Chapter 701 – A Dreamlike Victory


The 20 youths that were like a sharp awl at the front transformed into giants with three heads and six arms under Blackie’s command, and they raised their six arms before smashing them down at the exact same moment. Their movements were uniform and orderly as if they were cast from the same mold and not the slightest bit different.


A multitude of enormous arms that were thick like rocks and surged with tremendous Shaman Energy smashed down. Due to them being overly orderly, the heaven shaking sound of them tearing through space seemed as if it was caused by a single person instead.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Over 10 of those Xeno-race experts that led the charge were directly smashed into mush on the spot, and they were like bloody must that stuck and pasted to the ground.

When they saw over 10 of their companions had been annihilated under this strike, the hearts of those Xeno-race experts that were charging in the front jerked fiercely, and they didn’t hesitate in the slightest to dodge to the side for now.

However, right when they were just about to dodge, the two teams at the flanks of the team in the front made a move at the same time, and they were like two converging blades that slashed towards the center.

This scene was like the scene of catching a rat in a jar. Those remaining 20 plus enemies of theirs didn’t even have the time to dodge before they were smashed into mush by the youths that had transformed into giants with six arms and three heads, and it was an extremely horrifying scene.

The sudden unforeseen event caused a short period of panic to arise in the hearts of the Xeno-race experts in the distance that hadn’t attacked yet, and their charge couldn’t help but pause slightly.

Right at this moment, Blackie’s team that had just finished the first round of attacks launched an assault once again, and they were like an awl that penetrated directly into the enemy forces and directly smashed strings of blood out within the group of Xeno-race experts while shrill cries echoed out without end.

This sudden assault caused a trace of restlessness and panic to arise in the enemy forces, and before they could react, Scarface and Baldy led the teams that guarded the flames to launch the second round of attacks without the slightest hesitation.

If one were to look down from the sky, one would notice that event though both the vanguard team led by Blackie and the two flank teams led by Scarface and Baldy had numerous variations and moved towards different directions. But, from the beginning until the end, they maintained the ‘’ shaped battle arrangement!

This was the essence of the Tri-Factor Spikecharge Formation. Its attacks were sharp like blades, its defense strong like a fort, and it didn’t have any blind spots.

Instantly, their terrifying Shaman Energy interweaved together and covered the heavens and the earth like a comet, and it smashed down fiercely onto the enemy forces in an extremely horrifying manner. On the other hand, the enemy forces were too anxious, and their forces were too densely packed, causing this round of attacks to strike another heavy injury onto them!

Over 100 people perished.

Amidst the Xeno-race team, the expression of a golden haired young man finally went grim. In a single move, his side had lost a few tens of people. The enemies’ attacks were obviously planned beforehand and struck down like that tide, wave after wave, and it didn’t give them the slightest time to think.

It was even to the extent that so long as they revealed the slightest sign of relaxing or a flaw, it would be grabbed onto firmly by the enemy, and their acute instincts caused the golden haired young man to feel slight disbelief.

Are these really a group of little fellows that haven’t reached adulthood?

When did they actually become so terrifying?

The golden haired young man smelt a slightly unusual smell of danger. But he felt slightly at ease in his heart because both sides were fighting head on, and the following part of the battle would decide the victor.

Their side still occupied an advantageous position because not only did they possess him, a Violet Crystal Rank expert, all of those 10 Gold Rank experts remained unharmed. All those Xeno-race experts that had died earlier were Bronze Rank and Silver Rank experts.

“Kill! Kill all these damnable natives!” The golden haired young man shouted loudly with a voice that spread far and wide. His strength at the Violet Crystal Rank caused him to be filled with confidence, and it caused him to feel that this battle was in the bag.

Beng! Beng! Beng!

Suddenly, a wave of exceedingly rapid sharp howls that felt like wild beasts tearing part one’s eardrums spread out, and it suppressed the voice of the golden haired young man.

His expression turned grim once more. Within his field of vision, numerous exceedingly dazzling light arrows had suddenly shot out explosively, yet he felt at ease because these attacks weren’t targeted at him.

But right after that, his heart jerked as he cursed in his heart.

Sure enough, the scene he was most unwilling to see had occurred. The numerous Gold Rank experts around him didn’t even have the chance to make a move before they were shot through by the light arrows, and their entire bodies were brought flying by the terrifying penetrative force of the arrows, causing blood to rain down from the sky. They were already corpses when they fell to the ground.

It was naturally Meng Wei that made the move.

When he saw the display of the youths from the Violet Lightning Camp and their brilliant results, his expression didn’t change in the slightest, but the palms beneath his sleeves couldn’t help but clench into fists!

He’d similarly never imagined that the might of this Tri-Factor Spikecharge Formation would actually be so formidable. Most importantly, the cooperation between the youths was simply flawless, and it seemed as if it was tempered through severe training, causing them to utterly not seem like greenhorns that didn’t have the slightest real combat experience.

The battlefield was in complete disorder, yet Meng Wei’s mind was unprecedentedly calm and clear. He’d quickly noticed the leader and the 10 Gold Rank experts of the enemy force. He practically didn’t hesitate to raise the Staruin Bow and draw it to its fullest extent before exploding out with a string of light arrows that tore through the sky, and it directly annihilated numerous Gold Rank experts.

