Chapter 676 – Dimensional Maze

What exactly was at the deepest depths of this grand hall that existed within the Door of Profundity?

What had those two Xeno-race experts come here to search for?

Chen Xi didn’t know. He only knew clearly that all he had to do was act according to the directions of the tiny cauldron.

However, before he could make a move, a shadow flashed before him eyes, and a divine tree that was suffused with divine radiance actually appeared once more in midair before rooting itself there once more!

Its trunk was ramrod straight like the backbone of the universe, its branches were silver and shiny like the milky way that lay across the universe, and its leaves were completely round and just happened to be like numerous stars that hung at the end of the branches while spraying down silver radiance and a flowing rain of light, causing it to seem miraculous and extraordinary.

Presently, Chen Xi was already aware that this ought to be the original appearance of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree during the primeval times, but it seemed to be even more slender and pure. The tree was only 3km tall, and it was far from being sufficient to connect the Immortal Dimension and the Immortal Dimension.

However, the aura it emitted was so grand, and it emanated peerless divine might. It seemed to have gathered everything in the world to become the one and only backbone of the universe, causing others to feel a tiny and reverent feeling before it and wish for nothing more than to kneel down in worship.

But Chen Xi knew that this was only an illusory shadow and not a real object. Earlier, that male Xeno-race expert had shattered it with a flick of his sleeve, so Chen Xi naturally wouldn’t take it seriously.

“Take it!” The tiny cauldron spoke abruptly.

“What?” Chen Xi was astounded. This is a shadow, so how do I take it?

“If there’s a shadow, there’s naturally a real object. Otherwise, where did the shadow come from? Quickly circulate that strand of the Dark Parasol’s soul within your body and sense carefully. Perhaps you’ll be able to obtain a piece of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree’s Grand Dao quintessence. Its value is so great that Grand Dao Fragments are absolutely incapable of comparing with it.” The tiny cauldron explained swiftly.

Chen Xi’s heart shook as he hurriedly circulated his Blackhole World to emanate the strength of the Dark Parasol sapling. After a long time, his eyes lit up, and he felt extremely excited in his heart.

Sure enough, he’d already sensed that a divine tree that was suffused with a divine radiance was surprisingly rooted within a mysterious space in the distance, and it was exactly similar in appearance to the divine tree he saw before his eyes.


In the next moment, it seemed to have noticed the aura of the Dark Parasol sapling within Chen Xi’s body, causing space to tremble as the divine tree in that mysterious space flashed before it appeared before Chen Xi.

Unlike the shadow he’d seen earlier, this divine tree really did exist. No matter if it was its branches or leaves, all of them flowed with strands of the tune of the Dao while their veins were clearly visible. Even the aura it emitted was extremely vast and suffused the entire space while resounding with waves of the wonderful tune of the Grand Dao that seemed like the sound of nature.

“What a treasure! I actually sensed the Grand Dao auras of Yin, Yang, lightning, wind, and so on and so forth from within it!” Chen Xi exclaimed with admiration while his gaze burned.

If it was said that the Grand Dao Fragments he obtained in the Dark Parasol Secret Realm were numerous individual things, then the divine tree  before him was a whole. It was formed from numerous Grand Dao fragments, and its value was so great that it simply exceeded the summed-up total of a variety of Grand Dao Fragments!

Strictly speaking, this divine tree couldn’t be considered to be a Grand Dao Fragment any longer, but a strand of the quintessence energy of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree left behind by it after it perished. It contained the various profundities of the Dao the Dark Parasol Divine Tree had mastered, and if it was placed in the outside world, it was sufficient to make anyone kill for it.


However, right when Chen Xi stretched out his hand to grab towards the divine tree, he felt the surrounding space tremble as a terrifying energy assaulted him like a bolt of flashing thunder.

This energy was extremely terrifying, and it caused him to feel horrified. He practically didn’t hesitate in the slightest to flash out and dodge to the side.

