Chapter 672 – Repairing His Body With Divine Wine

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

Gusts of wind that were piercingly cold like blades whistled past the pitch black and hard ground while emitting what sounded like wails of ghosts. The mountains, ground, and sky… Everything here was completely pitch black.

Numerous strange rays of light flashed by frequently in the sky like strands of sword lights that pierced through the darkness and flashed out of existence.

This was a strange place that was completely barren as if there wasn’t the slightest vitality in it. It was entirely deathly silent and suffused with a unique murderous air.

Clang! Clang!

When the piercingly cold wings swept past the rock, it emitted the sound of metal colliding as if blades and swords were slashing, and it was extremely horrifying as it reverberated in this deathly silent atmosphere.


Suddenly, a black figure fell heavily to the ground like a comet in an extremely sorry state and caused an expanse of dust and dirt to suffuse the air.

His clothes were tattered, hair disheveled, and blood flowed from the corners of his mouth. His handsome and firm expression was completely pale at this moment and practically translucent, and he sat cross-legged on the ground while panting for breath.

This figure was precisely Chen Xi, who’d escaped from the Earthly Immortal Realm expert!

At this moment, his entire body was covered in heavy injuries, and his vital energy was weak and on the verge of disorder. He seemed entirely like an injured person that was on his deathbed, and even an ordinary wild beast was able to take his life at this moment.

I never imagined that the sudden attack of an Earthly Immortal Realm expert is so terrifying. I currently possess six times my combat strength, yet almost lost my life.

Chen Xi gasped rapidly for breath while feeling a lingering fear in his heart. In the past, he’d seen many Earthly Immortal Realm experts and had even seen existences at the Heavenly Immortal Realm. But it was the first time he’d fought an Earthly Immortal Realm expert.

This sort of near death experience allowed him to deep understand the gap between the Nether Transformation Realm and Earthly Immortal Realm, and it was simply like the distance between the heavens and the earth!

If it wasn’t for him entering the bronze door and escaping fortunately, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“There’s no need to worry. For the sake of the Chaotic Divine Crystal, I wouldn’t watch idly by as you died,” said the tiny cauldron. It was only around an inch in size and seemed as if it was entirely constructed from jade, and it hung before Chen Xi’s neck while seeming extremely mysterious.

“Then why didn’t you make a move earlier?” Chen Xi laughed bitterly, and he had a rare moment of complaining about the tiny cauldron.

“I knew you’d be fine. Not to mention fighting an Earthly Immortal Realm expert would allow you to better understand the exact level of your strength. This was a precious piece of experience that an ordinary person would be utterly unable to obtain.” The tiny cauldron said, “Now, you should swiftly repair your body. This place is already the core area of the Divine Palace of Creation, and I’ve sensed many dangerous existences.” 

Chen Xi felt apprehensive in his heart, and he didn’t dare dally to sit down properly before he took a breath and gradually circulated his Blackhole World to start repairing his injuries with all his strength.

“Didn’t you seize that jade pot? Consume the wine within it and you’ll be able to swiftly repair your body.” The tiny cauldron couldn’t help but guide Chen Xi.

“Jade pot?” Chen Xi was stunned, and then he came to an understanding, and he immediately withdrew the jade pot he seized from the hall earlier. This jade pot seemed as if it was carved out from jade, it was suffused with the glow of spirit energy and flickered with divine lights, and it emitted strands of sweet fragrance that invaded the bone.

Merely this shocking scene allowed one to know clearly that the wine contained within the jade pot was surely extraordinary, and perhaps it was divine wine brewed by immortals left behind by the exalted expert from the primeval times.

Chen Xi stretched out his hand to open the pot, and within it was merely a thin layer of wine that was extremely thick. It seemed as if it had experienced the sedimentation of countless years, causing the liquid to be crystalline like amber, and it flowed with a fragrance that intoxicated the soul.

Just a single whiff caused Chen Xi to feel every single inch of his skin, bones, and veins seem to have awakened, start cheering, and jumping with joy. They were filled with yearning, and even his soul was slightly intoxicated, and it felt indescribably wonderful.

“This isn’t ordinary wine. If I’m not wrong, it was brewed from various spirit medicines, and there’s no lack of divine treasures that could only be found during the primeval times, causing its value to be immeasurable, and it isn’t inferior to the Nine Reincarnations Immortal Pill that’s capable of bringing people back from the dead. So long a single cup is sent into the world, it would be sufficient to be numerous people fight for it with their lives on the line.” The tiny cauldron reminded. “Just a small sip is sufficient, don’t waste it.”

Chen Xi nodded and withdrew a jade cup before pouring in a small bit and swallowing it in one go.


A variety of sweet fragrances curled up. As soon as he swallowed it, a refreshing warm flow gushed throughout his entire body like a wyrm that was moving about within his body, causing his face to flush completely red while he felt slightly dizzy and exceedingly intoxicated. As he breathed, rays of pure divine light flickered from within.

“Swiftly seal up the pot, don’t allow the medicinal effect to leak out,” said the tiny cauldron.

Chen Xi sealed his six senses tightly as he swiftly sobered up, and then he sealed up the jade pot before carefully placing it within the Buddha’s Pagoda along with the jade cup.

This was absolutely a precious treasure. If it was a normal person, then merely taking a whiff of its fragrance would probably cause the person to be knocked out and fall into a strange state.

Even if it was this small sip that Chen Xi had drank, it would surely cause any other cultivator that wasn’t prepared in the slightest to have their  body crushed by the tremendous medicinal strength and collapsing to the ground from being drunk, causing the medicinal strength to be wasted.

