Chapter 688 – Receiving Control Of The Clan

On the ground, 39 bone hawks and a Black Cerberus were all dead.

All the youths and young children from the tribe cheered in unison upon seeing this scene, and they were extremely overjoyed with happiness written all over their faces.

In their eyes, these ferocious beasts were piles of food, the greatest guarantee to their survival, and it meant that they wouldn’t have to worry about starving for a very long period of time.

Xiao Yan stood at the side while her tiny little face was covered in pride because she felt very proud from being able to make such a great contribution to the clan. Unfortunately, Big Brother Chen Xi didn’t come, so he’s unable to share my happiness…

Xiao Yan was slightly unhappy when she thought up to here.

During these past few days, she’d been taking care of the bedridden Chen Xi all day and night. On one hand, it was because of the instructions of the priest, and on the other hand, it was because she enjoyed talking with Chen Xi.

She’d found out about many things she didn’t know in the past from Chen Xi, and it was as if he’s opened up a door for her, whereas on the other side of the door was a lustrous, dazzling, and magnificent world that was so interesting and so novel.

Coupled with Chen Xi treating her well and having a warm attitude, it allowed her to experience the feeling of being cared for. So she’d unknowingly taken Chen Xi to be a good friend of hers.

Meng Wei’s figure was stalwart and robust, yet his movement was extraordinarily swift. He dashed like a cheetah along a unique and profound rhythm, and he swiftly flashed past all the corpses on the ground.

A wisp of shock suddenly appeared on his crude and wide forehead. “I’ve checked them. All of them died from having their souls shattered with a single strike. This indicated that the Divine Sense cultivation of the person that did this was extremely formidable, and it was numerous times more formidable than you and me!”

Mo Ya was stunned, and then she said with astonishment, “Divine Sense attack? If it’s true, then wouldn’t it mean that a top expert appeared in the vicinity?”

Meng Wei nodded, and then he said abruptly, “Do you think…it’s Brother Chen Xi?”

“Him?” Mo Ya was stunned, and then she said with disdain, “How could he support such an enormous Divine Sense with his weak body? I rather believe it was done by those Xeno-race experts because it’s impossible that it was him!”

“Mo Ya!” Meng Wei’s brows knit together abruptly as a wisp of fury appeared on his dignified face, and his expression even revealed a trace of hatred as he berated in a low voice. “I’ve told you, don’t mention the words Xeno-race again!”

Mo Ya puckered her lips and went silent because she was able to understand Meng Wei’s feelings, and she couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty.

Meng Wei took a deep breath, causing his expression to return to normal before he glanced at Mo Ya, and then he said while he gestured with his hand, “Alright, pack up the food and return to the campsite.”

As he spoke, he started directing the little fellows to transport the corpses of those bone hawks, whereas he carried that Black Cerberus that was large like a cow by himself. 


Smoke curled up from the campsite, and it was swiftly suffused with a mouthwatering fragrance of meat.

Adults and children sat cross-legged on the ground while holding and eating a golden yellow and juicy piece of roast meat. The atmosphere was extremely bustling, and the faces of everyone was covered in a wisp of happiness that was impossible to conceal.

Their gains this time were enormous without a doubt. Those few tens of bone hawks and the Black Cerberus were sufficient for them to eat for an extremely long time, and this meant that they temporarily didn’t need to worry about starving.

All along the way here, they’d saved on everything they could, and they were even unwilling to throw away beast bones as they wished for nothing more than to boil them into a few pots of bone soup. Now, they suddenly obtained such a sumptuous meal, so they naturally had to eat freely and reward their stomachs.

Amidst this bustling atmosphere, the beast skin tent that belonged to the Lord Priest had suddenly been opened from within, and a thin and bony old man walked out falteringly.


In merely an instant after they saw this old man, the bustling and clamorous atmosphere in the campsite instantly vanished without a trace, and it became extremely silent. Every single gaze that looked towards the old man was filled with reverence and respect.

Similarly, they were slightly surprised. After all, all along the way during this journey, the Lord Priest had never taken a step out of his beast skin tent, yet he’d actually come out personally now. Could it be that something has happened?

In next to no time, they vaguely understood. Because they saw the guest, Chen Xi, was following closely behind the Lord Priest, and they guessed that the appearance of the Lord Priest was probably related to this person.

The old man walked to the center of the campsite. Even though he was thin like a dried branch, yet he possessed a tall figure and heavy bearing, and he naturally carried a mighty aura of someone in a high position. His muddy gaze swept everyone in the surroundings before he said with a hoarse voice, “I came out this time only to announce a single thing. That is from tomorrow onward, Chen Xi will be in-charge of all the affairs of our tribe. Mo Ya and Meng Wei must obey Chen Xi’s orders as well. Has everyone heard me clearly?”

What? This outsider will take the position of the Chieftain of the tribe in the future?

Everyone was astounded, and they almost didn’t dare believe their ears.

This is too absurd! He’s a sickly fellow that’s heavily injured and almost lost his life, an outsider that has just been taken in by our tribe, what ability does he possess to be our Chieftain?

Meng Wei’s face went grim as well, and he frowned without end. He similarly had never expected and couldn’t understand why the Lord Priest who he respected like a god in his heart would suddenly announce such a thing at this moment.

Could it be that the Lord Priest is displeased with me as the Chieftain?

Meng Wei’s brows knit together and formed the shape of the ‘’ character. Even with his open-minded nature, he was temporarily unable to accept the scene before his eyes.