But unlike the past, his posture when dodging this time was extremely strange. His footsteps flashed repeatedly like a wriggling snake, yet his speed didn’t slow down in the slightest.


A Dao Art that was filled with clear azure light exploded at the place he was standing originally, causing waves of air to surge and stretch towards the surroundings while emitting a wave of sonic booms.

When Chen Xi saw the appearance of the person that launched a sneak attack against him clearly, Chen Xi face sank instantly while his gaze turned icy cold.

“Hmph! Kid, is such a divine thing something you can have a share in?” A cold shout sounded out, and then over 10 tall figures appeared, and they looked at Chen Xi with gazes that revealed a wisp of resentment and killing intent without concealing it in the slightest.

Shockingly, they were those Earthly Immortal Realm experts that came from the various powers!

When facing such figures and a total of 10 plus at once, an ordinary Nether Transformation Realm cultivator would probably have been scared stiff since a long time ago and would flee as far as he could. After all, both parties were utterly not at the same level, and killing a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator was simply easier than squashing an ant to an Earthly Immortal Realm expert.

But Chen Xi didn’t flee, his expression was calm and didn’t even carry a trace of fear.

“Why aren’t you fleeing? Have you been scared out of your wits? That damnable Emperor Ant isn’t here to save you this time!” An Earthly Immortal Realm expert sneered while looking at Chen Xi with a gaze that was like cold lightning, and he spoke hatefully.

“Chen Xi?” Ancestor Ling Ya and Feng Xuanzi recognized Chen Xi with a single glance, and they were extremely surprised. Earlier, when they were fighting with the Emperor Ant, they’d already caught a whiff of something familiar from Chen Xi.

Up until this moment when they saw Chen Xi’s appearance clearly, they completely recognized him. This little fellow is actually that young man we saw in the Primeval Battlefield.

“Hehe! You really could have gone anywhere yet you just had to come here. Because of Yun Lansheng’s obstruction that day, you were allowed to escape calamity, you damnable little bastard! Let me see who can save you this time!” When Ancestor Ling Ya recalled those juniors of his Shang Clan that had been killed by Chen Xi, it felt as if a blazing flame was burning within his heart, and his gaunt and old face turned exceedingly ghastly.

Feng Xuanzi’s gaze flickered without end as well. That day in the Primeval Battlefield, he’d intentionally ignored the names of those disciples from the Darchu Dynasty during the announcement of the recruitment list because he received instructions from Bing Shitian.

Now, not only had this little fellow not died, the little fellow was healthy and well to the point of even being innumerable times stronger than that day, and it caused him to be unable to help but feel a trace of astonishment.

After that, a wisp of killing intent gushed out into his heart. The enmity had already been sown, so if he were to allow this little fellow to continue growing, then the little fellow might become a great future trouble, so it was better for him to seize the opportunity and utterly annihilate Chen Xi now.

The other Earthly Immortal Realm experts noticed their unusual expressions and undisguised killing intent, causing them to be extremely surprise in their hearts yet none of them asked.

He’s only a little ant at the Nether Transformation Realm! He was allowed to escape a calamity before, but he can’t be let off again this time!

In merely an instant, the atmosphere became murderous, and the air was suffused with killing intent that caused one’s heart to tremble.

On the other hand, those other Earthly Immortal Realm experts looked at Chen Xi with gazes as if they were staring at an ant that was about to die, and their gazes were piercingly cold like ice and even carried a wisp of contempt from being superior.

However, right at this exceedingly critical moment, Chen Xi suddenly started laughing and even warned kindly. “Old Farts, this place is the Door of Profundity, and it’s covered densely in restrictions. Taking a single wrong step would move you far away even though it’s only a step apart, and you wouldn’t be able to find the way out any longer. All of you are already a bag of bones, so it’s best not to be impulsive like young people.”

Old Farts?

Bags of bones?

When they heard such malicious words, it instantly caused the eyelids of these Earthly Immortal Realm experts to twitch while veins bulged out on their forehead. This little bastard actually dared curse at us like this!?

Is he asking for death?

