Chapter 680 – Heavenly Suppression Pagoda

This woman was extremely terrifying, she possessed a peerlessly beautiful appearance, yet was icy cold and ruthless in personality, and coupled with her formidable strength, she was simply like a goddess of slaughter!

Since he started cultivating until now, Chen Xi had encountered many female opponents that were difficult to deal with, but it was the first time one was so formidable like Xuan Kui, to the point he was powerless to resist.

Her attack was executed casually, yet seemed as if it had broken through the boundaries of space and enveloped the surroundings, causing him to be unable to avoid or escape it. In the end, he was heavily injured and on the verge of death.

But the only thing that made Chen Xi feel slightly at ease was the tiny cauldron had seized this opportunity to obtain the Chaotic Divine Crystal and was refining it, so he believed it wouldn’t be long before the tiny cauldron would be able to erupt with shocking divine might and crush these two Xeno-race experts.

However, the next scene caused his heart to fall to rock bottom because Xuan Kui didn’t give him a chance to catch his breath at all, and she charge over towards him once more.

“A weak little native actually dares to play tricks on me? It’ll be impossible to eliminate the hatred in my heart without burning your bones and scattering your ashes!” Xuan Kui grunted coldly. Her eyes were icy cold and filled with killing intent as she raised her hand with the intention of annihilating Chen Xi.

However, right at this critical moment, rumbling that shook the heavens resounded out abruptly, and then an extremely terrifying flow of air swept out towards the surroundings of the sacrificial altar, giving rise to a storm of dirt and surging baleful energy that threw the entire surroundings into chaos.

It felt as if a peerless expert had awoken from his deep slumber and stood up proudly while revealing a terrifying aura that was capable of shaking the nine heavens and the entire world.

“Hmm?” Xuan Kui’s eyes lit up.

“Hahaha! I’ve finally completely sacrificed all these natives to the Octopole Darklight formation. Xuan Kui, swiftly come help me break open this bronze pagoda!” Amidst the chaos, Xuan Chen’s icy cold and cruel voice sounded out, and it was filled with joy and complacency.

“Alright, I’m coming!” The corners of Xuan Kui’s mouth curled into a wisp of a smile, and she couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to Chen Xi any longer. She flicked her sleeve and struck a jet black light out towards him before turning and leaving. As far as she was concerned, this strike was sufficient to annihilate Chen Xi.

After all, this weak little native was already on the verge of death, and it would be strange if this strike was unable to kill him.


Unfortunately, Xuan Kui didn’t notice that at the instant the wisp of jet black light she struck out was about to arrive at the space between Chen Xi’s brows, a strand of shapeless sword light appeared abruptly and slashed down, and it crushed the jet black light with ease.

The entire process occurred in less than a millisecond, and it was swift to the point Chen Xi hadn’t even reacted to what had happened before that wisp of lethal jet black light had been completely disintegrated. From the beginning until the end, not even the slightest sound was emitted, it was silent like snow melting in water, and everything was so natural and calm.

But when Chen Xi who’d escaped death reacted to what had happened, he gasped instead because that wisp of sword light wasn’t executed by him nor was it the tiny cauldron, and it was someone else!

Who was it?

This person was actually capable of dealing with the strike so easily? That was the lethal strike of a Xeno-race expert, and if it was an Earthly Immortal Realm expert resisting it, it would be impossible for them to achieve it with such ease!

Chen Xi was shocked, yet he didn’t notice anyone when he looked towards the surroundings.

But in next to no time, he couldn’t care about thinking about all this. He made great efforts to circulate the Shaman Energy in his entire body and repair the broken bones and injuries in his entire body. At the same time, he utilized the energy of his Blackhole World to regulate his internal circulation and quickly calm down his internal circulation that was on the verge of falling into disorder while nourishing his vitality that was on the brink of depletion.

That strike of Xuan Kui’s from before had almost taken his life. But fortunately, his body refinement cultivation was sufficiently strong. So long as his Soul Core wasn’t destroyed, he would be able to be reborn from a drop of blood and coupled with the assistance of the Dark Parasol sapling, his injuries were stabilized in practically a short moment and was quickly healing.

