Chapter 675 – The Door of Profundity

The magnificent divine tree stood towering in the heavens and the earth, and its crown seemed to have stretched outside of the nine heavens.

After he left that area where the fierce battle was being carried out, Chen Xi flashed madly all along the way while crying loudly about how fortunate he was in his heart. He never imagined that at the critical moment and before the tiny cauldron could make a move, that Emperor Ant would already assist him in dealing with the numerous dangers that approached him.

“Emperor Ant, no matter if it you did it intentionally or not. If I have the chance, I, Chen Xi, will surely repay you.” As he flew, Chen Xi turned around and glanced downwards, and he spoke seriously in his heart.

He sincerely hoped that the Emperor Ant would be fine. As for those Earthly Immortal Realm experts, he didn’t care even if all of them died. After all, if it wasn’t for the assistance of the Emperor Ant earlier, he would have almost been blasted to death by those old farts!


Suddenly, a tremor stretched out from the sky above the crown of the tree, and it emitted an extremely terrifying tune of the Dao. It was like the heavens and the earth were being split apart once more, and space erupted with boundless lights.

“The Door of Profundity is about to appear!” The tiny cauldron roared with a voice that carried an indescribable feeling of excitement.

Chen Xi was shocked and hurriedly charged out explosively.

At this moment, the sky above the crown of the tree was already filled with dazzling light while a grand and marvelous door had opened there. Flowers fluttered down from the sky as divine radiances filled the surroundings, and auspicious glows rained down like a rain of light, causing it to seem divine and brilliant.

The sounds of the gods chanting and the wonderful tune of the Grand Dao being recited sounded out from within the door and shook the surroundings as it stretched out into the nine heavens, causing this entire area to fall into a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

This sort of phenomena was practically akin to the door of the Immortal Dimension opening up with the intention of receiving and leading a fated person from the realm of mortals.

In an instant, all the restrictions in this area dispersed without a trace like a receding tide. Every single inch of space was suffused with a profound aura that was peaceful and tranquil, causing it to seem like a paradise in the realm of mortals that was untainted by the aura of bloody and battle.



All the Earthly Immortal Realm experts at the middle of the divine tree sensed this change, causing them to inadvertently glance towards the sky above them out of the corners of their eyes, and their bodies instantly stiffened as they revealed fervent expressions.

“The Door of Profundity!”

“The most sacred secret realm within the Dark Parasol’s Abyss according to rumor has finally emerged!”

“A shocking secret treasure that aroused the covetous intentions of the gods of the three dimensions is hidden within it!”

All of them exclaimed with shock while they felt indescribably excited in their hearts, and they seemed as if they’d seen a door that contained boundless fortune open before their eyes!

Since the primeval times until now, the Dark Parasol’s Abyss had only appeared four times. But during the first four times, no one was able to lay their eyes on the Door of Profundity. Because from the beginning until the end, it had never emerged into the world, and it remained like a superficial legend that aroused the suspicion of others about whether the Door of Profundity actually existed in this world.

But even then, it was still like a magnificent dream that drew over countless experts to explore the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, and the skeletons and corpses that covered the ground was the proof of all this.

The lives of the many pave the way for the fated. The existence of the Door of Profundity had caused countless experts to perish on the spot, and until the moment of their death, they’d never seen a trace of the true appearance of the Door of Profundity.

Yet now, this door that seemed to only exist in legend had finally emerged into the world, and it had really entered into their fields of vision, causing these Earthly Immortal Realm experts to feel as if they were dreaming.

All of this had happened to quickly and too abruptly, and it was simply like an unexpected pleasant surprise bestowed by the heavens!The thing that overjoyed them the most was the damnable Emperor Ant had actually vanished strangely once the Door of Profundity appeared.

With such a formidable and troublesome opponent gone and the layer upon layer of restrictions on the entire divine tree vanished without a trace, this caused them to have the impulse to cry. The heavens…have finally opened its eyes for once!

“Shit! That junior has probably already arrived at the Door of Profundity a long time ago!” Someone spoke abruptly, and it caused all the other Earthly Immortal Realm experts to wake up from their fervent joy.

“Let’s go! We must not let that junior off this time!” When Chen Xi was mentioned, all these Earthly Immortal Realm experts gnashed their teeth and spoke with tones that revealed resentment.

All of them stopped dallying right away, and they charged towards the crown of the tree. 


Divine light flowed as the tune of the Dao was emanated in waves. The door that had floated into appearance above the crown of the tree was divine and brilliant.

In next to no time, Chen Xi had arrived above the crown of the tree, and when he looked at it from close distance, he was even able to see that there was an exceedingly grand hall within the door. The hall emitted blazing divine radiance and was enveloped in surging chaotic qi, and it was vast and magnificent to the extreme as if it wasn’t something the realm of mortals could possess.

This is the Door of Profundity?

Chen Xi’s heart burned as well, and he was filled with boundless anticipation.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

However, before he could charge into the Door of Profundity, two extremely mysterious shadows suddenly appeared out of thin air, and they were like arrows that had left the bow and charged swiftly into the Door of Profundity before vanishing without a trace.

The entire process occurred too swiftly to the point ordinary cultivators would only think they were seeing things.

But Chen Xi knew clearly that this was real!

In other words, there were people that had already arrived at the crown of the tree even before him and those Earthly Immortal Realm experts, and they silently lay in hiding here while waiting for the Door of Profundity to appear.

“Xeno-race experts from outside the three dimensions!” The tiny cauldron spoke with a murderous and icy cold voice, and it didn’t conceal its extreme detest in the slightest. “Quickly charge into the Door of Profundity, we must not allow them to succeed!”

