Chapter 689 – Lessons

Chen Xi returned to his tent and sat cross-legged on the bed as he recalled the conversation he had with the old priest, and his expression gradually turned serious before he fell into deep thought.

According to what the old priest had said, this place was called the Ninth Hell, and it was separated from the world. It was a desolate place that had been abandoned by the Heaven Dao and forgotten by the myriad of beings in the three dimensions. 

But during the primeval times, it was surprisingly a place to pass down the Dao, and a god resided here, causing it to be a sacred place that was worshiped by all! 

That god was the ancestor of the Ninth Hell clan.

Later on, great chaos erupted in the three dimensions as 10 Xeno-race Saint Emperors led armies of Xeno-race experts to invade the three dimensions and launch an expedition against it. Blood dyed the sky red as countless saints and gods perished. In the end, the gods drove out the Xeno-race army from the three dimensions, and those Xeno-race Saint Emperors were completely suppressed.

Since then, the three dimensions fell once more into peace. But after experiencing this great calamity, this Ninth Hell that a god resided in has transformed into a wasteland that was completely desolate. Everything within it had been annihilated, and it had suffered harm that was impossible to repair.

In the end, along with the passage of time, the Ninth Hell was abandoned by the Heaven Dao and forgotten by the myriad of beings in the three dimensions, and it was unable to fit in with any world!

On the other hand, the Ninth Hell tribe had become the one and only group that lived here. It wasn’t that they weren’t willing to leave, but it was impossible to leave this place of death since they were born.

The reason was extremely simple. They’d searched for countless years yet were utterly incapable of finding the path that led to the outside world, and this sort of situation had continued for innumerable years.

Up until later on, they practically forgot the existence of the ‘outside world.’

But there was always an exception to everything. The favorable turn in this situation occurred three months ago when the ancestral grounds of the Ninth Hell tribe suddenly collapsed, and the dimensional walls were opened up.

After that, a group of Xeno-race experts with strange appearances gushed into this place. They were like devils that caused a rain of blood, and only the old priest, Meng Wei, Mo Ya, and the others from the Ninth Hell tribe that originally consisted of a million people survived.

Under the lead of the old priest, Meng Wei and Mo Ya brought along a group of over 1,000 guards to send these almost 100 young children and youths away, and they started an arduous and dangerous long distance journey.

All along the way, they were pursued, encircled, and experienced countless bloodshed. Up until now, only a mere nine people remained from the over 1,000 guards in the beginning.

Moreover, the old priest has suffered a heavy injury as well, and he was already on the verge of death.

Fortunately, along with the passage of time, the enemies that pursued them all along the way had gradually become fewer. In the past, they would be practically chased after by their enemies every single day, yet now, they hadn’t seen a trace of their enemies for almost half a month.

This allowed the old priest to relax. But their journey was still arduous to the extreme. Due to the lack of food and medicinal materials, they’d practically been moving forward while hungry all along the way because they didn’t dare waste even a single speck of food.

Compared to the shortage of food and medicinal materials, there was another thing that caused the old priest to be even more worried, and that was how to leave the Ninth Hell and find a place for them to settle down and survive.  

Yes, survive!

The over one million clansmen of the Ninth Hell tribe had used their blood and lives to provide a trace of hope to their efforts of fleeing from disaster. Now, only the old priest and a hundred plus people remained, and if they were unable to survive and multiply, their Ninth Hell clan would surely be obliterated from the world. Such an outcome was something none of them were willing to bear.

Right amidst this situation they were affected by internal and external troubles, Chen Xi had suddenly appeared, and even though he was heavily injured and on the verge of death, it allowed the old priest to once again see a trace of hope!

Because he’d discerned that Chen Xi wasn’t someone from the Ninth Hell and was absolutely not an invading enemy. He was from the outside world!

Moreover, their final destination during this long journey was to head to the outside world.

It was even to the extent that the old priest firmly felt that only Chen Xi was capable of leading them out of the Ninth Hell.

Under these circumstances and for the sake of repaying the old priest’s life saving grace, Chen Xi could only agree to the old priest’s request in the end, and he received control of the Ninth Hell tribe and temporarily assumed the position of the leader.

The Xeno-race have broken open the dimensional walls to invade the Ninth Hell, and they caused practically all the one million clansmen in the Ninth Hell tribe to be sacrificed. What’s their goal? Chen Xi frowned, and then he suddenly recalled that while he was in the Door of Profundity and before the sacrificial altar, the mysterious white haired figure had once said that there were nine more mysterious places in the three dimensions besides the Dark Parasol’s Abyss that had a few of his companions trapped there. Moreover, they were about to escape soon.

This Ninth Hell has been invaded by Xeno-race experts. It wouldn’t be one of those nine mysterious places that has a trapped Xeno-race Saint Emperor, right? Chen Xi’s heart felt even heavier when he thought like this.

He’s experienced the formidableness of a Xeno-race Saint Emperor. Even if it was under the condition of being weak, a Xeno-race Saint Emperor was actually almost able to suppress the tiny cauldron, and such terrifying might caused one’s heart to go cold just from the thought of it.

Looks like I must do things carefully and recover my strength as soon as possible… Chen Xi took a deep breath as he discarded all the distracting thoughts in his head, and he stopped thinking any further and started inspecting his body.

Within his body, under the nourishment of the Immortal Energy emitted by the Dark Parasol sapling, his damaged veins had already been repaired and healed. Unfortunately, the destroyed Dao Foundation within his Dantian showed no signs of turning for the better.

Without a Dao Foundation, it meant that he was utterly unable to cultivate, let alone reconstruct his Blackhole World.

