Chapter 695 – The Writing Of Fiendgods

A sweet fragrance suffused the campsite. 

The tender and smooth texture of the black scaled fish meat coupled with various precious spirit medicines caused it to be extremely tasty, and not only had this mixture not spoiled its taste, it even caused it to have a special and wonderful taste.

When it entered the mouth, the flesh that was white like snow seemed to explode like bubbles as various wonderful tastes gushed onto one’s taste buds before transforming into strands of warm flows that surged throughout the body, and it caused every single pore on one’s body to feel an unprecedented feeling of enjoyment.

No matter if it was those youths or guards, everyone in the campsite started eating with all their might They seemed like hungry ghosts that had been reincarnated as they ate voraciously, and their faces were covered in expressions of satisfaction.

It’s too tasty!

They simply didn’t dare believe that such tasty food actually existed in the world.

The jade white and tasty fish meat, the thick and rich meat soup, and the brightly colored spirit medicines were all so wonderful and exceedingly tasty. Moreover, there was copious amounts of spirit energy within it, and they practically didn’t have to refine the spirit energy before it transformed into a warm flow that surged throughout their body and their own purest energy. 

This caused them to exclaim with even more admiration, and they deeply realized how extraordinary Chen Xi’s cooking was.

In next to no time, those youths were unable to eat any more. Their entire bodies flickered with spirit energy while their faces were rosy, and they started roaring without end and were even unable to refrain from running madly within the campsite.

Chen Xi hurriedly asked them to sit down cross-legged and cultivate. They’d consumed too much and the medicinal strength within the food was roiling and seething within their bodies because their bodies didn’t have sufficient time to absorb it yet. So if they still didn’t refine it themselves, the medicinal strength would be wasted for nothing.

Not long after, Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and the others were unable to endure it any longer, and they sat down cross-legged before circulating their cultivation techniques with all their might while refining the tremendous medicinal strength.


A wave of strange fluctuations arose as Xiao Yan’s entire body trembled, and her body refinement cultivation that she’d just come into contact with for less than a day had repeatedly increased explosively to advancing into the Congenital Realm in one go!

But Chen Xi wasn’t surprised. Xiao Yan possessed an extremely shocking natural endowment and natural talent. Coupled with the exceedingly solid foundation that had been established since she was small and the food he’d cooked, being able to attain such accomplishments was success that came with the right conditions.

Before long, all the youths and young children broke through, and for a time, the air above the entire campsite shook and droned while vital energy shot into the sky, causing it to be a rather magnificent scene.

“I’ve broken through! I’ve sought bitterly for it for almost ten years, and I’ve actually advanced into the Nether Transformation Realm in one go now! Hahaha!” Suddenly, Meng Wei roared with laughter, and his elated voice was like the roar of a dragon that shook the surroundings.


His voice hadn’t finished resounding out in the air when the space around Mo Ya suddenly started shaking violently, and a shocking airflow rumbled out towards the surroundings while her aura became countless times more formidable than before.

“Dammit! I’m a step slower than you once again!” Mo Ya opened her eyes and glared angrily at Meng Wei before laughing, and her beautiful face was like a blooming flower that was dazzling and resplendent. Obviously, she was exceedingly pleasantly surprised from being able to advance as well.

At this moment, Chen Xi was slightly astonished. After all, the medicinal strength contained within the meat soup was targeted towards tempering the bodies of the youths, and its greatest effect was towards consolidating one’s foundation.

But Mo Ya and Meng Wei were actually able to utilize this to break through and advance to the Nether Transformation Realm in body refinement in one go, and even Chen Xi felt that this was slightly unbelievable.

After all, he’d already found out earlier that because the spirit energy in the Ninth Hell had dried up, the clansmen of the Ninth Hell tribe were all body refiners. They trudged the path of attaining divinity through the body, and they relied on tempering their bodies to improve their strengths.

But all their cultivations weren’t high. The reason was that even though they were of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement, once one attains a certain level in body refinement, one would need to rely on the Dao Insights one had grasped to break through to an even higher realm.

He clearly remembered that Meng Wei and Mo Ya hadn’t comprehended any Dao Insight until now, yet they were actually able to break through to the Nether Transformation Realm. Then there was only a single reason for this, and that was their body had already been tempered to an extremely heaven defying extent!

The meaning of attaining divinity through the body was to not rely on any external forces. During the primeval times, the true Fiendgod Clan disdained to comprehend and grasp Grand Dao profundities because what they were doing was defying the heavens and breaking through the shackles of the Heaven Dao with the intention of being supreme above the Grand Dao!

That was the most ancient path of body refinement, and it was similarly the most difficult and obscure path. After experiencing the passage of countless years, this sort of path of body refinement had already been abandoned a long time ago and was obliterated in history, and it was replaced by a variety of body refinement cultivation techniques. Presently, even if it was in the entire three dimensions, it was impossible to find any body refiner that walked on this path.

Now Chen Xi had a strong feeling that Meng Wei and Mo Ya were walking on this exceedingly ancient path of body refinement. Similarly, this was the purest School of Fiendgod Body Refinement!

A strong impulse suddenly surged into his heart, and he wanted to see their body refinement technique because even if his body refinement cultivation were to recover, it would be stuck at the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm. Even though it would only be a step away from the Nether Transformation Realm, it was so far like the gap between heaven and man.

If he was able to obtain some experience from Meng Wei and the others, then it would surely be greatly beneficial towards his advancement!

Chen Xi hesitated for a moment yet was unable to restrain his curiosity in the end, and he told Meng Wei of his thoughts.

