Chapter 683 – Going Against A Heavenly Immortal

At the peak of the divine tree and before the Door of Profundity.

The rather handsome figure seemed to have appeared out of thin air. He wore feathered clothes with a star shaped crown on his head, his eyes were suffused with numerous circles of light, and he seemed illusory, mysterious, and brimming with Immortal Energy.

This was a young man with extremely white and clear skin, his fingers were slender, fine, and delicate, and his bearing was tranquil like a poor and gifted scholar from the mortal world.

But an extremely terrifying aura was emitted from his body, and he was capable of casually controlling space and turning the world upside down, whereas the Laws of Space seemed to be made for him.

Along with his appearance, this expanse of the heavens and the earth seemed to have become quiet, every corner was filled with an aura of peace, tranquility, and order.

Bing Shitian!

Chen Xi’s pupils constricted abruptly when he saw this person, and he revealed a heavy expression because he was unable to figure out why this person would appear here no matter how he wracked his head.

“This is the Door of Profundity of legend? Unfortunately, I’ve already deduced that it’s filled with calamity and death, otherwise, I really wanted to go in and see exactly what secret treasures lie within.” Bing Shitian held an exquisite posture and his hands behind his back while looking at the Door of Profundity and sighing lightly.

After that, his gaze descended onto Chen Xi, and he sized Chen Xi up for a long time before he sighed. “I never expected that after not seeing you for a very short period of half a year, you’ve actually grown to such an extent that even Shisan isn’t your match. Moreover, you were able to obtain fortune repeatedly in the Creation Sword Domain and even become the one and only person who walked out safely from the Door of Profundity. Even I have no choice but to admit that you’re a genius that possesses great fortune, and if you’re allowed to continue growing, then perhaps you’ll really be able to mature into an exalted figure.”

Chen Xi’s heart went cold. Never had he ever imagined that Bing Shitian would actually have thorough knowledge of his actions since he’d entered the Dark Parasol’s Abyss. Could it be that he was hiding and following by my side since the beginning?

“But it’s slightly a pity.” Bing Shitian shook his head.

“What’s a pity?” Chen Xi took a deep breath as he slowly suppressed the surprise and anxiousness in his heart, but the nerves in his entire body was strained because he knew that Bing Shitian had come with ill intentions!

It was even to the extent that he’d guessed the reason Bing Shitian had appeared in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss this time was entirely for the sake of annihilating him!

After all, this fellow seemed to have taken Chen Xi to be a thorn in his flesh because of Qing Xiuyi, and he’d cruelly oppressed Chen Xi on numerous occasions in the Primeval Battlefield. If it was said that he’d come here for the sake of idle chatting, then that would be a joke.

Not to mention this fellow wasn’t an upright and aboveboard person at all. Even though he’d entered into a bet with Chen Xi, he hadn’t said that he couldn’t make a move against Chen Xi within those 100 years!

For example, when he headed to the Stone Kingdom’s Moontrace City a few months ago to annihilate the seven dark pheasant demons, he’d found out from the Sect Master of the Violetwind Sect, Wu Zhichong, that the disappearance of his Junior Brother Qingyu wasn’t just related to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s East Radiance Peak’s Master Elder Yue Chi, it was also related to Bing Shitian, and the fundamental reason was that it was just for the sake of dealing with him.

Chen Xi had committed all of this to memory. So when he saw Bing Shitian suddenly make an appearance, he practically instantly determined that this fellow would surely not let him off.

“Unfortunately, a young man like you who possesses the natural talent to become an exalted figure is about to die at my hands today, and all the various precious treasures you obtained from the Creation Sword Domain and Door of Profundity will fall into my hands. I’m sighing with emotion that all your hard work and karmic luck would vanish in an instant.” Suddenly, Bing Shitian’s gaze became icy cold and fierce. In practically an instant, a strand of exceedingly terrifying aura suddenly suffused this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth while rising steadily, causing the air to become chaotic and violent as it whistled towards the surroundings, and it shook the layer of clouds to the point of collapsing inch by inch before vanishing without a trace.

