Chapter 700 – The Advancing Youths

Three months later.

Within the gorge, the final youth of the Violet Lightning Camp at the Golden Hall Realm in body refinement had finally stepped into the Golden Core Realm!

This was absolutely a miracle!

It didn’t occur on a single person but an entire group of people!After all, they were only youths and were mostly only 14 or 15 years old. Even if it was in the Dark Reverie, stepping into the Golden Core Realm at such an age was sufficient to cause a great stir in the world.

Besides their own extraordinary natural endowment and natural talent, the reason they were able to accomplish all of this was because they cultivated painstakingly!

There was no lack of geniuses in the world, yet there were very few geniuses capable of cultivating desperately for a few months as if their lives were on the line like how they’d done.

During this period of time, they practically utilized every single minute to cultivate. No one slacked or was indolent, and they were like a group of madmen that didn’t know what exhaustion was as they cultivated painstakingly to the point it seemed they’d put their lives on the line.

In comparison to the delightful results of the Violet Lightning Camp, the hard work of the Azurefrost Camp was similarly striking. They took the path of qi refinement and had started much later. But due to the various spirit medicines provided by Chen Xi and the Immortal Energy that suffused the surroundings of the gorge, their cultivations rose steadily and at a tremendous pace.

Up until now, even the youngest snotty kid already possessed a cultivation at the Golden Hall Realm, whereas the slightly older Rock had even become the second existence in the Azurefrost Camp to attain the Golden Core Realm in qi refinement!

This first to advance to the Golden Core Realm was naturally Xiao Yan. This little lady’s natural talent was extraordinarily good, and even if she was placed within extraordinary powers like the 10 great immortal sects where geniuses gathered, her natural talent could still be considered to be monstrous.

Even though she was only 10 now, she was the number one figure in the Azurefrost Camp in terms of cultivation!

If Chen Xi were to see this, he would probably be greatly shocked as well. After all, he was only an existence that had just stepped into the Congenital Realm when he was 10, and he wasn’t even at the Violet Palace Realm…

But Meng Wei who’d always been supervising their cultivation only said it wasn’t bad, and he didn’t praise or commend them but spoke so normally.

It was even to the extent that he was slightly displeased.

Even though the situation was pressing now, Chen Xi had given these youths conditions that were truly too good. An endless supply of various spirit medicines, formidable and profound cultivation techniques, the Immortal Energy that suffused the air…

With such shocking and abundant resources piled up together, the youths had actually only attained the Golden Core Realm now, and not a single one had broken through to the Rebirth Realm. This caused Meng Wei to be rather disappointed.

Because according to his estimations, at least three or four Rebirth Realm cultivators had to appear amongst these youths, or one at the very least, right?

If the cultivators of the Dark Reverie knew of Meng Wei’s thoughts, then they would surely be angered to the point of spitting blood. Because these requirements were simply absurd!

After all, even if it was in the extraordinary powers of the Dark Reverie, even if one utilized countless resources to build up such a cultivation, it was already sufficient to make the seniors of the sect beam with smiles, and they wouldn’t have a trace of displeasure!

These requirements of his were really too harsh!



“Has he still not emerged from closed door cultivation?” Meng Wei frowned and asked with lightly.

“No.” Mo Ya shook her head.

“The time has arrived. We’ll carry it out according to the original plan.” Meng Wei decided right away.

“Wouldn’t it be too…?” Mo Ya hesitated.

“They’ll forever be unable to mature if they don’t experience tempering. They must surmount this test.” Meng Wei went silent for a long time before speaking word by word.



Meng Wei led the Violet Lightning Camp as he moved forward carefully.

The passageway that led to the outside world was 45,000km ahead, and it seemed to be extremely far, but a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator only needed 10 minutes to traverse such a distance.

If one’s movement technique was swift, then one could arrive in the time of a few breaths.

Meng Wei didn’t dare to be careless because leaving the gorge meant they’d lost the protection of the Azuresun Netherflame Formation, and it similarly meant that they would encounter enemies at any moment. 

According to his inferences, the enemy would have surely noticed something a long time ago after they annihilated six Xeno-race teams, and perhaps the enemy had already converged in this area and were waiting for them to walk into a trap.

Every single one of the youths from the Violet Lightning Camp stood in the placement of the five elements and formed a combat unit. Every four combat units formed a team that stood according to the placement of the four symbols.

Moreover, amongst the three teams that stood in the placement of the four symbols, one was at the front while the other two stood before the flank, and they formed a ‘’ shaped formation.

When looked at from the sky, the entire Violet Lightning Camp seemed to be formed into a large tri-factor formation by 12 Five Element Formations and three Four Symbol Formations. Each formation overlapped another and were linked together, causing them to act in cooperation in an orderly manner and emit a murderous air. 

Besides that, every single team had a team leader in the lead, and it was Blackie, Scarface, and Baldy. There was a certain distance maintained between the three of them, yet they faintly formed a small scale tri-factor formation.

This was the battle arrangement that Chen Xi had passed down to them. The numerous youths formed the points in the grand formation, then the points joined into lines, and lines took form. In the end, they converged into a large scale grand formation!