Comparatively speaking, it was the injuries of his body that had healed much quicker. Presently, he’d already gradually recovered a trace of vitality and vigor, and he believed it wouldn’t be long before he would be able to cultivate the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Technique and condense Shaman Energy once more!

This allowed Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief in his heart. Even though his qi refinement cultivation was gone, so long as his body refinement cultivation could recover, then he didn’t have to be too worried about his safety.

After that, he took out a jade pot that seemed to be carved out from fine jade, and it emitted a rain of light while a sweet fragrance assaulted his nose. It was precisely the pot of divine wine he obtained in the Divine Palace of Creation.

During this half a month of time, due to his injuries being too severe while his body was too weak, Chen Xi utterly didn’t dare to utilize any spirit medicines to recuperate. After all, that level of medicinal strength was too violent and enormous for him right now, so consuming it would do more harm than good, and it might even be fatal.

So he could only rely on the pieces of meat and medicinal soup Xiao Yan fed him to replenish the water and energy in his body.

When he opened the jade pot, a sweet fragrance that touched the depths of his soul entered into his nose, and it caused the skin on his entire body to feel comfortable and filled with the yearning for strength.

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate any longer. He took out a jade cup and carefully poured out a drop of divine wine before drinking it down in one gulp.


A matchlessly vast warm flow gushed into his body and surged throughout his limbs and bones. Everywhere it passed,  he felt a burning piercing pain, yet in next to no time, he’d utilized his body refinement technique to draw this warm flow into his flesh, blood, and skin.

In merely an instant, his muscles, bones, and every single inch of skin on his body glowed once more with a slight sheen, and it seemed like a dried up and cracked piece of earth had received the nourishment of rainfall, causing it to emit strands of  copious vitality.

Its medicinal effect was shocking and was comparable to a rare divine medicine that could bring one back to life!

Chen Xi remained indifferent to all of this, and he concentrated his mind to circulate his cultivation technique while nourishing his body over and over again. It formed a miraculous circulation that brought forth the effect of this vast medicinal strength to the limit.


After a long time, a long lost feeling of Shaman Energy being developed flowed like a river as it circulated through his entire body, and every single circulation caused his body that had suffered a severe injury to strengthen slightly.

If he recovered according to this speed, then he believed it wouldn’t be long before he would be able to recover his body refinement cultivation at the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm! 


At dawn the next day, Chen Xi woke up in great spirits, and the dispirited expression between his brows had been completely wiped away!

He stretched his arms and felt the seething Shaman Energy that surged throughout his body, and a wisp of a delighted expression couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth because nothing was more exciting than regaining lost strength.

It was especially so for a cultivator. Losing one’s strength was simply like instantly falling from greatness to become a tiny ant, and the feeling of such a fall was simply more painful than death.

Chen Xi pulled open the tent and walked out.

He’d instructed before he left yesterday that those children in the campsite should gather together to receive lessons and guidance in training from him.

Actually, he rather admired the old priest’s arrangements. Even if they were on the dangerous road of fleeing that was filled with hardships, the old priest still persisted to make these youths of the clan train all day and night, and this resolution wasn’t something that just anyone possessed.

However, when Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned when he arrived at the center of the campsite because there were only a mere four young children before him, and all of their ages were below 10, while one of them was even Xiao Yan, whereas the youths had actually vanished without a trace.

His Divine Sense swept the surroundings, and he instantly understood what was going on, yet he didn’t expose it.

“Uncle Chen Xi, Xiao Yan said that the stories you tell are even better than Aunty Mo Ya. Is it true?” A snotty kid sucked his finger while raising his tiny little face to ask Chen Xi.

“Yeah, Uncle Chen Xi, what story are you going to tell today?” Another little kid asked as well.

Chen Xi was astounded, and then he glanced at Xiao Yan, causing the latter’s tiny little face to instantly flush red.

Xiao Yan turned around with embarrassment and annoyance to glare fiercely at those two little kids. “I’ll tear your mouths apart if you continue talking nonsense!”

“But Big Sister Xiao Yan, didn’t you say Uncle Chen Xi is going to tell us a story? If I knew earlier, then I wouldn’t have come…” The snotty kid spoke weakly with an aggrieved expression.

At this moment, Chen Xi instantly understood that these young children had surely been ‘tricked’ by Xiao Yan to come over here and support him.

This caused him to not know whether he should laugh or cry, and he pondered for a moment before he said with a smile, “Alright, if all of you want to listen to a story, then train properly. So long as you complete the assignment I give, then not only will I tell all of you a story, I’ll even give you something nice to eat.”

There’s even something nice to eat?

The eyes of the group of little kids lit up, and they shouted right away. “Uncle Chen Xi, are you telling the truth?”

Chen Xi nodded. “Of course.”

The eyes of a little kid spun, and he seemed extremely intelligent as he shook his head and said, “This won’t do. Seeing is believing. Uncle Chen Xi must first produce the nice food for us to see.”

Chen Xi grinned and seemed to have guessed this would happen. He opened his palm and a string of red and glittering spirit fruits appeared in his palm. The spirit fruits were the size of longans and enshrouded with strands of spirit energy that seemed like mist, and a dense refreshing fragrance that assaulted the nose slowly dispersed out and spread towards the surroundings.

Growl~ Growl~

The eyes of the group of little kids were instantly fixated on the spirit fruits while they rapidly gulped down saliva, and their little stomachs failed to put up a fight and started growling, causing them to seem like numerous little starved wolves.

Chen Xi flipped his palm and put away the spirit fruits before he spoke with a grin. “Alright, let’s begin the lesson now!”  

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