Chapter 694 – Strange Fish At The Bottom Of The River

Meng Wei had a steady, calm, and wise bearing, and there was practically nothing that could cause his feelings to fluctuate too greatly. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to assume the role of the Chieftain and deeply receive the support of everyone.

However, he’d exclaimed with shock at this moment, and it was obvious how great the shock in his heart was.

In this way, it caused Mo Ya to be even more curious towards the content of the jade slip, and she couldn’t help but size it up.

After a short moment, her eyes lit up abruptly as her red lips trembled, and she seemed to want to exclaim with shock, yet had forcefully endured it before continuing to inspect the jade slip.

After another short moment passed, her entire body trembled while her ample and alluring chest rose and fell rapidly, and it drew out a breathtaking curve that caused the eyeballs of the nearby guards to almost fall out.

Even those youths were stunned by this scene as a wisp of burning heat arose in their hearts, and then their faces flushed red as they lowered their heads without daring to look at Mo Ya’s proud figure any longer.

Gradually, Mo Ya’s breathing became rapid as her eyes grew brighter and brighter, and her entire body couldn’t be restrained from trembling. She seemed to be holding a rare and precious treasure, causing her to be excited to the point she was on the verge of losing control of her feelings.

Her beautiful jet black hair was tied into a flowing ponytail, and she possessed a gorgeous appearance and a slender and hot figure. At this moment, she was entirely unaware that her rapid and tender breathing coupled with her hot figure that was trembling slightly struck an enormous blow on these youths that were filled with vigor and vitality.

Meng Wei couldn’t continue watching, and he coughed dryly before he said, “Mo Ya, how is it?”

Mo Ya instantly returned to her senses, and then she took a deep breath before she said seriously, “It’s extremely formidable, and it’s more than 10 times more formidable than the cultivation techniques we cultivated in the past.”

Blackie and the others heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts. The display their Aunty Mo Ya put on earlier caused them to feel extremely embarrassed, but they were stunned right after that. What? It’s 10 times more formidable than the cultivation technique I cultivated in the past?

Even though they knew clearly since the beginning that the cultivation technique they obtained from Uncle Chen Xi was extremely formidable and strong, but they never imagined that it would be so shocking that even Aunty Mo Ya gave it such a high valuation.

Meng Wei sighed instead. “Unfortunately, these cultivation techniques are only suitable to be cultivated by children, and they’re extremely complete. If we cultivate it, it would only accomplish the opposite effect.”

Mo Ya’s beautiful brows frowned and she felt extremely regretful in her heart.

The guard that had kept silent all along couldn’t help but speak. “What’s so difficult about that? Wouldn’t it be fine if we go look for Brother Chen Xi and ask for a cultivation technique as well?”

Mo Ya’s eyes lit up, and then they dimmed down. “Would he…agree?”

Meng Wei shook his head and burst into laughter. “It looks to me that you’re embarrassed, right?”

Mo Ya glared her eyes wide open and glance fiercely at Meng Wei before she puckered her lips. “You speak so casually, yet aren’t you the same?”

Meng Wei was stunned, and then he suddenly saw that guard sneaking off, causing him to be unable to refrain from frowning. “What’re you doing?”

“Err, I’m going to ask Brother Chen Xi to bestow a cultivation technique to me.” The guard spoke with a distressed expression. “If I continue delaying then it would probably be cleaned off by the others.”

Meng Wei and Mo Ya were astounded. Only now did they notice that numerous people were actually surrounded around Chen Xi, and all of them were the guards of the tribe. Some were waiting anxiously while scratching their heads while some were beaming with smiles as they left, and he was extremely popular.

“He’s truly a fellow that’s impossible to see through. Exactly how many secrets do you think are concealed in his possession? Why do I feel that he seems to be capable of everything and nothing is too much for him…?” Mo Ya sighed lightly as she spoke with a faint voice. However, she didn’t get a reply after waiting for a long time, and when she turned to look, she instantly gnashed her teeth with anger. “Meng Wei, you spineless bastard!”

In the distance, Meng Wei had suddenly approached Chen Xi’s side and had a smile on his face as he talked with Chen Xi.

“Dammit! You actually left me behind…” Mo Ya stamped her feet fiercely as she muttered and walked over with a murderous look on her face.

She split the crowd apart and directly arrive by Meng Wei’s side. However, before she could even speak, the opposite Chen Xi had said with a warm smile, “Miss Mo Ya, don’t worry, I’ve already prepared a cultivation technique for you.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi passed a jade slip over. Obviously, it was just as he’d said, and he’d already prepared a suitable technique for Mo Ya to cultivate since the beginning.

Mo Ya was stunned, and she forcefully swallowed the words that were about to escape her mouth. When faced with Chen Xi’s warm and magnanimous gaze, she lowered her head and became slightly embarrassed instead.

Everyone in the surroundings were stunned. Mo Ya had always been a fiery woman that was mature, calm, and capable. Who would have imagined that she would actually reveal such a delicate and embarrassed bearing?

Mo Ya seemed to have noticed that something was off as well, and she instantly raised her head before fiercely sweeping the surroundings with her gaze until she forced them to not dare meet her gaze. Only then did she act poised and dignified as she received the jade slip. “Thank you, I’ll return this favor.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she’d already turned and left, and her ponytail swayed in a gorgeous arc.

Chen Xi was stunned and felt extremely amused in his heart because he’d clearly seen the tip of Mo Ya’s finger tremble lightly when she received the jade slip. Obviously, she wasn’t as composed as she seemed on the outside.

She’s truly a woman that wants to keep a tough outward appearance!

Chen Xi sighed as he shook his head, and he started to pass out cultivation techniques to the others. 