During this process, the tiny cauldron had flown back to him, and it was refining and absorbing the Chaotic Divine Crystal with all its might. Unfortunately, the damaged turtle shell had been stopped by Xuan Kui and seized away.

But Chen Xi wasn’t worried because the tiny cauldron had already seized the Chaotic Divine Crystal back, and it wouldn’t be long before it would be able to condense an even more terrifying strength to completely crush those two Xeno-race experts.

Presently, it was the scene occurring in the distance that caused him to be horrified.

Xuan Chen and Xuan Kui floated in midair there like two gods of devils with fluttering golden robes and long hair, and they struck out numerous profound and obscure seals towards the Octopole Darklight formation.

In next to no time, the grand formation erupted with a blazing bloody glow that seemed like a shocking dragon had started to roar and roll about violently, and then it actually condensed into a millstone sized bloody cloud in the end.

Obscure talisman markings surged on the bloody cloud while ghosts, ferocious beasts, evil spirits, skeletons, and various other phenomena flickered frequently within it, and it was suffused with a monstrous aura that caused the heavens and the earth to be thrown into a shade.

At the instant it appeared, the bronze pagoda that was mottled with rust had been smashed down.


A bloody glow shot out explosively while emanating deafening rumbling, and waves of obscure and indescribable howling faintly sounded out from within it. It sounded bizarre and ghastly, and it was like the god the Xeno-race offered sacrifice to was roaring with fury.

The bronze pagoda trembled and seemed to have been infuriated, it’s body that was mottled with rust glowed with spraying out a myriad of profound talisman markings as it violently resisted the bloody cloud.

“You actually still dare to resist! Destroy!” Xuan Chen shouted out explosively as a wisp of madness flashed within his eyes, and then he spat out a mouthful of blue colored Blood Essence before pouring it into the Octopole Darklight formation, causing the bloody cloud’s aura to rise steadily.

It became strenuous for the bronze pagoda, causing its entire body to emit cracking sounds of trembling, and it seemed to be on the verge of being destroyed, but its aura remained terrifying and emanated a resolute aura of refusing to yield even until death.

In the distance, Chen Xi was greatly shocked because he clearly discerned these two Xeno-race experts seemed to have not come here for the sake of obtaining the bronze pagoda but for the sake of completely destroying it!

What do they intend to do?

An existence like the bronze pagoda was an immortal treasure that had survived since the primeval times, and its value was much higher than the Immortal Artifacts in the world now. Even though it looked to be mottled with rust and damaged, its divine might that remained eternal through the ages was something that other Immortal Artifacts were unable to compare to.

Even Chen Xi had discerned that even if Heavenly Immortals saw such an existence like the bronze pagoda, they would covet it to the point of fighting to the death to obtain it!

But these two Xeno-race experts seemed to want to utterly destroy it. What do they want to do this? Could it be that the existence of the bronze pagoda forms some sort of lethal threat to the Xeno-race?


During the moment Chen Xi was pondering, the bronze pagoda was struck by the bloody cloud to the point of being blasted flying, causing numerous cracks to appear on its body that was mottled with rust, and it seemed to be on the very of shattering.

“Hahaha! Heavenly Suppression Pagoda, you were able to hide within the Door of Profundity, but for how long will you be able to hide? You had the audacity to suppress a Saint Emperor of my race all those years ago, yet did you even think that this day would come?” Xuan Chen roared with laughter than was filled with madness and complacency.

“Don’t talk nonsense and swiftly destroy it. The commotion created here is too great, and if it’s noticed by the Laws of the Heaven Dao of the three dimensions, then both of us will be unable to hide!” Xuan Kui’s expression was icy cold and resolute.

“Alright! We’ll accomplish it in one go and crush it!” Xuan Chen took a deep breath as a wisp of an extremely ruthless expression flashed within his eyes.

A wisp of burning anxiety arose in Chen Xi’s heart for no reason or rhyme when he saw this scene, and he seemed to have sensed that great chaos would ensue if the bronze pagoda was destroyed by the two Xeno-race experts.

