Chapter 679 – Seizing Treasures


The Octopole Darklight enveloped every single inch of space in the surroundings of the entire sacrificial altar.

This sort of strange dark light was weird and ghastly, yet filled with an extremely hot energy that seemed capable of melting the world and incinerating everything in the world into ash.

At the instant it appeared, it burned space to the point of emitting a wave of hissing sounds before space started to warp and roil violently. All the restrictions that originally enveloped the surroundings of the sacrificial altar were activated, causing them to erupt with a rumble. A surging airflow that was blazing and terrifying swept through the surroundings and caused the world to turn dim.

It was too terrifying!

The might of this formation was practically capable of crushing the sun, smashing the moon, and destroying the sky. It suddenly swept out and enveloped down, and it instantly caught those Earthly Immortal Realm experts off guard, causing them to dodge endlessly in a sorry state.

“This is?”

“Dammit! We’ve fallen into an ambush!”

“What a terrifying grand formation! This dark light is actually so vicious, and it even corrodes the flesh and soul!”

“Shit! This is the Darkflame Devil Light of the Darklight World that’s outside the three dimensions! The person that launched this attack is a Xeno-race expert!”

These Earthly Immortal Realm experts had lived for countless years and possessed wide knowledge from their age. They practically instantly discerned that this dark light grand formation that had appeared abruptly was actually a terrifying force that was solely possessed by a world outside the three dimensions!

In other words, they’d fallen into the ambush of Xeno-race experts!

How many years has it been since Xeno-race experts have made an appearance in the three dimensions? The last time they made an appearance was during the Primordial Era a million years ago, and it’s truly too far away from now. It’s far away to the point the three dimensions have practically forgotten the existence of these heretics. 

However, now, at the depths of the Door of Profundity and before the sacrificial altar, Xeno-race experts had actually made an appearance once again. Could it be that the three dimensions are really about to enter a period of great chaos?

When they thought up to here, the expressions of all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts turned grim, and they couldn’t care about the numerous divine medicines and treasures on the sacrificial altar any longer. Immortal Energy rumbled around their bodies as they withdrew various terrifying magic treasures and Divine Abilities as they exerted all their strength to resist the terrifying dark light that corroded towards them from all direction.


Immortal Energy charged out like a shocking dragon swinging its tail, causing various blazing rays of light to collide with each other like numerous volcanoes colliding and erupting. They shook the heavens and the earth and caused space to be shattered before falling into an expanse of cause. It rather seemed like the descent of a calamity, and it was like the scene of the end of the world.

At this moment, when facing the ambush set up by the Xeno-race experts, all these Earthly Immortal Realm experts didn’t dare hold back in the slightest, and all of them executed their strongest abilities. All of their figures seemed mighty like gods as they stood towering in the heavens and the earth. Every single one of their attacks practically possessed the might to annihilate an entire city.

However, what caused their hearts to feel heavy was that this grand formation was actually terrifying to the extreme, and they were actually incapable of destroying it after gathering together the might of all 10 plus of them!

After all, with their collective strength and under the state that they exerted all their strength and put their lives on the line, even an immortal formation would be destroyed and crushed by them. But now, they were unable to do anything against this formation before them, so how could they not be shocked?

It was even to the extent that those exceedingly vicious dark lights became even more violent, and they formed into numerous strange phantoms that seemed like countless savage and bloodthirsty devils that encircled the Earthly Immortal Realm experts with the intention of feeding on their souls and drinking their blood.

At this moment, the hearts of those Earthly Immortal Realm experts fell to rock bottom as they felt the situation was very bad. They knew extremely clearly that if this were to continue that they would probably be unable to obtain the divine treasures and might even perish within the Door of Profundity.

“Dammit! When did these Xeno-race experts come here? How did they avoid the detection of the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the three dimensions?”