He knew very clearly that if he wanted to avoid the pursuit and destruction from the Xeno-race experts while allowing everyone to leave this Ninth Hell and arrive at the outside world safely, just his strength was far from enough.

Not to mention he’d lost his qi refinement cultivation now, whereas his body refinement cultivation had only recovered to around Golden Core Realm. Once he encountered some formidable figures, the consequences would be unimaginable.

So he could only utilize the various cultivation techniques in his possession to strengthen the entire tribe because once every single one of them became stronger, they would be slightly safer.

After he finished distributing the cultivation techniques, Chen Xi noticed the entire group seemed to be absent-minded. He knew their minds were immersed within the cultivation techniques they’d obtained, and he couldn’t help but feel slightly amused.

He sized up the surroundings before immediately ordering them to set up camp. Under these circumstances, it was obviously not suitable for them to continue moving forward.

“Alright, all of you set your minds at ease and cultivate. Leave the food and guarding of the campsite to me.” Chen Xi knew that wasting the time of those guards and children at this moment was simply like a type of torment to them. So he could only assume the position of mess cook and guard.

Everyone instantly beamed with joy, and they hurriedly seized every single minute to sit down cross-legged and comprehend the cultivation techniques with calmed hearts.

No one spoke another word nor was anyone idle. The entire campsite was silent as they were all immersed into their own cultivation techniques, and the yearning for strength that came from their hearts even caused Chen Xi to be rather moved.

He didn’t disturb them, but silently left the campsite to arrive at the side of the River of Hell.

The vast River of Hell’s water surged and rumbled while shocking waves swept through the sky. It was extremely dangerous to the point even ferocious and vicious bone hawks didn’t dare fly above the river as they were deeply afraid of losing their lives to its waves.

Chen Xi stood at the bank of the river while a vertical eye suddenly opened up between his brows, and it gazed towards the bottom of the river.

In next to no time, a wisp of shock suffused the corners of his mouth. This River of Hell was actually more than 300km deep, and it seemed like a bottomless abyss. Moreover, there were some auras of life that surged extremely at the bottom.

As expected. I knew that there would surely be living beings where there is water… Chen Xi muttered. As he spoke, the tremendous Divine Sense within his sea of consciousness had swiftly transformed into a large net that charged into the river.


After a short moment, the surface of the river roiled as sprayed out, and a few tens of large fishes that were 10m long, large as a mountain, and covered in ink black colored scales were captured.

These ink black scaled large fish were hideous, and their mouths were filled with snow white and sharp fangs. A swing of their tails caused a bang to resound out as space was struck to the point of trembling violently, and it vividly displayed their shocking strength.

If it was a Golden Core Realm cultivator instead, the cultivator would probably be smashed apart by the swing of its tail!

But now, as soon as these few tens of large fish were captured, their souls were shattered completely by Chen Xi’s terrifying Divine Sense, and they directly fell to the ground.

What strange and ferocious fish. Even though they’re completely devoid of spirit energy, their strength, vital blood, and vital energy is seething and enormous to the extreme. They are simply comparable to body refiners at the Rebirth Realm. Chen Xi exclaimed with shock before flicking his sleeve to put all these fish away, and then he turned around and left.

Even though these ink black scaled fish couldn’t compare to spirit medicine, their meat contained shocking vital blood and vital energy, and it possessed an immeasurable magical effect for the tempering of the body and consolidation of the Dao Foundation of those youths. 


Smoke curled up from the center of the campsite. An enormous bronze cauldron had been established here, and the milky white colored meat soup within was gurgling and bubbling while emitted a unique and sweet fragrance. It was rich and delicious to the extreme, and it caused one’s mouth to water.

Chen Xi stood before the cauldron while he placed numerous spirit medicine in from time to time. The Seven Profundity Grass that loosened up the veins, Green Poria that nurtured True Essence, Crimson Creamberry that eliminated the impurities within the body…

All these spirit materials were obtained by him during these past few years and were planted within the forest in the Four-Symbols Layer of the Buddha’s Pagoda. All of them were precious spirit medicines that consolidated the Dao Foundation.

Presently, he already had no use for these things, so it just happened that he could use them to help these youths cultivate.

In next to no time, a tempting and wonderful fragrance that assaulted the nose flowed throughout every single inch of space in the campsite, and it aroused the appetite of everyone who smelt it.

Growl! Growl!

A string of strange sounds rose and fell in the surroundings. Chen Xi turned around and saw the group of youths had opened their eyes and were staring fixedly at the delicious meat soup within the cauldron while drooling, and those strange sounds were coming from their stomachs.

“Err, aren’t all of you going to continue cultivating?” asked Chen Xi.

The group of youths revealed silly smiles as they continued to stare at the cauldron, and they seemed like numerous hungry wolves that had set their sights of their prey and it was simply even more painful than death if they didn’t get to have a bite.

Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and the other guards had surrounded him as well. On one side, they were tempted by the mouth watering fragrance, and on the other hand, they were exclaiming in admiration at Chen Xi’s culinary skill.

This cauldron of meat soup didn’t just possess color, aroma, and taste. It even flowed with rich spirit energy and medicinal strength that assaulted the nose, and it caused their entire bodies to feel comfortable and light from just a whiff of it.

Compared to this meat soup before them, they instantly felt that what they’d been eating in the past was simply utterly horrible, and it didn’t deserve to be called food at all!

“Alright, you can eat.” Chen Xi put out the fire with a swing of his sleeve, and then he took down the furnace.


His voice hadn’t finished resounding out in the air when the group of youths that had already been tortured by their hunger to the point their eyes went red had swarmed over while screaming with joy.

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