Chapter 70 – Battling the Black Ape King

Chapter 70 – Battling the Black Ape King

Mountain wind howled, blowing away the roiling and raging demonic qi that billowed into the sky!

Why is it like this?

Such a long time passed, why has the Black Ape King come now?

My god! There’s also the Thunderhawk King…

At the side of Moon’s Embrace Mountain, he gazed at the demons that covered the sky and the earth from every direction. As he gazed at the Black Ape King and Thunderhawk King that stood loftily in midair, Mu Kui felt a chill run up his spine and unprecedented terror enveloped him, causing his entire body to shiver.

“Senior… Senior Chen Xi, disaster… A disaster is imminent!” Mu Kui, who was almost terrified to death, screamed out as he furiously dashed towards the abode. At this moment, he could only entrust all hope on Chen Xi, even if this hope was extremely tiny.

The abode’s door was closed tightly, but Mu Kui was already unable to care about all that, so he pushed open the door and shouted anxiously. “Senior Chen Xi…” His voice came to an abrupt stop.

Only now did he notice that the abode was empty, and there actually wasn’t a trace of Chen Xi.

Senior Chen Xi… Could it be that he fled long ago?

Mu Kui was scared out of his wits and sat on the floor with a thump. He had an ashen expression as he muttered. “Right, Senior Chen Xi is only one person, yet he's surrounded by two demon kings and so many greater demons, what other way of survival is there besides fleeing?”

“You didn’t think of fleeing yourself?”

“Fleeing myself? Right, why didn’t I think of…?” Mu Kui spoke halfway before seeming to be jolted awake from a dream. He gazed at the figure before him that seemed as if it had appeared out of thin air and asked with a trembling voice, “Senior, you haven’t left?”

“Leave it to me. If you perceive that it’s not going well, then leave as soon as possible.” Chen Xi nodded. Earlier, he was cultivating the Traceless Aura technique, his aura had completely vanished and his figure was transparent, so Mu Kui was naturally unable to notice him.

Mu Kui took a deep breath, then gritted his teeth and spoke. “How could I do that? I’ve said before that I would follow by Senior’s side for my entire lifetime!” Although his expression was one of fear, it revealed a sense of staunchness and willfulness.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but moved, as he’d never expected Mu Kui would actually say this, and he instantly said seriously, “If I ask you to flee, then flee! So long as you are alive, that is more important than anything!”

As he spoke, Chen Xi withdrew a storage pouch and passed it to Mu Kui. “There’s a qi refinement cultivation technique of mine within here, take it.”

“Senior…” Mu Kui gazed at the storage pouch in his hand and he couldn’t help but be dumbstruck, and inexpressible gratitude surged out from his heart. When he looked up once again, Chen Xi had already vanished within the abode.

“Don’t worry Senior, not only will I live on, I’ll become stronger!” Within the abode, Mu Kui muttered to himself, and an expression of boundless firmness gushed out from his face.


“He came out!”

“The human cultivator has come out!”

Waves of exclamations in surprise suddenly sounded out within the faraway mass of demons. Their gazes descended onto the same spot in unison, and there, a youth was walking over with an even pace.

The young man had a tall and thin figure with a handsome appearance. Every movement of his emitted a disposition that was relaxed and had transcended the mortal world, causing him to seem extraordinary.

“You’re Chen Xi?” High in the air, the Black Ape King abruptly shouted loudly with a voice that was like thunder, shocking the nearby demons to the point their entire body shook.

“What do you think?” Chen Xi coldly asked rhetorically, yet he was inwardly shocked. Why has the Thunderhawk King come as well?

The Black Ape King was green robed and white haired; the Thunderhawk King wore a violet coat and a pair of cold eyes, and they both stood midair. He’d noticed the two of them the instant he walked out of the abode and was naturally able to guess the identity of the two. But the appearance of the Thunderhawk King still caused him to feel a trace of seriousness.

Two Violet Palace Realm Demon Kings… Looks like this matter will be difficult to handle. Chen Xi secretly went on alert and his formidable soul covered the surroundings, as he didn’t dare slack in the slightest.

