Chapter 703 – Dark Violet Ice Lotus


A divine radiance that was like a myriad of violet colored flowers flowed out and interwoven together as it covered the heavens and the earth and blasted down onto the grand formation. The scene was like a sea of violet colored flowers had suddenly poured down from the sky above the gorge before blooming within the formation and erupting with strands of sharp divine light that rampaged around within the grand formation.

In next to no time, the surging Azuresun flames within the grand formation started to thin down while its impetus grew weaker and weaker. On the contrary, the violet colored flowers within the formation grew ceaselessly in number, causing dazzling and resplendent violet lights to flow throughout the formation, and it was a rather magnificent scene!

The Violet Crystal Rank expert that attacked the formation revealed a cold smile, and he felt exceedingly complacent in his heart. These violet colored flowers were the Dark Violet Ice Lotuses he’s gathered from deep underground, and he’d refined them with a secret technique for over a hundred years, causing them to be even more formidable than a Quasi Immortal Artifact.

He suddenly roared. “Freeze!”

The seal he made with his hand changed, causing the violet flowers that covered the sky to suddenly transform into numerous translucent and crystalline ice crystals that emitted a misty glow, and they’d actually frozen the Azuresun flames completely!

The grand formation within the gorge before them seemed to have instantly lost its sharpest fang, and many people revealed astonished expressions while the gazes they shot at that Violet Crystal Rank expert changed.

“This fellow Yue Ya’s strength isn’t bad!” Qu Zhe was slightly moved. Yue Ya was an expert from the Moonsoul World, and he was similarly one of the leaders of the five teams.

“He really is not bad. I never expected that he would actually possess such a rare thing like Dark Violet Ice Lotuses.” The short man muttered, and then he lowered his voice. “Leader Qu Zhe, you have to watch out. Don’t let someone else seize the Ninth Hell Dao Origin Scripture, otherwise, they would really be getting a great gain.”

“Hmph! It’s just Yue Ya, he’s nothing.” Qu Zhe grunted coldly and revealed a wisp of strong confidence.

A’lai didn’t speak. His double pupils were suffused with a deep sheen as he stared fixedly at the Dark Violet Ice Lotuses that had frozen into ice crystals. Within his gaze, those ice crystals had become balls of violet colored mist, and they were fluctuating at a unique rhythm. Obviously, this was a type of ice forbidden technique that froze everything in the world.

Truly terrifying!

A’lai sighed emotionally in his heart.

However, on the contrary to Yue Ya’s extraordinary impetus, the gorge below was extraordinarily calm.

It was an unusual calmness!

Within the vision of his double pupils, he was practically unable to see any movement, and it seemed as if the people within the gorge had already given up on resisting long ago, and they were waiting for the grand formation to be destroyed before waiting for death to arrive.

But there was a faint feeling of unsteadiness in A’lai’s heart. He exerted all his strength to open his double pupils wider and search carefully as he was deeply afraid of missing any detail.

The Xeno-race experts of the other teams quickly noticed the change in atmosphere as well. It was too calm, calm to the point it was slightly strange, and it caused them to be unable to help but stop conversing and sizing the situation up carefully.

Right at this moment, Yue Ya’s hands fluttered about as they moved along numerous profound and obscure paths before he suddenly shouted out explosively. “Explode!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The violet colored ice crystals that covered the surroundings of the gorge suddenly erupted with a myriad of violet colored blazing light that suffused the heavens and the earth, causing the temperature in an area of 5,000km to instantly fall to the limit. Moreover, even the air was covered in specks of ice crystals while the rocks on the ground were frozen to the point of splitting apart.


These violet colored ice crystals transformed into a myriad of violet rays of divine light that surged out like a torrent, and it carried a tremendous force as it charged towards the grand formation.

When the grand formation seemed as if it was on the verge of destruction, a black light flashed abruptly within the grand formation.

Specks of flames that were like black colored stars silently floated up into appearance, and they converged into an expanse in the blink of an eye and covered the entire grand formation. When looked at from afar, it was like the surface of the grand formation was covered in a layer of a vast sea of stars.

But the stars were numerous specks of black colored flames, and they were icy cold, ghastly, and emitted a piercingly cold and mysterious aura.

“Nether Peacock King Flames!” A’lai’s double pupils constricted abruptly as these words escaped his lips. That’s it!

Earlier, he’d once noticed a weak and imperceptible black light while observing the grand formation within the gorge. But due to the black light only flashing for an instant before vanishing, it was like a hallucination, and he didn’t take it seriously.

But now, when he saw the grand formation that seemed to be adorned by an array of stars, he finally knew that the true appearance of the grand formation had finally appeared!

This change occurred too quickly. Under the astounded gazes of many people, the torrent condensed together by the violet colored divine light smashed down heavily onto the grand formation.


It was like an asteroid had fallen from the sky and smashed fiercely onto the surface of the grand formation, causing an enormous bang to resound from it, and it was like a drum was struck fiercely within their hearts, causing their entire bodies to tremble while their faces went slightly pale.

The violet colored divine light shattered with a bang and transformed into a rain of light that poured down from sky.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dense sounds of collision that sounded like the deafening beating of drums by the gods resounded out, and it was extremely shocking. Even space was shaken to the point of collapsing inch by inch, and it transformed into a shattered ripple that swept towards the surroundings.

No one had imagined that the torrent formed from the Dark Violet Ice Lotuses would actually be so overbearing and ferocious!

However, something even more unexpected was that the grand formation within the gorge only trembled slightly under such a terrifying attack, and then it recovered to its previous state!

