Chapter 682 – The Heavenly Sword of Creation

The hysterical voice of the white haired figure revealed a strand of great panic!

Earlier, he was filled with awe-inspiring martial prowess like a high and might king of gods, and he intended to crush the tiny cauldron as he spoke while emanating a supreme elegant bearing.

However, now, along with the appearance of this wisp of Sword Insight, he was in panic instead, and his awe-inspiring bearing vanished without a trace while disbelief and panic suffused his face.

The Sword of Creation!?

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart as he felt the vast Sword Insight that suffused the surroundings, and a string of words suddenly flashed into appearance within his mind. The Sword of Creation, the exalted expert from the primeval times, mantle of inheritance…

In practically an instant, Chen Xi was enlightened. Perhaps this wisp of Sword Insight was executed by that exalted expert from the primeval times!

This thought had just floated up into his mind when his heart trembled once more. Isn’t this too astounding? It has been countless years since the primeval times until now, could it be that exalted expert is still alive!?


A sword howl shook the heavens and the earth as a broken sword seemed to have been summoned from the chaos, and it appeared towering in the sky while emanating boundless light and emitting sword qi that shot into the sky.

“The Heavenly Sword of Creation! It really is you, it really is you!” The corners of the white haired figure’s mouth trembled as he looked at the broken sword, and he let out a shocking roar of anger that carried boundless resentment and hatred.

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. That broken sword was originally with the Chaotic Divine Crystal, River Diagram fragment, and bronze pagoda, yet it was dim, lusterless, and without the slightest edge, causing it to be extremely inconspicuous.

But who would have thought that it was actually a divine weapon that caused even a Xeno-race Saint Emperor to reveal an expression of panic?

Most astounding to Chen Xi was that he clearly saw the broken sword actually shooting out madly towards him…

After that, something flashed before his eyes. In his daze, he saw an ant fly up from his shoulder, and that extremely tiny body actually surged with an extremely terrifying Sword Insight!

It was so tiny, so ordinary, and no different from any ant in the universe. But now, because of the existence of this Sword Insight, it instantly caused it to become a different existence.

Sword Insight filled the sky like an ocean, and it contained the fortune of the world within its body. It seemed like a god of swords had come from the primeval times, and it caused others to have no choice but to arouse feelings of respect.

It was a peerless Sword Insight that was brilliant and vast, and it gathered the beauty of everything in the world and emitted an eternal divine might!

It seemed as if so long as it was willing, it would be capable of ascending the nine heavens, slashing down the sun, moon, and stars; or descending to the boundless netherworld and annihilating all evil!

Chen Xi was completely stunned. Isn’t this the ant I picked up? It wouldn’t be the exalted expert that was on par with the Dark Parasol Divine Tree during the primeval times, right?

“Fellow Daoist, you’ve finally made a move.” The tiny cauldron sighed lightly.

The tiny ant shook its feelers and seemed to be indicating something. In the next moment, it had already grabbed onto the broken sword and charged towards the white haired figure.


The slash of its sword seemed like the world was being split open once more, causing creation to be born while the sun, moon, and stars circulated within it. The vast Sword Insight seemed to contain boundless profundities, and it was forming the profundities of the changes of the universe.

“Bastard! You were only able to suppress me in the Heavenly Suppression Pagoda all those years ago by joining forces with the Dark Parasol Divine Tree! So many years have passed and even the Heavenly Sword of Creation has broken into two, and it’s impossible for it to regain its former divine might. Do you think you’re still capable of suppressing me!?” The white haired figure roared furiously with a voice that revealed boundless insanity, and his hands flashed repeatedly, causing dark lights to erupt out like a myriad of silver streams were pouring down from the depths of the universe.


The sword light actually instantly slashed apart the myriad of dark lights and cut off a strand of the white haired figure’s hair!

If it wasn’t for him dodging in time, this strike was even sufficient to take his life.

“Dammit! If I wasn’t for my strength being corroded by the boundless years and being incomparable to my prime, how could I allow you to run rampant like this!?” The white haired figure’s hair fluttered with rage, and he was both resentful and disgruntled.

However, unexpectedly, he actually didn’t enter into a fierce battle but directly stretch out his hand to tear space open with the intention of leaving!


The tiny ant slashed out once more when it saw this, causing divine lights to surge as the sword light even slash space apart.


It slashed off half the body of the white haired figure.

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart upon seeing this. But before his heart that was in his throat could return to its place, the white haired figure’s body wriggled before recovering!

But his countenance was already extremely pale and translucent while his entire body was suffused with a decaying and waning aura.

“Let’s make a move together and crush him!” The tiny cauldron howled abruptly while the entire body of the cauldron expanded with a bang, and it was coiled with blazing divine radiances as it crushed down towards the white haired figure.

At the same time, the tiny ant made a move as well. The broken sword soared into the sky like an imposing bolt of lightning, and then it formed an expanse of ancient lightning of creation before slashing down.


Space exploded apart as the white haired figure resisted repeatedly before being blasted into a ball of mush in the end.

He’s probably dead now, right? Chen Xi muttered.

However, his entire body went cold when he saw the ball of mush wriggle before condensing into the white haired figure once more, and he was simply impossible to kill and terrifyingly formidable!

“Dammit! All you natives of the three dimensions deserve death! I’ll surely return within a thousand years and start a bloodbath in the three dimensions!” The white haired figure’s body had already become extremely vague, and it seemed that it was about to shatter in the next moment.

Subsequently, he took a stride out and seemed like he’d surmounted the obstruction of a myriad of spaces, causing his entire body to vanish without a trace.

He got away!?