“It’s useless to speak about all this now. Fellow Daoists, the situation is extremely disadvantageous to us now, and it’s even to the extent that our lives are in danger. If we still don’t resist with all our strength, I’m afraid…”

“Kill! Let’s go all out! Even if we give up our lives, we must kill these Xeno-race bastards!”


Under the stimulation of death, the eyes of all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts turned red as their beards fluttered with rage. They seemed as if they’d gone mad as they charged forward while roaring, and they carried a ruthless appearance as if they intended to risk their lives.

Sure enough, the Octopole Darklight grand formation started to shake violently under their desperate attacks. It shook while being on the verge of shattering, and it was about to be destroyed.

“Hmph! You group of bumpkins! You’ve entered my Octopole Darklight formation, yet still intend to live?”

However, before they could feel delighted, a ghastly and cold voice suddenly sounded out, and accompanying this voice was a male that wore a golden robe that appeared abruptly within the grand formation.

His figure was tall, his appearance was handsome, and his golden robe was embroidered with numerous strange and warped patterns that caused him to carry an even more strange and ghastly bearing.

Shockingly, this golden robed man was Xuan Chen. At the instant he appeared, he stretched out his white and long finger before swiping it in the sky, causing a wisp of pitch black and gloomy light that slash out.

This pitch black light was suffused with an obscure, terrifying, and icy cold aura that seemed capable of passing judgment on everything in the world. At the instant it appeared, it appeared before an Earthly Immortal Realm expert as if it had teleported, and then it swiped down lightly.


A head that was tainted with blood flew into the sky while a scarlet red fountain of blood sprayed out from his neck, and the Earthly Immortal Realm expert didn’t even let out a shrill cry before collapsing to the ground.

In merely a single strike, he’d actually annihilated an Earthly Immortal Realm expert!

Most horrifying of it all was that after this Earthly Immortal Realm expert died, his flesh, muscle, bones, and internal organs were completely incinerated into nothingness, whereas his blood gurgled out and was entirely absorbed by the dark light within the grand formation instead. In only an instant, the might of this grand formation had actually risen greatly!

This scene almost terrified those Earthly Immortal Realm experts to the point their souls left their bodies. Never had they ever imagined that this Xeno-race expert that suddenly made an appearance would be so formidable and annihilate one of their companions with a single strike.

“Hahaha! Die! You natives of the three dimensions should have been rendered extinct countless years ago, and it’s already sufficiently benevolent that you’ve been allowed to live until now!” Xuan Chen roared with laughter, and his voice was vicious and bloodthirsty like a god of devils. “Now, allow me, Xuan Chen, to end your lives and utilize your flesh and blood as sacrifice for the Octopole Darklight formation!” As he spoke, he moved with footsteps that shook the sky, and his hands struck out with countless black and silent lights that seemed like eternal night. These lights drew upon the energy of the grand formation and fused with the might of the grand formation to utilize the might of the grand formation, and it directly assaulted those Earthly Immortal Realm experts.

“Fight with him to the death!” All of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts roared furiously while their eyes almost split apart. At this critical moment of life and death, how could they be willing to resign themselves to death?


The battle erupted once more as various violent lights covered everything here. 


At the other side, under the tiny cauldron’s protection, Chen Xi didn’t suffer the attacks of the Octopole Darklight formation. At this moment, all his thoughts were converged onto the Chaotic Divine Crystal on the sacrificial altar.


Right when Xuan Chen made an appearance and entered into battle with the Earthly Immortal Realm experts, he made a move as well. He executed the Wings of Disruption and swiftly flew onto the sacrificial altar before he stretched his hand out to grab the Chaotic Divine Crystal.

According to what the tiny cauldron said, only by obtaining the Chaotic Divine Crystal and consuming it would the tiny cauldron possess sufficient energy to completely put an end to these two Xeno-race experts. Otherwise, with its current state, it could only heavily injure them and be unable to make them leave their lives behind.