It was even to the extent that it wasn’t damaged in the slightest, and it was in a flawless state!

The complacent smile on the corners of Yue Ya’s mouth froze instantly, and his pupils dilated abruptly as if he’d seen a ghost because the killer move he had high expectations for actually didn’t succeed!

“What a formidable grand formation!” Qu Zhe’s eyes narrowed as well, and he asked swiftly. “A’lai, what grand formation is that?”

“It’s probably a new type of formation, and the person that set it up is a peak expert in the Dao of Talismans. He’s extremely formidable.” A’lai took a deep breath, and his voice unconsciously carried a wisp of admiration. “The Azuresun flames within it are nothing., and the difficulty arises from the Nether Peacock King Flames that cover it densely. If I’m not wrong, the person that set up this formation probably possesses a formidable magic treasure refined from the feather of the Nether Peacock King, and he utilized it as the foundation of the formation while Immortal Energy was utilized as its fuel to attain such a formation.”

A’lai paused briefly, and then he shook his head and sighed. “Unfortunately, its variations are too complicated, and it’s impossible for me to figure it out with my ability. I truly wonder who exactly that expert in the Dao of Talismans is to actually create such a grand formation.” 

Qu Zhe was shocked when he heard this, and his expression became heavy as well. A’lai was one of his most trusted subordinates. Even though A’lai was weak, yet A’lai’s cultivation in the Dao of Talismans and innate double pupils had helped him greatly.

Now even A’lai was incapable of seeing through the profundity of this grand formation, so how could Qu Zhe not be shocked?

Could it be that there really is an Earthly Immortal Realm expert within the grand formation?

At this moment, the same thought he had earlier arose once more in Qu Zhe’s heart, and his expression was exceedingly serious.

“Kill!” Charge with me! It’s only a lousy formation, so how could it possible obstruct my footsteps!?” Yue Ya’s expression was livid and ashen, and then he gritted his teeth and shouted out explosively in the end.


In the next moment, he’d led the team of 300 behind him to charge towards the gorge.

But Yue Ya didn’t charge at the vanguard, and he held the line at the back. Truthfully speaking, the scene from before had caused him to feel slightly terrified, and he didn’t dare risk his life so easily.

This decision had really saved his life.

Because in the next moment, his subordinates were like insects that had fallen into a spider’s web as soon as they charged into the grand formation. Their bodies were invaded by strands of black colored flames that caused their bodies to melt with a visible speed, and they let out waves of exceedingly miserable shrill cries. But no matter how they struggled, they were unable to escape, and they were melted to the point not even bits of their bones remained!

The horrifying and brutal scene shocked everyone in the surroundings to the point a wave of gasping sounded out.

It’s too terrifying!

It’s impossible to destroy those black colored flames, and they were like cancer instead. So long as one was tainted by the flames in the slightest, then one’s body and soul would be incinerated instantaneously. It was ruthless and overbearing to the extreme.

In merely the time for a few breaths, besides the leader, Yue Ya, this team of over 300 Xeno-race experts had perished within the grand formation, and it was an exceedingly horrifying scene.

“How terrifying! Fortunately, I didn’t set foot inside it…” Besides feeling fortunate, Yue Ya’s expression was gloomy to the extreme. Under the gazes of everyone present, all his subordinates had actually been wiped out while only he survived. This caused his heart to ache.

At this moment, no one ridiculed Yue Ya for being cowardly because the gazes of everyone was placed on the grand formation in the gorge while their expressions changed indeterminately.

The atmosphere became extremely heavy.

This grand formation was too terrifying and strange. They didn’t dare take the risk to set foot in it, but they were extremely unwilling to retreat just like this as well.

After all, they’d come here under orders this time. So if they were to return with their tails between their legs, then not to mention the shame, merely Lord Yun Su’s rage wasn’t something they were able to endure.

“Leader, please make the preparations. According to my observation, the energy of this grand formation is weakening, and it won’t be long before it collapses by itself.” Suddenly, A’lai reminded in a low voice.

“What?” Qu Zhe’s eyes lit up before he inspected it carefully, and he really did faintly sense the grand formation within the gorge seemed like a ball that had a hole and was ceaselessly weakening in energy and might.

“Instruct the others to prepare themselves!” Qu Zhe decided right away and instructed with a deep voice, and his voice revealed a trace of excitement that was impossible to conceal.

A’lai received his orders and withdrew himself.

“Eh, the energy of that grand formation seems to be weakening rapidly!” Right at this moment, some other people nearby exclaimed with surprise as well because they’d noticed this change as well.


At this moment, the spirits of all the remaining four teams of Xeno-race experts were refreshed. They had murderous looks on their face while they rubbed their palms together, and they were waiting for the grand formation to dissolve by itself before they would slaughter their way in. 


“Why is the energy of the grand formation declining? What’s going on?” Within the gorge, Meng Wei frowned while his face that was hard like a rock couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of bewilderment.

Mo Ya was exceedingly shocked as well. The Immortal Energy that drifted within the gorge was reducing madly, and it was on the verge of being completely exhausted. If this continued, then the Azuresun Netherflame Formation would collapse by itself.

On the other hand, all of them would be completely exposed before their enemies.

“Over there, the Immortal Energy is gushing towards Uncle Chen Xi!” Right at this moment, Xiao Yan suddenly cried out with a clear voice.

Everyone looked over in unison, and their entire bodies couldn’t help but freeze while their eyes revealed shock that was impossible to conceal when they saw the scene occurring in the depths of the gorge.

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