Chapter 690 – Blood Peach


The surroundings of the campsite were surrounded by row after row of beast bone fences, and there were numerous thin and small figures laying prone on the ground behind the fences. When they smelt the strands of tempting refreshing fragrance that suffused the air, these green youths that were only 11 or 12 years old couldn’t help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva as well.

In this extremely desolate Ninth Hell where even a single blade of grass didn’t grow, when had they ever seen such a spirit fruit?

Not to mention a spirit fruits, even spirit grains or spirit vegetables were something they’d never seen, and the food they’d been eating since they were young was beast milk, meat, and soup. There was practically no variety.

On the other hand, not only did the string of spirit fruits in Chen Xi’s hand have a bright red color and were enshrouded in the glow of spirit energy, they even emitted a tempting sweet fragrance. Even though they were unable to discern what those things were, all of them agreed with certainty that it would surely be tasty!

“Scarface, what does that outsider have in his hand?” A dark and honest looking youth asked. He was 11 or 12 years old, but his physique was robust to the extreme. His muscles were like pieces of steel and were filled with explosive force. 

“Oh, who knows? Alas, I really want to try it.” The youth that spoke had an extremely handsome appearance. There was a lightning bolt shaped scar on his left cheek, and not only did it not spoil his appearance, it gave him a manly and rugged charm instead.

“Why don’t we go seize it and distribute it amongst ourselves? That outsider’s figure is weak and sickly, he’s surely not a match for us.” Another bald youth suggested in a low voice.

Seize it?

The other youths were stunned, and then their eyes revealed a wisp of burning desire. Right, that outsider is so weak. We can beat him down with a single hand, and we’re entirely capable of seizing those things in his hand to distribute and eat it amongst ourselves…

“Blackie, Scarface, Baldy, shut up!” Someone reproached with a trace of icy coldness in his voice. This was a youth with an ordinary appearance that seemed firm like a rock. He possessed a heavy bearing, and a feeling of composure and maturity that didn’t belong to his age.

He swept everyone near him with his gaze before he said with a low voice, “Could it be that all of you have forgotten our plan? No matter what the outsider says, we’ll go against him at every corner. Let’s see how he assumes the position of Chieftain!”

The other youths nodded when they heard this, and a wisp of unyieldingness and hostility surged once more in their eyes as they looked at the tall figure in the campsite. Uncle Meng Wei’s authority as Chieftain was taken away all because of this outsider.

Even though they didn’t dare go against the arrangements of the Lord Priest, they intended to go against Chen Xi in secret, and make Chen Xi be helpless and unable to do anything, so that Chen Xi could only dejectedly hand over the position of Chieftain in the end! 


“Those little bastards are being too willful, I’ll go deal with them!” In the distance, Meng Wei looked at the numerous thin and small figures that were sneaking around, and he frowned without end.

“Don’t!” Mo Ya stopped him. “They aren’t unwilling to train, but only unwilling to accept Chen Xi. Let them do as they please, and we’ll just overlook it. Let’s see how that Chen Xi deals with it, because if he isn’t even able to settle this little bit then it would only prove that he’s trash!”

Her voice carried a wisp of coldness and extreme disdain.

Meng Wei went silent for a short while before nodding in the end. “Alright, if the Lord Priest wants to punish someone, then I’ll take responsibility for it.”

Mo Ya was stunned as a wisp of a complicated expression suffused her starry eyes, and then she sneered. “Don’t worry. If he can’t even deal with this little bit, then how would he explain himself to the Lord Priest? I hope he has a sense of shame and obediently withdraws after learning of the difficulties. In this way, I would look slightly highly upon him, otherwise…”

“Otherwise, you’ll direct those little fellows to continue going against Chen Xi?” Meng Wei frowned and swung his hand. “Let’s watch first.” 


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Fists whistled through the sky and caused it to tremble.

Xiao Yan and those young children were practicing their punching. Even though they were young, their movements were powerful, causing their fists to shoot out like arrows and descend like the wind, and every single move they made was fierce and swift.

Especially when Shaman Energy that seemed material surged as they swung their fists, causing their arms to seem like steel whips that lashed onto the sky and caused it to emit violent booms.

If he didn’t see it with his own two eyes, he would utterly not believe that all this was done by a group of young children below the age of ten.

Chen Xi nodded to himself at the side. He’d already discerned that all these fellows took the path of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement. Their bodies were strong, vital blood like lava, and their foundations had already been tempered to the point of being extremely solid a long time ago.

The thing that caused him to exclaim with admiration the most was that all these young children possessed extraordinary natural talent, supreme constitutions, and were good seedlings that were absolutely rare in the world.

If it was only one or two, then he might not be surprised. But practically all the young children before him possessed such shocking natural talent.

Especially Xiao Yan. She was at such a young age, but had actually attained the Violet Palace Realm in body refinement, and this astounded Chen Xi to the extreme.

But Chen Xi frowned because even though all these young children possessed such shocking natural talent, none of them had comprehended Dao Insights, causing their moves to lack a type of aura and might.


Could it be that Meng Wei didn’t guide them on how to comprehend the Heaven Dao?

Chen Xi raised his head to look at the grey and hazy sky, and then his brows raised as he instantly came to an understanding. This Ninth Hell has been abandoned by the Heaven Dao, so how could there be any Heaven Dao for these children to comprehend?

No wonder they possessed such shocking natural talent, yet none of them has comprehended Dao Insight.

In next to no time, all of these young children finished training their fist techniques. They seemed calm and composed, and there were only a few beads of sweat on their forehead, revealing their strong and exuberant bodies.

