Chapter 699 – Sudden Enlightenment

Chen Xi stood in midair above the gorge while looking down at it, and he finally heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Suddenly, he stretched open his arms, causing a strand of surging Immortal Energy to gush out.


The entire surroundings of the gorge suddenly surged with 108 azure colored flames, and they were like countless azure suns that had risen from the ground and emitted an azure radiance. They interweaved together to form expanses of complicated and dense formations that flowed with brilliant light, and they were extraordinarily beautiful.

After that, countless formations converged together and roiled endlessly as they emanated a myriad of rays of azure brilliance, and at the center of them all was surging specks of illusory and faint nether flames!

The nether flames seemed like a mist yet weren’t a mist, seem like clouds yet weren’t clouds, they revealed a piercingly cold and deep black color and seemed like numerous black colored stars that ornamented the surging azure colored flaming radiance.

Chen Xi’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning as he flicked his sleeve and lightly spat out a single word. “Form!”


A wave of strange fluctuation arose as the myriad of azure flaming radiances and the specs of black colored nether flames that were like stars transformed into flowing rays of light that entered into every single corner of the gorge.

Numerous misty and enormous green barriers enveloped the gorge like overturned bowls, and their surfaces surged with countless talisman markings. A light flashed as if they formation took a breath, and then it vanished instantly.

When looked at solely from its outward appearance, this gorge was still as before, exceedingly ordinary and inconspicuous in this desolate and deathly still Ninth Hell.

Only Chen Xi knew how terrifying this Azuresun Netherflame Formation was, and once it was sufficient to annihilate a Nether Transformation Realm expert upon activation!

The defensive strength of the grand formation was extremely formidable as it converged the ability of ‘illusion,’ ‘slaughter,’ and ‘defense’ in one. If it wasn’t for him not possessing sufficient materials, the might of the formation would be even more formidable, and even Earthly Immortal Realm experts would find it impossible to break through.

Chen Xi quickly abandoned all unpractical thoughts because the spirit materials in his possession had already been completely cleaned out by this grand formation, and it was only wishful thinking if he continued thinking about anything else.

All the youths were cultivating extremely painstakingly within the gorge. After they experienced the baptism of countless battles and unexpected events, their immature and young faces carried a strand of steadiness and maturity between their brows.

Mo Ya and Meng Wei stood at the side while supervising their cultivation.

Actually, there was utterly no need for them to supervise because the death of the old priest and the ceaseless loss of their companions had caused these youths to be filled with guilt and hatred, and they’d vented all their feelings onto cultivating.

They knew that if it wasn’t for protecting their safety in the previous battles, it would be impossible for the old priest and those guards to have perished!

This allowed them to deeply understand a principle, and it was that a weak strength would only be a burden to seniors and companions by one’s side. So regardless of if it was for themselves or their companions, they had to become stronger! Only by becoming stronger would they be able to continue living and allow their companions and seniors to cease their worry!

Chen Xi noticed this scene upon returning to the gorge, and he didn’t say anything before turning around to return to his tent. He didn’t waste any time and sat down cross-legged before starting to deduce in his mind.

He wanted to start constructing his Blackhole World, and he had to make the best use of every minute of time.

Based on the information he’d obtained earlier, he was clearly aware that there was a passageway that led to the outside world 45,000km away from here.

This passageway appeared by itself after the Xeno-race experts broke open the dimensional walls of the Ninth Hell, and it had been discovered by the Xeno-race first, causing them to station six teams to guard it.

Amongst them was supposedly a General Rank expert holding down the fort, and this expert’s strength was entirely comparable with an Earthly Immortal Realm expert!

If he wanted to lead the clansmen of the Ninth Hell tribe out to the outside world, then they had to charge through the defenses of the enemy and even had to escape right under the nose of a General Rank expert, and there was no other way besides this.

Chen Xi knew extremely clearly that it was absolutely like throwing an egg against a rock if he attacked forcefully with their current strength, and they would die without a doubt. So, he chose this gorge and intended to make sufficient preparations before making a move.

Moreover, he had other considerations when choosing this gorge. All along the way, they’d annihilated a total of six Xeno-race teams, and there were still another 30 Xeno-race teams tasked with stopping and killing them.

This was an extremely shocking number!

After all, every single team had a Violet Crystal Rank expert and 10 Gold Rank experts amongst them. Once all of them were converged together, then it would absolutely be a terrifying nightmare to them.

Most importantly, as far as Chen Xi was concerned, this nightmare would surely come true. Because they’d exposed too much of their tracks and information during these few days of advancement, and so long as the enemy wasn’t stupid, the enemy would surely have guessed a long time ago that they were not far away from the passageway that led to the outside world.

Under these circumstances, it was extremely likely that the remaining 30 teams of Xeno-race experts would converge together and stand on guard before the passageway with the intention of waiting for the rabbit to jump into the trap.

On the other hand, the other objective Chen Xi had when choosing this gorge was to make this gorge their base camp while they recuperated and built up energy, and then carry out round after round of plans and actions against their enemies!