Chen Xi was stunned because even the joined forces of the tiny cauldron and the tiny ant were incapable of stopping the white haired figure, and this caused him to almost not dare believe his eyes.

“Return within a thousand years and start a bloodbath in the three dimensions

That furious roar that was filled with boundless resentment was still reverberating in the air, and it told Chen Xi that all of this had really happened. 

“What a pity, what a pity…” The tiny cauldron sighed lightly with a voice that revealed desolation and unwillingness that was impossible to conceal. If it possessed the strength it possessed during its prime, then such a scene would surely not have happened, right?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The broken sword suddenly started breaking apart inch by inch, and then it transformed into a ball of bright light that drifted into the air before transforming into nothingness and completely vanishing from the world.

Chen Xi instantly recovered from his shock and looked at this scene with astonishment. He was unable to understand why the broken sword that emanated boundless divine might earlier would collapse inch by inch at this moment.

“So it really is true, all of this was bound to be a cycle that couldn’t be turned around since the beginning…” A faint voice resounded out from the tiny ant.

Along with this sigh, the imposing aura around its body started to fade and dim down… A ray of light flashed, and then it condensed into a white bone that was thick like a chopstick, an inch in length, crystalline, translucent, and suffused with a sheen of divinity. An ancient talisman marking condensed on its surface before transforming into the pattern of an ant in the end.

The white haired figure had vanished, the broken sword collapsed, and the tiny ant had transformed into a jade white little bone. Everything seemed to have returned to silence, and only the damaged sacrificial altar and the mess all over recounted how shocking the battle from before was.

“Why…has it vanished?” After staying silent for a long time, Chen Xi carefully picked up the jade white little bone, and a wisp of sorrow suddenly arose in his heart as he looked at the ant pattern on its surface.

Now, he’d already confirmed that this tiny ant was the exalted expert from the primeval times, and it was the tiny ant that had helped him block Xuan Kui’s attack in his time of danger and saved his life.

It was even to the extent that he’d already guessed that early on when he was climbing up the towering divine tree, it was perhaps because of this tiny ant that the Emperor Ant would assist him.

However, now, after it had forced the white haired figure away with three sword strikes, it had transformed into a piece of white bone, so how could it not cause Chen Xi to feel depressed?

“He’d already passed away a long time ago. What appeared earlier was only a strand of its spiritual brand that it left behind.” The tiny cauldron’s voice had already returned to normal, and it was calm and without the slightest feelings.

“Only a strand of spiritual brand?” Chen Xi was stunned and really didn’t dare imagine any further. It was only a strand of spiritual brand yet was capable of fighting the Xeno-race Saint Emperor to the point he fled. Then exactly how formidable was the tiny ant while it was still alive?

“There’s no need to make wild guesses. No matter if it was the ant or the Xeno-race Saint Emperor, both their strengths weren’t at a thousandth of their actual strengths at their prime during this battle. Otherwise, this Door of Profundity would have probably been destroyed a long time ago.” The tiny cauldron paused for a moment and said, “Quickly get your things and leave this place. If I’m not wrong, it won’t be long before the Dark Parasol’s Abyss will close once more and vanish from the world.” 

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he put away the jade white ant bone the tiny ant left behind, and then he briefly sensed for a moment and found the River Diagram fragment from within the rubble of the damaged sacrificial altar.

This thing was really miraculous and extraordinary. The force caused by Xuan Kui’s sacrifice was extremely enormous, yet it didn’t damage the River Diagram fragment in the slightest, and it still revealed its damaged and ancient appearance.

Regretfully, after the string of unexpected events, the divine medicine that grew on the sacrificial altar, the broken sword, and the bronze pagoda had been obliterated into nothingness. Otherwise, if he gathered all of them, then their worth was so enormous that it would absolutely be capable of causing the gods and immortals to fight to the death for them.

“Let’s go. The Heavenly Sword of Creation and Heavenly Suppression Pagoda are already destroyed and only a strand of their quintessence remain. Even if you obtain it, it’s exceedingly difficult to repair them,” said the tiny cauldron.

Chen Xi nodded and looked once more at the sacrificial altar behind him before turning around and leaving along the same path he came in along.

What he obtained after entered the Door of Profundity this time was already sufficient. There was the quintessence energy of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree, the Chaotic Divine Crystal, the River Diagram fragment, and the jade white ant bone left behind by the exalted expert of the primeval times.

But compared to all these, what he felt to be his greatest gain was still the clear understanding of his strength. From the battle between the white haired mysterious figure, the tiny ant, and the tiny cauldron, he completely understood that he was still too weak now, and it he wanted to survive the coming calamity that affected the three dimensions, he had to work even harder and cultivate even more painstakingly!

Only by strengthening himself would he be unafraid of all threats!


After 10 minutes had passed, Chen Xi left the Door of Profundity, and he once again returned to the divine tree that stood towering through the sky.

As he looked at the pitch black night sky, the quiet and lonely world, and the corpses and bones that filled the ground, a feeling of being worlds apart arose in his heart for no reason or rhyme.

It was as if he’d entered the Door of Profundity and experienced a shocking dream that was absurd and bizarre.

Fortunately, I’m still alive… Chen Xi muttered as he felt an unprecedented feeling of ease. He wished for nothing more than to gather with An Wei and Long Zhenbei right now and return to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect before entering into closed door cultivation to work hard and improve his cultivation.

“Chen Xi, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!” However, right when he was just about to make a move, an icy cold and indifferent voice suddenly sounded out from the distance, and then an extraordinary and handsome figure swiftly appeared from the distant sky.

Why is it him!?

Chen Xi’s pupils abruptly constricted when he saw the appearance of this figure clearly.

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