Chapter 681 – Xeno-race Saint Emperor

Xuan Kui sacrificed herself, and she transformed into a vast dark light that charged into the bloody cloud and crushed the bronze pagoda in one go!

This scene happened too swiftly, and it was too unbelievable. Not to mention Chen Xi hadn’t expected it, even the tiny cauldron wasn’t in time to stop this scene from occurring.

This was an existence whose strength was comparable to a Heavenly Immortal and was capable of deceiving the detection of the Heaven Dao of the three dimensions to sneak into the Dark Reverie, so she surely couldn’t be compared to by an ordinary cultivator, and it was even to the extent that it was extremely likely for her to be an extraordinary figure amongst the Xeno-race.

Yet now, she’d actually sacrificed her life for the sake of destroying the bronze pagoda, and this resolute and ruthless style and disposition to take death calmly caused Chen Xi’s heart to go cold.

He was unable to imagine that if all the Xeno-race experts were ruthless like Xuan Kui, then what sort of calamity would it be to the living beings of the three dimensions?


Before Chen Xi could recover from his shock, the bronze pagoda transformed into a rain of a myriad of pieces that spread into the surroundings, and it drowned out this entire expanse of space.

The ancient sacrificial altar was within this expanse of space, causing it to instantly suffer an extremely great impact. The numerous divine medicine that grew on it were incinerated into nothingness, and even the sacrificial altar suffered heavy damage and was on the verge of collapse.

Suddenly, a wisp of bloody light charged out from within this expanse of chaos, and it transformed into a stalwart and mighty figure. The clothes worn by the figure were old and worn-out while his hair that was white as snow hung down to his waist. His shoulders were like two lofty mountains that spanned across the land, and his backbone was like the pillar that held up the sky. Even though his clothes were tattered, it was impossible to conceal his supreme elegant bearing!

His face was white and could only be considered to be delicate and good looking, but his eyes were boundlessly deep. The sun and moon rose and fell while lightning and the glow of stars were formed within his eyes, and it seemed to be narrating the ancient secrets of the heavens from countless years ago.

He caused others to be unable to help but arouse deep reverence when facing him, and it was like an ant facing a god, one would wish for nothing more than to kneel down in worship and not dare disrespect him in the slightest.

This is…

Chen Xi gasped as he felt that even a glance from afar caused him to have a feeling of horror gush into his heart while his soul even trembled. It was simply like he was facing a supreme ruler, and his mind and body were deeply suppressed by the indescribable dignified aura emitted by this person.

It was too terrifying!

Even a Heavenly Immortal would probably tremble with fear and be extremely cautious when facing such a figure!

Most shocking to Chen Xi was the hands and legs of this mysterious white haired person were actually shackled by chains. Moreover, these shackles had talisman markings interweaved together with them and suffused with Chaotic Qi, and they were profound and unfathomable like a divine chain of order that was capable of confining everything in the world.

“How many years have passed, I’ve finally escaped confinement to see the light of day once again! Hahaha! Could it be that the three dimensions are about to undergo an upheaval once again, and the gods are busy with their own affairs?” The white haired mysterious figure roared with laughter that carried a trace of delight and a strand of resentment, and it was like a thunderclap that rumbled as it echoed throughout every inch of space in this area.

This sound was too great, and it shook Chen Xi to the point his vital blood roiled while his mind was dazed, and he saw stars before his eyes. It was uncomfortable to the point he was on the verge of spitting blood.

“I never expected that the Heavenly Suppression Pagoda was actually suppressing a Xeno-race Saint Emperor within it. Unfortunately, even if you’ve escaped today, it’s impossible for you to escape death!” The tiny cauldron spoke abruptly with an icy cold voice that was filled with killing intent and slight astonishment, but his voice mostly carried deep detest.