After all, even though these two Xeno-race experts could only be exerted to the level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, that was because they were affected by the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the three dimensions. Otherwise, if they were to erupt with their entire strengths, their strengths wouldn’t be inferior to Heavenly Immortals.

Bang!However, before Chen Xi could approach, an exceedingly terrifying and enormous force suddenly assaulted him from the side, and it shook him to the point he was blasted flying. The bones and tendons in his entire body ached intensely as if his body had fallen to pieces, and he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

It was even to the extent that if he didn’t possess the might of the tiny cauldron protecting him, merely this strike would be sufficient to take his life!

“Eh, a tiny Nether Transformation Realm cultivator is capable of withstanding a strike of mine?” A voice that was pleasing to the ear sounded out, and it revealed a wisp of surprise.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to glance over and saw a young woman in a golden robe who had a peerlessly beautiful appearance was suddenly standing at the side of the sacrificial altar. Shockingly, it was one of the Xeno-race experts!

A wisp of bitterness instantly suffused his heart. I really started off on the wrong foot. I was only a step away from success, yet never had I expected this obstacle would suddenly make an appearance.

“You little native, your cultivation is so low yet you’re able to arrive within the Door of Profundity and appear at the side of the sacrificial altar while actually deceiving my senses. It’s truly strange.”

This woman was naturally Xuan Kui. She sized Chen Xi up with surprise, and her deep gaze seemed to intend to see through all Chen Xi’s secrets.

“In my opinion, you Xeno-race people from outside the three dimensions appearing here is the true strange thing.” Chen Xi took a deep breath as he secretly circulated his Blackhole World, causing the injuries on his entire body to swiftly recover to its original state.

Xuan Kui stated laughing yet disregarded the ridicule and detest in Chen Xi’s words, and she glanced at the Chaotic Divine Crystal and said, “This object is a quintessence crystal from the chaos when the three dimensions hadn’t been formed, it’s a natural divine treasure. Your discerning ability can be considered to be not bad since you were able to select it from all these treasures.” 

Chen Xi puckered his lips and maintained his silences while he swiftly communicated with the tiny cauldron in his heart. “Senior, why don’t we seize this opportunity? I’ll distract her while you go obtain the Chaotic Divine Crystal yourself, and then put an end to the two of them.”

“Are…you sure?” The tiny cauldron hesitated.

“How would I know if I don’t try?” Chen Xi’s voice revealed a wisp of firmness and resolution.

“Alright, so long as a breath remains in you, I’ll surely rescue you back to life!” As soon as it finished speaking, the tiny cauldron swiftly transformed into a wisp of light that shot towards the Chaotic Divine Crystal.

“Hmm? You actually dare to play tricks under my nose?” Xuan Kui’s eyes went cold as she flicked her sleeve towards the tiny cauldron with the intention of stopping and destroying it.


However, right at the instant she made a move, the damaged turtle shell that originally floated silently atop the sacrificial altar trembled abruptly before flying down as if it was summoned.

This scene couldn’t help but cause Xuan Kui to be slightly stunned, and her movements slowed down slightly.

“I forgot to tell you. My objective was only this turtle shell.” Chen Xi smiled lightly as he stretched out his hand with the intention of grabbing the damaged turtle shell.

At this moment, Xuan Kui couldn’t care about stopping and destroying the tiny cauldron, and she stretched out her hand to strike out with a strange jet black light that flew right at Chen Xi.

She was already dazed by the scenes that had occurred before her, and she was unable to discern the truth within Chen Xi’s words. But she knew very clearly that so long as she killed Chen Xi, everything would be resolved!


Xuan Kui’s strength was too terrifying, and her attacks seemed to have broken through the shackles of space a long time ago, causing it to be extraordinarily swift and terrifyingly mighty. Chen Xi didn’t even have the time to react when he was blasted flying while his flesh split apart, innumerable injuries appeared on his body, and countless bones in his body were broken.

Merely a single strike had caused him to suffer a fatal heavy injury, and he was on the verge of death! 

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