Chapter 686 – Xiao Yan Don’t Cry

Seven days later, Chen Xi awoke.

The first person he saw after he opened his eyes was a beautiful and cute little girl that wore beast skin clothes, and she was holding a shoddy large bowl while feeding him medicinal soup.

The medicine was extremely bitter. Chen Xi tasted it carefully for a moment and noticed that there was practically no spirit medicine within this medicinal soul, and besides allowing him to replenish some water which he needed, it was of utterly no use.

But the little girl seemed as if she was holding a bowl of rare divine treasures, and she carefully placed it to the side of his mouth and seemed to be deeply afraid of dropping a drop of it.

“Where is this?” Chen Xi spoke with an extremely hoarse voice that seemed to have been grinded out from sand, and even he himself was shocked for a moment before he couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to this.

Intense pain that felt like a myriad of ants devouring his heart surged through his entire body once more, and it hurt to the point his brows knit tightly together while a layer of cold sweat leaked out from his forehead.

Only now did he sense that the cracked open wounds on his entire body had already been wrapped by a layer of soft beast skin, and his flesh and blood were completely dried up. Not to mention Shaman Energy, even his vigor and vitality seemed to have been exhausted.

Moreover, the situation within his body was even more severe. His veins had split apart inch by inch while his internal organs were damaged, dim, and lusterless. Even his Dantian seemed like a cracked up land that was completely empty and dried up, whereas his Blackhole World had already collapsed and shattered to the point of being impossible to find.

It could be said that he was currently no different than a cripple.

“Ah! You’re awake! Uncle Meng Wei, Aunty Mo Ya, this big brother has woken up!” The beautiful and cute little girl in beast skin clothes was stunned, and she hurried out of the tent while crying out with a clear voice. During this process, she still held tightly onto the large bowl that was filled with medicinal soup and didn’t drop a single drop as if she was holding a bowl of the rarest delicacy in the world.

“Meng Wei? Mo Ya?” Chen Xi frowned, and then he forcefully endured the violent pain in his entire body and sized up his surroundings.

This was a beast skin tent that was extremely simple and crude, and there were practically no decorations and furnishing within it. There was only a piece of wood burning in the center and emitting a pale yellow and flickering glow.

Everything within here was primitive, ancient, and suffused with an indescribable backward feeling.

The flap to the tent was lifted open and a man and woman walked in. The man was tall, stalwart, and extremely robust. His muscles seemed like numerous rocks, causing him to be filled with extreme explosive force.

On the other hand, the woman had a tall and well proportioned body, a gorgeous appearance, and a capable bearing.

Just like the beautiful little girl from before, both of them wore beast skin clothes, and the man carried a pitch black bow made from a beast horn, whereas the woman’s waist had a whip made of the tendon of a beast coiled around it.

Obviously, both of them were figures that possessed martial prowess.

When he saw these two people, Chen Xi instantly knew that the Meng Wei and Mo Ya the little girl spoke of was probably the two of them.

“You’re awake.” Meng Wei walked forward with large strides, and a wisp of joy appeared on his rough and manly face as he looked at Chen Xi who’d opened his eyes.

“Hmph! He has already wasted so much of our food and medicinal material! If he still didn’t wake up, then even if the Lord Priest blames me, I’ll surely kill him!” Mo Ya grunted coldly. Her eyes were filled with hostility as she looked at Chen Xi, and she didn’t conceal her detest at all.

Chen Xi was stunned. She wants to kill me just for the sake of food and medicinal materials?

If he heard such words in the past, he would surely feel that it was unbelievable. After all, cultivators like him didn’t need food to fill their stomachs, and merely absorbing spirit energy was sufficient for them to live for a long time. Even if they were injured, they practically didn’t require any ordinary medicinal materials.

Yet now, as he looked at Mo Ya’s serious and murderous expression, he faintly felt that perhaps food and medicinal materials were related to their lives and survival. This caused him to have a deeper feeling that the place he’d appeared in this time seemed to be completely different from the places he was familiar with in the past.

“Mo Ya, that’s enough!” Meng Wei frowned as he reprimanded Mo Ya in a light voice.

Mo Ya remained indifferent, nor did the hostility on her face disperse in the slightest, and she was stubborn and unyielding.

This was the first time Chen Xi met Meng Wei and Mo Ya. The atmosphere was awkward, and it couldn’t be considered to be a happy meeting.

Another seven days passed.

Chen Xi had already recovered a trace of strength and was barely able to stand up. But the violent pain in his entire body still remained, whereas the severe damage and injuries within his body hadn’t taken a turn for the better in the slightest.

The reason was extremely simple. His Blackhole World didn’t exist anymore, whereas his body lacked vital blood. Moreover, his vitality had practically dried up, so it was utterly insufficient to allow him to cultivate and recover.

The only thing that he felt fortunate about was the Dark Parasol sapling still remained within his Dantian and emanated Immortal Energy that gradually repaired his broken veins, tendons, and bones.

He believed that it wouldn’t be long before he would be entirely capable of moving about like normal. But it was exceedingly difficult to recover his cultivation.

After all, the Blackhole World had been blasted apart by Bing Shitian’s strike, and it had shattered to the point of not existing. It was equivalent to having his Dao Foundation destroyed, and he was utterly incapable of cultivating in a short period of time.

Unless he was capable of reconstructing his Dao Foundation and condensing a new Blackhole World.

Unfortunately, since the ancient times until now, after a cultivator’s Dao Foundation was destroyed, there had practically been no cultivator that was capable of reconstructing it, and it was impossible to find a precedent.