“Hmph! You’re in my territory and you still dare speak like this? You really have an exaggerated opinion of your ability. Take a look first and see what this is.” Yuan Tong sneered before raising his right hand, and a head appeared within his hand.

This head had a hideous and distorted appearance, seeming to contain boundless rage, and when held in Yuan Tong’s hand, it still dripped blood and appeared to be extremely gruesome.

“Xiong Pi!” Chen Xi’s eyes squinted. His impression of Xiong Pi couldn’t be considered to be good, but he extremely admired Xiong Pi’s courage and resolution to take revenge for his younger brother.

At this moment, when he saw the enraged and unwilling expression on Xiong Pi’s head, Chen Xi felt both guilty and furious in his heart. Because of that Seventhgold Swordbamboo, he’d promised Xiong Pi since long ago that he would kill the Black Ape King one day and take revenge for Xiong Pi’s younger brother. But who would have expected that Xiong Pi would actually die miserably in the hands of the Black Ape King?


A stream of killing intent that was burning hot like lava surged in Chen Xi’s heart, and his expression became extremely icy cold.


The Black Ape King squeezed his fingers together and the head exploded into powder in his hand, splattering blood all over the sky. “Hahaha! Are you angry? Who asked this fellow to be too rampant, he actually dared to secretly plan to kill me! He virtually possesses the same idiotic and revolting behavior as did his younger brother!”

“The King is correct, traitors like this deserve death!”

“Xiong Pi deserved death, otherwise, how could the King maintain his prestige?”

“If it was me, I’d surely cut him to pieces while he’s still alive, slice by slice. How could I possibly let him off so easily like the King?”

The numerous demons roared, they expressions filled with bloodthirstiness and ruthlessness.

In the distance, those demons that cultivated near Moon’s Embrace Mountain mostly had good relationships with Xiong Pi. But at this moment, they didn’t have a shred of pity in their expressions and instead revealed rejoicing expressions, seeming to be rejoicing that they’d cut all ties with Xiong Pi long ago.

However, demons were inherently like this. They’d become accustomed to the laws of the jungle while they were still wild beasts, and now that they possessed intelligence, the ruthlessness and coldness within their bones was impossible to erase.

“I promised Xiong Pi that I’d kill you to help him take revenge for his younger brother.” Chen Xi’s voice was cold and indifferent, yet calm, without a trace of fluctuation, seeming to be speaking of a matter of no importance. But when it entered the ears of the demons, it instead caused their hearts to go cold and they could feel the boundless killing intent within it.

“Interesting, the killing intent on this human cultivator is extremely strong and is obviously tempered from life and death battles.” In mid air, the Thunderhawk King that had always been indifferent to everything in the surroundings seemed to have noticed something interesting, and the gaze he shot at Chen Xi carried a trace of surprise, but it quickly vanished. It was only a little fellow that had just advanced to the Violet Palace Realm, and he never took the little fellow seriously.

“Take revenge? I didn’t hear you wrongly, right?” Yuan Tong started laughing in a loud and unrestrained manner, and he gazed at Chen Xi as if he was looking at a dead person. He then said with an icy cold voice, “If I wasn’t busy and got delayed, do you think you’d be able to live until now? Stop talking nonsense, hand over the thing Xiong Pi gifted you, then cut your own throat and commit suicide, and I’ll leave your corpse intact. Otherwise…”

“Kid, with just your little cultivation, you’d better quickly do as my King says!”

“A human cultivator dares speak of killing my King, aren’t you afraid it will come back to haunt you?”

“Alas, the King is really too kind hearted. If it was me, then even if he commits suicide, I’d still cook his corpse and eat it! Only in this would it be satisfying!”

The numerous demons chimed in as they looked at Chen Xi with gazes filled with disdain and ridicule.

“Kill!” A low and deep, icy cold voice was lightly spat out of Chen Xi’s mouth. In the next instant, he’d already appeared in midair, and he was like a fierce tiger dashing down a mountain as he rushed straight towards Yuan Tong with an irresistibly imposing manner.

