Chapter 691 – Passing Down The Dao

Waves of water surged above Xiao Yan and seemed like a mysterious totem that emitted a shocking aura of the Grand Dao of Water. It drew the attention of everyone within the campsite, and it seemed like a divine miracle was being born.

But in next to no time, their exclaims of admiration had transformed into deep shock!

Because right at this moment, gorgeous patterns had gushed out into appearance at almost the exact same time above the other young children. It was the pattern of surging flames, flickering golden light, overflowing green light, all of it was extremely gorgeous and revealed extraordinary scenes.

The Ninth Hell was covered in a grey and hazy sky all year round and was completely barren. It was entirely covered by grey colored stones and gravel, and its color was monotonous and dry.

Yet now, the entire surroundings of the campsite suddenly surged with a multicolored and gorgeous color. Moreover, there was a type of indescribable vitality, and it seemed as if this expanse of the heavens and the earth had become rich and colorful.

It was the auras formed from the Grand Daos of water, fire, metal, and wood. The purest quintessence energies of the heavens and the earth. At this moment, they’d descended on this wasteland that had been abandoned by the Heaven Dao, and the phenomena created by it was so grand that it caused these Ninth Hell clansmen who’d lived here for generation after generation to stare with eyes wide open and be dumbstruck.

The strong visual impact was like a tempestuous storm that struck their hearts, and they felt an unprecedented feeling of shock!

“What cultivation technique is that? It’s too magnificent!” Blackie muttered.

“I have a feeling that if I’m able to grasp that strength, then I’ll be entirely capable of killing a Black Cerberus by myself!” Scarface touched the scar on his face while his eyes narrowed before glowing with an extremely bright sheen.

“It isn’t a cultivation technique, and it’s probably an extremely miraculous and formidable energy.” Baldy licked his lips while carrying a burning gaze.

“That…is probably Dao Insight. I once heard the Lord Priest speak of it. A long time ago before our world was abandoned by the three dimensions, practically everyone in our clan was capable of grasping and comprehending Dao Insight, allowing us to command the wind and clouds, and be all powerful with unbelievable strength.” Rock who possessed composure and maturity that far exceeded his age spoke with a light voice.

Dao Insight?

The other youths revealed confused expression when they heard this. Since they were born, all of them had always been in the Ninth Hell that was abandoned by the Heaven Dao, so how could they have imagined that such a miraculous force existed in the world?

Inadvertently, a wisp of restlessness surged out from the depths of their hearts, and they slightly yearned to go comprehend that energy called Dao Insight as well. But, out of considerations for their face, not a single one of them was willing to ‘yield.’

After all, they were firm and unyielding hot blooded men of the Ninth Hell tribe. Since they’d decided they wanted to go against Chen Xi, then how could they surrender just like this?

The youths puckered their lips and remained silent while they stubbornly persisted on their dignity and unyieldingness. 


“These little fellows have become restless.” Mo Ya spoke with a light voice while a wisp of a complicated expression flashed past her eyes. She felt that if the situation continued on like this, then even if these little fellows didn’t falter in their actions, their heart would probably have been conquered by Chen Xi.

“It isn’t just them, even I’m slightly moved.” Meng Wei laughed bitterly and sighed. “That’s Dao Insight. Besides the wise men from our Ninth Hell Clan during the primeval times, who has comprehended it in such a long period of time?”

He faintly had a feeling that perhaps this little bit of ability Chen Xi revealed at this moment was nothing to Chen Xi, but to their Ninth Hell tribe, it wasn’t inferior to opening the door to a new world before their eyes, and it caused them to feel unprecedented shock and longing.

Even Meng Wei himself couldn’t help but be feel admiration and even arouse a trace of anticipation. He wanted to see what enormous changes would occur in the Ninth Hell tribe under this outsider’s leadership.

“If…” Mo Ya spoke abruptly. Her snow white teeth bit her red and moist lips lightly while she carried an indeterminate expression, and she gritted her teeth and said after a short while, “I’m saying if this fellow is able to allow all our clansmen to comprehend Dao Insight, then I’ll submit to him, acknowledge him as Chieftain, and absolutely not disobey him!”

Meng Wei laughed bitterly as he shook his head and said, “Even if it was during the primeval times, grasping Dao Insights required comprehension ability and natural talent. Isn’t your condition too harsh?”

“Harsh? Hmph! I don’t think so.” Mo Ya grunted lightly from her nostrils. Her figure was hot, slender, and graceful, and her jet black ponytail swung in an elegant arc under the light breeze, causing her to seem beautiful and charming.

Meng Wei was stunned and was about to speak when the sound of Chen Xi teaching suddenly entered his ears, causing his expression to instantly turn serious as he started to listen attentively.



Xiao Yan, the snotty kid, and the other young children had already awoken from the state of Dao comprehension, and their gazes were filled with confusion as if they’d experienced a bizarre and unreal dream.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile and struck while the iron was hot. He started to explain what Dao Insights were and how one should comprehend and grasp this sort of energy…

The comprehension ability of all these young children was extremely outstanding, but their knowledge of Dao comprehension was exceedingly deficient, and they were like blank pieces of paper. In other words, what they lacked was knowledge!