“Xeno-race experts, it really is them!” Chen Xi instantly realized the severity of the situation, so how could he dare hesitate in the slightest? In the next moment, he flashed out and charged into the divine and brilliant door before vanishing without a trace.

Not long after he left, all the Earthly Immortal Realm experts had already arrived here, and they didn’t hesitate to charge in as well. At this moment, even if the door was filled with killing intent, they wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest to risk their lives.

After all, it was the Door of Profundity!



This was a grand hall that seemed to have been constructed within the starry sky in the universe. The top of the hall was actually filled with a myriad of dazzling stars, while the bottom was covered in an expanse of chaotic qi that suffused the entire hall.

It was truly too grand, vast, and magnificent, like the resting place of the gods, and it formed a chaotic world of its own.

A divine tree that was suffused with a divine radiance was rooted at the front of the hall, causing it to seem as if it was enveloped by the milky way. Its branches were shiny silver and flowed with strands of the aura of the Dao, whereas, its leaves were completely round like numerous stars that hung on its branches, and they emanated a silver brilliance that sprinkled down like a flowing rain of light.

The entire divine tree was only a little over 3m tall, thick like a bowl, causing it to seem pure and slender.

However, when looked at from afar, it caused others to arouse the misconception that this tree was like the backbone of the universe. Its branches were like the milky way that stretched across the universe, whereas, its leaves were like numerous stars that circulated ceaselessly, and it seemed to envelop everything in the world!

“Eh? This is the appearance of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree during the primeval times?” Xuan Chen was astounded because he’d seen this divine tree as soon as he entered the hall with Xuan Kui.

The Dark Parasol Divine Tree of the primeval times was a bridge that connected the Immortal Dimension with the Mortal Dimension, and it looked down upon the world and the realm of mortals. The aura emanated from this divine tree did indeed cause Xuan Chen to sense a vast divine might and peerless imposing aura.

It was even to the extent that with his arrogance and conceit, he couldn’t refrain from having a wisp of awe arising within his heart.

A long period of time has passed. Landscapes have changed, and generations have passed by. This Dark Parasol Divine Tree ought to not exist any longer, so how could it appear here?

“Hmph! You’re only a phantom, yet you actually dare to throw my mind into disorder!” After that, Xuan Chen suddenly came to his senses, and he flicked his sleeve as he slashed out with a pitch black and strange beam of light that emanated an obscure and cold aura.


The divine tree that was suffused with divine brilliance was shattered into pieces like a shadow, and it actually vanished, causing the empty hall to recover its peace once more.

“Be careful. The Lord instructed that every single step within the Door of Profundity moves to another dimension as there’s a terrifying restriction called the Dimensional Maze present here. Once one takes a wrong step, even a saint would be lost within the restriction!” The nearby Xuan Kui warned with a serious voice.

“I know.” Xuan Chen nodded and didn’t dare take it lightly. He could look down upon the experts of the various powers that had entered the Dark Parasol’s Abyss this time, yet he didn’t dare look down upon a saint.

Even though he wasn’t a member of the three dimensions, he’d still heard much about how terrifying the saints of the three dimensions were. Since even saints would get lost within it, then how could he dare take it lightly?

“Let’s begin. According to the Lord’s guidance, that thing ought to be hidden in the deepest depths of this place. So long as we find it, our assignment would be considered to have been completed perfectly.” As soon as Xuan Kui finished speaking, she took out a copper mirror that was suffused with a metallic sheen before facing it towards the distance. Instantly, a strand of profound light was emitted from it, and it stretched continuously towards the depths of the hall.

“Let’s go!” In the next moment, the both of them swiftly flashed forward according to the direction that strand of profound light pointed towards.

Swish!Not long after the two of them left, a circle of ripples suddenly suffused the sky as a tall figure swiftly appeared at the location they were at previously. It was precisely Chen Xi.

He looked towards the place they vanished and said with a serious expression, “Senior, is the strength of these two Xeno-race experts really that strong?”

He’d arrived here silently with the assistance of the tiny cauldron since a long time ago, and he’d heard the conversation between Xuan Chen and Xuan Kui. Moreover, the tiny cauldron told him that these two Xeno-race experts actually possessed strengths that weren’t inferior to Heavenly Immortals!

This caused him to feel that the matter was extremely difficult. A Heavenly Immortal was an existence that was even more formidable than an Earthly Immortal, and this pair of young male and female Xeno-race experts actually possessed such a formidable strength like this, so even he felt it to be unbelievable.

“There’s no need to be too worried. They’re at most capable of exerting a strength at the Earthly Immortal Realm because they would be noticed by the Laws of the Heaven Dao that envelops the three dimensions if they utilized a strength more formidable than that. To them, that’s a calamity that’s impossible to escape.” The tiny cauldron instructed. “You just have to act according to my instructions and search for that Chaotic Divine Crystal and leave the rest to me.”

Chen Xi nodded. He knew this wasn’t the time to strive to be superior, and it was better to act according to what the tiny cauldron said.

After that, he suddenly thought of something and asked. “They wouldn’t have come for the Chaotic Divine Crystal as well, right?”

“I suspected that as well in the beginning, but now I can be sure that they have other intentions. After all, this is the Door of Profundity that was formed from the quintessence of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree, and it stored numerous mysterious things. The Chaotic Divine Crystal is only one of them.” When it spoke up to here, the tiny cauldron’s tone suddenly became cold and ghastly. “But no matter what, and no matter what they intend, we must not allow them to succeed!”

“Then let’s begin!” Chen Xi’s expression turned firm as he really agreed with the tiny cauldron’s words. The Xeno-race Experts had always been the mortal enemy of all the living beings in the three dimensions since the ancient times, so he would absolutely not stand idly by at a time like this.

After all, those that aren’t from the same place would certainly have malicious intentions! 

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