He wasn’t reluctant to give up the authority of the Chieftain, but he was extremely worried that if Chen Xi took the position of Chieftain, then would Chen Xi possess the ability to lead them safely to their destination.

What if a mishap were to occur, that would be an enormous calamity!

After all, since they left their ancestral ground and set out on their journey, they’d lost too many clansmen all along the way, and it could be said that all of them were able to arrive here safely after paying the cost of the lives and blood of those clansmen of theirs that had sacrificed themselves.

Could this outsider, Chen Xi, carry such a heavy burden?

Right at this moment, Mo Ya spoke abruptly. “Lord Priest, I don’t agree.”

The old man’s snow white brows knit together, and then he said indifferently, “Mo Ya, are you questioning my authority?” His hoarse and low voice carried a trace of displeasure.

Mo Ya’s entire body stiffened before she gritted her teeth and knelt on the ground. “Lord Priest, Mo Ya isn’t questioning you. But our Ninth Hell Clan has experienced immense dangers and difficulties and sacrificed countless people to obtain our current peace. Now, an outsider is going to interfere in the affairs of our clan, I…it’s extremely difficult for me to accept this in my heart.”

Thump! Thump! 

The other clansmen knelt on the ground as well, and they said in unison, “Lord Priest, please reconsider.”

Amongst the people present, only Meng Wei and Xiao Yan didn’t kneel. Xiao Yan puckered her lips and was slightly at a loss for what to do, and she didn’t know if she should support her clansmen or support this new good friend she’d made.

On the other hand, Mo Ya was staring fixedly at Chen Xi from the beginning until the end. Her gaze was ghastly as if she was scanning her prey and wanted to see through everything about Chen Xi.

But in next to no time, she failed. Chen Xi’s gaze was warm, calm, and deep like the boundless starry sky, and it caused her to be unable to discern anything off about Chen Xi.

“I’ve already made up my mind, all of you don’t have to continue trying to persuade me!” The old man’s attitude was extremely resolute, and he said with a hoarse voice, “I can only tell all of you that if you want to leave this place, the Ninth Hell, that’s said to have no way out, then only Chen Xi can accomplish it!”


Everyone was shocked. Even though they knew the Lord Priest attached great importance onto this outsider, yet they never imagined that it would be to such an extent. He’d simply placed the hoped of their clan onto Chen Xi!

“If it’s really like that, then I agree!” Meng Wei spoke abruptly, and he didn’t look at Chen Xi but said with a deep voice, “But I have to make something clear. If he dares to do anything that’s harmful to my clan, then I, Meng Wei, will kill him even if I have to give up my life!”

Chen Xi was stunned, yet he was able to understand Meng Wei’s thoughts because he would surely do the same in Meng Wei’s place. After all, Meng Wei was sincerely thinking for the lives and safety of his clan.

Merely this caused Chen Xi to be unable to get angry at Meng Wei, and he just smiled bitterly as he looked at the old man by his side. Truthfully speaking, he wouldn’t interfere in this if he had a choice because not only wouldn’t he be taken to be a nice person, it would cause public indignation instead. Why go to such trouble?

The old man’s eyes narrowed before he smiled and shook his head at Chen Xi to indicate that Chen Xi shouldn’t take it to heart.

“Alright, I agree as well!” Mo Ya noticed that the Lord Priest’s attitude was firm, and she knew she was unable to change it, so she gritted her teeth and said right away, “But just like Meng Wei, so long as this outsider shows the slightest sign of having ill intent towards my clan, then I’ll surely make him regret being born!”

Chen Xi was stunned once more, and then he sighed deeply in his heart but didn’t say anything. After all, his life was saved by these simple yet unyielding Ninth Hell clansmen, so how could he lose his temper against those that had saved his life?

When they saw Meng Wei and Mo Ya agree, the others glanced at each other before choosing to obey the Lord Priest’s order.

“Alright, Chen Xi, I’ll entrust the rest to you. As for Mo Ya and Meng Wei, both of you come with me as I have something to tell the two of you.” As soon as the old man finished speaking, he turned around and walked towards his tent. 


After the Priest, Mo Ya, and Meng Wei left, Chen Xi wisely chose to return to his residence first.

Even though these members of the Ninth Hell tribe openly displayed obedience earlier, the strong conflicting feelings in their hearts wasn’t something that could be eliminated in a short period of time.

So conversing with them at this moment would simply invite dislike.

But before he left, Chen Xi still gave a single instruction. At dawn tomorrow, he wanted those young children and youths to gather together, and he would replace Meng Wei in teaching and guiding them in their training.

But these words of his drew the furious glares and cold grunts of the group of youths. Compared to those adults, these youths that were around the age of 11 or 12 weren’t skilled in concealing their feelings. Just like now, they stared at Chen Xi as if they were looking at a ferocious beast, and it was filled with dense hostility.

Only Xiao Yan who was around the age of eight or nine stood up and cheered, and she became the only child amongst all that were present who welcomed Chen Xi.

But in next to no time, she sensed the strangeness of the surrounding atmosphere and the numerous furious glares that shot towards her, and this caused her to feel uncomfortable before sitting down embarrassedly in the end.

She puckered her tiny lips, and then she muttered with annoyance and shame. “Once all of you know how interesting the stories Big Brother tells are, all of you will surely not treat him like this!”

Chen Xi who’d just entered the tent staggered and almost fell to the ground when he heard these words, and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Could it be that in that little girl’s heart, I’m only an existence that knows how to tell stories?! 

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