They had to obtain knowledge about this world and obtain knowledge about some basic techniques cultivators had to grasp when seeking the Heaven Dao. For example, the differentiation between the levels of martial techniques and Divine Abilities, the comprehension and utilization of Dao Insight, the difference between body refinement and qi refinement, and so on and so forth…

Simply speaking, they had to obtain knowledge about the difference between the systems of cultivation, and the various information contained within the various cultivation systems.

In the three dimensions, all this was the most basic knowledge that was practically general knowledge. Every single cultivator would know this by heart before they even started cultivating, and there was utterly no need for anyone to teach them all this.

But to these people that had been forgotten in the Ninth Hell, these things were things that they desperately needed to grasp. Otherwise, even if they were able to leave this place successfully and arrive in the outside world, they would be unable to fit in and would find it impossible to survive.

Through his observation during these past few days, Chen Xi had already deeply understood this. So he didn’t directly pass down any formidable cultivation techniques when teaching these young children, and he spoke from the most basic cultivation systems.

His voice was warm and clear, and he used terms that were clear, easy to understand, and filled with wit. He didn’t blindly imbue them with knowledge, but displayed the meaning of what he spoke of through various vivid methods.

The eyes of Xiao Yan and the other young children were wide open while they carried serious and attentive expressions, and they were fascinated by what Chen Xi spoke of.

Even those youths that lay prone outside the fence held their breaths in concentration. None of them spoke another word as all of them have given their entire attentions to what Chen Xi was speaking about, and it seemed as if a window had been opened before them, allowing them to see another world.

The miraculous Laws of the Heaven Dao existed within the perfected cultivation systems of this world, and these cultivation systems were numerous like the stars in the milky way. A perfect and precise cultivations system contained spirit medicine, pill refinement, equipment refinement, puppets, and various other knowledge.

All of this was strange and unusual, gorgeous and vast, and it caused their hearts to surge from hearing this while they pondered swiftly and almost forgot their own existence.

On the other side, Meng Wei and Mo Ya had fallen into silence as well. Chen Xi’s voice was like the sound of nature, and it plucked their heartstrings, causing them to be carried far away and be unable to restrain themselves.

At this moment, the entire campsite was so silent and only Chen Xi’s clear voice was drifting in the air. His clear and easy to understand words were like the profound tune of the Grand Dao, and it caused everyone to seem as if they were intoxicated.

This scene was as if a saint was speaking about the Dao and the gods were explaining the problems that puzzled everyone, and the atmosphere imperceptibly carried a solemn and divine feeling.

Chen Xi didn’t notice that he seemed to have become the center of attention for everyone present here. While he explained this knowledge that was the most basic, clear, and easy to understand, a different sort of feeling surged into his heart as well, causing him to be lost in thought and seem to have comprehended something.

The Grand Dao moved to simplicity, and discarding all complications was the path to the true Grand Dao. The most basic things were the foundation stones of everything, and they were like the source of the river, the source of the Grand Dao.

At this moment, as he explained these basic things, it was like him walking through the path of cultivation once more, and the bumps and winds on this road allowed him to obtain a different sort of comprehension.

Chen Xi knew very clearly that perhaps this sort of comprehension would be unable to help him recover his cultivation, but so long as he did recover his cultivation, it would surely be able to allow him to walk on an ever steadier path and go even further!

If it was said that the tribulation during the Rebirth Realm was a transformation and sublimation of the cultivation, then everything he was doing right now was like he was experiencing the cycle of life and breaking through!

When he thought all of this through, Chen Xi suddenly had an open and confident feeling in his heart, and he was filled with anticipation towards his path of cultivation in the future.



Before long, Chen Xi had stood up and stopped teaching.

Every single day, these clansmen of the Ninth Hell that had their homes destroyed and were forced to leave spent their days through long travels, and they were only able to stop moving and empty out a period of time for these young children and youths to train when they rested.

Now, it was already time to set out.

According to their usual habit, Meng Wei and Mo Ya would lead those guards and children at this moment to pack up and organize everything to prepare to leave.

However, at this moment, the entire campsite was silent. Even though Chen Xi had stopped teaching, no one had woken from their deep contemplation.

Obviously, they were all trying their best to digest all the knowledge they’d heard from Chen Xi.

A wisp of a smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth when he saw this. He knew that his first class had already served its purpose. Perhaps it wouldn’t be long before this simple and hot blooded Ninth Hell clansmen would completely accept him.

In this way, he would be able to complete what the old priest entrusted him with in a better and easier manner.

“Friend, thank you!” The central tent was opened as the aged and emaciated old priest walked out, and he knelt on the ground with a solemn and serious expression as he kowtowed with gratitude to Chen Xi.

His devoted expression and the ancient method he used caused it to seem like the method used when praying to the gods during a sacrifice. It caused Chen Xi to be shocked in his heart and be deeply moved, and it aroused a strange feeling in him.

Chen Xi walked forward and helped the old man on the ground up before he said seriously, “Don’t worry, my life was saved by the Ninth Hell tribe. So long as I’m still alive, I’ll surely not fail to live up to this kindness.”

The old priest laughed with gratification. He patted Chen Xi’s hand and didn’t say anything else.

He knew that it was already sufficient that he was able to obtain such a promise from Chen Xi, and the fate of the Ninth Hell tribe might change because of this promise! 

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