It was too difficult because the Dao Foundation was the foundation of a cultivator to establish himself in the heavens and the earth. It was a foundation that was established since the first step one took on the road of cultivation. So once it was destroyed, repairing it wasn’t as easy as it sounded.

Bing Shitian! Chen Xi gnashed his teeth with hatred, and his expression was extremely gloomy as he sensed the state of his body. All of this was caused by Bing Shitian, and he would surely repay it tenfold in the future!Since he started cultivating until now, he’d never hated someone so madly, and if it wasn’t for the tiny cauldron’s assistance at the last moment, he would have almost perished on the spot.

Do you think you can seize Xiuyi back by destroying my Dao Foundation?! Don’t even dream about it! So long as I’m alive, I, Chen Xi, will surely be able to rebuild myself and ascend the Grand Dao once more! A trace of ruthlessness flashed within Chen Xi’s eyes, and he was matchlessly firm. It was absolutely impossible to make him become dejected and accept this fate just like this.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and tried hard to calm himself down before standing up and walking out of the tent.

During these past few days, he’d understood from Meng Wei that this place was called Ninth Hell, and it was an extremely unfamiliar place to him. Even the Dark Reverie Manual didn’t have any description of Ninth Hell, and it seemed like a forgotten place.

Besides that, Meng Wei and the others were the natives of Ninth Hell, and they called themselves Remnants of the Ninth Hell. Merely this method of address allowed Chen Xi to perceive an unusual feeling from them.

Chen Xi didn’t know any more information.

Presently, he only observed that Meng Wei and the others were trudging day and night, and they seemed to be heading towards somewhere. They would head forward a few thousands of kilometers every single day, and they would only leave a few hours in between for them to eat and rest.

Moreover, this group only possessed nine elite guards, whereas children and youths occupied the largest number. They were hurrying on every single day, and they seemed as if they were fleeing from calamity.

At this moment, this group had already journeyed for an entire day, and they were camped on a desolate area covered in gravel.

Chen Xi saw a group of youths and children training when he walked out of the tent.

On the other hand, Meng Wei was in charge of teaching these little fellows cultivation techniques. He seemed to be the leader of this group and possessed rather great authority. He was strong, valiant, and deeply received the respect and support of others.

“Pay attention to your footwork. Before all of you can learn to fly, your footwork is the one and only thing you can utilize!”

“Strength! How many times have I said it? Your strength must be condensed as if it was one and exerted swiftly like a bolt of lightning before withdrawn in a similar fashion. Only in this way would all of you be able to cultivate to the realm of being able to freely control your strength!”

“Right! Just like this! All of you must remember that the objective of all moves is to kill your enemies. It must be swift and ruthless, and you absolutely can’t hesitate in the slightest. Otherwise, it might be you who dies!”

Chen Xi perceived with a single glance that what Meng Wei was teaching was some extremely basic content, and even though his cultivation was lost, his discerning ability was still extremely accurate.

Meng Wei’s live combat experience was exceedingly abundant, so the basic content he taught was rather steady and practical, and even Chen Xi felt that he’d benefited greatly from listening to Meng Wei.

Since he started cultivating until now, Chen Xi had practically stumbled himself all along the way, and there was rarely anyone that personally guided him. Especially when his cultivation was gone now, Chen Xi often seemed to have learned something as he listened to Meng Wei explain and teach.

He even started to scrutinize himself. He felt that he’d learned so many shocking Dao Arts and grasped so many supreme Divine Abilities, yet not a single one had been mastered, causing him to be unable to bring forth his entire might instead.

Perhaps I can try to tidy up all my Dao Arts and Divine Abilities before discarding the complexity within them. If I’m able to fuse and link them together before cultivating something that belongs to me, then my might will probably become even more formidable… Chen Xi was absolutely someone that was infatuated with cultivation. As soon as this thought appeared in his mind, he was instantly stunned on the spot as he fell into deep contemplation.

“Enough! Xiao Yan, come back here! You’re not allowed to send food and medicinal materials to that trash ever again!” After a short moment, Chen Xi was suddenly jolted awake by a berating voice. When he raised his eyes to look over, he saw that Xiao Yan was holding a large bowl of steaming medicinal soup with both her hands while walking over towards him from afar.

Unfortunately, his thin little body was obstructed by Mo Ya who carried a furious expression.

“But this is something Grandpa Priest instructed me to do. Moreover, this Big Brother is so pitiable.” Xiao Yan lowered her little head as she spoke weakly.


Mo Ya raised her hand and directly shattered the bowl of medicine before she berated furiously. “Enough! We’ve already wasted too much food and medicinal materials. Could it be that you want all our clansmen to journey on with empty stomachs? Could it be you want our injured clansmen to lose their lives in the end because there are no medicinal materials to treat them?”

Xiao Yan puckered her small lips while her large eyes were filled with tears when being berated like this, and then she exploded into tears.

“Mo Ya, what’re you doing!?” Meng Wei charged over and frowned as he said with a low voice, “Xiao Yan is still a child, how could you vent your rage on her?”

The group of youths and young children that were practicing surrounded them as well, and all of them remained silent as they looked at the crying Xiao Yan and Mo Ya who carried a furious expression.

But the gazes they shot at Chen Xi were filled with hostility as they seemed to think that it was precisely because of the appearance of this outsider that their Aunty Mo Ya would become so furious.

Chen Xi was stunned. He walked over and squeezed through the crowd before he bent down to embrace the crying Xiao Yan while lightly patting her back, and he said with a gentle voice, “Xiao Yan, don’t cry, good girl.” 

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