Chapter 687 – Black Cerberus

Xiao Yan’s thin body lay in Chen Xi’s embrace, and she finally stopped crying.

But Mo Ya and those other children still eyed Chen Xi with hostility, and they didn’t conceal their detest in the slightest. This caused a headache for the nearby Meng Wei.

During this half a month of time that Chen Xi had stayed in their group, he’d always been confined to his bed, but even if his food intake was small, he’d still exhausted a great deal of their food supplies. Moreover, they even exhausted a great amount of medicinal materials to treat him.

Originally, according to their plans, the food and medicinal materials carried by the group was sufficient to last for around a month, but because of Chen Xi’s arrival, it could only last for half a month now.

If they didn’t replenish their supplies in half a month of time, then every single one of them would have to suffer from starvation, and they might even be starved to death before they arrived at their destination.

Even Meng Wei was extremely worried about this, so he really understood why Mo Ya had such a bad temper during these past few days.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh bitterly as he looked at the hostile gazes everyone shot at him, and then he turned around to look at Meng Wei. “Big Brother Meng Wei, where does the tribe hunt when it lacks food?”

He really had consumed a great deal of food during these past few days, and it was for the sake of replenishing his physical strength. He’d noticed that all the food was chowder made from dried meat powder and bones, and he judged from this this group obtained its food from hunting.

“You…want to help us hunt for food?” Meng Wei was surprised, and then he gave Chen Xi a strange glance before he frowned and said, “Brother Chen Xi, you should set your mind at rest and remain in the tent to recuperate. Mo Ya was speaking out of anger earlier, so you shouldn’t take it to heart.”

Obviously, he thought Chen Xi was speaking out of anger. After all, he’d discerned that Chen Xi’s injuries were too severe a long time ago, and Chen Xi was practically a cripple. Not to mention hunting, it would even be difficult for Chen Xi to walk normally!

“Hmph! Let him go, why stop him if he wants to go die?” Mo Ya spoke coldly and wished for nothing more than for Chen Xi to go give his life away right now.

“Alright, Mo Ya, cool down and stop causing trouble, alright?” Meng Wei frowned as a wisp of a dignified expression appeared on his steely face. 

Mo Ya grunted coldly and continue speaking. But her gaze at Chen Xi became even more disdainful.

Even those youths and young children revealed expressions of ridicule.

All of them had been training since a young age and respected strength. Not only had this sickly fellow Chen Xi wasted their food and medicinal materials, he even tried to put on an act now, so they naturally felt even more dislike towards him.

Chen Xi rubbed his nose and was speechless.  

“Big Brother, feel at ease and take a rest. It wouldn’t be late to go hunting after you get well.” Xiao Yan lay in Chen Xi’s embrace as she spoke with a light voice, and her large and clear eyes were filled with an expression of consolation.

Chen Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and he said in a low voice, “Xiao Yan, Big Brother is very bored from staying in the tent. Why don’t you bring me around nearby?”

“Okay!” Xiao Yan nodded fiercely.

Chen Xi started smiling as he rubbed the little girl’s dense and jet black hair.

“Brother Chen Xi, don’t go far and just relieve your boredom nearby the campsite.” Before they left, Meng Wei reminded with good intentions, and he seemed to be very worried as if Chen Xi would be taken away by some ferocious beast.

Chen Xi nodded, and then he held Xiao Yan’s hand before walking towards the distance.

“Why don’t we follow them now and kill this trash?” Mo Ya looked at Chen Xi’s vanishing figure as her beautiful and capable face revealed hesitation.

“Mo Ya, the Lord Priest has summoned him for an audience tonight. If he accidentally goes missing, then you’ll be unable to bear the consequences.” Meng Wei glanced indifferently at Mo Ya, and he seemed to be warning and advising. “After all, we’ve already wasted so much food and medicinal materials on him. If the Lord Priest confirms that he’s really of no use, then…”

“I can deal with him however I like?” Mo Ya’s eyes lit up.

Meng Wei waved his hand and didn’t say anything, yet he sighed deeply in his heart. 


The Ninth Hell was a really strange place indeed. Its sky was eternally dark grey as if a layer of thick haze was piled upon it, and it was utterly impossible to see the sun, moon, and stars.

Moreover, the Laws of the Heaven Dao here were extremely scarce, scarce to the point it was practically impossible to sense its existence, and it seemed as if the Heaven Dao had abandoned this world.

The environment was adverse and covered in rocky areas that seemed like a desert. There were no flowers, plants, or trees, there was a complete lack of vitality, and it gave others an exceedingly oppressive feeling.

Remnants of the Ninth Hell, a place of exile… This place is really strange! Chen Xi sighed in his heart as he moved further and further away with Xiao Yan, and they’d already left the group’s campsite.

“Big Brother, where are you taking me?” Xiao Yan raised her small little face as she asked.

“You’ll know once we get there,” said Chen Xi with a smile. When he saw Xiao Yan, it caused him to recall Xixi when she was young because she was cute and beautiful just like this. Now that so many years have passed, Xixi has probably grown into a young lady, right?

“Big Brother, you wouldn’t be taking me to hunt for food, right?” Xiao Yan suddenly spoke softly and secretively, yet her large eyes carried no fear or worry, and they carried a wisp of excitement, curiosity, and eagerness instead.

Chen Xi glanced at Xiao Yan with surprise, and he praised in his heart. What an intelligent little girl!

Squak! Squak!