Only in this way would they be able to weaken the threat posed by their enemies to the greatest extent. 


After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi awoke from his deep contemplation and deducing, and he took a deep breath and didn’t hesitate in the slightest to make his Divine Sense seem like strands of tiny and swift tentacles that enveloped every single inch of his body.


A strand of True Essence surged out from within his body, and it was drawn over by Chen Xi and condensed into the shape of the tip of a brush before he started drawing and inscribing on a part of his meridians.

His meridians had been nourished by the Immortal Energy emitted by the Dark Parasol sapling to the point of being extremely tough and tensile, and it was comparable to a magic treasure. So it was obviously countless times more difficult to inscribe talisman markings on it.

This wasn’t like drawing talisman markings on talisman paper, and it was even more alike to carving on hard rock with an iron awl. Every single stroke and line required him spending an enormous amount of strength.

Moreover, his meridians were too fine, so it was much more difficult to inscribe numerous dense and profound talisman markings on it. Once the slightest mistake was to appear, then not only would all his previous work be in vain, it would even harm his meridians, and the consequences were unimaginable.

But Chen Xi had already mentally prepared himself for all this, so he didn’t feel nervous.

Presently, his entire mind was converged onto his meridians, causing his mind to be empty as if he’d returned to those years of his youth where he crafted and sole talismans, and he carried a concentrated expression while being completely oblivious to himself.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

His tough and tensile meridians trembled while numerous profound marks that were filled with True Essence wriggled like worms on its surface, and then formed into numerous patterns that were complicated like the milky way.

These patterns contained metal, wood, fire, water, earth, and it contained all the various Grand Dao profundities that Chen Xi had comprehended and grasped.


Chen Xi’s True Essence brush tip paused momentarily before placing a heavy final stroke, and it was like signature of an artist after completing a work of art. These patterns that were fine like petals converged with each other and shrunk before finally constructing an extremely ancient and profound pattern!

This pattern converged the quintessence energies of various Grand Daos, and they circulated with each other to form a vortex that seemed like an enormous blackhole that could be found in the depths of the universe. At the instant it condensed into form, it actually emitted a strand of shocking energy of devour!

Chen Xi’s face eased up as he revealed a satisfied expression. But in next to no time, he concentrated once more and abandoned all distracting thoughts before starting to inscribe once more on this meridian.

This was merely the first talisman marking, and what he intended to do was cover all the meridians, aperture, bones, and even internal organs within his body with these talisman markings. Then, he would use this as the foundation to converge the energy within his body and re-open a world within his Dantian and re-construct a new Blackhole World!

He inscribed one by one and rested when he was tired, and then started inscribing once more after he recovered. Along with the ceaseless inscribing, his technique became even more skilled while his understand of the Dao of Talismans gradually deepened, causing the speed he inscribed at to grow faster and faster.

Just like this, day after day passed, and before long, a month had passed.

During this period of time, he’d finally finished inscribing the numerous dense and profound talisman markings on his meridians, apertures, and internal organs. They were like a multitude of gorgeous flowers that bloomed on every inch of his body, and they were suffused with a mysterious and deep sheen that was illusory and misty.

Chen Xi was faintly able to sense the unique sense of cooperation between these talisman markings. The metal, wood, fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, star…all these profundities were condensed with the structure of the Devour Dao Insight, causing various profound comprehensions to flow through his heart like a stream.

He was suddenly enlightened.

In practically an instant, countless extremely profound and complicated traces of the Grand Dao gushed into his mind. These Grand Dao traces numbered in the millions, and they responded to each other, coiled together, joined together, and finally condensed into five mysterious and extremely vast patterns. 

Every single pattern was dense and complicated to the limit like an ocean of talisman markings, and the talisman markings within it couldn’t be counted.

Moreover, these five mysterious patterns were surprisingly the Azurewood Divine Talisman, the Whitemetal Divine Talisman, the Crimsonfire Divine Talisman, the Blackwater Divine Talisman, and the Yellowearth Divine Talisman!

I finally understand, the five elements circulate and form the myriad of things in the world, they’re the quintessence that constructs the world, whereas if I want to reconstruct my Blackhole World, why can’t I use the five great Divine Talismans as the foundation? In merely an instant, Chen Xi felt as if he’d been suddenly enlightened while his thoughts became clear, and an unprecedentedly bold thought appeared in his mind.

As soon as this thought appeared, it caused him to have a strong impulse in his heart, and he wished for nothing more than to begin now.

He really didn’t hesitate this time nor did he ponder about it repeatedly, and he followed along with this impulse.

Because since the moment he started inscribing talisman markings on his meridians, this was already destined to be an unprecedentedly risky action, and there was rarely anyone since the ancient times that had done this, causing him to have no experience to follow nor have any senior to guide him. He could only rely on himself to find the correct method and complete it.

Since it was like that, then why restrain himself? Acting boldly with confidence was sufficient! 


In the next moment, the Immortal Energy that sprayed out from the Dark Parasol sapling within his empty Dantian transformed into an expanse of surging True Essence streams that started to swiftly interweave and condense together according to Chen Xi’s guidance…

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