Chapter 673 – Golden Emperor Ants

This area seemed to already be the end of the Divine Palace of Creation.

Even though this towering divine tree that stood there was completely charred black, mottled, and damaged, yet it carried an aura of looking down upon all the beings in the world and standing through eternity.

The facts were indeed like this. Merely the strand of aura it emitted transformed into a terrifying restriction that enveloped every inch of space within this area, and it seemed as if once one trespassed by a single step, one would suffer a calamity.

“What spirit! You perished a myriad of years ago, yet still resolutely refuse to fall and are still standing towering here until today. If it wasn’t for the descent of the calamity of the three dimensions, you’d probably be standing proudly at the peak of the Grand Dao since a long time ago, right?” The tiny cauldron spoke with a voice that carried a trace of admiration for the first time.

“Senior, so in this way, that divine tree is the shell left behind by the Dark Parasol Divine Tree when it perished?” Chen Xi was shocked in his heart and asked with a surprised tone.

“Exactly. Unfortunately, the profundities of the world branded upon it have already transformed into everything within this Dark Parasol’s Abyss. Otherwise, merely this shell you’ve seen would draw over countless storms that would shake the three dimensions.” The tiny cauldron paused for a moment and continued. “If I’m not wrong, the Door of Profundity will appear at the peak of that divine tree not long from now. You possess the Dark Parasol sapling, so you naturally don’t have to fear the restrictions in this area. But you must be careful because there are many people who have stepped foot on the divine tree now, and they’re in battle with some Emperor Ants.”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart and executed the Eye of Divine Truth to look over. Sure enough, he saw that over 10 mighty figures were flashing about on the towering tree, and their bodies were coiled with an immortal glow, causing them to reveal peerless martial prowess.

Obviously, these mighty figures were the Earthly Immortal Realm experts from the various powers, and Chen Xi saw two familiar faces amongst them, the Heartcontrol Swordhouse’s Ancestor Ling Ya and Feng Xuanzi from the Truth Embrace Sect.

He’d once seen these two Earthly Immortal Realm experts while at the Primeval Battlefield. At that time, Ancestor Ling Ya had almost made a move against him because the Shang Clan was destroyed, and his impression of Ling Ya was extremely deep.

On the other hand, their opponents were numerous divine ants that seemed to be constructed from gold!

The golden divine ants were an entire 3m long, possessed bodies that were strong and powerful, and they were suffused with a golden divine glow, causing them to emanate an awe-inspiring aura. Besides their color, they were exactly similar to the Primeval God Devourer Ants he saw earlier.

Most terrifying of it all was their strength, they’d actually grasped various terrifying Sword Insights, causing their bodies to rumble with Dao Insight while an immortal glow flowed around them, and every single one of them had strengths that weren’t inferior to Earthly Immortals!

Emperor Ants!

They deserve to be the emperors amongst the Primeval God Devourer Ants. Such ferocious strength is sufficient to be worthy of this title.

The battle between the two sides was exceedingly intense, and even Chen Xi felt his scalp go numb and his heart feel cold from the sight of it. If this was in the outside world, it would be sufficient to destroy numerous enormous cities, and it was only because that divine tree carried an imperceptible field of restriction that all destructive force was restrained and didn’t affect the outside world.

“Could it be that they’ve come for the Door of Profundity as well?” Chen Xi asked abruptly.

“Besides the Door of Profundity, there’s also the inheritance of that exalted expert from the primeval times.” The tiny cauldron answered. “Since the ancient times until now, everyone thought the mantle of that exalted expert was hidden on this tree, but it just hasn’t been found by anyone.”

“The Door of Profundity, the mantle of the exalted expert… No wonder these Earthly Immortal Realm experts dared to take the risk and come here when the upheaval of the three dimensions is at hand. Such allure really can’t be compared to.” Chen Xi sighed lightly while it felt slightly heavy in his heart. If the Door of Profundity really appeared at the peak of the divine tree, then he couldn’t avoid encountering those Earthly Immortal Realm experts if he wanted to enter the Door of Profundity. Moreover, even those numerous Emperor Ants were troublesome.