As soon as the tiny cauldron spoke, Chen Xi instantly felt his entire body feel relaxed while all the uncomfortableness in his body vanished without a trace. Only now did Chen Xi heave a sigh of relief before looking at the white haired mysterious figure with a lingering fear in his heart, and he said. Xeno-race Saint Emperor? What sort of terrifying great figure is this?

Presently, he finally understood that Xuan Chen and Xuan Kui had absolutely not come to the Door of Profundity for the sake of searching for treasures, and they’d come for the sake of rescuing this white haired mysterious figure that had been suppressed by the Heavenly Suppression Pagoda for countless years!

Crack! Crack!

The white haired figure didn’t move yet the shackles on his limbs collapsed inch by inch before transforming into a pile of fragments that rumbled as they fell to the ground.

“Hmph! Even the Heavenly Suppression Pagoda’s Devil Confinement Chains were incapable of killing me, so who dares be impudent before me?” He turned around with a gaze that was like a deep abyss as it shot directly towards the tiny cauldron, and it carried an oppressive aura like a king that had descended to the world.

“Ha, so it’s only a jade cauldron. Could it be that the gods were worried that I would escape, so they left behind a Saint Artifact beforehand?” When he saw the appearance of the tiny cauldron clearly, the white haired  mysterious figure laughed lightly and didn’t conceal his contempt in the slightest.

“The gods suppressed more than one Saint Emperor like you all those years ago, right?” The tiny cauldron suddenly asked a different question.

“Exactly. Besides the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, there are another nine mysterious places in the three dimensions that trap a few more friends of mine, and now that I think about it, they’ve probably escaped as well.” The white haired mysterious figure didn’t mind at all, and he held his hands behind his back while he said indifferently, “This is nothing shameful. The gods of your three dimensions are similarly suppressed within our divine world outside your three dimensions.”

There are gods of the three dimensions trapped outside the three dimensions as well? Chen Xi was shocked in his heart and simply didn’t dare believe his ears, and he seemed as if he’d heard an absurd fairy tale.

“Looks like since the three dimensions are about to undergo an upheaval, your Xeno-race is unwilling to lay low any longer…” The tiny cauldron sighed with a voice that revealed a trace of desolation.

“Xeno-race? Hmph! To all of us, you natives of the three dimensions are the most despicable existences!” The white haired figure grunted coldly with a voice that revealed hatred that came from the bone.

As he spoke, he actually started to make a move and directly stretched out his hand to grab fiercely at the tiny cauldron. “I’ve already let you know what you should know. Now, you can die!”


Dark lights that were like a sea gushed out along with this grab while his palm seemed to contain the universe, and even space and time was confined by him, causing others to feel a terrifying imposing aura as if they couldn’t escape.

Chen Xi felt his scalp go numb. He was very sure that if this strike was aimed at him, then merely the imposing aura from it was capable of shattering his soul!

The tiny cauldron wasn’t fearful in the slightest, and it grunted coldly before erupting with a myriad of rays of divinity that interweaved together into a beam of the Laws that resisted the grab of the white haired figure.


A deafening rumble resounded out as even time and space were crushed apart, and a blazing rain of light to completely drown this area, causing Chen Xi to be unable to see exactly what had happened.

Chen Xi let out a muffled groan because being affected by the collision of these enormous forces shook him to the point a mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth, and then his entire body was blasted flying. Not to mention resist, he didn’t even have the slightest room to struggle.

He was unable to see everything in the surroundings clearly because the battle between the white haired figure and the tiny cauldron was too terrifying, and it had exceeded all his imaginations. There wasn’t just the utilization of the Laws of the Heaven Dao within the battle, there were also a variety of unbelievable energies that appeared in the battle.

Amongst those of the same generation, perhaps he’d already arrived at an exceedingly dazzling height, but when facing the tiny cauldron and this mysterious figure, he was like a child that had just learned to trudge, and they were miles apart!

“Eh! What a jade cauldron! You’re actually already capable of developing the Laws of the Heaven Dao for your own use, and you’ve become the ruler of a world of your own!”

