Chapter 702 – Lord Yun Su

A door floated in midair like a black hole that was deep and mysterious.

This was an exceedingly ordinary place in the Ninth Hall, and it was extremely desolate. It was covered in fine gravel, yet this place seemed to have become so extraordinary with the appearance of this door. 

Presently, there were numerous Xeno-race armies garrisoned before the door, and they were spread all around it to protect it at their center.

At the central area of the campsite was an exceedingly striking, magnificent, and resplendent building that emitted a dazzling glow. When compared with the tents all around the campsite, it was like a crane standing amongst chickens, and it was so extraordinary. 

At the tallest point of the building was a handsome man that revealed a soft bearing, and he lay lazily on a chair while his legs were crossed on the railing.

He possessed dark blue hair that hung loosely on his shoulders, a pair of lips that were thin like blades and revealed a feminine arc. At this moment, his eyes were narrowed as he gazed at the door that floated in midair.

“Alas, unfortunately, the time hasn’t come. Otherwise, I could seize this opportunity to go through this door and see exactly what the three dimensions look like…” The man sighed faintly, and then he flipped his hand to cause an enormous golden sword to appear. It was simply like a plank, and its edges were covered in sawtooth. Moreover, the body of the sword was inscribed with numerous strange blood colored patterns that emitted a dense and ghastly aura of blood.

At the instant this enormous sword appeared, the air in the surroundings became heavy as space itself droned and wailed, and it seemed as if space was on the verge of being crushed.

However, the man’s white and slender hand that held the sword was so relaxed and free as if he was holding an embroidery needle, and he started to use the wide and large sword to trim…his nails!

This scene was extremely bizarre. Those white fingers were too delicate, whereas the golden sword was too overbearing and rough. When the two of them were compared, it gave one an extremely strong visual impact.

But the man was content and pleased as he trimmed his nails in a leisurely manner, and his movements were relaxed and serious, causing it to seem as if it wasn’t unexpected in the slightest.

“Lord Yun Su!” Suddenly, a voice resounded out.

“Speak.” The man didn’t raise his head. A slightly gentle smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth as he looked at his fingers that had been trimmed to the point of being smooth and clean, and he seemed elegant and self-satisfied.

“The survivors of the Ninth Hell tribe have appeared. They’re hiding in a gorge around 45,000km away from here.” Accompanying this voice was the sudden appearance of that man who was short like a dwarf and covered in dark blue colored tattoos, and he bowed as he stood behind Yun Su.

“Oh, they’ve appeared? If I’m not wrong, the team from the Truesky World was patrolling nearby, right?” Yun Su kept the golden sword away in an unhurried manner as he spoke while seeming to be lost in thought.

“My Lord, the team from the Truesky World have…already…” The short man hesitated.

“Been annihilated?” Yun Su smiled and seemed to not be surprised in the slightest.

“Exactly. The strength of those survivors has suddenly become a few times stronger. All of them have actually advanced to the Golden Core Realm and formed a battle formation with tacit cooperation. They seem as if they’d received the guidance of an expert, and it wouldn’t be going too far to say they’ve experienced a form of rebirth.” The short man nodded and pondered for a moment before speaking with a serious tone.

“Oh?” Yun Su was surprised, and then dense disdain curled up on the corners of his mouth. “They were actually annihilated by a group of little fellows that haven’t even reached adulthood. These idiots from the Truesky World are truly useless.”

He didn’t conceal what he thought in the slightest, and he seemed rather unbridled.

The short man laughed bitterly in his heart without end, yet he didn’t say anything. He knew that even if Lord Yun Su were to insult those fellows from the Truesky World in their face, those fellows would only dare feel indignant yet not say a word about it.

“Never mind. Mobilize another five teams and siege those survivors.” Yun Su waves his hand and said indifferently, “Tell them to quickly fuck off back home to play with dirt if they can’t even handle such a small matter!”

“Yes!” The short man received his orders. But he couldn’t help but ask before he left. “Lords Yun Su, aren’t you going to have a look? I heard the survivors of the Ninth Hell tribe possess a body refinement technique called the Ninth Hell Dao Origin Scripture, and it’s an unfathomable and profound body refinement technique inherited from the primeval Fiendgod Clan of the three dimensions.”

“The Fiendgod Clan has already been annihilated long ago during the Primordial Era, so how formidable could the cultivation techniques passed down from them be? It’s only an insignificant skill that isn’t worthy to look at.” Yun Su shook his head and laughed with ridicule.

The short man nodded, and he didn’t hesitate anymore before turning and leaving. 


In next to no time, five Xeno-race teams had silently snuck close to the gorge.

They were over 1,000 in number!

Such a number looked normal, yet when so many people were gathered together, it was rather magnificent. Every where the eye could see was a black mass of people.

As soon as these five Xeno-race teams arrived, they completely sealed off the entire surroundings of the gorge.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

“This is the place those native survivors are hiding?” A man in the lead looked at the distant gorge as a bright light flashed within his eyes, and he couldn’t help but cry out in surprise after observing for a long time. “A formation!?”

“Leader Qu Zhe, you have a great discerning gaze!” The short man nodded and said, “It’s precisely that grand formation that has hidden everything within the gorge, and when looked at merely from its outward appearance, it’s extremely difficult to notice anything strange about it.”

