Chapter 692 – Violet Lightning and Azurefrost

The River of Hell surged mightily and violently like a roaring black dragon, and shocking waves struck the banks, causing it to seem extremely dangerous.

The clansmen of the Ninth Hell tribe were moving along this river at this moment.

Mo Ya led three guards to open the way in the front, and they played the role of the vanguard.

Meng Wei and another five guards stayed at the back of the group instead to stay on guard against those Xeno-race enemies of theirs that might catch up to them.

Chen Xi walked at the center of the group. He noticed that once they started moving, those youths would seem as if they’d become a different person. Every 10 people formed a team and there was a total of eight teams. All of them had vigilant expressions and strong postures as they guarded the sides of the group.

Every single move they made was uniform and highly disciplined, and they seemed like an army. Even though there were only a few of them, they revealed the aura of elites who’d experienced hundreds of battles.

An army?

Chen Xi was stunned as a bold thought appeared suddenly in his mind. If I were to make those disorganized cultivators and organize them into an army, then exactly how formidable would the explosive force converged by this be?

If such an army was fully well-trained, followed orders unconditionally, and had a commander that was skilled in planning to personally direct them, their combat strength will probably become even more formidable, right?

Moreover, if this army completely consisted of sword cultivators, what extent would its offensive strength attain?

The more he thought about it, the more excited Chen Xi became, and he was slightly eager to test this sort of battle placement.

In the past, when the powers of the cultivation world went against each other, practically all of them were a scattered collision, and they were like swarm of locusts that covered the heavens and the earth as they fought in a disorderly manner. So the side with the more experts would occupy the advantageous position.

Practically no one had thought about organizing cultivators into an army, utilizing discipline to restrain them and orders to direct them, and it was to use a whole to replace individuals and undergo a new form of battle.

The thought was that the disposition of cultivators was too undisciplined as they pursued freedom and being unrestrained. So unless it was a command of their seniors in the sect, they would utterly not obey the orders of anyone.

Coupled with the higher a cultivator’s cultivation gets, the stronger the might the cultivator grasped, they were capable of plucking the moon from the sky, overturning oceans, and annihilating a city in the blink of an eye, so they utterly looked down upon a group battle method like an army.

So up until now, it was practically impossible to see an army made of cultivators in the cultivation world.

But Chen Xi didn’t think like this. In his opinion, 10 Violet Palace Realm cultivators might not be able to defeat a Golden Hall Realm cultivator. But if these 10 Violet Palace Realm cultivators were organized into a team that were provided with similar magic treasures and obtained excellent and effective training that allowed them to tacitly cooperate with each other from a distance. In this way, even if they were unable to defeat a Golden Hall Realm cultivator, it was sufficient to draw the enormous gap between them closer, and it wouldn’t be impossible for it to end in a draw!

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi was imagining how if he was able to reorganize Earthly Immortal Realm experts, or even Heavenly Immortals and gods into armies, then they would absolutely be capable of sweeping through the myriad of worlds in the universe.

Up until the moment the group set up camp, Chen Xi was still deducing all this, and he seemed as if he’d fallen into madness.

“Uncle Chen Xi, it’s time to teach us how to train.” Suddenly, the snotty kid ran over and spoke while sucking his finger.

Chen Xi instantly returned to his senses. When he raised his eyes to look over, he noticed that those young children were already waiting at the center of the campsite, and it wasn’t just them, even those youths were standing there while waiting for him to teach.

After the first lesson ended yesterday, these youths had already been subdued by Chen Xi’s deep and profound knowledge, and they stopped going against him and had started to try to accept him.

The scene before him was the best example.

These youths had travelled for an entire day, yet even though they were exhausted, they were still unable to conceal their excitement when they recalled everything from yesterday, so they charged over at the first possible moment with the intention of receiving Chen Xi’s guidance.

Chen Xi wasn’t surprised by this.

“From this lesson onward, I intend to change the method of training. It’ll be able to make all of you become even more strong in a short period of time, do you want to learn it?” Chen Xi swept all those youths with his gaze as he spoke.

“Yes!” Everyone replied in unison without the slightest hesitation.

Chen Xi nodded and started to re-organize them.

There were a total of 76 youths and 13 young children, and their cultivations weren’t uniform. The only thing they had in common was that all of them were body refiners.

Under Chen Xi’s arrangement, all these youths and young children were temporarily divided into two batches.

One batch was formed from those suitable to body refinement and occupied 60 people, and they were named the Violet Lightning Camp. All of them were youths older than 12 and below 15 years of age.

The other batch was formed from those suitable to qi refinement and occupied 29 people, and they were named the Azurefrost Camp. It consisted of those 13 young children and 16 youths around the age of 10.

Before long, Chen Xi divided the 60 youths of the Violet Lightning Camp into three small teams. Every single team consisted of 20 people and they each selected a team leader that were respectively Blackie, Scarface, and Baldy.

On the other hand, the Azurefrost Camp was similarly divided into three teams. Two teams of 10 and one team of nine.

This was the first time Chen Xi had tried to carry out this type of army organizing. It didn’t go too smoothly in the beginning, but along with the organizing of teams being carried out ceaselessly, the light in Chen Xi’s eyes grew even brighter as his actions became more systematic, causing his organization of groups to become gradually smoother. At the same time, an aura of confidence silently effused out from him.