Moreover, these three team leaders were the core of the grand formation, and the issuing of all orders had to be cooperatively completed by them.

This wasn’t a mode of individual battle any longer, they were battling as a whole, and they pursued terrifying strength attained from gathering the strength of the group. Not a single person could make a move arbitrarily and had to listen to orders, otherwise the might of the grand formation would be reduced greatly.

This battle arrangement was very casually named by Chen Xi as the Tri-Factor Spikecharge Formation!

Besides cultivating in the gorge, the youths had always been carrying out drills with this formation. Now they were already capable of executing it flawlessly, and the cooperation between them was extremely tacit, orderly, and systematic.

But even Chen Xi was unable to give a clear answer about how the might of such a battle arrangement actually was. After all, this was the first time the youths had stepped onto the battlefield in the form of the Tri-Factor Spikecharge Formation, and it hadn’t experienced the baptism of true battle.

Actually, according to Chen Xi’s thoughts, the Violet Lightning Camp couldn’t even be considered as the most basic unit in a large scale battle, and the most important aspect when commanding such a small scaled team was formations and tacit understanding.

If there were sufficient members, then this Tri-Factor Spikecharge Formation could even be expanded without limit, 100,000 people, a million people, 10 million people… So long as they cooperated well and were commanded well, then its might would multiply.

An orderly and uniform team like this that was like an army was absolutely capable of sweeping through all disorderly cultivators. It couldn’t be said to sweep through without resistance, but no one would be able to bear its blunt!

Taking the Five Element Formations for example. The vital energy of the five people that formed the formation were linked together and acted in cooperation with each other from a distance. It was capable of forming a perfect circulation that greatly increased the communication and tacit understanding between each other, and it was a rather practical formation.

On the other hand, even higher level formations would even condense its own unique killer moves, and these killer moves were capable of casting the world in a shade and carried an extraordinarily formidable might.

But it wasn’t so easy to practice such a battle arrangement. Firstly, the members that formed the grand formation must obey orders and obey them without condition! Secondly, they must firmly remember the formation’s variations, placement, arrangement, and so on and so forth.

This was still the simplest Tri-Factor Spikecharge Formation, whereas some complicated grand formations had even more harsh requirements, and merely the variations they had were sufficient to trouble most people.

Moreover, even though this sort of battle arrangement was capable of increasing one’s combat strength, it wasn’t all-powerful. The situation of battles changes in an instant, and it tests the commander’s ability of insight and acting according to circumstances.

Meng Wei carefully opened up the way ahead while sizing up the Violet Lightning Camp, and he noticed all the youths had calm and composed expressions while moving in a uniform and orderly manner. Besides that, none of them were nervous or excited, and he couldn’t help but be rather satisfied in his heart.

When facing battle, all one needed was a calm heart and the ability to act resolutely. Every other feeling would more or less affect one’s performance in battle.

Especially when it was this sort of group battle, calmness and obedience was the key.

“Watch out, there’s something up ahead!” Meng Wei’s eyes suddenly flashed with a wisp of cold light, and he reminded via voice transmission with a low voice.

The expressions of the youths remained unchanged, they were still calm and composed, but their eyes flashed with a wisp of a murderous and excited expression.

The true first battle of their Violet Lightning Camp had arrived! 


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the distant sky, sharp sounds of the air being torn apart rumbled like a rising and falling tide, and then a team that was like an expanse of black clouds appeared within their fields of vision. This black cloud possessed a surging imposing aura and threw the winds and the clouds in the surroundings into disorder.

This was a Xeno-race team that was made up of around 300 over people. Just like the teams Meng Wei and the others had encountered before, this team similarly possessed a Violet Crystal Rank expert and 10 Gold Rank experts.

If it was before, Meng Wei would absolutely be extremely worried when he encountered such a force. But now, when he saw their scattered formation as they swarmed over together, a wisp of a relaxed and stable feeling couldn’t help but gush out from his heart.

Both parties didn’t waste their breaths and directly entered into battle!At this moment, there was utterly no need to say anything because these Xeno-race experts had destroyed their homes and slaughtered over a million of their clansmen. A huge debt of blood had already been formed between them long ago.

On the other side, those Xeno-race experts were even excited when they saw Meng Wei and the others. Their assignment this time was to stop and slaughter the survivors of the Ninth Hell tribe, and now that they’d unexpectedly encountered members of the Ninth Hell tribe, how could they show the slightest mercy?


Some Xeno-race experts were intolerably anxious since a long time ago, and they let out wild and savage laughter as they charged over like a swarm of bees. They executed extremely violent attacks as soon as they made a move, and it was a complete mess without the slightest order.

Now, even the three team leaders of the Violet Lightning Camp, Blackie, Scarface, and Baldy heaved sighs of relief, and then their gaze became icy cold and murderous.

At the same time, exceedingly powerful Shaman Energy rumbled and surged out of every single youth in the entire Violet Lightning Camp. All of them transformed into 30m tall giants, and they seemed like numerous mountains that had risen from the ground with exceedingly shocking impetus.

Their auras acted in cooperation with each other from a distance before finally converging into surging killing intent that seemed material, and it was like a furious dragon that was charging into the sky as it enveloped the entire battlefield.

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