“Uncle Chen Xi…” The group of little kids looked at Chen Xi with pitiable expressions.

“Oh.” Chen Xi returned to his senses from his deep contemplation, and then he smiled before readily taking out a string of bright red Blood Peaches and gave one to every single one of them.

“Wah! It’s so sweet!”“It’s too tasty! What is this taste?”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! It’s simply a thousand times better than beast milk!”

The group of little kids raised their hands and swallowed the spirit fruits into their mouths, causing a refreshing fragrance to fill their mouths and sweep through their limbs and bones. They experienced a wonderful feeling as if their entire bodies were floating, it was like they were drunk from wine, and their tiny faces were red while they couldn’t refrain from crying out loudly.

They were already so old, yet had never eaten something so tasty.

This scene caused the group of youths outside the fence to rapidly gulp down their saliva and hate Chen Xi even more. If you’re training, then train, why take out some tasty food that make others drool!? Simply…infuriating!

“What’s that? He just casually gave the children in our clan to eat them, what if they’re poisonous?” In the distance, Mo Ya’s beautiful brows frowned as she spoke with displeasure.

“It isn’t poison, but something filled with spirit energy. Its medicinal strength is extremely strong, and I’m able to sense that the vital energy of those little fellows have instantly improved by a great deal!” Meng Wei revealed a slightly shocked expression instead as he muttered.

“Hmm?” Mo Ya was stunned before she raised her eyes to size it up carefully, and then her expression instantly turned to shock and carried slight disbelief. “He…used such a good thing. Why didn’t he consume it himself?”

“Who knows?” Meng Wei sighed with emotion, and his impression towards Chen Xi had changed greatly. “But I’m faintly able to sense that perhaps the Lord Priest favored him because of this.” 

“Hmph! I don’t believe he’s so kind. Perhaps he’s doing this intentionally to deceive us.” Mo Ya’s lips twitched, and she still wasn’t willing to believe Chen Xi had any good intentions.

Chen Xi was slightly shocked instead because the bodies of these young children was too strong. These Blood Peaches were a type of spirit fruit that replenished one’s vital energy, vital blood, and consolidated the foundation. Even if it was a Golden Core Realm expert that consumed one, the cultivator would have to hurriedly sit down cross-legged to absorb the medicinal strength because the cultivator would be worried about being unable to endure the powerful medicinal strength.

On the other hand, these little fellows before him were actually completely fine after consuming one of the Blood Peaches, and the powerful medicinal strength contained within it was even directly absorbed by their tiny bodies!

Such a constitution and body could be considered to be shocking even in the Dark Reverie.

“Uncle Chen Xi, I… I… ate too quickly and didn’t get to taste it properly. Why don’t you give me another one?” The snotty kid sucked his fingers while crying out with a pitiable expression.

“I want one as well, I want one as well.” The other young children started shouting as well.

“Alright.” Chen Xi nodded with a smile. “But all of you must listen to my orders, and I’ll only give all of you spirit fruits to eat after you train.”

“Okay!” The young children didn’t hesitate in the slightest and agreed readily.

Subsequently, Chen Xi asked all of them to sit cross-legged before circulating their cultivation techniques in meditation, whereas he utilized his Divine Sense to observe the natural endowments of these little fellows from the side.

In next to no time, he had a conclusion.

Even though these young five young children had shocking and extraordinary natural endowment, not all of them were suitable for the path of body refinement. Or perhaps it could be said that some of them would be able to better bring forth their potential on the path of qi refinement.

For example, Xiao Yan and the snotty kid were extremely suitable for qi refinement. Their veins and Dantian were superb, but unfortunately, it had been neglected until now, and it was a waste of god’s given gifts.

If he came a few years later, then this natural endowment of theirs would probably vanish along with their aging, then it would be too late and impossible to undo.

Next Chen Xi asked these young children to sit cross-legged on the ground before emptying their minds.

“Remember, use your minds to sense it, and don’t force it, what you sense is what you get.” Chen Xi instructed before sitting down opposite them, and then he took a deep breath before a mysterious and divine energy stretched out abruptly from his body to envelop these young children.

This energy came from the Door of Profundity, the divine tree that was suffused with divine radiance that he’d obtained, and it was a strand of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree’s Grand Dao quintessence.

This quintessence contained numerous Grand Dao profundities, and he wanted to utilize this quintessence energy to test exactly how good the comprehension ability of these young children towards the Grand Dao was.

The atmosphere started to quiet down. The faces of all these little fellows were so calm and tranquil, and they even revealed an indescribable look as if they were old monks that had entered into meditation.

What’re they doing?

It wasn’t just the group of youth behind the fence that were surprised and stared their eyes wide open, even Meng Wei and Mo Ya were bewildered. It didn’t seem like they were cultivating, yet if they weren’t cultivating then why did their expressions just happen to be so solemn and serious? It seemed to mysterious and they were unable to figure out what Chen Xi intended to do.


Right at this moment, a pattern of water surging suddenly appeared above Xiao Yan, and it was like a mysterious and ancient totem that emitted an extremely vast and copious profound energy.

Instantly, strands of mist arose in the surroundings of the campsite, and the air became moist and fresh.

This is?

Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and the youths behind the fence stared their eyes wide open and were exceedingly shocked, and they seemed as if they’d seen an unprecedented miracle occurring.

“Dao Insight!” Within the tent at the center, the old priest that was thin like firewood suddenly opened up his muddy eyes as he sensed the Water Dao Insight that flowed imperceptibly in the sky. His face that was covered in wrinkles couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of wild joy, and he was excited to the point the corners of his mouth started trembling slightly. 

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