“Unfortunately, you’re too inferior!”

“Hahaha! You actually dare look down on me! If you were at your prime, then perhaps I really might avoid you. Unfortunately, if I’m not wrong, you seem to have suffered an extremely heavy injury, so your strength is limited.”

“My strength is limited, but killing you is as easy as flipping my palm.”

“Hmph! What high-sounding sentiments! I’ll completely refine you and make you mine!”

Even though the both of them were conversing with each other, the battle had become even more vast and violent, and they fought to the point the world dimmed and the sky collapsed. If was like the scene of the end of the world, and it was sufficient to shock the three dimensions.

Fortunately, this had occurred in the Door of Profundity. Otherwise, merely this battle would be sufficient to cause a calamity in the three dimensions.

This level of battle caused Chen Xi to feel powerless, frustrated, and imminently in danger. Only now did he notice that he was still so weak, so…tiny!

Mother once said that only by attaining the Heavenly Immortal Realm would I merely possess the qualification to go looking for her… If I want to rescue her and reunite her with Chen Hao, then exactly what sort of strength would I need to possess? Chen Xi puckered his lips as he recalled his grandfather’s instruction before his grandfather passed away, and he recalled all the things he went through while he was young, causing his frustrated gaze to start turning clear, firm, and persistent once more.

Only with something to persist on in one’s heart would one be able to achieve success!

So long as I’m alive, then no matter how arduous the journey is, there’ll be a day that I’ll be able to attain a height that’s on par with the gods!

Perhaps… I’ll be able to surpass them, surpass everything in the world, escape the cage that is the heavens and the world, and break through the shackles of the Grand Dao!

At this instant, Chen Xi’s Dao Heart was unprecedentedly firm, clear, and translucent, and it was like a piece of glass that had been washed of its impurities, causing it to seem even more perfect and flawless.

Chen Xi didn’t know that if it was any other cultivator here instead of him, then after the cultivator witnessed this shocking battle, the cultivator would probably be shocked to the point of losing control of his Dao Heart, and it would lead to qi deviation and even death from the disorderly flow of energy!

On the other hand, he’d resisted this shock, and it was equivalent to experiencing tempering and a baptism of battle, causing him to benefit from misfortune and his Dao Heart obtained a rare transformation!

This transformation allowed him to stop fearing for his future, stop holding on to the past, and stop being frustrated about the present. It allowed him to become composed and natural, and it was immeasurably beneficial to his future cultivation.

Actually, when one cultivated the Dao, one was cultivating the heart. Dao Heart, if the heart was in chaos, then the world would be in chaos, so how would one cultivate techniques or comprehend the Dao?


Right at this moment, an enormous bang that shook the heavens resounded out as the tiny cauldron was blasted flying, and its entire body shook violently while the divine radiance that suffused its surroundings dimmed down greatly.

“Hmph! Quickly allow yourself to be captured and submit to me!” A cold grunt sounded out as the white haired figure walked over like a god descending to the world while carrying a peerless dignified bearing.

The tiny cauldron is injured?! Chen Xi’s pupils constricted abruptly as he felt disbelief because someone as formidable as the tiny cauldron had actually lost!

“Refine!” The white haired figure shouted out explosively. He raised his hand as if he was spinning the moon, and blazing dark light erupted out and slapped fiercely towards the tiny cauldron. He knew very clearly that the jade cauldron would have no room to struggle after this strike hit!


However, it was at this critical moment that an indescribable aura of Sword Insight suddenly suffused this expanse of space, and it caused everything to fall into extreme terror.

It was like a god of swords had descended, and the vast Sword Insight practically contained all the energy of creation in the universe, and it was simple capable of shocking the world and moving the gods!

“The Sword of Creation!?” The white haired mysterious figure was shocked as his expression turned grim, and he seemed to have suffered extreme irritation as he roared madly. “How could this be possible! The Dark Parasol Divine Tree perished along with you, so how could you possibly still be alive!?” 

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