This was the gap in strength. Those Xeno-race Gold Rank experts were at most at the Rebirth Realm in terms of cultivation, whereas Meng Wei was at the Nether Transformation Realm in body refinement. Coupled with the Shaman Treasure, Staruin Bow, killing them was simply as easy as flipping his palm.

“You dare kill my clansmen? All of you can dream of surviving today!” The golden haired young man was furious to the point his eyes almost split apart as he stamped with rage. He stretched out his hand and made a grabbing gesture, causing a terrifying force to directly assault Blackie, Scarface, and Baldy.

Meng Wei had killed numerous Gold Rank experts from his side, so he wanted a tooth for a tooth. Moreover, he’d noticed a long time ago that the reason those youths from the Violet Lightning Camp were so formidable was firstly because of their tacit cooperation and secondly because of the command of those three youths in the lead.

So long as he killed these three youths, everything would collapse by itself!


However, his killing move was obstructed right at the moment it was executed, and a robust and stalwart figure appeared near him.

“I’m your opponent,” said Meng Wei coldly. As he spoke, his arm curved to draw the Staruin Bow before releasing a flurry of dazzling light arrows.

“Haha! You’re courting death! You’ve truly come to give your life away!” The golden haired young man stared laughing from extreme anger while his expression was utterly savage. He soared over like a golden roc while coiled with dazzling golden light, and he struck out with an expanse of golden radiance with a raise of his hand before causing it to smash down at Meng Wei.

Instantly, both of them entered into fierce battle, and they were like two volcanos colliding with each other. They fought to the point the heavens collapsed as the earth split apart, and the entire heavens and the earth were cast into a shadow.

Fortunately, both of them extremely tacitly moved their battlefield extremely far away so as to avoid affecting their own clansmen. 


The battle between the youths of the Violet Lightning Camp and the Xeno-race team only lasted for 10 minutes before the curtains to the battle were drawn.

As they looked at the flesh and limbs that were scattered all over the ground, all the youths had an unreal feeling as if they were dreaming.

All of this…was done by us?

Because the Lord Priest had passed, it felt like a ball of flames was burning in their hearts during these past few days, and it caused them to feel extremely aggrieved. They cultivated desperately day and night, and practically every single one of them had experienced cultivating too much to the point of spitting blood and fainting.

They exerted all this hard work just for the sake of becoming even stronger because only by becoming stronger would they be able to take revenge for their clansmen and arrive safely in the outside world.

Now, they’d really succeeded! They’d relied on their own hard work and their own strength to slaughter a team of Xeno-race experts that were over 300 in number!

The youths were silent as they gasped for breath. Even though their entire bodies were dyed with blood, exceedingly exhausted, and there were even some that had suffered serious injuries, but their gazes become even brighter and revealed a wisp of an expression called confidence.

“Actually… All of this is Uncle Chen Xi’s contribution because we would absolutely be unable to achieve this without him.” Blackie suddenly muttered while his gaze was filled with heartfelt respect.

The other youths agreed uniformly when they heard this. Even though they hadn’t reached adulthood yet, they were able to clearly distinguish between good and bad. They understood that it was precisely the arrival of Chen Xi that allowed them to undergo a tremendous change in such a short period of time.

They were grateful to Chen Xi, and they felt heartfelt respect and admiration towards him. Even though none of them spoke at this moment, in their hearts, they'd already taken Chen Xi to be a senior that was most deserving of their trust and respect!

“All of you have done well.” Meng Wei returned while completely covered in blood, but his body was still ramrod straight as before and revealed a lofty and immovable bearing.

Obviously, he’d experienced a fierce battle and annihilated the Violet Crystal Rank golden haired Xeno-race young man.

The tense little faces of the youths couldn’t help but be suffused with a happy smile when they heard this.

“But it’s far from enough!” Meng Wei’s second sentence instantly destroyed the trace of complacency that had just emerged in the hearts of the youths, and it vanished without a trace as their expressions became firm and composed once more.

A little blow like this was already incapable of affecting their feelings now. Not to mention they knew clearly as well that their Uncle Meng Wei wasn’t wrong, and they were still very weak indeed and had an extremely long path to take.

But they wouldn’t be fearful about it, nor would they worry any longer. Because they knew that so long as they worked hard, they would be able to attain the target that satisfied everyone in the end!

Meng Wei didn’t dally and instantly brought these youths from the Violet Lightning Camp back to the gorge.

Even though no one from their side had passed away during this battle, as many as 19 youths had been heavily injured, and their lives might be in danger if they weren’t treated as soon as possible.


Not long after all of them had entered the gorge, a figure appeared out of thin air extremely far away from it.

This was an extremely thin and short man that seemed like a dwarf. He was only a meter tall, had blue dishevelled hair, and his exposed skin was covered in strange and distorted dark blue tattoos.

“I never expected that these survivors of the Ninth Hell tribe would actually become so formidable now. Looks like I can only report this matter to Lord Yun Su and allow him to decide…” The short man muttered to himself before vanishing on the spot with a swish, and his speed was extraordinarily swift as if he’d teleported.

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