Chapter 678 – Octopole Darklight

A mysterious and strange force had opened up a space in the sky at the side of the sacrificial altar, and the Xeno-race experts, Xuan Chen and Xuan Kui, were standing within this space at this moment.

“Is everything ready?” Xuan Chen’s eyes were dim, cold, and cruel as he stared at the bronze pagoda on the distant sacrificial altar, and a wisp of indescribable excitement couldn’t help but arise in his heart when he thought of everything the Lord had instructed him with.

“Wait a moment, it just lacks the final step.” At the side, Xuan Kui held a silver blade that was curved like a snake as she lightly slit open her finger, and then a strand of deep blue colored blood actually flowed out and gradually entered into a piece of beast skin on the ground.

The beast skin was completely shiny black, its surface was glossy like water and branded with numerous strange and bizarre patterns that seemed like demons yet weren’t demons, seemed like devils yet weren’t devils, and they were like numerous savage infant mouths that were ceaselessly absorbing the deep blue blood that flowed out from Xuan Kui’s finger.

Xuen Chen couldn’t help but be slightly anxious when he saw this. This beast skin was handed over to them by the Lord. Supposedly, it was extracted from a formidable demon in the depths of the universe called the Soulsmite Beast.

The Soulsmite Beasts possessed a ferocious strength, and the weakest amongst them were comparable to an Earthly Immortal Realm expert. They formed packs as they wandered about the depths of the universe while feeding upon stars and meteoroids, and they loved torturing and killing the souls of various living beings the most. They were cruel, irritable, and extremely formidable.

The entire essence of this cruel creature was in its skin, and it contained various mysterious brands, causing it to be a supreme material to refine formation disks.

Presently, Xuan Kui was refining a formation called the Octopole Darklight. Once it was refined successfully, it was capable of annihilating enemies, yet most importantly, it was capable of eliminating various terrifying restrictions!

Their goal this time was the bronze pagoda on the sacrificial altar, and if they wanted to obtain it, then could only eliminate the terrifying restrictions that densely covered the surroundings first.


After 10 minutes had passed, Xue Kui’s peerlessly beautiful face was completely pale from losing too much Blood Essence. But the effect was extremely obvious. At this instant, the beast skin suddenly emanated circle after circle of mysterious ripples that were ghastly, cold, and caused one’s soul to be unable to refrain from trembling.

“It’s done. Now, we only need the blood of these natives of the three dimensions as sacrifice in order to bring forth the strongest might of the Octopole Darklight formation and utterly destroy the restrictions on that bronze pagoda.” Xue Kui took a deep breath as she hurriedly consumed a bottle of medicinal pills, causing her pale countenance to recover greatly and become slightly rosy.

“Haha, talking about these natives of the three dimensions. It truly is laughable. I originally thought that they would be utterly incapable of stepping foot here with their natural endowments, yet never had I imagined that they would actually make their way here.” Xuan Chen laughed lightly while a cruel and bloodthirsty arc appeared on the corners of his mouth. “But they’ve come in vain in the end, and they’ll play the role of supplying sufficient blood for us. In this way, the assignment this time will absolutely be able to be completed easily.”

“Right, there seems to have been another little fellow that had come over before we entered the Door of Profundity.” Xuan Kui smiled, and then seemed to have thought of something, causing her to frown as she said, “Yet now, he has actually vanished without a trace. It’s slightly strange.”

“What’s there to make a fuss about? He’s only a little native at the Nether Transformation Realm. Even if he enters the Door of Profundity, it would be impossible for him to escape the restriction of the Dimension Maze. He’s probably already completely lost within it right now.” Xuan Chen shook his head, and his handsome face was covered in disdain and indifference.

“Alright, there’s no time to waste, let’s make a move right now!” Xuan Kui knew herself that she had been thinking a bit too much as a little fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm was utterly not worth mentioning.

“Alright!” Xuan Chen’s eyes erupted with a cold glow that was bloodthirsty and ruthless. 


