Chapter 697 – Annihilating The Entire Camp

This was a flat gravel area that neighbored the bank of the River of Hell, and at the center of the area was a campsite. Numerous teams of Xeno-race experts with slender figures and snow white wings on their backs were patrolling the surroundings.

A wave of bustling and clamorous noise frequently sounded out from the tent at the center of the campsite.

“Dammit! All of these native women of the three dimensions had rough skin, and it causes me to lose the desire to vent.”

“Haha, don’t think too much. This place is the Ninth Hell, and I heard it was abandoned by the three dimensions innumerable years ago. How could the women here compare to the three dimensions?”

“It’s indeed so. I once heard from my ancestor that the women of the three dimensions flicker with the glow of spirit energy and were skilled in preserving their beauty. Their skin was extremely tender while their appearances were beyond charming. We’ll be able to experience it once our army invades the three dimensions.”

“Experience? Haha! It looks to me that you want to swallow their essence, right!?”

“Then what about these prisoners? Kill them?” 

“Kill them!”

After that, a wave of miserable shrill cries sounded out while accompanied by wild roars of laughter. It spread throughout the entire campsite, causing this place to seem as if it was infested with devils and ghosts, and it was ghastly and terrifying.

When the guards around the campsite hear this wave of shrill cries, all of them laughed without end because this wasn’t the first batch of Ninth Hell tribe women they’d killed, so they’d already become accustomed to this scene. 


“Bastard! I’ll kill all of these animals!” Extremely far away from the campsite, Mo Ya’s eyes were on the verge of spraying flames, and she gnashed her teeth to the point they almost shattered.

Even though she was unable to see the scene that occurred in the distant, she knew just from hearing the clamorous noise and shrill cries that drifted over from the distance that some women from her clan had been tortured and killed!

“Mo Ya! If you want to annihilate them without leaving a single soul alive, then you better calm down!” Meng Wei reminded in a low voice. His expression was similarly gloomy to the extreme, and he felt extreme grief and indignation as well.

But he was similarly aware that this was a sneak attack. Once he lost control from rage, it might alarm the enemy and cause numerous unpredictable troubles.

So he forcefully endured the seething killing intent in his heart and waited silently.

Chen Xi felt extremely uncomfortable as well. His Divine Sense was sufficient to envelop an area of a few tens of thousands of kilometers. He seen everything that had occurred in the campsite with extreme clarity, and the wild laughter of the Xeno-race experts, their brutal and bloody methods, and the miserable and despaired voices emitted by those women before their deaths caused the flames of rage in his heart to burn.

He finally understood why both the Immortal Sects and Devil Sects would reveal deep-rooted hatred when the word Xeno-race was mentioned.

The scene before his eyes was a perfect example.

This sort of hatred was born between the Xeno-race and three dimensions, and it was closely related with countless living beings. It had continued on for countless years from the primeval times until now, and it was irreconcilable and utterly impossible for compromise to be established.

There was only a single method that was capable of eliminating this sort of hatred, and it was to annihilate the other party!

Not long after, the Xeno-race in the distant campsite started to withdraw their patrolling teams into the campsite to start cultivating and replenishing their strength.

Due to the spirit energy in the Ninth Hell being dried up, even Earthly Immortal Realm experts had to rely on spirit pills to replenish their strength, and it was the same for these Xeno-race experts.

“Attack!” A low and murderous voice lightly escaped Chen Xi’s mouth. In the next moment, the three of them had already transformed into shadows that flashed swiftly towards the campsite. 


“It’s truly a desolate place, and we even have to rely on cultivating to replenish our strengths every single day. This is truly detestable.” A Wing World expert sat in the campsite and was slightly bored.

The Ninth Hell was too desolate and didn’t have any place for them to amuse themselves. Women? Wine? There was nothing! This caused him to be extremely bored and wish for nothing more than to leave this damnable place that was deathly still as soon as possible.

“Alas, I wonder when we’ll be able to enter the three dimensions and play with the women there…” He couldn’t help but sigh and subconsciously licked his lips.

Suddenly, a hand stretched out from behind him without the slightest sigh and covered his mouth. Before he could react, his mind droned as if it was struck by a sledgehammer, and his soul was instantly shattered.

The 16th.

A tall figure walked out from the shadows and instantly flashed towards the distance before vanishing.


At the other side, Meng Wei’s hands that were thick like cattail leaf fans twisted fiercely and twisted off the head of an enemy, causing a light sound of bones shattering to resound out from the enemy’s neck.

Compared to Meng Wei’s direct and resolute methods, Mo Ya was obviously much more ruthless. She first shattered the soul of her enemy with her Shaman Energy before slashing repeatedly with her dagger. She even sliced the corpses of her enemies into strips before gathering them all with the intention of feeding them to bone hawks after they left the campsite.

But the moves both of them utilized were the same. There weren’t any dazzling glows, sounds that shook the heavens and the earth, or complicated techniques. Their movements were always simple, and it was simply to the point of being terrifying.

Even Chen Xi couldn’t help but exclaim with surprise in his heart. He never expected that the technique of slaughter possessed by these two people would actually have attained such an extent, and it even allowed him to obtain great gains.

Watching them slaughter wouldn’t cause one to have a breathtaking feeling of beauty, and it would only cause one’s heart to sink down ceaselessly and feel helpless and despair.

Chen Xi had experienced countless battles. There were some that were despicable and sinister, some that were dazzling and gorgeous, some that were mad and bloody. But he’d never seen such simple and terrifying slaughter like what he saw from Meng Wei and Mo Ya.