“You want to draw experience from my body refinement technique?” Meng Wei was stunned, and then he laughed generously. “Of course. I almost thought the body refinement technique of our Ninth Hell tribe had already fallen behind by countless of years and become an ancient thing that no one is interested in.”

Chen Xi said with a serious expression, “All profound techniques have their own source. Aren’t body refinement techniques sourced from the primeval Fiendgod Clan? If one is able to view its essence, then it would be an exceedingly great fortune to any body refiner.”

Meng Wei restrained his smile and nodded seriously. “Brother Chen Xi, what you’ve said has hit directly at the point. Exactly, even though the times are changing and everything in the world is undergoing a tremendous change, the principle remains the same. Some ancient things are worthy to be learned and inherited.”

Subsequently, Meng Wei passed over an ancient beast skin to Chen Xi with a serious expression.

Rows of primeval text written by Fiendgods were actually recorded on the beast skin!

The numerous words were so ancient, obscure, and mysterious. They didn’t seem like words, but symbols that were branded with the profundities of the Grand Dao, and they emitted a vast and divine aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

Merely these rows of Fiendgod writing caused Chen Xi’s mind to tremble, and he sensed the purest aura of Shaman Energy that was boundlessly vast and peerlessly powerful!

At this moment, he finally dared confirm that this Ninth Hell tribe was surely made up of the descendants of primeval Fiendgods! And it was even to the extent that the Ninth Hell tribe might have come from the Fiendgod Clan that had been obliterated in the annals of history since a long time ago!

If it was really so, then it would be too shocking.

While he was in the Door of Profundity, the tiny cauldron had once said the calamity of Fiendgods that affected the three dimensions had erupted during the Primordial Era. After that vast calamity, the Fiendgod Clan was completely obliterated, and there wasn’t a single clansman of theirs that had appeared in the world after that!

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t help but exclaim with shock. He knew that if this news were to be spread to the Dark Reverie, then it would surely cause a great wave that shook the three dimensions!

Remnants of the Ninth Hell? Who would have imagined that the descendants of the Fiendgod Clan would actually be present in this Ninth Hell that has been abandoned by the Grand Dao and forgotten by the three dimensions? Chen Xi sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart.

But in the next moment, all the thoughts in his mind had vanished instantaneously, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning as it swept coldly towards the front of the campsite. Under the envelopment of his Divine Sense, there were two figures dashing towards here swiftly from a few thousand kilometers away!

Both of them had slender figures and snow white wings behind their back. There was practically no need for Chen Xi to be suspicious as he knew they were surely Xeno-race experts.

Because while he was at the Primeval Battlefield, one of the four Xeno-race experts he saw there had such an appearance. That expert was called Luo Chuan, and he was from the Wing World.

Obviously, these two were surely from the Wing World as well.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown when he thought up to here, and the vital energy in his entire body carried a murderous aura.

“Brother Chen Xi, has something happened?” Meng Wei noticed the changes in Chen Xi’s aura, and his eyes couldn’t help but narrow as he asked with a low voice.

“There are two enemies approaching swiftly.” Chen Xi spoke quickly.

The expressions of Meng Wei and the nearby Mo Ya sank when they heard this, and their eyes revealed a wisp of undisguised and deep rooted hatred while their killing intent was dense to the extreme.

“I’ll go kill them!” Meng Wei spoke coldly. At this moment, the youths within the campsite were cultivating while their cultivations were in a period of swift advancement. He didn’t wish for their enemies to attack and disturb the cultivation of the youths.

“Big Brother Meng Wei, kill one and bring another back alive,” said Chen Xi abruptly. The appearance of these two Xeno-race experts was too strange, and they’d actually arrived at the front of the group. This caused him to faintly feel that something was off.

“Alright!” Meng Wei instantly understood Chen Xi’s thoughts and nodded. He stepped on the ground with the tip of his foot, and then his entire body was like an attacking cheetah that moved with a strange rhythm and instantly vanished in the campsite.

“Don’t worry. Meng Wei and I have killed countless Xeno-race experts all along the way, and we know their strengths like the back of our hands. The enemy will absolutely be captured easily with Meng Wei making a move.” Mo Ya couldn’t help but console when she saw Chen Xi’s brows knit together tightly.

“I’m not worried about this.” Chen Xi shook his head and said after pondering for a while, “I suspect that there ought to be numerous enemies lying in ambush at the direction we are heading.”

“What?” Mo Ya’s beautiful face turned grim as she understood the severity of the situation. If it was really as Chen Xi had said, then it would absolutely be a great disaster to their entire tribe.

After all, there were too many children in the tribe that hadn’t matured into adults. If they were to really encounter a large batch of Xeno-race experts, then it was utterly impossible to take care of the safety of everyone by merely relying on their strengths.

“Let’s wait first, and we’ll make arrangements after Big Brother Meng Wei returns.” At this moment, Chen Xi had calmed down instead. Everything about the enemies was still unknown, and this wasn’t the time to get flustered.

Mo Ya nodded, and she couldn’t help but raise her eyes to size Chen Xi up while she said in her heart, “I never imagined that this fellow would be even more composed than me. Could it be that he has experienced more hardships than me?”

She knew that this sort of bearing to take a tense situation calmly was something that was utterly impossible to learn without experiencing violent storms and waves.


In the next moment, Meng Wei had already returned while carrying a fainted Xeno-race expert in his hand. From the beginning until the end, only a few tens of breaths of time had passed, and the speed he achieved all this in was astonishing.

The formidableness of Meng Wei’s strength was obvious from this, and even Chen Xi was extremely surprised in his heart.

“Now, let me ask exactly how much of the situation he knows about!”


Mo Ya pulled out a dagger before piercing it into the person’s thigh without the slightest hesitation, and it carried out a string of crimson red blood.

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