealed a leisurely bearing.

This sudden scene caused everyone to be slightly stunned.

“Haha! What? You finally can’t endure it any longer? You saw the grand formation is unable to obstruct our footsteps, so you came out to surrender yourself?” A Xeno-race expert said complacently, “Unfortunately, it’s too late. All of you native survivors must die today.”

Chen Xi swept the surroundings with his gaze and didn’t pay the slightest attention to that person, and he just took a step forward.


A shapeless force field appeared abruptly like the edge of a knife, causing blood to spray out as a head flew down from the sky, and then a headless corpse crashed to the ground and turned into a mangled corpse.

This scene instantly caused the pupils of everyone present here to constrict! 

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