Chapter 677 - Divine Medicine and Treasures

All the Earthly Immortal Realm experts felt a mix of resentment and hatred, but they were helpless and felt exceedingly aggrieved.

But at the same time, they had to admit that Chen Xi was indeed someone with great karmic luck as he was able to obtain a variety of protection wherever he went, and even the supreme restriction, Dimensional Maze, that even saints would turn pale at the sight of was unable to do anything to him.

Such fortune was something even they couldn’t help but envy.

“Fellow Daoists, calm your anger. I’ve utilized a secret technique and sacrificed 1,000 years of my lifespan to execute a soul branding technique and have locked onto this kid. We just have to follow along the path he took, and we’ll be able to catch up to and kill him!” Suddenly, a wisp of a cruel expression suffused Ancestor Ling Ya’s gaunt face, and he said gloomily, “Doesn’t this kid receive protection at every corner? We’ll make him open up the way for us while we follow behind, and perhaps we’ll even be able to find that shocking secret treasure!”

“Haha! How courageous of you, Fellow Daoist Ling Ya!”

“Fellow Daoist Ling Ya, if we’re able to locate that enormous fortune this time, we’ll surely not let you suffer a loss!”

“I’m ashamed, so ashamed. All of us has been angered by that bastard kid to the point of losing our heads, and only Fellow Daoist Ling Ya thought it through. It’s truly admirable.”

The spirits of the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts were refreshed when they heard this, and they smiled to Ancestor Ling Ya.

Ling Ya roared with laughter as well, but he sneered endlessly in his heart. Once we find that shocking secret treasure, would all you old goats allow me to take sole possession of it? Even the words of ghosts can be trusted, but not all of you!




Chen Xi’s figure flashed swiftly towards the depths of the hall. Under the guidance of the tiny cauldron, every single step he took would step on a ‘safe point’ of the Dimensional Maze.

In this way, he didn’t have to worry about going the wrong way and being completely lost within the restriction.

This hall that existed within the Door of Profundity was very vast, boundlessly deep. It was filled with all sorts of  bizarre scenes and mysterious and unfathomable areas.

Some areas surged with the aura of treasures and seemed to contain precious treasures.

Some areas were suffused with strands of refreshing fragrance, and it seemed like a herb garden filled with divine medicine was present there.

Some even emitted waves of howls that were like the furious roars of Fiendgods and howls of beasts. They were terrifying and caused it to seem like an area that was filled with ferocious beasts.

Chen Xi had seen numerous areas like these all along the way, and they were extremely mysterious and seemed like numerous treasure troves. If it was any other person that had come here, the person would have been unable to refrain himself from charging in one after the other.

But Chen Xi paid no attention to them and remained indifferent. According to what the tiny cauldron said, these mysterious areas were linked to some strange spaces. Perhaps they did indeed contain precious treasures, ancient spirit medicine, and mighty profound techniques… But once one entered these places, one would surely miss the opportunity to obtain the shocking secret treasure that was the most precious in the Door of Profundity, and this was without exception.

As expected of the Door of Profundity, it contained boundless profundities that are unimaginable. Perhaps any single one of the secret realms within it would be sufficient to cause a mighty uproar… Chen Xi sighed emotionally in his heart while he moved forward. If it wasn’t for the tiny cauldron’s guidance, it would surely be impossible for him to resist such temptation, and he would have charged into one of the secret realms to search for treasure a long time ago.

“Have you finished refining it?” asked the tiny cauldron.

Chen Xi shook his head. The tiny cauldron was speaking about the divine tree that was suffused with a divine radiance. It was a strand of the quintessence energy of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree, and it had already transformed into a fist sized crystalline ball that he placed into the Buddha’s Pagoda.

He’d tried earlier, yet even with the energy of the Dark Parasol sapling, it was extremely difficult to refine and absorb it in a short period of time, and he could only go into closed door cultivation for a period of time before gradually transforming it into a part of himself.