At this instant, everything in the heavens and the earth seemed to have noticed Bing Shitian’s killing intent. The wings and clouds howled furiously, the heavens and the earth dimmed down, and an aura that caused one’s soul to tremble stretched out and filled the heavens and the earth!

“Looks like you’re worried that I would grow to an extent that’s sufficient to threaten you after the hundred year period passes and cause you to lose the bet. So you’re unable to restrain yourself, and you want to swiftly kill me to keep me quiet!?” Chen Xi sensed the change in atmosphere, and his entire body couldn’t help but tense up. However, he sneered endlessly instead, and his tone carried dense ridicule.

Bing Shitian grunted coldly. “I, Bing Shitian, am a dignified Heavenly Immortal. Do I need a reason to kill an ant?”


However, before his voice finished resounding out in the sky, Chen Xi had suddenly made a move. Dao Insights rumbled throughout his body while the Wings of Disruption flowed with divine light, and the Eye of Divine Truth between his brows opened abruptly as the Light of Eradication flickered within.

Besides that, a sword that was dense red like blood appeared on his right hand, and he flashed out swiftly like a bolt of lightning to arrive directly before Bing Shitian and slashed down with this sword!

At this moment, his six times combat strength was exerted to the limit, and the bloody sword was filled with a variety of Grand Dao profundities, causing it to form various grand phenomena of lightning, wind, stars, and so on and so forth.

This bloody sword was the sacred weapon of the Yazi Clan. Even though it didn’t possess an Artifact Spirit, its might was comparable to an Immortal Artifact. At this moment, it was utilized by Chen Xi with all his strength, and its might was so formidable than even if Yan Shisan came forward, he would be slashed to death by this sword strike!

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed to be like a titan that split apart the heavens and the earth, he stepped on the backbone of the sky and surmounted boundless space before a single slash of his sword split open the heavens and the earth.

This sword strike was absolutely the best sword strike Chen Xi had executed since he’d started cultivating, and he’d utilized all his energy and all his strength because he’d sensed that even though Bing Shitian who was before him was still the external avatar of a Heavenly Immortal, its strength was so terrifying it was still capable of looking down upon most Earthly Immortal Realm experts in the Mortal Dimension!

Bing Shitian was absolutely dangerous to the extreme to him.

Because this fellow was hellbent on killing him. Bing Shitian wanted to become Dao Companions with Qing Xiuyi, and for the sake of obtaining victory in the bet between him and Chen Xi, Bing Shitian had to kill Chen Xi.

Chen Xi knew that he was utterly incapable of going against Bing Shitian with his current strength, and he had to make a blitz and seize the initiative, so he might have a slight change of escaping with his life. Otherwise, the consequences of being targeted by this person was unimaginable. 

The bloody sword that carried Chen Xi’s entire strength descended down towards Bing Shitian’s head.

At this moment, time seemed to have stopped.

Bing Shitian didn’t move in the slightest as he looked at Chen Xi who struck towards him, and he seemed to be looking at the toy of a child. At the instant the bloody sword descended down right above his head, he suddenly stretched out his white and slender palm to grab upwards.


His palm that was white as jade actually grabbed onto the bloody sword’s attack, and it didn’t injure his skin in the slightest!

A sword strike from the Yazi Clan’s sacred weapon that was comparable to an Immortal Artifact and was entirely capable of directly killing Yan Shisan had actually been easily resisted by a grab of Bing Shitian’s.

He didn’t utilize an Immortal Artifact, nor did he utilize the formidable energy of the Laws, and he merely stretched out a white and slender palm. Exactly how formidable was his cultivation to accomplish this?

Chen Xi was greatly astounded. This is the ability of a Heavenly Immortal?

A Heavenly Immortal was a true immortal, whereas even though an Earthly Immortal had the word immortal in the cultivation realm, an Earthly Immortal’s strength had only attained the peak of the Mortal Dimension and wasn’t considered an immortal of the Immortal Dimension.

Only a Heavenly Immortal belonged to the Immortal Dimension and belonged to the heavens! They roamed freely through the universe and above the nine heavens while remaining eternal with the ages.

