Chapter 696 – Enlightened

Mo Ya had obviously killed countless Xeno-race experts all along the way, causing her to be exceedingly experienced and resolute in action. Under the bloody and oppressive pressure she emitted, this expert from the Wing World caved in next to no time.

It turned out that there were an entire 36 batches of Xeno-race teams trying to stop and kill the Ninth Hell tribe. Every single batch consisted of around 300 people, and they were respectively from different worlds from outside the three dimensions.

For example, the Xeno-race expert before them was from the Wing World.

These 36 batches of Xeno-race teams had a Violet Crystal Rank Xeno-race expert as their leader, 10 Gold Rank experts, 100 Silver Rank experts, and 200 Bronze Rank experts.

If they were summed up together, the Xeno-race had actually invested an entire 10,000 plus people to stop and kill the Ninth Hell tribe, and amongst them were 36 Violet Crystal Rank experts, 360 Gold Rank experts, and an even more terrifying number of Bronze and Silver Rank experts.

On the other hand, the Ninth Hell tribe only possessed a little over 100 clansmen, and 90% of those were youths and young children. When both these forces were compared, there was an extremely great disparity just in terms of number, and it was like the difference between the heavens and the earth.

Not to mention there were so many experts within their forces.

The reason these Xeno-race experts were madly trying to kill the Ninth Hell tribe was merely so that the news of what happened here wouldn’t be leaked!

The reason was extremely simple. Even if the Ninth Hell was abandoned by the three dimensions and the Heaven Dao since a long time ago, it was still situated within the three dimensions now, and it was only separated from the outside world.  

On the other hand, these Xeno-race experts had taken the Ninth Hell to be a gangplank, a campsite for them to enter the three dimensions because only here would their identities not be noticed by the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the three dimensions, and it could be said to be extremely safe.

Moreover, they were only the vanguard team for entering the Ninth Hell, and there would be countless Xeno-race experts surging into the Ninth Hell over a very long period of time in the future.

Their goal was similarly simple as well, it was to seize the opportunity of the three dimensions being in an upheaval to invade the three dimensions in one go!

All along the way, Meng Wei and Mo Ya had killed countless Xeno-race experts, and they knew about this long ago. So they didn’t panic upon hearing this news and seemed to be extremely composed.

But Chen Xi’s heart shook instead, and a wisp of coldness couldn’t help but arise in his heart.

He was originally feeling it was fortunate that even though the three dimensions were about to undergo an upheaval, only a mere few Xeno-race experts would be able to enter the three dimensions and cause calamity. After all, the three dimensions formed a system of its own and possessed an exceedingly solid dimensional wall. Moreover, it was covered the energy of the Laws of the Heaven Dao, and it would directly annihilate any heretics that were harmful to the three dimensions.

But now it would seem like there had obviously been changes in the situation, and it had become severe. Those Xeno-race experts had actually opened up a door to the Ninth Hell, and they were able to surge endlessly into this place!

In other words, so long as they occupied this Ninth Hell, then the dimensional walls that guarded the three dimensions would have lost its deterrent force, and it would be as if it was nonexistent, allowing the Xeno-race to attack and retreat as they pleased.

Most worrisome to Chen Xi was the three dimensions would surely undergo an upheaval within a thousand years. This was an exceedingly irrefutable fact, and it was only a matter of time. 

If those Xeno-race experts were to occupy the Ninth Hell and seize the opportunity of the chaos from the upheaval to swarm into the three dimensions, then it would undoubtedly be a successive calamity, and the consequences were unimaginable.

No wonder they would send out so many teams to stop and kill the Ninth Hell tribe. If news of what happened here was leaked to the three dimensions, then all their expectations would come to naught. 

When he thought everything through clearly, an urgent feeling suddenly gushed out into Chen Xi’s heart, and he wished for nothing more than to immediately charge into the three dimensions and notify the world of this matter, so that the world be vigilant, converge its strength, and eliminate this cancer!

But after that, Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. The three dimensions was enormous, so how many people could he alone rouse? Not to mention even if he did speak of it, the others had to believe him, right?

Forget it, I’ll just try my best and work hard to do everything. As for what happens in the future, I can only let fate decide… Chen Xi sighed deeply as he shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

“Chen Xi, is there anything else you want to ask?” The nearby Mo Ya held the bloodied dagger in her hand while staring at the Xeno-race expert, and she asked with a murderous look on her face.

“Wait a moment.” Chen Xi thought for a moment, and then his Divine Sense suddenly stretched out and entered into the Xeno-race expert’s body before carefully searching it. He was extremely curious about exactly what sort of cultivation technique the Xeno-race cultivated.

After all, he’d seen the cultivation techniques Xuan Kui and Xuan Chen executed in the Door of Profundity, and it was entirely different when compared to any Dao Art and Divine Ability that was circulated in the three dimensions, yet it just happened to possess shocking might and was exceedingly formidable. If he was able to find the source of their strength, then perhaps he would be able to deal with them more efficiently.

His Divine Sense that was fine like flowing threads interweaved into an enormous net that instantly covered every single inch of space within the Xeno-race expert, and it was like the countless tentacles stretched out by an octopus, causing everything to appear down to the slightest detail within Chen Xi’s mind.

Hmm? Chen Xi’s eyes squinted and erupted with a strand of cold light. He noticed to his surprise that every single inch of veins, apertures, internal organs, bones, and so on and so forth within this Wing World expert’s body were covered in countless strange talisman markings that were fine like worms!

It felt as if the Wing World expert before him was a talisman, and the veins, apertures, internal organs, and bones were the numerous profound markings and lines that were drawn on the talisman.