This wasn’t a sudden impulse, because doing this would firstly be able to fully utilize the discipline these youths had formed since a long time ago, and secondly, it allowed him to teach them according to their aptitudes and allow them to bring forth their potential.

In next to no time, a messy team gradually took shape.



“What’s he doing?” Mo Ya frowned.

Originally, the lesson from yesterday had made her view of Chen Xi change greatly but seeing him not teaching properly but actually organizing teams as if he was playing a game caused her to instantly feel slight displeasure.

“Perhaps he has another objective. He’s someone from the outside world, and his knowledge is far from something we can compare to. Mo Ya, there’s no need to get too flustered, just watch silently from the side,” said Meng Wei with a smile.

“Hmph! It’s so strange. It’s truly inconceivable! I wonder if everyone in the outside world is like him.” Mo Ya puckered her lips. Even though she spoke like this, her gaze didn’t leave Chen Xi for a moment because she was similarly curious about what he would be able to achieve by doing this. 


“From today onward, I’ll pass down even more formidable cultivation techniques, martial techniques, and Divine Abilities to all of you!” Chen Xi looked at the youths and young children that stood in an orderly manner before him, and he said with a clear voice, “Do all of you want to learn?”

“Yes!” A single sentence had drawn out the yearning of these youths to become stronger.

“Alright! My requirement is extremely simple. Not only must all of you become stronger yourselves, you must even help those in your team and battle camp to become stronger! Only in this way would all of you be able to obtain all of this!” Chen Xi’s gaze was like bolts of lightning, and he held his hands behind his back while his back remained ramrod straight, causing him to carry an impressive and dignified manner. “I on the other hand will set up some rewards, and I’ll distribute the rewards to all of you based on the overall performance of your respective groups. The group with the best performance will be able to obtain an additional prize, and the group with the worst performance will suffer punishment instead!”

As he spoke, Chen Xi flicked his sleeve, causing a ray of light to flash before a large pile of spirit pills that seemed like a tiny hill appeared on the ground. These spirit pills flowed with the glow of treasures, were suffused with spirit energy, and emitted a refreshing fragrance that was intoxicating.

Medicinal pills!

These are surely the medicinal pills that Uncle Chen Xi spoke of yesterday!

Supposedly, these medicinal pills carried various exceedingly miraculous effects after they’re consumed!

The eyes of the youths were instantly stared wide open and become extremely burning while their breathing became heavy as well.

Even the distant Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and those guards that protected the surroundings of the campsite opened their eyes wide with disbelief as they looked at the scene before them.

They were too shocked!

How could they have imagined that Chen Xi actually carried so many spirit pills in his possession?

Chen Xi was extremely pleased with their reaction because one could only be persistent when one wanted something, and then he said, “All of these are merely a small portion of the rewards, and they’re far from being considered anything significant. So long as all of you put on an outstanding display, I’ll give all of you even more generous rewards!”

It’s merely a small portion?

Those that make a good display will obtain even shocking rewards?

Merely a single sentence was like a piece of bait that was impossible to refuse, and it drew out the yearning in the deepest depths of their hearts, causing the to be excited to the point their eyes glimmered with greed.

“Moreover, after a period of time, the Violet Lightning Camp and Azurefrost Camp will decide a victor amongst them. At that time, I’ll personally prepare a pleasant surprise that none of you will expect, and it will be given to the winner!” Chen Xi’s words were like a stone that caused a thousand ripples, and he made all these youths seethe with excitement. Their hot blood burned as they rubbed their palms together, and they truly wished for nothing more than to have a battle right now.

“However, I have to remind all of you that you can stop at nothing when dealing with your enemies, but you absolutely can’t do that to your companions!” Chen Xi’s expression suddenly became cold as he said with a low voice, “Remember, competition is competition, but if anyone dares to do something that’s harmful to another in secret for the sake of some rewards, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Even though he’d temporarily lost his cultivation, the impressive and dignified manner Chen Xi had tempered from the blood and flames of battles during all these years was still present, and the oppressive deterrent force in his voice was something that anyone could feel.

The youths seemed as if they were doused with cold water, and they instantly returned to their senses. 

“Uncle Chen Xi, don’t worry. We only have our clansmen in the tribe, and we’ll absolutely not do things such as fighting each other!” Stone who possessed calmness and maturity that far exceeded his age replied in a loud voice.

“Right! We’ll absolutely not fight each other!” The other youths shouted loudly as well with firm expressions that revealed stubbornness and resolution.

“Alright! Then all of you must remember what you’ve said today. Not only must all of you remember it now, but even if you enter the outside world in the future, you must firmly remember these words!” said Chen Xi.

The youths didn’t say anything further, and they puckered their lips while nodding fiercely.

In the distance, Mo Ya’s beautiful brows knit together as she spoke with displeasure. “This fellow is simply making trouble out of nothing. How could he speak like that about our clansmen? When have the members of our Ninth Hell tribe even fought each other?”

Meng Wei seemed to be lost in thought instead, and his eyes were suffused with a wisp of appreciation as he said, “Chen Xi has done well because it’s always wise to be safe. The outside world is unlike the Ninth Hell we reside in, and it’s filled with various temptations, and Chen Xi did this for the sake of those little fellows. He wants them to understand that no matter what temptation they face, the lives of their clansmen and companions are the most precious!” 

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