Chapter 693 – Entranced

Mo Ya was stunned as Meng Wei’s words caused the slight ill feelings towards Chen Xi in her heart to vanish without a trace.

She knew extremely clearly about how honest and kindhearted her clansmen were. Their hearts were pure like a blank sheet of paper, and they didn’t know what things such as benefit, betrayal, and fighting amongst themselves were…

But what if they entered the outside world?

Would they still be able to maintain this pure and clean heart?

Mo Ya was unable to be sure.

So Meng Wei’s words allowed her to quickly understand Chen Xi’s intentions, and she couldn’t help but arouse a slightly complicated feeling in her heart. Could it be that I’ve really misunderstood this fellow?

A wisp of confusion suffused her eyes. Actually, when she thought about it, the reason she was so hostile towards Chen Xi was completely because of herself.

She was prejudiced by her first impression and thought Chen Xi was utterly useless trash that wasted the food and medicinal materials of their clan, and it was even to the extent that she wished for nothing more than to kill Chen Xi on many occasions.

But everything that had happened during this past few days had proven that Chen Xi wasn’t just not a piece of trash, he was an extraordinary genius that was rare to come by.

Under his guidance, Xiao Yan and the other young children had comprehended Dao Insight. Under his explanation, their clansmen had obtained knowledge of a new world and a completely new cultivation system…

When she calmed down and thought about it, Mo Ya noticed to her shock that the Ninth Hell tribe she was familiar with seemed to be silently undergoing a change because of Chen Xi’s arrival, and everything seemed to be transforming towards a certain direction.

Exactly what sort of figure is this fellow!?

Mo Ya sighed lightly in her heart as the gaze she shot at Chen Xi had become much softer and brighter, and it didn’t contain the detest and hostility from before any longer.

Forget it! So long as he acts wholeheartedly for the good of the tribe, then who cares who he is?

When she thought up to here, Mo Ya let go of an enormous load on her mind, and her entire body felt relaxed. 


Chen Xi was still giving instructions.

His voice had become heavy, resounding, and revealed an awe-inspiring feeling. “Truthfully speaking, as far as I’m concerned, all of your strengths are horribly weak, and you’re even inferior to some eight or nine year old children in the Dark Reverie. It isn’t that I’m intentionally putting all of you down, but once all of you arrive at the Dark Reverie, it would be absolutely impossible to gain a foothold with your strengths.”

The gazes of the youths were gradually replaced with flames of rage as their pride had suffered an extremely heavy blow and trampling. This caused them to be furious, and all of them clenched their fists tightly while their young faces flushed red.

Very good! Chen Xi was rather satisfied because having a sense of shame was far better than being unconcerned.

It’s just like when one conducted business. After trying one’s best to cut down the price, one had to give the other party some benefits as well, because only then would one be able to improve the other party’s enthusiasm.

Chen Xi had already started giving them benefits, and he’d attained the objective of putting them down. Next, it was time to go all out.

“Let me ask all of you once again, do you want to become strong!?” Chen Xi shouted loudly.

“Yes!” The youths had practically roared this out, and they spoke resolutely.

“Good! From now onward, all of you will begin a different life, and you’ll be reborn in a short period of time. All of you don’t have to worry about the lack of food, nor do all of you have to think about the assault of enemies.” Chen Xi said word by word, “All of you only have to worry about if you’re able to satisfy me!”

All the youths revealed ruthless expression, and it was as if they were saying ‘Uncle Chen Xi, just you wait and see!’.

This was Chen Xi’s second class, organizing everyone and setting up a system of reward and punishment. At the same time, he drew out the surging aspirations in the hearts of the youths. 


After he finished teaching the class, Chen Xi called Blackie, Scarface, Baldy, Rock, Xiao Yan, and another youth called A’xiu to his tent.

Blackie, Scarface, and Baldy were the team leaders of the three teams in the Violet Lightning Camp, and they each commanded a small team of 19 people.

On the other hand, Rock, A’xiu, and Xiao Yan were the team leaders of the three teams in the Azurefrost Camp. Each of them commanded a team of nine people, whereas, Xiao Yan only had eight people in her team, and all of them were young children.

At this moment, all six of them stood nervously before Chen Xi. In their eyes, Chen Xi wasn’t that sickly fellow they were familiar with any longer, and he was an extremely dignified and impressive Chieftain, causing them to unconsciously feel a trace of reverence when standing before him.

“Execute everything all of you know, and don’t leave anything out.” Chen Xi’s order wasn’t complicated.

“Yes.” The youths acknowledged. They’d already started to slowly learn how to match Chen Xi’s rhythm, and it was extremely simple. Do whatever Chen Xi said, and it was sufficient so long as they attained the requirements and satisfied him.

They started to display their cultivation techniques and moves one by one.

Actually, the cultivation techniques they cultivated were all the same because they’d learned it from Meng Wei. But Chen Xi wasn’t looking at the moves, but the style and characteristics revealed by their moves.

Only in this way would he be able to pass down different cultivation techniques according to their characteristics. As the saying goes, teach students in accordance with their aptitude.

After all of them finished, Chen Xi closed his eyes and pondered for a moment before allowing them to leave.

On the next day, Chen Xi called the six team leaders over once more while the tribe journeyed forward, and he passed a jade slip to each of them.