The gap between the two was like the gap between the heavens and the earth, and they were entirely not existences of the same level.

At this instant, Chen Xi understood how great the difference between their strengths were, and he was simply like an ant that was trying to shake a large tree!

“What a treasure! This sword has once drunk the blood of a saint and contains boundless might. Unfortunately, it fell into your hands, like a gleaming pearl that has been thrown into the darkness. It should be given to me to take care of!” Bing Shitian’s expression was indifferent like a supreme king while blazing Immortal Energy suddenly effused out of his white and slender palm that grabbed onto the sword before interweaving into a terrifying energy of the Laws, and it seemed as if it was plucking the strings of a zither as it struck repeatedly on the surface of the bloody sword.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

A wave of rapid clangs that shook the heavens and the earth rumbled through the world while the entire world seemed to be covered by profound Laws, and all the stars and light had completely vanished without a trace and only this ball of blazing Immortal Energy remained.

This ball of Immortal Energy struck repeatedly on the bloody sword. It carried an exceedingly terrifying force that flowed into Chen Xi’s body every time it struck, and it shook him to the point the blood in his entire body flowed in the opposite direction while his internal organs seemed as if they’d been struck by lightning and were on the verge of shattering.

“Chen Xi, you’re just a man while I’m an immortal. One drags out an ignoble existence on the ground while the other lives freely in the heavens. How can you fight me?” Bing Shitian’s expression was cold and indifferent as if he was staring at a tiny ant that would die for sure, and his voice was filled with feelings of superiority and contemp. “You die with a smile on your face for being able to die at my hand!”

At this moment, Chen Xi knew that danger was right before his eyes. When facing a terrifying opponent like this, only by utilizing his own trump card would he have the chance to escape and cultivate before getting even with Bing Shitian.


Chen Xi roared furiously as the Blackhole World within his body circulated madly, causing his True Essence to boil and burn, and even the Immortal Energy emitted by the Dark Parasol sapling had practically risen up completely and was being violently consumed and burned. 

Originally, the Dark Parasol sapling was rooted within his Blackhole World and would naturally emit Immortal Energy to nourish and strengthen his Blackhole World. Under these circumstances, if Chen Xi encountered an expert of the same generation, he would even be able to fight for days and nights with this person while his True Essence wouldn’t dry up in the slightest, allowing him to exhaust his opponent to death.

But now, he was facing a Heavenly Immortal like Bing Shitian. Even though it was only an external avatar, it was even more terrifying than most of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts in the world, and his strength was unfathomable!

So as soon as he made a move, he’d started to burn the True Essence within his Blackhole World, and he’d taken the initiative to start seizing the Immortal Energy emitted by the Dark Parasol sapling for the first time, causing his cultivation to completely explode!

Under the command of the Dao of Talismans, the 10 plus Grand Dao profundities within his Blackhole World were circulated by him to the limit, whereas, the 49 peak-grade Dao Arts and the various profundities contained within the Allheaven Truth was even executed by him.

This circulation of energy and Dao Art to the limit caused his entire body to seem like a surging and burning sun, and it released all the potential within his body at this moment!

At this moment, his entire body seemed to have transformed into an ocean of talisman markings, and within the ocean, the wind, clouds, lightning, five elements, Yin, Yang, and various other Dao Insights rumbled. Moreover, they actually formed a type of profound sense of freedom, and it was an extremely ethereal state.

The bloody sword in his palm emitted an unprecedented bloody glow that dyed the heavens and the earth blood red, and then terrifying phenomena of numerous saints being slaughtered while blood sprayed through the clear sky appeared.

“If saints do not die, then theft will never end. The sword of blood is boundless, and its calling is to annihilate the six senses for the heavens and the earth!” Unknowingly, a string of fervent and excited words flowed within Chen Xi’s heart, and he spoke them like booming thunder as he fiercely slashed out with the bloody sword.


An injury was actually slit open on Bing Shitian’s white and slender palm that held the bloody sword tightly, and it flowed with a string of dazzling and resplendent golden blood!

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