He suddenly lowered his voice and said, “According to my knowledge, these survivors carry a body refinement technique called the Ninth Hell Dao Origin Scripture, and it’s the ultimate technique of the Ninth Hell tribe. Lord Yun Su has already clearly indicated that he isn’t interested with this cultivation technique, so if Leader Qu Zhe wants to obtain it, then you have to grab the opportunity.”

“Oh? This is actually true?” Qu Zhe revealed a moved expression.

“It’s absolutely true.” The short man paused for a moment and sighed lightly. “Our army annihilated the ancestral grounds of the Ninth Hell tribe some time ago and searched for a long time, yet never found this cultivation technique. Later on, we found out that it had actually been taken away by this group of survivors. It’s an inherited cultivation technique from the Fiendgod Clan, and it’s priceless.”

Qu Zhe rubbed his chin while his eyes couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of burning desire. Even though the Fiendgod Clan had been annihilated long ago during the Primordial Era, there were many terrifying experts of the Fiendgod Clan that had stepped out from the three dimensions during the primeval times, and they caused a rain of blood in the various worlds outside the three dimensions, shocking all the Xeno-race worlds.

In the various worlds outside the three dimensions, there were many people that had taken experts of the Fiendgod Clan to be existences that could rival Saint Emperors, so how formidable would a cultivation technique passed down from them be?

Qu Zhe suddenly turned around and gestured. “A’lai, come over and see exactly what formation covers this gorge.”

The person called A’lai was a youth with a pale countenance, and he actually had a pair of double pupils which were suffused with a horrifying and ghastly sheen.

“It’s a slaughter formation, and it’s extraordinary.” A’lai focused his gaze and suddenly cried out in surprise. “But, this spirit energy in this Ninth Hell has already dried out, so how could a strand of dense Immortal Energy be produced from the grand formation?” 

Immortal Energy!?

Qu Zhe and the short man were stunned, and their pupils constricted. Could it be that there’s an Earthly Immortal Realm expert residing within there?

A’lai was born with a pair of double pupils, allowing him to possess an ability of insight, whereas he himself researched formations and was skilled in various talisman formations, yet it was the first time Qu Zhe had seen A’lai so moved.

In merely an instant, Qu Zhe’s expression became much more serious. He’d expected since the beginning that this group of survivors would be a difficult bone to chew, but with the forces on his side and a trump card like A’lai, he wasn’t afraid. But never had he imagined that the grand formation would actually possess such a terrifying energy like Immortal Energy existing within it.!

This caused him to smell a trace of the smell of danger, but he suddenly started laughing right away. “It’s fine. There are five entire teams that have come this time, and it wouldn’t be bad to make the others check it out first.”

The eyes of the others lit up.

On the other hand, the short man sneered without end in his heart. But he knew clearly as well that the actions of Qu Zhu were extremely normal. Even though they were all from the Xeno-race worlds, yet they weren’t from the same faction, and they came from different worlds.

If it wasn’t for Lord Yun Su’s restraint, even cooperation would be impossible amongst the teams of these different worlds. 


Along with the appearance of these five Xeno-race teams, the atmosphere in the gorge had similarly become tense.

There were five Violet Crystal Rank experts amongst them, and they had an enormous force. They frequently patrolled the surroundings of the gorge, and the pressure this created caused the minds of everyone to be strained.

If it was one or two Violet Crystal Rank experts that had appeared, then these clansmen in the Ninth Hell tribe wouldn’t be afraid. After all, they had Meng Wei and Mo Ya who were Nether Transformation Realm experts holding down the fort. But when this number increased to five, they felt an enormous pressure crush down upon them

Not to mention there were numerous Gold Rank experts amongst the enemy forces and more than a thousand other experts. No one could remain unfazed before such a force.

But no matter how nervous they were, they never felt fearful, and their expressions were calm and composed.

All of this calmness came from their trust towards Chen Xi, and they were filled with confidence towards this Azuresun Netherflame Formation that enveloped the surroundings of the gorge!

“They really have come.” Meng Wei had a deep gaze. It was impossible to see the situation within the gorge from the outside, but everything in the outside could be clearly seen from within the gorge.

“Five teams. These damnable bastards really think highly of us.” Mo Ya’s red lips were suffused with a trace of coldness and filled with killing intent. She absolutely had no good impression towards the Xeno-race, and conversely, she wished for nothing more than to annihilate them all. 

As he felt the killing intent within Mo Ya’s tone, Meng Wei clenched his fists tightly as well. Over a million of their clansmen had been slaughtered. How could such a deep enmity of blood be as simple as it seemed?


Right at this moment, a wave of violent rumbling and explosions suddenly sounded out in the sky as numerous blazing lights soared into the sky before crashing down like a meteor shower, and it activated the Azuresun Netherflame Formation.

In merely an instant, 108 azure colored flames shot into the sky and interwove into boundless talisman markings, and it was like an azure and hazy ocean of flames that swept away all the attacks.

Meng Wei raised his head to look, and he saw a Violet Crystal Rank expert leading a group of combatants while attacking with the intention of breaking through the formation.

“So it has begun…”Meng Wei’s expression was icy cold, and he lightly grasped a silver colored talisman command token in his palm. It was the key to control the Azuresun Netherflame Formation that Chen Xi had given to him.

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