Chapter 670 – Moving The Stars and Shifting The Moon

This was the Divine Palace of Creation, one of the three most mysterious places of treasure in the entire Dark Parasol’s Abyss. According to rumor, the inheritance of an exalted expert from the primeval times was hidden here.

Since those jade pots and jade cups could appear here, how could they be ordinary? It was extremely likely that it was the divine wine brewed by immortals that the exalted expert drank.

Just think about, at that sort of cultivation realm, what sort of treasure would one be unable to obtain? The things utilized to brew wine might even be top precious and divine medicine in the world, and there might even be some miraculous things from the three dimensions blended into the wine!

After all, the owner of this place was an exalted figure during the primeval times that could compare to the Dark Parasol Divine Tree, and it was a true almighty figure that surpassed everything mortal. No matter if it was the utensils he possessed or the wine he drank, they would absolutely exceed the imagination of everyone in the world.


The Dao Arts of over 10 experts collided together, and it enveloped the hall in a boundless expanse of blazing light.

Magic treasures fluttered about as rays of light rumbled. The Whitebone Devil Sect’s experts and the experts of the Zhuyan Clan fought violently and battled horrifyingly, and they fought with all their might for the sake of seizing the divine items on the stone table.

Fortunately, this was the depths of the Divine Hall of Creation, and it was covered in dense restrictions that protected this territory, causing it to remain eternal and impregnable like a fortress. Otherwise, if it was any other place, it would have probably been blasted into ruins.

“Hmph! What treasure is that?”

“What shocking Immortal Energy! Those jade pots surely contain precious treasures of the heavens and the earth that are rare to come by throughout the ages. Let’s join forces and seize possession of it!”

“Charge!” A wave of the sound of the air being torn apart resounded out as even more people noticed the situation here and swarmed over, and then they waved their magic treasures about as they joined into the battle, causing its scale to become even more terrifying.

Chen Xi who hid in the shadows noticed that there seemed to be more than one path that left to this hall, and at the other directions that were exceedingly deep and hidden were numerous other passageways that led here.

For example, the group of people that charged over now had flashed out from another passageway.

“All of you move aside!” A loud shout that shook the heavens resounded out. Daoist Crimson Sun’s hair fluttered as he charged into the battlefield, and then he flicked his Daoist robe. 


A violet ray of light towered into the sky like a surge of lightning, and it blasted the crowd apart. Moreover, there were even a few people amongst them that had collided with the stone wall and died on the spot.

He walked into the hall with large strides, a gaze that was like a bolt of lightning, and an imposing aura that could topple mountains and overturn seas. He possessed peerless divine might as he struck out repeatedly, and people were ceaselessly blasted flying by him before fainting.

This caused everyone to be astounded, and they didn’t dare believe that the extraordinary disciple of one of the 10 great immortal sects, the Truth Embrace Sect, would actually possess such a peerlessly formidable strength, and he was simply like a shocking dragon that had emerged from the sea and arrived overbearingly in the world of men.

“This is probably…seven times his combat strength!” Someone cried out loudly with a voice filled with shock.

An existence of this level could practically sweep through those of the same generation. So long as one emerged, the person would be like the sun and moon in the sky, emitting a brilliant glow, and no one would dare rashly go against the person.

Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart as well. This Daoist Crimson Sun’s cultivation seemed to be on par with Yan Shisan, and he’s a peerless genius as well. 

“Nice work, Senior Brother Crimson Sun!” Some disciples from the Truth Embrace Sect cheered and seemed to have already taken the things on the stone table to be something they would obtain for sure.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Some were disgruntled and blocked before the stone table, yet were repeatedly crushed by Daoist Crimson Sun before being blasted flying. All of them were either heavily injured or died miserably, and his all powerful imposing aura could really be said to be horrifying and ever triumphant.

“How bustling! Looks like it’s surely a rare precious treasure. If it was really left behind by that exalted expert from the primeval times, then it would really be heaven defying. Let me have a look!” Right at this moment, a golden sword appeared while its peerless and ghastly Sword Insight caused the hall to rise and fall like an ocean, and the glow of the sword was like a wave that drowned the entire hall.