From the beginning until the end, both of them didn’t reveal the slightest expression, and they seemed like emotionless puppets that were silently reaping the lives of their enemies!

No one within the campsite noticed their clansmen were dying successively, and all the slaughter was being carried out in silence.

There was a total of 300 plus people within this campsite, and only the Violet Crystal Rank expert amongst them was worthy of being paid attention to. The other Gold Rank, Silver Rank, and Bronze Rank experts were nothing worth mentioning.

If it wasn’t for the sake of silently annihilating all of them without allowing a single soul to survive, merely Meng Wei himself would be sufficient to sweep through most of the experts here.

Even though Chen Xi had completely lost his qi refinement cultivation while his body refinement cultivation had only recovered to around the Golden Core Realm, his Divine Sense was formidable and was comparable to an Earthly Immortal Realm expert. So long as he didn’t go against Xeno-race experts at the Violet Crystal Rank and Gold Rank, killing the others was as easy as flipping his palm.

Just like this, they were like three ghosts from hell that silently reaped the lives of all, and they caused took away the lives of their enemies while their enemies were caught off guard.

Gradually, the slaughter started to draw close to the center of the campsite.

The group of Xeno-race experts finally noticed something was off when their companions in the surroundings had vanished by more than half.

“Watch out! There’s an ambush!”

A Wing World expert’s voice hadn’t finished resounding out when it stopped abruptly.

All the clamorous noise in the campsite had vanished instantly, and it became deathly silent. Even the air seemed to have been frozen, and there wasn’t even the slightest sound of the wind. Only the smell of blood assaulted the nose, and it had effused out since an unknown moment in time.


The tent at the center of the campsite was suddenly lifted up before a tall young man in a silver robe walked out from within. His gaze was like bolts of lightning, and his imposing aura was peerlessly ferocious like a dragon.

Obviously, he was the leader of this team, the Violet Crystal Rank expert from the Wing World.

Behind him were another ten Wing World experts. All of them had deep auras, eyes that were suffused with bright lights, and all of them weren’t inferior to Rebirth Realm cultivations. They were undoubtedly the 10 Gold Rank experts of the Wing World.

“They’re all dead.” The tall young man swept the surroundings with his gaze, yet his expression was still composed. But the temperature in his eyes had instantly became icy cold to the extreme, and it emitted dense killing intent.

“Who is it?! Get the fuck out here!” He stretched out his hand before slapping out an expanse of silver radiance that was like the milky way descending from the nine heavens, and the entire campsite was blasted apart, causing dust and dirt to flutter about in the air.

Beng! Beng! Beng!

Amidst this area that was suffused with dust and dirt, numerous sharp and rapid howls tore through the sky and resounded out abruptly, and they caused one’s soul to shake and vital blood to roil.

They were numerous piercingly cold light arrows that were coiled with dazzling Shaman Energy, and they were like numerous shooting stars that had descended from outer space and directly tore space apart to arrive with a speed that caused one to feel despair.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A string of explosions resounded out. Six Gold Rank experts were caught off guard and were blasted apart by the terrifying light arrows, causing blood and flesh to spray throughout the sky.

The remaining four Gold Rank experts dodged to the side, yet before they could make any reaction, they felt their souls’ drone before they felt as if they were struck by lightning. Their vision went black while they saw stars, and their movements couldn’t help but become slightly sluggish.

It was precisely this slight sluggishness that seized their lives, and they were blasted apart into clouds of rain of blood and shattered flesh.

“You’re courting death!” The tall young man roared furiously with a livid expression. At this moment, he’d already seen the appearance of the enemies that had invaded the camp clearly. There were actually only three people, and he recognized a man and a woman amongst them. The man and woman were the important targets for them to stop and kill because they were the Ninth Hell tribe’s Chieftain Meng Wei and Mo Ya.

The other young man had an extremely unfamiliar appearance to him, and he didn’t remember such a person. But he could be sure that this young man was absolutely not a clansman of the Ninth Hell tribe.

However, at this moment, he couldn’t be bothered to think about all this. His clansmen had actually been completely annihilated and only he remained. Besides causing him to be shocked and furious, he couldn’t help but feel a wisp of deep coldness in his heart.

According to the intelligence he obtained, both Meng Wei and Mo Ya were at only at the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm, so not to mention being a match for him, even those 10 Gold Rank subordinates of his would be sufficient to annihilate Meng Wei and Mo Ya.

Yet now, they’d actually killed his 10 subordinates so easily, so how could he not be surprised?


Didn’t the intelligence say that the two of them would be utterly incapable of breaking through to the Nether Transformation Realm in a short period of time? Why have both of them broken through and killed their way to stand before me?

Could it be…that it’s because of that unfamiliar young man?

The tall young man’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he was surprised and bewildered in his heart.


In the next moment, the wings behind his back flapped and flowed with boundless silver brilliance that covered the heavens and the earth, whereas he himself transformed into a wisp of silver light that retreated explosively.

He knew extremely clearly that it was impossible to turn today’s situation around, and he had to ask for support.


A wisp of coldness arose on the corners of Meng Wei’s mouth, and then he drew his bow. The entire bow surged with an ancient Shaman Energy that caused one’s heart to palpitate while the sounds of primeval Fiendgods shouting could be faintly heard from within it, and it shook the heavens and the earth and seemed to be extremely tremendous and murderous.


A 30m long light arrow that seemed like a ray of light penetrated through the sky.

The tall young man that was a few thousands of kilometers in the distance practically had no ability to dodge at all before his entire body was blasted apart by this arrow and transformed into a rain of light, and he vanished completely without a trace.

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