As for the mantle left behind by the exalted expert from the primeval times, he didn’t take it seriously. From the ancient times until now, even some great figures had been unable to find it, let alone him.

“Don’t worry, that divine tree’s entire body is covered densely with restrictions. Every single step forward one takes upon it would cause one to suffer varying degrees of pressure and attacks. Even if it’s those Earthly Immortal Rank experts, it’s extremely difficult for them to ascend the peak of the divine tree, and coupled with the obstruction of those Emperor Ants, they might even be directly crushed and perish.” The tiny cauldron spoke calmly. “On the other hand, you’re different. You possess the Dark Parasol sapling, so those restrictions are useless against you, and you only need to be careful of those Earthly Immortal Realm experts and Emperor Ants.”

Chen Xi laughed bitterly because the tiny cauldron had spoken too lightly about it. Even if it was those Emperor Ants and Earthly Immortal Realm experts, any random one amongst them was absolutely not someone he could go against.

“I’ll help you if it’s necessary.” The tiny cauldron finally gave Chen Xi an answer that allowed him to be at ease.

“Err, I don’t have to do something in exchange for your help?” Chen Xi scratched his head as he asked because he still remembered clearly that he had to pay a certain price in order to make the tiny cauldron assist him.

“There’s no need. It’s fine so long as we obtain the Chaotic Divine Crystal.” The tiny cauldron spoke very readily, and it didn’t put forward any requests.

This caused Chen Xi to feel slightly guilty, because he’d already obtained the Dark Parasol sapling from the tiny cauldron. Moreover, all along the way, it was all thanks to the tiny cauldron’s guidance that he was able to arrive here, so even though the tiny cauldron didn’t mind, how could he not feel grateful in his heart?

In next to no time, Chen Xi restrained his thoughts and circulated the aura of the Dark Parasol sapling as he transformed into a flowing wisp of light that flashed towards the towering divine tree that stood on the extremely distance plain.


As expected of something formed from the stand of soul of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree, the Dark Parasol sapling was extraordinary and miraculous. The layer after layer of restrictions that enveloped this area instantly moved to the side upon sensing its aura, and they opened up a path for him.

Chen Xi flew within this path simply as if he was traversing even ground, and he didn’t suffer any obstruction or harm.

All along the way, he noticed that expanse after expanse of bone and magic treasure fragments were piled up all over this boundlessly vast plain.

Some bone fragments were even 300m long, mottled, and lusterless. They’d experienced the corrosion of countless years yet still hadn’t turned into powder that was blown away by the wind, causing them to seem very extraordinary.

“How terrifying! Those ought to have been left behind by those experts that have entered and perished here since ancient times, right?” Chen Xi gazed at the skeletons and magic treasure fragments that lay all over the ground, and numerous stirring and miserable scenes seemed to flash before his eyes.

In the past, numerous experts had experienced many hardships to arrive here. When they saw the divine tree that according to legend contained the mantle of the exalted expert, they felt uncontrollably excited and thought the heavens had shown providence, and they felt an enormous fortuitous encounter was within easy reach.

However, never had they imagined that this wasn’t a place that contained fortuitous encounters as they’d thought, and it was a place of great danger instead. Before they could even approach, they’d been engulfed by the restrictions that enveloped every single inch of space here.

They howled with grief, struggled, and felt regret… But in the end, none of them survived and perished on the spot, transforming into a pile of bones that adorned this place to the point it seemed like a boneyard or grave.

Fortuitous encounters and treasure. Since the ancient time, how many people were actually able to obtain them? And who remembers exactly how many people have perished here? Chen Xi sighed lightly in his heart as he had a deeper feeling of how difficult cultivating was.

One has to fight the heavens, others, and even one’s self. Fighting, fighting, and fighting, so how many people could still stand until now? 