The expressions of everyone revealed shock. The Sword Insight of the person that had arrived penetrated through the sky and was peerlessly sharp, whereas his gaze was like cold lightning as it swept past everyone, and he was like a peerless sword cultivator that was looking down upon all.

It was precisely the extraordinary disciple of the Heartcontrol Swordhouse, Wen Daoran. It was common knowledge how overbearing and terrifying he was. He was like his sword, overbearing and fierce, and he was an extraordinary genius figure.


The golden sword soared through the sky while surging with Sword Insight, and it stretched out like an all powerful wave that directly shook the numerous experts to the point of being forced back and falling to extremely sorry states.

This Sword Insight was too terrifying and was simply capable of shaking the milky way and shattering the sky, and it was peerlessly overbearing. A group of people stood out in unison yet were unable to obstruct it, and they were struck to the point of dispersing instead.

Wen Daoran walked over with large strides as he looked arrogantly at everyone, and then he stretched out his hand and grabbed towards the stone table.

“Want the treasure? Have you asked my permission?” Daoist Crimson Sun grunted coldly as he flicked his sleeve, causing an expanse of brilliant divine light to surge out like a river of stars, and it struck towards Wen Daoran.

“Hahaha! I heard since a long time ago that you, Daoist Crimson Sun, are a rare extraordinary genius of the Truth Embrace Sect. Let me see if you’re worthy of your name!” Wen Daoran roared with laughter as his dense hair fluttered about. He seemed awe inspiring as he slashed down with his sword, and it carried monstrous might capable of overturning Yin and Yang and throwing the world into chaos. It instantly dispersed all the attacks of his opponent.

Moreover, the peerless sword qi shook the surroundings like the eye of a storm, and it enveloped Daoist Crimson Sun within it.

This move of the sword simply possessed the might to annihilate the heavens and the earth, and it was an ultimate sword technique of the Heartcontrol Swordhouse — World Disorder Sword. Once it was executed, the sword move was like a raging storm that caused others to have a disorderly and overturned feeling.

The Heartcontrol Swordhouse. 

Before one controlled the sword, one had to first control the heart.

The direction of the heart is where the edge of the blade would be, and only then would it be capable of tearing through anything.

This World Disorder Sword required the heart of its user to be like ice and without ripples like the bottom of an old well. But when it descended into the eyes of the enemy, it was complicated, confusing, strange, and unusual, causing one to have nowhere to attack and no place to resist.

“World Disorder Sword? Hmph! Try my Truth Embrace Sect’s Dragontiger Azure Energy Slash!” Daoist Crimson Sun grunted coldly as an iron rules shaped magic treasure that was 0.6m long, four fingers wide, completely pitch black like ink, and suffused with a dim and cold sheen appeared in his hand before he slashed out.

“My body remains firm and so does my mind! Azure energy extreme technique, dragon and tiger live as one!”


Azure energy surged and developed into the form of a dragon and tiger, and they whistled out like shooting stars with a powerful and heavy might. They utterly disregarded the disorderly sword lights and surged directly at Wen Daoran, and it was straightforward and peerlessly ferocious.

Both of them entered into an intense battle, and they seemed like two blazing suns colliding and battling in midair while erupting with brilliant light and peerless divine might that enveloped the entire hall. Moreover, their imposing auras were terrifying to the extreme.

At the side, many people were shaken to the point they emitted muffled groans and retreated back while blood flowed out of the corners of their mouths. Some people were even blasted directly out of the hall, and it shocked everyone to the point they retreated once more before resisting it with all their might.

Some bold people wanted to seize this opportunity to take away the divine items of the stone table, yet the outcome was that those people were shattered apart and mangled by the aftershock of the intense battle between the two of them.

This caused everyone to be horrified and not dare make anymore rash moves. All of them knew extremely clearly that unless the battle between the two of them ended, otherwise, forcefully traversing the area would mostly cost them their lives.


However, right when everyone was dodging and didn’t dare to move forward. Suddenly, a flowing ray of light charged out like a sharp awl, and it forcefully tore into the battlefield and arrived before the stone table at the center in the blink of an eye.

From the beginning until the end, this ray of light wasn’t injured in the slightest!

Who’s this person?