Fortunately, Chen Xi’s body was sufficiently strong, and he possessed the tiny cauldron’s guidance, so he wouldn’t fall to the extent of wasting this medicinal strength.


In next to no time, his practically ruined body was enveloped by the miraculous warm flow, and it was healings and recovering at a speed that was practically visible to the naked eye.

In almost less than 10 minutes of time, every injury in his entire body had been healed! If this scene were to be seen by that Earthly Immortal Realm expert, Chu Jing, that injured him, Chu Jing would surely be left dumbstruck! 

In the next moment, Chen Xi’s body emitted the rumbling of thunder before erupting with a blazing glow that carried an exuberant aura of vitality. His entire body was crystalline, his blood seemed as if it was burning as it surged and boiled, and his body refinement cultivation almost broke through to the Nether Transformation Realm.

His expression instantly turned to shock when he noticed this and swiftly stopped it because this moment wasn’t the time to advance. After all, this was the core area of the Divine Palace of Creation and was filled with danger.

Unfortunately, the medicinal strength of this bit of wine was too strong. After it healed his injuries, there was still another half surging within his body, and it caused Chen Xi to have no choice but to circulate the strength in his entire body to suppress it.

In the end, a ball of blazing vitality was suppressed and shrunk into a ball by him, and then he gradually injected it into his body to be sealed up temporarily while preventing it from leaking and dissipating.

Such a divine wine is absolutely worth an unimaginable fortune. It simply doesn’t seem like something that ought to be possessed by the Mortal Dimension! In the next moment, Chen Xi opened his sparkling eyes that were deep yet bright, and his voice revealed a wisp of admiration.

In the past, he was worried about when he would be able to break through to the Nether Transformation Realm in body refinement. After all, unlike qi refinement, every single step in body refinement was difficult and obscure to the extreme.

Moreover, advancing from the Rebirth Realm to the Nether Transformation Realm was a surmounting of a realm, causing it to be even more difficult, and it wasn’t inferior to an ordinary person climbing a mountain with his bare hands.

But after he obtained this jade pot of divine wine, Chen Xi instantly saw hope of advancing. It was even to the extent that he firmly believed that so long as he found a safe place and consumed some more divine wine, his body refinement cultivation would be guaranteed to advance to the Nether Transformation Realm!

“Set out. I’ve already sensed the aura of the Door of Profundity, and it’ll surely open within four hours,” said the tiny cauldron. At this moment, its voice carried a trace of imperceptible excitement.

Chen Xi awoke from his contemplation right away, and he stood up while his expression had already become extremely serious.

Presently, he could already be sure that the Chaotic Divine Crystal was most probably within the Door of Profundity, whereas during the process he headed over to search for it, it was extremely likely for him to encounter those Xeno-race experts.

But with the tiny cauldron present, he wasn’t worried about anything.

In next to no time and under the guidance of the tiny cauldron, Chen Xi flashed towards the depths of this area.

Piercingly cold winds whistled by, the pitch black and hard mountain and ground were completely barren as if they were completely dead, and even the air carried a trace of a murderous and icy cold aura.

This was the core area of the Divine Palace of Creation. According to rumor, the inheritance of that exalted expert from the primeval times was hidden here. Unfortunately, throughout the boundless years, no was had obtained it.

It was even to the extent that saints who shocked the three dimensions had come over here and vanished without a trace to never appear again in the world. This also caused this place to be covered in a layer of a mysterious and dangerous aura.

Chen Xi naturally didn’t dare dally and was completely on guard as he flew forward. To his surprise, he didn’t encounter any danger all along the way.

There were no lethal traps, no destructive formations, and there wasn’t even a trace of life. It was deathly silent, as if only he remained within the entire world.

Not only did this sort of strange silence not cause Chen Xi to feel at ease, he even became much more vigilant. After all, the more dangerous an existence, the more difficult it was to notice.

At the same time, he noticed to his shock that numerous strange lights flashed by frequently in the pitch black sky, and they were like numerous sword lights that flashed by.

But he’d noticed that the place all those strange lights vanished towards pointed at the same direction, and it faintly revealed the feeling of ‘all roads leading to one.’

Shockingly, that direction was the direction he was heading towards right now!

Strange, could it be that this is indicating something?

Chen Xi frowned. After he saw this scene, he faintly had the feeling of flying towards a place of great danger.

Right when Chen Xi was just intending to go pass this pitch black mountain, the tiny cauldron warned him abruptly. “Be careful. There’s a type of terrifying restriction ahead and coming into contact with it means certain death!”

“Restrictions?” Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as he stopped immediately before carefully descending onto the pitch black mountain. When he looked over and saw the scene behind the mountain clearly, he was instantly shocked in his heart and couldn’t refrain from gasping.

Behind the pitch black mountain was a boundlessly vast plain. The ground was pitch black and hard while suffused with a cold sheen, whereas there was a divine tree that towered into the sky at the center of the plains!

The divine tree towered into the clouds and seemed capable of propping up the heavens. It was extreme thick, while every single branch seemed like a bridge that stretched across the world, and it was extremely grand and magnificent.

But the shocking part was this divine tree’s branches were completely empty and charred black, and the surface of these branches were even covered in scars that seemed like ravines. These scars stretched horizontally and vertically, and it seemed like the branches had been chopped by an axe.

This…wouldn’t be a shell left behind by the Dark Parasol Divine Tree after it perished during the primeval times, right!? Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Even though he was only looking at it from afar, he was still able to sense that the surroundings of this divine tree emitted a shapeless force field that enveloped this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth, and it was exceedingly terrifying. It seemed as if so long that one stepped foot into this area, one would suffer a calamity, and it caused one’s entire body to go cold. 

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