After all, the quintessence energy contained the force of numerous Grand Dao, and it was sufficient to be equivalent to the sum of numerous Grand Dao Fragments, so it was absolutely not something that could be refined and absorbed overnight.

Moreover, he’d already grasped some Dao Insights within it to a state of perfection, so absorbing them was undoubtedly an enormous waste. So it would be better to spend some time and extract these Dao Insights so that he could give them to Ling Bai, Huo Molei, and the others instead.

“Be careful. Those Earthly Immortal Realm experts left behind a brand on you. Even though you intend to draw them over and make them fight the Xeno-race experts instead, it’s slightly dangerous in the end.” The tiny cauldron reminded.

“I understand.” Chen Xi smiled.

“We’ve arrived!” After a short moment, the tiny cauldron spoke, and its voice carried a rare wisp of trembling. “I sense the aura of a Chaotic Divine Crystal!”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart as he raised his eyes to look over, and he saw an ancient sacrificial altar floating in the distant sky.

The sacrificial altar was as tall as a mountain and constructed from greyish brown rocks, causing it to seem extremely ancient and ordinary, and it didn’t reveal a divine appearance. But it made others feel even more reverent and sense an aura that had shed all grandeur to return to simplicity.

The Grand Dao moved towards simplicity, and there was nothing showy about it as the Dao was natural. There was only a type of simply fusing with the heavens and the earth and everything within it, and it stood towering within the dusky universe.

When looked at from afar, it was like the sacrificial altar constructing by the ancestors of this world for the sake of offering sacrifice to the heavens, and it naturally carried an imposing aura that shook one’s mind.

Especially shocking to Chen Xi was that the entire ancient sacrificial altar was covered in spirit medicine that flickered with divine lights which sprayed down like a rain of light, and they were surging with vital essence.

Some of these spirit medicines were even miraculous and actually seemed to have formed intelligence. They took the form of tiny light figures as they sat cross-legged on the branches while surrounded by a rain of light, and their expressions were solemn as if they were comprehending the Dao.

This didn’t seem to be intentionally fostered, but these excellent and extraordinary spirit medicines were nurtured from the excellent spirit energy contained within the heavens and the earth here and the vital essence here that was too dense.

Chen Xi saw an Icestar Soul Herb that had gone extinct in the outside world a long time ago growing between the cracks of the rocks on the sacrificial altar. It was completely white and clear as if it was carved out from crystalline snow. Its leaves had tiny silver stellar veins that flowed with a silver brilliance, and they seemed like a pouring waterfall that was exceedingly gorgeous.

This was absolutely a divine medicine that could be utilized as an immortal material to refine an immortal pill, and due to it being extinct, such a divine medicine had become priceless long ago!

“Hide for now.” The tiny cauldron suddenly spoke via voice transmission. “Those two Xeno-race experts are hiding in the surroundings of the sacrificial altar.”

Chen Xi was shocked and returned to his senses before silently moving according to the tiny cauldron’s instruction towards a remote corner at the other side of the sacrificial altar. At this moment, the tiny cauldron had already executed a technique that completely concealed his aura.

Unless it was someone that possessed something like the supreme Divine Ability, the Eye of Divine Truth, it would be utterly impossible for him to be noticed.

“We’ve missed so many secret realms all along the way. If we’re unable to find that shocking secret treasure, then I’ll surely make that kid wish he could die!”

“But it’s strange that every single step that kid took actually avoided the killing intent within the Dimensional Maze. I on the other hand feel that we’ll surely be able to obtain some precious treasures from this trip!”

“Eh! Everyone, look. That’s…”

Right after Chen Xi had just concealed himself, a wave of talking sounded out, and then those Earthly Immortal Realm experts arrived in unison. When they saw the ancient sacrificial altar that was as tall as a mountain, all of their bodies shook while they revealed shocked and fervent expressions.