He actually dared to openly appear there and intends to seize that divine items under the gazes of everyone present. Could it be that he isn’t afraid of suffering the revenge of those two experts?

Everyone was stunned and slightly didn’t dare believe their eyes.

“Chen Xi?! It’s you again! I haven’t got even with you for killing my Junior Brother Shang Que, yet you actually dare to seize my treasure now? You’re simply courting death! Let go!” Wen Daoran roared furiously when he saw Chen Xi stretching out his hand to sweep away all the jade pots and jade cups on the stone table, and it angered him to the point his eyes almost split open.

“Chen Xi! Out of consideration for your Senior Brother Long Zhenbei, swiftly leave the treasures, otherwise, I’ll kill without mercy!” Daoist Crimson Sun’s expression sank as he berated with an icy cold voice.

Both of them stopped fighting at practically the exact same moment, and they struck out at Chen Xi amidst their furious roars. They seemed as if Chen Xi was a mortal enemy of theirs, and they’d transformed into companions that fought side by side.

Because both of them knew very clearly that if Chen Xi was allowed to carry off the treasures, then their battle would be utterly meaningless, and only by killing Chen Xi would they be able to be at ease.


Both of them attacked hatefully, and the impetus of their strike was simply terrifying to the extreme. It was like two scorching suns smashing down, and merely the copious and ferocious imposing aura emitted from them caused numerous experts to be forced back.

“This fellow is probably finished…” The pupils of everyone constricted as the joint forces of Wen Daoran and Daoist Crimson Sun was too terrifying. Even though they hadn’t participated in the battle, their entire bodies still felt cold as if they’d fallen into a pit of ice.

“The treasures of the heavens and the earth belong to those who are fated. Who set out that these belong to the both of you? It’s simply laughable!” Chen Xi swiftly turned his head around as his gaze was like a cold bolt of lightning. Talisman markings surged as he moved through the sky like a dragon while his entire body was coiled with blazing rays of light, and he slapped out with his palm.


At this instant, space seemed to have been crushed apart by an enormous force, and it emitted a deafening and sharp sound of sonic booms. When looked at from afar, Chen Xi seemed to be stepping on stars while his hands pushed the sun and the moon as he moved, and his imposing aura was vast to the extreme and practically caused others to feel suffocated.

Bang! Bang!

It was like an enormous mountain had collided with their bodies. Under the focused gazes of numerous shocked gazes, Wen Daoran and Daoist Crimson Sun were directly blasted flying, and their figures staggered and almost fell to the ground.

“You…” Wen Daoran’s expression changed indeterminately in a violent manner, and he seemed as if he was staring at a freak.

“You’re actually capable of achieving this! Your Senior Brother Long Zhenbei is far inferior to you!” Daoist Crimson Sun was astounded as well, and he looked at the handsome young man that stood opposite him as if it was the first time he’d known the young man.

On the other hand, the expressions of everyone else in the hall froze, and their eyeballs almost fell out. This is too heaven defying! He actually blasted both Wen Daoran and Daoist Crimson Sun flying with a single strike! After all, both of them are peerless geniuses with formidable strengths, and there’re very few people amongst those of the same generation that are capable of matching them equally!

“Looks like my Senior Brother Yan really lost at your hands!” Suddenly, a tender exclaim of shock sounded out from outside the hall, and it revealed shock that couldn’t be concealed.

Everyone turned around to look, and they saw the Heavenflow Dao Sect’s Leng Chan’er had arrived outside the hall since an unknown moment in time.

But when they comprehended the meaning within Leng Chan’er’s words, everyone present instantly seemed as if they were struck by lightning, and they felt their scalps go numb. Senior Brother Yan? Isn’t that the most renowned madman of the Heavenflow Dao Sect, Yan Shisan?

He actually lost at Chen Xi’s hands!?

At this moment, even the expressions of Wen Daoran and Daoist Crimson Sun changed once more, and for the very first time, the gazes they shot at Chen Xi revealed a wisp of fear.

After all, even if they were to go against Yan Shisan, he would be a formidable foe that was difficult to deal with, and they didn’t dare say their victory was assured. Since Chen Xi had actually defeated him, so doesn’t that mean that Chen Xi is even more formidable than Yan Shisan? 

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