“All those years ago, the gods led an expedition outside the three dimensions and crushed the 3,000 Xeno-race worlds, taking a myriad of lives and causing blood to spray throughout the universe, and it established the renowned and supreme reputation of my three dimensions. Now, two tiny little Xeno-race dare to come over and cause trouble, could it be that you’ve forgotten the lesson from all those years ago?” Right when Xuan Chen and Xuan Kui were about to make a move and utterly destroy the bronze pagoda, a voice that was filled with murderous coldness drifted out abruptly.

Chen Xi instantly heaved a sigh of relief as his entire body relaxed because the tiny cauldron had finally made a move, and it caused him to be filled with anticipation.

“Who is it!”

“Get the fuck out here!”

Xuan Chen and Xuan Kui were shocked, and their expression became gloomy.

“Who am I?” You’ll know after you die!” Accompanying this voice, a jade cauldron appeared out of thin air with a bang!

It was completely jade-like and crystalline while flowing with a divine radiance, and it flickered with divinity. The surroundings of the cauldron flowed with a thousand rays of light, a myriad of rays of auspicious glows, and surging profound divine markings. Moreover, the sound of the chanting of the gods sounded out faintly, causing it to possess an exalted aura that was vast, lofty, and encompassed everything in the world.

But regretfully, there was a gap at the mouth of the cauldron, causing this perfectness to have a flaw. However, even then, this jade cauldron was still formidable to the extreme, and it caused Xuan Kui and Xuan Chen to both sense a trace of an extremely dangerous aura.

Both their expressions turned grim right away because this jade cauldron was too terrifying, and merely the aura it emitted caused their hearts to tremble.

“Quickly! I’ll deal with it, and you crush the Heavenly Suppression Pagoda!” Xuan Chen shouted out explosively while his expression was completely serious, and he flashed out to pounce towards the tiny cauldron.

At the same time, Xuan Kui made a move as well. She arrived above the bloody cloud while her entire body flowed with boundless dark lights, and she poured her entire cultivation into the bloody cloud before it smashed down towards the bronze pagoda.

“No matter who you are, since you dare obstruct our plans, then you must die!” Xuan Chen roared explosively and gloomily while his arms shook, causing a myriad of strange and cold jet black lights to spray out explosively, and they condensed into an obscure and warped pattern that struck towards the tiny cauldron.

“Die!” The tiny cauldron lightly spat out a single word while emitting a strand of peerlessly vast divine radiance that swept out, and it seemed as if it had torn through space to arrive before Xuan Chen before fiercely smashing onto his body.

A muffled hiss resounded out before Xuan Chen’s entire body was crushed apart like a mass of paper, and his deep blue colored blood sprayed through the sky. He was actually killed on the spot with a single strike!Even if he knew since the beginning that the tiny cauldron’s divine might was invincible, Chen Xi still couldn’t help but feel deep shock when he saw this scene.

Formidable! Truly too formidable!

After all, Xuan Chen had relied on the Octopole Darklight formation to slaughter an entire 10 plus Earthly Immortal Realm experts! Yet now, he was actually crushed into pieces by a single strike from the tiny cauldron, and it was impossible to describe this shocking scene with words.

“Xuan Chen!” Xuan Kui’s pupils dilated as well when she saw this scene, and a wisp of astonishment appeared on her face. She didn’t dare believe that the jade cauldron that appeared suddenly actually possessed such terrifying strength.

But right after that, a wisp of resolution appeared on her peerlessly beautiful face, and she seemed to have made some sort of decision.

“Dark light of the Netherworld, take me as sacrifice and link up with the myriad of spirits. Transform all immortals and devils into ash, transform all evil into nothingness…” A string of obscure and unfathomable chanting echoed out from Xuan Kui’s mouth.

After that, Chen Xi saw her entire body actually started to burn up before transforming into a blazing dark light that flew into the bloody cloud.


The bloody cloud expanded swiftly while turning dense to the point it seemed material, and it roiled without end while strands of evil energy that seemed like a curse coiled out from within it. 


It directly crushed the bronze pagoda into pieces! 

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