Every single jade slip recorded a body refinement or qi refinement cultivation technique, and all of them were top techniques Chen Xi had prepared according to their physique, natural endowments, and battle style.

During these years, Chen Xi had killed countless enemies and was from an extraordinary power like the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, so he’d gained possession of countless techniques a long time ago.

Body refinement, qi refinement, Divine Ability, martial technique, Dao Art… He had everything one could expect to find in large quantities. He’d even directly thrown some cultivation techniques directly into the Buddha’s Pagoda upon obtaining it because he noticed they were useless to him.

Now, all of these cultivation techniques were finally useful.

Subsequently, Chen Xi guided them for some time and explained the secrets within the cultivation technique to the point all the little fellows committed them to heart before allowing all the little fellows to leave.


Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief. But he didn’t waste time, and he took the jade pot out and poured a drop of divine wine out before starting to temper his body refinement cultivation once again.

According to what the old priest said, those Xeno-race experts hadn’t given up on pursuing them. In other words, even though they were moving forward swiftly every single day, it was impossible to guarantee that they wouldn’t encounter Xeno-race enemies.

The thing that caused Chen Xi to frown the most was the old priest wasn’t sure where the exit that led to the outside world was, and the old priest only said that they would be able to arrive in the outside world by following along this dangerous River of Hell.

However, how long was the River of Hell? Where was the end of its flow?

The old priest didn’t know because this river was truly too long, and it wound through the entire Ninth Hell. Even their ancestors had never found its end.

The lurking danger, unknown future, the safety of everyone in the tribe, the recovery of his own cultivation… All of this caused Chen Xi’s nerves to be strained, and he didn’t dare continue wasting any time.



Blackie and the others returned absent-mindedly to the campsite while their minds were filled with the profound and mysterious techniques, and it drew all their attention.

This caused them to seem as if they’d been possessed. They were either frowning, muttering, or walking around. No matter if it was their actions or appearances, it revealed a slightly strange feeling.

This scene quickly drew the attention of the other youths.

“Ha! Look at Blackie, this fellow is actually scratching his feet, and he’s doing it so obliviously.”

“Heh, didn’t you see Baldy? He’s slapping his forehead over and over again. Even his head has become swollen, yet he doesn’t know pain.”

“Hey, what do all of you think happened to them? All of them are so strange. Could it be that Uncle Chen Xi executed a technique to draw out their souls?”

“Don’t talk nonsense! Uncle Chen Xi is so good to us, so how could he harm us? I’ll beat you up if you continue talking nonsense!”

“Why be so serious? I was only joking.” 

As they looked at Blackie and the other five, those youths couldn’t help but be curious and whisper in discussion.

Such a situation continued for an entire day, and only when the group set out once more did Blackie and the others finally awaken from that strange state.

All of them were filled with spirit, had bright eyes, excited expressions, and it was difficult to conceal their joy.

It’s too formidable!

If I cultivate according to this cultivation technique, then my cultivation will absolutely be able to obtain a tremendous improvement!

They exclaimed with shock in their hearts. Comprehending the cultivation technique Chen Xi passed down allowed them to have a similar feeling, and that was the technique was strong, very strong, too strong!

If it was before, could any of them have imagined that there would actually be such profound techniques in the world?

They returned to their respective teams and passed down the techniques within the jade slip to their team members without holding back in the slightest, and they even recounted all the guidance Chen Xi gave them.

Because all of them firmly remembered what Chen Xi had said. It wasn’t much if only they became strong, and only by making their own team and battle camp become strong as well would they be able to obtain the rewards he prepared!

Half a day later.

Meng Wei and Mo Ya noticed to their shock that all the youths and young children in the tribe seemed as if they were intoxicated. All of them had narrowed eyes and were either in deep contemplation or being absent-minded. Practically none of them was normal!

Even the speed of the tribe’s advancement had become much slower because of this.

“What has happened?” Mo Ya pulled a guard over and asked with a frown, and her voice already couldn’t help but carry a wisp of worry.

Earlier, she was opening up the path at the front of the group while Meng Wei stood on guard at the back of the group, so they didn’t notice all of this, causing her to think that the children had caught some sort of disease.

Meng Wei raised his eyes to look at the guard as well, and he was slightly displeased. The orderly group was in a mess right now, and he was unable to stand the sight of it.

“They’re comprehending cultivation techniques passed down to them by Chieftain Chen Xi. Based on how it looks, they seem to be exceedingly extraordinary!” The guard spoke with an envious expression.

Comprehending cultivation techniques?

Meng Wei and Mo Ya glanced at each other, and both of them were stunned. What sort of cultivation techniques would make these children become so entranced?

Both of them couldn’t endure their curiosity and called Blackie and the other five over, and they found out about everything after inquiring briefly. Moreover, even the jade slips Chen Xi had given Blackie and the others had fallen into their hands.

“Is it really so miraculous?” asked Mo Ya.

Blackie and the others nodded repeatedly, and they didn’t conceal their respect and admiration towards Chen Xi in the slightest.

“Hmph! Watch out, if you dare deceive me than I’ll beat all of you little kids!” Mo Ya glared at them before raising her hand to take a jade slip. “Let me see exactly what profundities it possesses to actually cause such a commotion…”

“Eh!?” Before she could even finish speaking, the nearby Meng Wei already seemed as if he was struck by lightning, and he cried out in shock.

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