In next to no time, Chen Xi arrived silently beneath the divine tree and started climbing it.

Before him were countless layers of dense restrictions that overlapped each other and emanated a terrifying aura that was sufficient to make the face of anyone go pale. Ordinary cultivators would surely be instantly minced to death upon stepping foot into it, and there wouldn’t even be the slightest room for survival.

Moreover, the higher he went, the denser the restrictions became. Not to mention a shortcut, there wasn’t even a gap, so one could only rely on one’s own strength and forcefully go up to step foot on the peak of the divine tree.


But these restrictions that were covered in killing intent in the eyes of others were utterly ineffective to Chen Xi, and while he was enveloped by the aura emanated by the Dark Parasol sapling, he was like a fish that had entered deep into the sea. Everywhere he passed, the layer upon layer of restrictions seemed as if they only existed in name, and they were utterly incapable of affecting him in the slightest.

All of them caused him to move as if he was walking on even ground, and it was extremely easy.

But Chen Xi didn’t dare be careless, and he carefully restrained his aura while approaching the peak of the divine tree.

This divine tree seemed like a mighty mountain that shot into the clouds. When one moved about within it, one was like an ant crawling on a large bridge, and one seemed to be extremely tiny and inconspicuous.

On the other hand, an exceedingly intense and fierce battle was going on at the middle of the divine tree. A group of Earthly Immortal Realm experts were in battle against numerous Emperor Ants, and they erupted with boundless rays of lights and shook the heavens and the earth, causing it to be exceedingly terrifying.

Presently, Chen Xi didn’t have to worry about the restrictions any longer, and he was only worried about those Earthly Immortal Realm experts and the Emperor Ants. If he were to be noticed by any one of them, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Fortunately, the tiny cauldron would make a move if necessary, and it caused him to be much more at ease. Otherwise, if he were to encounter a scene like this at a normal time, he’d have gone as far away from it as he could.

Because he wasn’t at the same level as them, and he would only be courting death by going there.

In next to no time, Chen Xi arrived at the middle of the divine tree, and this place was the core of the chaotic battle between the Emperor Ants and Earthly Immortal Realm experts!


Immortal Energy rumbled as numerous mighty figures flickered about repeatedly. Emperor Ants roared furiously while Sword Insight shook the surroundings. All of them fought desperately, and the terrifying fluctuation caused by this completely drowned the middle of the divine tree.

Chen Xi’s heart tightened, and he was practically suffocated. This fluctuation was too terrifying, so even though the layer upon layer of restriction on the divine tree had been eliminated, it still caused him to feel a chill run down his spine.

The thing that caused him to be speechless was due to the strength of the two parties in battle being too terrifying, the battle fluctuation caused by them actually blocked his path completely. In other words, he had to pass through this battlefield if he wanted to arrive at the peak of the divine tree!

What should I do? So long as I appear within the battlefield, I’ll probably be noticed instantaneously… Chen Xi hid himself in the distance and frowned without end, and he was slightly hesitant about whether he should charge out directly.

Hmm. Chen Xi seemed to have noticed something abruptly. He stretched out his hand to pinch at a spot on his ear, and there was actually an ant in between his fingers. It was a very ordinary little ant that was completely shiny black. Not to mention him, even a child could smash it to death with their fingers.

“Even if ants live on without purpose, you just had to appear in such a dangerous place. The ignorant are truly fearless. Fortunately, you encountered me…” Chen Xi looked at the ant in his hand and felt slightly amused. He never imagined that he would actually encounter such a tiny and weak ant at such a miraculous place and the border of such a dangerous battlefield.

He shook his head, and then he placed this little fellow on the ground in the next moment before intending to leave. However, in the next moment, his entire body froze on the spot, and he revealed a wisp of disbelief on his face.

Right, this place is covered in layer upon layer of restrictions, and it has annihilated countless formidable existences since the ancient times. How could a tiny little ant actually remain unharmed? 

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