“There are so many spirit medicines! A divine medicine like the Icestar Soul Herb actually exists amongst them. I’ll be entirely capable of refining a cauldron of Profound Clearjade Dao Pills and easily charge into the 9th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm!”

“It isn’t just the Icestar Soul Herb, there’s even the Dragonblood Flower, Nine-leaf Soulrestore Fruit… My god! These are all rare spirit medicines that have been extinct for a long time!”

“This is surely the most mysterious place in the Door of Profundity. Perhaps that shocking secret treasure is hidden on the ancient sacrificial altar.”

All of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts exclaimed with shock while revealing burning gazes. Once one was at their level of cultivation, it was difficult for ordinary spirit medicines of the world to move them, yet every single one of the spirit medicines they saw now were actually precious treasures they’d only dreamt of. So how could they not be surprised?

An Earthly Immortal Realm expert was unable to restrain his excitement and stretched out his hand to grab a spirit medicine.

Bang!However, right when he made a move, a stream that was like the tide descended abruptly and dissipated his entire attack, and the aftershock caused him to stagger backwards.

This scene instantly caused the hearts of everyone to jerk, and they sobered up from their burning greed.


But when they saw the true appearance of the stream, they were instantly shocked in their hearts while even their breathing became heavy.

At this moment, there were a few divine objects floating on the sacrificial altar. All of them were coiled in divine light and flowing with Immortal Energy. They were respectively a fist sized black colored crystal, a damaged turtle shell, and a pitch black broken sword.

At the center of these divine treasures was a bronze pagoda that was extremely special. It was mottled with rust, carried dark black colored bloodstains, and possessed a mysterious and terrifying aura. It caused one’s heart to feel cold just from looking at it from afar.

Actually, besides its terrifying aura, this bronze pagoda didn’t have anything else special about it, and it was just mottled with rust and ordinary. It was even inferior to the other divine treasures by its side.

But the gazes of these Earthly Immortal Realm experts were extraordinarily discerning, and they noticed with a single glance that all of these divine treasures were precious treasures that were difficult to come by in the world. However, if it was in terms of the best, then it would be the bronze pagoda without a doubt.

The reason was extremely simple, the aura emanated by the bronze pagoda actually caused these Earthly Immortal Realm experts to feel a wisp of horror and uneasiness!

“Could it be that the heavens are showing favor and have specially bestowed such a great fortuitous encounter to all of us?”

“These are probably immortal treasures that shook the world during the primeval times. Merely this sort of aura is absolutely not something an ordinary Immortal Artifact can compare to!”

“Treasures, treasures!”

All these Earthly Immortal Realm experts were shocked, and their bodies trembled while they muttered excitedly. The sacrificial altar before their eyes was covered in divine medicine that had become extinct a long time ago and displayed many immortal treasures that according to legend were from the primeval times, and this caused them to feel disbelief.

But in next to no time, they had a headache. These immortal treasures were too formidable and were protecting the sacrificial altar. They’d tried numerous times, yet not to mention these immortal treasures, they weren’t even able to obtain a divine medicine.

A shocking treasure trove was clearly before their eyes, yet they could only look on helplessly. This sort of feeling was exceedingly complicated, and it caused these Earthly Immortal Realm experts to feel extremely depressed and anxious. There were so many shocking divine treasures that were difficult to come by right before their eyes, but they were unable to approach it, and this was too tormenting!

“Since the Door of Profundity has already emerged, it’s surely prepared for someone who’s fated. These precious treasures were left behind to be bestowed to people of the later ages. Otherwise, it would be impossible for us to arrive here…” All of the Earthly Immortal Realm experts wracked their brains to find a way to overcome this problem because they wouldn’t leave just like this. Entering a mountain filled with treasures yet returning empty handed was simply intolerable!

On the other hand, at this moment, there were two pairs of icy cold eyes staring coldly at them from the space at the other side of the sacrificial altar.

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