Moreover, these lines and markings were similarly formed from even more fine and profound talisman markings, causing it to form a marvelous effect that was akin to a formation.

Besides that, a dazzling ball of light floated at the position of this Xeno-race expert’s Dantian, and it was like the golden core of a cultivator. But the difference was that this ball of light was actually formed from a complete symbol!

This symbol was obscure and strange, and it was different from any talisman marking Chen Xi had seen in the past. However, it emitted a shocking aura, and extremely exuberant and surging vitality.

Without a shred of doubt, this ball of light formed from a symbol was surely where the cultivation of this Wing World expert resided!

Talisman markings? It’s actually talisman markings… A flash of inspiration appeared in Chen Xi’s mind, and he seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning, causing him to fall into a state of deep contemplation and silence.

Mo Ya and Meng Wei glanced at each other and felt something was strange about Chen Xi, but they didn’t make a sound and disturb him.

They’d discerned that Chen Xi was in a state akin to sudden comprehension, and once he was disturbed, it might cause irrecoverable losses to him.

Haha! I understand now! Everything in this world, from the grass, trees, stars, sun, moon, the cycle of the tide, everything contains the Striations of the Grand Dao, whereas as living beings of the world, don’t humans possess such striations as well?

These veins, skin, bones, internal organs… Everything is a precious treasure bestowed by the heavens, the source of all profundities. If I observe them with the Dao of Talismans, then aren’t all of these the marks of talisman markings?

If I infer based on this, then I only have to utilize the Dao of Talismans to produce change, True Essence as ink, my Dantian as talisman paper, and my cultivation technique as the tip of my brush, and I’ll surely be able to reconstruct and draw a Blackhole World in my body!

After a long time, Chen Xi finally returned to his sense, and his eyes were bright like stars. He emitted an indescribable bearing while his entire body seemed to glow.

While he was observing the profundities within the expert from the Wing World, he’d experienced a sudden flash of inspiration and comprehended a path to reconstruct his Blackhole World. So the knot in his heart that had been pent-up within his all this time had finally been opened, causing his thoughts to become clear as he attained enlightenment, and he was overjoyed.

“Brother Chen Xi, congratulations.” Meng Wei smiled as he cupped his fists.

“I obtained slight comprehension and resolved a knot in my heart. Now that I speak of it, I have to thank Big Brother Meng Wei. If it wasn’t for you capturing this Wing World expert back, how could I have possible grasped this trace of opportunity?” Chen Xi cupped his hands as well.

“Haha! This is fate! It’s yours if it’s yours, and it can’t escape, whereas if it isn’t yours, then even if you strive for it desperately, it would be for naught in the end.” Meng Wei roared with laughter.

“Fate is too elusive like fortune and karmic luck, and it’s hard to grasp. All I know is the pleasant surprise Big Brother Meng Wei gave me is real, so this favor can only be attributed to you,” said Chen Xi with a smile.

Meng Wei was stunned, and then he roared with laughter. “Right, fate is like our future, and it’s filled with the unknown. We cultivators should naturally compete with the Heaven Dao, and perhaps only in this way would we be able to seize a chance to live eternally with the ages.”

Chen Xi deeply agreed as well. Cultivators sought immortality and the Dao, they competed with the heavens, the earth, men, and the Grand Dao. Only by competing would one be able to possess the slightest chance to attain the Grand Dao, and if one didn’t compete, then one would transform into dirt in the ground sooner or later.

“Alright, alright, is flattering each other enjoyable?” Mo Ya couldn’t help but roll her eyes as she was slightly unable to continue watching.

Chen Xi and Meng Wei glanced at each other and smiled.


On the other side, Mo Ya’s dagger descended, and she sliced off a bloody head.



“These two Wing World experts were probably scouts. Now that they’ve died, it would surely draw the attention of the enemy.” Chen Xi said calmly, “I suggest we take the initiative to attack and annihilate their camp.”

“Annihilate?” Meng Wei was stunned. “Even if the enemy is only one of the 36 batches of Xeno-race experts, it’s still a power of no less than 300 people, and there’s even a Violet Crystal Rank expert there. If any one of them were to escape, it would probably draw the attention of the other enemies.”

Chen Xi smiled lightly as he said, “Big Brother Meng Wei, there’s no need to worry. It’s merely a Violet Crystal Rank expert. Just you, Mo Ya, and me will be enough.”

He knew the differentiation of strength amongst Xeno-race experts clearly now. They similarly possessed a complete system that were respectively The Blackiron Rank, Bronze Rank, Silver Rank, Gold Rank, Violet Crystal Rank, General Rank, and Marquis Rank.

They roughly corresponded to the Violet Palace, Golden Hall, Golden Core, Rebirth, Nether Transformation, Earthly Immortal, and Heavenly Immortal Realms.

A Violet Crystal Rank expert was only equivalent to a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator.

Besides that, the mysterious white haired figure he’d seen in the Door of Profundity was a peerless expert that surpassed the Marquis Rank, and he was called a Xeno-race Saint Emperor. If he was placed in the three dimensions, he was a terrifying existence even more formidable than a Heavenly Immortal!

Meng Wei was stunned, and he couldn’t help but ask. “With just the three of us?”

Chen Xi said with a smile, “Big Brother Meng Wei, both you and Mo Ya are Nether Transformation Realm experts. Could it be that a camp of merely 300 people can cause trouble for the two of you?” Chen Xi paused for a moment and continued. “Not to mention we aren’t going against them head on. We just have to seize the opportunity to launch a sneak attack, and so long as we cooperate well, annihilating them would be as easy as flipping your hand!”

“Sneak attack?” Meng Wei’s eyes lit up.

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