In the entire Dark Reverie, which bastard would dare insult us like this?

“Bastard! Die!” An Earthly Immortal Realm expert couldn’t restrain the flames of his rage, and he shouted out coldly as he too a step forward before raising his hand to cause an exceedingly thick and large flaming bolt of lightning to strike down fiercely at Chen Xi.

All the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts revealed sneers when they saw him make a move, and they seemed as if they were waiting to watch the show.

However, in the next moment, their expressions froze on their faces before seeming as if they’d seen a ghost. The cold shout was still reverberating in the surroundings yet that Earthly Immortal Realm expert that made a move had actually weirdly vanished without a trace!

Even that flaming bolt of lightning he struck out had vanished without a trace along with him, and it didn’t even cause a ripple. It vanished without emitting a sound and without the slightest trace.

This is…

All the Earthly Immortal Realm experts were dumbstruck because an expert that had lived for countless years, gone through innumerable dangers, experienced numerous battles, and possessed exceedingly abundant experience had actually vanished without a trace after taking a single step!?

“I told you, you’re all bags of bones that are already one foot in the coffin, yet you still act so rashly. Aren’t all of you courting death?” The distant Chen Xi started laughing instead.

Earlier, the reason his posture was so strange when he encountered a surprise attack and dodged was precisely for the sake of dodging the various terrifying restrictions that filled the surroundings.

It was just as he said, if one took a single wrong step here, then one would be moved far away even if one only took a single step, and one would become completely lost within the restriction. Moreover, even a saint was incapable of escaping this restriction.

Those Earthly Immortal Realm experts instantly recovered from their shock, and when they saw Chen Xi still dared to make sarcastic remarks, they wished for nothing more than to fiercely strike their fists on Chen Xi’s detestable smiling face.

But when they recalled what happened to that Earthly Immortal Realm expert, they instantly started hesitating. Could it be that it’s really as the little bastard said? Every single step of space is covered in restrictions? A single wrong step would cause us to be moved far away even if we only took a single step, and it would cause us to be completely lost within the restriction?

But this is too fucking detestable!

Their enemy was clearly right before their eyes, yet it just so happened that they were unable to come into contact with their enemy nor hit their enemy, so how could this not cause them to be aggrieved?

Some Earthly Immortal Realm experts refused to believe this, and they stood on the spot while executing formidable Dao Arts that struck towards Chen Xi. But, at the instant these Dao Arts were executed, they instantly vanished without a trace.

At this moment, all of these Earthly Immortal Realm experts immediately understood that all of this was real. This place looked to be close, yet they seemed as if they were separated by an extremely far distance, and it was exceedingly strange.

“Could it be that this is the supreme restriction of legend that’s capable of trapping a saint to death… The Dimensional Maze?” Someone seemed to have realized something and suddenly went pale because the strange scenes before his eyes were simply exactly similar to this legend!

The other Earthly Immortal Realm experts seemed to have recalled it as well, and their faces sank right away. The Dimensional Maze caused a single step to be like traversing a world. Once one fell into this supreme restriction, the chances of finding the way back was extremely tiny because it was a restriction that even saints were unable to escape from!

No one had imagined that such a formidable thing would actually be buried within the Door of Profundity, and it simply contained killing intent with every step.

“Haha, all of you finally admit you’re a bag of bones? All of you don’t even have the courage to take a step forward, and I would rather slit my throat if I were all of you.” Chen Xi roared with laughter as he gestured with his hand and grabbed the divine tree that was suffused with a divine radiance in his palm, and then he turned around and headed in the hall. “Old Farts, excuse me for not accompanying all of you!”

His voice was still drifting through the air, yet he’d already vanished.

Being mocked and ridiculed by Chen Xi right in front of their faces yet being helpless to annihilate Chen Xi caused these Earthly Immortal Realm experts to be on the verge of spitting blood.


He’s simply a bastard!

He had the assistance of the Emperor Ant last time, and he occupied a favorable position this time instead, allowing him to escape calamity once more. The heavens…are unfair! 

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