At the other side, Chen Xi stood silently at a remote corner of the sacrificial altar. He’d already obtained the guidance of the tiny cauldron and knew that the two Xeno-race experts were hiding on the other side.

Even though their strengths were formidable, he wasn’t afraid because there was no need for him to be too worried with the tiny cauldron present.

“Senior, is that the Chaotic Divine Crystal?” Chen Xi’s gaze focused onto the fist sized black colored crystal on the sacrificial altar.

This crystal flowed with misty chaotic qi that was jet black, dazzling, and sprinkled down like a rain of light. It possessed a unique quintessence aura that seemed to come from the moment the heavens and the earth were split apart.

“Exactly. It’s capable of recovering a small portion of my injuries, and it’s a rather shocking treasure. Unfortunately, there are too few still remaining in the world, and within the Mortal Dimension, it can only be found in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss,” answered the tiny cauldron.

Since very long ago, Chen Xi knew that the tiny cauldron had suffered a heavy injury and required divine materials to repair itself. At that time in the Primeval Battlefield, it had once utilized the sacred object of the Violent Waterflame Apes, the Obliteration Tablet, to recover its injuries.

But when he heard that this Chaotic Divine Crystal that was like a divine treasure was actually only capable of recovering a small portion of the tiny cauldron’s injuries, Chen Xi still couldn’t help but be astounded in his heart. In his heart, the tiny cauldron had always been a practically all powerful existence that was mysterious and formidable, yet it actually had such a terrifying injury. Who gave it this heavy injury all those years ago?

“Hmm? That damaged turtle shell seems…seems….” Chen Xi inadvertently glanced out of the corners of his eyes, and when he saw the damaged turtle shell at the side of the Chaotic Divine Crystal, he couldn’t help but be stunned, and he sensed a unique and familiar aura from it.

“A River Diagram fragment!” In next to no time, Chen Xi reacted to it, and that strand of familiar aura was precisely from the River Diagram fragments that he was so familiar with!

Once he realized this, a wisp of excitement couldn’t help but suffuse Chen Xi’s heart. Besides the three River Diagram fragments that floated within his sea of consciousness, he hadn’t seen this thing for a very long time.

If he was able to take possession of this River Diagram fragment as well, then he would possess four pieces, and he would only lack the final piece of gather the complete River Diagram!

Of course, this wasn’t the main point, the main point was that when he obtained a River Diagram fragment last, it was in Silken City. At that time, he clearly remembered that after he fused those three River Diagram fragments together, he grasped a supreme Divine Ability that shook the ages from it, the Eye of Divine Truth!

Now, if I’m able to gather four fragments, then what shocking inheritance would I be able to obtain from it?

Merely thinking about it caused Chen Xi to be filled with yearning.

The Chaotic Divine Crystal and River Diagram fragment. Then what shocking divine treasures are the broken sword and bronze pagoda that’s mottled with rust? Chen Xi took a deep breath, and he obtained an even deeper understanding about why the Door of Profundity would be chased after by so many people and cause all the great figures of the three dimensions to arouse covetous intentions. Any single one of the treasures within it was capable of causing a mighty uproar if placed in the outside world.

“Be careful. Those two Xeno-race experts are about to make a move. At that time, wait for them to break open the restrictions before you seize the opportunity to grab the Chaotic Divine Crystal.” The tiny cauldron reminded with a voice that was murderous and icy cold. “On the other hand, I’ll look for an opportunity to make a move against those two!”

“Alright!” Chen Xi took a deep breath and started to silently circulate his Blackhole World. His mind was empty while his will was completely concentrated, and he stared fixedly at the Chaotic Divine Crystal on the sacrificial altar.


In the next moment, a beast skin suddenly flew out from the space at the side of the sacrificial altar before floating in midair, and then it surged with strands of dazzling and blazing profound light, causing it to seem like a river of stars that swept out towards the surroundings while emitting rumbling that shook the heavens.

In merely an instant, it actually enveloped the entire surroundings of the sacrificial altar! 

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