“Since you’re seeking death, then I’ll fulfill your wish!” Yuan Tong let out a savage laugh and an iron rod that was thick and heavy had already appeared in his hands. A surging bloody glow suffused the iron rod, and he directly swung his rod fiercely to greet Chen Xi.


Chen Xi’s body was like an extremely nimble fish as he dexterously avoided the iron rod, and the Seventhgold Swordbamboo in his hand swiftly cut open Yuan Tong’s waist.

The Seventhgold Swordbamboo experienced lightning strikes every 100 years for it to grow 3cm, whereas the section of Seventhgold Swordbamboo in Chen Xi’s hand was an entire one meter long. Not only was it extremely sharp, it also contained an extremely terrifying and piercingly cold energy of thunder.

At this moment when he stabbed out with the sword, not only did it tear open a deep wound on the Black Ape King’s waist, the thunder energy within it even surged into the wound, striking the Black Ape King to the point his body went slightly stiff and he nearly dropped down from midair.

It’s actually a Seventhgold Swordbamboo!

The eyes of the nearby Thunderhawk King that was watching the battle lit up and greed that couldn’t be restrained arose within his heart.

“Kid, you think you can injure me with just this?”

Being injured by a single stab from Chen Xi before the eyes of so many subordinates caused the Black Ape King to be extremely furious. The wound on his waist actually healed to its former state in an instant!

School of Fiendgod Body Refinement!

Chen Xi was shocked. After body refinement attained the Violet Palace Realm, the vitality of the body and lifeblood was extremely vigorous and it allowed the ability to regrow limbs. If one wanted to kill such an opponent, then the only way was to pierce through the head or heart!

“Die!” The demonic qi on Yuan Tong’s body surged and his aura swiftly skyrocketed, and his figure instead transformed into a black shadow as he lifted the almost 5,000kg iron rod in his hand before once again smashing it towards Chen Xi!

Chen Xi moved up the Seventhgold Swordbamboo horizontally.


A loud clang resounded out, and Chen Xi directly flew out backwards. Fortunately, this was in midair, and it allowed him to dissolve more than half of the strength behind the attack. Even then, his hands were still numbed by the shock.

The strength of a body refiner at the Violet Palace Realm is formidable, as expected. If I was only capable of body refinement, then it would really be difficult for me to defeat him. Looks like this fellow is worthy of his reputation as one of the seven great demon kings. Chen Xi understood that he’d encountered a true opponent.

The Black Ape King was undoubtedly the most formidable opponent he’d faced up till now!

“Competing with me in strength? Hahaha… Let me see how many swings of my rod you can take!” The Black Ape King roared towards the sky with laughter and his eyes were filled with bloodthirst and ruthlessness. Then, he took large strides as he charged forward with a billowing imposing manner. As the rod in his hand swept through the sky, it emitted a breathtaking sound before fiercely pounding at Chen Xi. The strength exerted on the iron rod had obviously increased a considerable amount from before.


How could Chen Xi continue taking it head-on? His figure swayed as he executed the Divine Windwing Flight. It seemed as if a pair of wings that were condensed from a gale had appeared behind him, and his speed was swift like a bolt of lightning. He was like the wind that contained a myriad of extraordinary changes as he ceaselessly altered his direction, and the Seventhgold Swordbamboo in his hand repeatedly attacked Yuan Tong with an extraordinarily swift speed.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Under the combination of sword technique and movement technique that contained Dao Insight, thousands of wounds that dripped with blood had instantly been cut out on Yuan Tong’s body, and his condition was terrifying.

How can this be possible!?

The King is actually unable to block that human youth’s sword moves?

Below Moon’s Embrace Mountain and a distance away from Moon’s Embrace Mountain, all the demons watched with wide eyes and expressions of disbelief.

“Sword Insight! Movement Insight! Not good! This youth’s cultivation in the Martial Dao has already attained the Dao Insight Stage!” The Thunderhawk King who crossed his arms and observed the fight was unable to maintain his composure any longer and his expression abruptly became grim.

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