A wave of ear piercing cries that were sharp and unpleasant to the ear like the howls of ghosts had suddenly resounded out from afar, and it was extremely horrifying. Moreover, a restless howl could be heard amidst it.

Chen Xi’s spirits rose. We’ve arrived!

In the distance was a group of strange birds with black colored feathers and white colored skeletons, and they soared in the sky while frequently plunging down to the ground to hunt their prey.

On the ground was a three headed Cerberus that was the size of a cow. The fur on its entire body was jet black and shiny, and it was savage and violent. However, at this moment, it had numerous bloody marks torn open on its body by the strange birds, and it had obviously been encircled, causing it to seem restless and uneasy.

“Bone hawks! A group of bone hawks! My god! There’s even a Black Cerberus!” Xiao Yan suddenly exclaimed with shock, and then she hurriedly covered her mouth while she said anxiously, “This isn’t good. Big Brother, this is a group of bone hawks and a Black Cerberus, and they’ve eaten many of our companions all along the way. Even Uncle Meng Wei would have to turn around and flee if he encountered them, let’s leave quickly.”

“Xiao Yan, don’t be afraid. Look, all of them will die soon.” Chen Xi consoled with a gentle voice. At the same time, a powerful Divine Sense swept out from his sea of consciousness.


This Divine Sense was simply like a bolt of thunder from the nine heavens. Everywhere it passed, the numerous bone hawks in the sky seemed as if they were smashed into half by a sledgehammer, and they let out shrill cries as they fell from the sky.

Besides that, the Black Cerberus on the ground let out a miserable howl as its three heads were snapped before it fell limply to the ground and ceased to breathe.

“This…” Xiao Yan stared her eyes wide open while she gaped, and her face was covered in disbelief. This scene was too shocking to a young girl at her age, and it was like a miracle. No matter how she wracked her brains, she was unable to figure out exactly what had happened, and why those exceedingly ferocious beasts would actually die in unison.

“Stop daydreaming, let’s go back together and call the others over to transport the food.” Chen Xi held Xiao Yan’s hand as he turned and walked towards the campsite.

“Oh, right! With this food, Aunty Mo Ya will surely be extremely happy!” Xiao Yan cried out with excitement and joy.

That woman… Chen Xi suddenly recalled the wisp of killing intent he felt from behind him before he left the campsite, and then he shook his head and disregarded it.

After all, no matter how she hated him, she was thinking for her clansmen, and it was something that deserved respect. 


“What!? Xiao Yan, you aren’t lying, right?”

“A group of bone hawks? And a Black Cerberus? This is impossible, right?”

“My god! If there really is so much food, then we’ll surely be able to persist until we leave this place!”

An uproar instantly arose in the campsite when Xiao Yan told everyone about this. Some were shocked, some were doubtful, and there were even some that felt Xiao Yan was lying. Even Meng Wei and Mo Ya were alerted by this and came over to question her.

“It’s true, I didn’t deceive all of you. Wouldn’t all of you know if it’s true if you went and had a look?” Xiao Yan raised her tiny little face as she spoke with a clear voice.

“Mo Ya, come with me. Little fellows, all of you follow us as well. The remaining guards will protect the campsite, and all of you are not allowed to leave arbitrarily!” In next to no time, Meng Wei came to a decision, even though he was partially doubtful as well.

Chen Xi stood before his own tent, and corners of his mouth couldn’t help but be suffused with a trace of a smile when he saw this scene.

It could be said that if it wasn’t for these simple Remnants of the Ninth Hell rescuing him, he would have perished in the River of Hell, so he felt extremely happy when he was able to help them as well.

Not to mention all of this was nothing to him.

“Stop smiling! If we don’t find any food, then I’ll surely kill you once we return!” Mo Ya turned around and spoke coldly to Chen Xi.

She felt that Xiao Yan had surely been deluded by this fellow to the point of lying. After all, how could a group of bone hawks and a Black Cerberus die strangely at the same time?

Even if she and Meng Wei were to make a move in unison, they would be utterly incapable of achieving this without experiencing a fierce battle.

Chen Xi was stunned, and he said in his heart, Looks like the misunderstanding this woman has towards me is extremely deep.

When he raised his head once more, Meng Wei and Mo Ya had already left with a group of little fellows, whereas Xiao Yan had followed them as well. Only the few remaining guards still remained on guard in the campsite, and they protected the surroundings of a tent in the center.

I presume the Lord Priest resides in that tent. Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.

During these past few days, he’d already found out from Xiao Yan that even though the leader of this group was Meng Wei, the Lord Priest, was the most respected figure in their hearts.

Even Mo Ya and Meng Wei obeyed every word of the Lord Priest and never dared to go against him.

Moreover, the reason he was rescued and received so much care was the arrangement of that Lord Priest. Otherwise, just Mo Ya would have probably driven him out a long time ago.

“Friend, since you’re unoccupied, how about you come in and have a chat?” A hoarse, low, and aged voice suddenly sounded out from within the tent.

“It would be my pleasure.” Chen Xi readily headed over. He was extremely curious as well. Exactly what sort of figure was this Lord Priest that received the respect of all?

Moreover, why did he give the order to spare no costs to rescue me who was heavily injured?

“You better watch out. If you dare arouse any malicious intent after entering the tent, then I’ll tear you into pieces!” A guard fiercely warned him when he arrived before the tent.

Chen Xi smiled and completely disregarded it before he pulled open the flap of the tent, and then he walked in.

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