Chapter 669 – Immortal Brewed Divine Wine

The Divine Palace of Creation.

Only Chen Xi remained within the empty hall, yet he wasn’t anxious and looked at his surroundings. He looked at the myriad of doors in his surroundings for a good while before he asked. “Senior, which door do you think I should choose?”

After staying silent for a short while, the tiny cauldron didn’t answer him but asked another question in reply. “Do you know how many cultivators have come here since the primeval times until now?”

Chen Xi was stunned and didn’t know how to answer this.

The primeval times were too far away after all, and it was far to the point of seeming like a legend. According to legend, it was a period of time where the chaos had just been split apart and the three dimensions had just been established, and it was a desolate and chaotic scene.

At that time, everything in the world was born with intelligence. Fiendgods roamed freely while the saints fought for supremacy, and they created numerous myths that shook the heavens and the earth. Numerous supreme and almighty figures of the three dimensions were born during that period of time.

The Dark Parasol’s Abyss was precisely formed from a divine tree in the primeval times that linked the Immortal Dimension and the Mortal Dimension, and it was already a matter of countless years ago. No one was able to be sure exactly how many living beings had stepped foot within it in the innumerable years of the past.

“Actually, there are very few because since the primeval times until now, the Dark Parasol’s Abyss has only appeared three times.”

“The first time it appeared was during the primeval times. At that time, a calamity of divine punishment that affected the three dimensions had erupted, causing the three dimensions to fall into great chaos, and the gods perished and the saints fell.”

“The second time it appeared just happened to be when the calamity of the Fiendgods descended. At that time, all the Fiendgods that roamed freely throughout the ages and looked down upon the world suffered calamity, and they were completely obliterated in the annals of history. After that time, a true descendant of the Fiendgods couldn’t be found any longer in the entire world. That period of time was called the Primordial Era, and it’s a million years from the primeval times.”

“The third time it appeared was 10,000 years ago. But it only appeared for a short moment of less than six hours before strangely vanishing, and it actually caused everyone to be unable to enter it. According to rumor, a great figure that had ascended to the end of the path of the Dao had descended here, and he personally sealed up the Dark Parasol’s Abyss.”

“Now, it’s the fourth time the Dark Parasol’s Abyss appeared.”

The tiny cauldron’s voice was flat and emotionless as if it was narrating an unimportant and trivial matter, and it rose slowly within Chen Xi’s heart before curling up and dispersing.

However, when these words entered into Chen Xi’s ears, they weren’t inferior to a thunderclap, and they caused his mind to shake before a tempestuous storm arose within it. He was unable to calm down his feelings for a long time.

The first time the Dark Parasol’s Abyss appeared, a calamity of divine punishment descended onto the three dimensions, causing the gods to perish and the saints to fall!

The second time it appeared, the calamity of the Fiendgods descended to the three dimensions, and the peerlessly formidable Fiendgod Clan were henceforth obliterated from the annals of time!

The third time it appeared, even though it didn’t draw down a great calamity, yet a great figure had descended and sealed it up!

Yet now, it was the fourth time the Dark Parasol’s Abyss appeared. What does this mean?

It wouldn’t be… that it’s related to the upheaval of the three dimensions, right?

When he thought up to here, even with Chen Xi’s level of composure, he couldn’t help but gasp and feel his scalp go slightly numb.

The first two times caused the gods to perish, saints to fall, and the Fiendgod Clan to be obliterated. Then what about this time? What sort of terrifying unexpected event would occur?

Chen Xi didn’t dare imagine any further. Even existences with abilities that reached the heavens like the gods, saints, and Fiendgods were unable to avoid the successive calamities that struck the three dimensions, let alone the myriad of living beings in the three dimensions?

“Why do I feel that the Dark Parasol’s Abyss is like the source of calamity, and every time it appears, it’s accompanied by an upheaval of the three dimensions. Is it too unbelievable...?” Chen Xi muttered. This sort of thing seemed to be extremely far away from him, yet when it really occurred, who could guarantee that he wouldn’t be affected?

But after that, he suddenly realized something. At this moment, he was only a step away from the Door of Profundity, so why did the tiny cauldron suddenly tell him something like this?

“Once the time comes, you’ll naturally understand.” The tiny cauldron seemed to have seen through Chen Xi’s thoughts, and it said something that was extremely strange, “Because you’re different from others.”

These words seemed to be very normal yet when they were spoken by the tiny cauldron, it caused Chen Xi to have the feeling that it was slightly unusual. This was an indescribable feeling that he felt was impossible to explain.

He really wanted to ask which part of him was different than others. But he forcefully restrained himself in the end. He knew that if the tiny cauldron wasn’t willing, then even if he continued asking, he would probably not get any answers.

The Dark Parasol’s Abyss, the great chaos of the three dimensions… Saying that I’m different from others for no reason or rhyme. It’s truly difficult to comprehend. Chen Xi sighed lightly in his heart.

“Let’s go. With the protection of the Dark Parasol sapling, you can casually select any one of these doors to enter, and if you go forward continuously, you’ll be able to arrive at the core area of the Divine Palace of Creation…” The tiny cauldron guided. “As for the so-called inheritance of the exalted expert, I’m unable to guide you towards that. After all, I’m only able to sense the existence of the Chaotic Divine Crystal.”

Chen Xi took a deep breath and exerted great effort to completely recover his senses before he nodded and casually choose one of the doors, and then he flashed towards it.


At the instant he entered the door, an extremely deep and quiet passageway that was suffused with the aura of chaos entered into his vision, causing it to seem mysterious to the extreme, and it was unknown how much danger and malevolence was concealed within it.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

When Chen Xi had just taken a step forward, the deep and quiet passageway suddenly started revolving as countless blade vortexes flew out of thin air, and they shot out explosively while the image of some ghastly beings was formed amongst them. These images roared ferociously and emitted an oppressive force that felt like a mountain pressing down.


Chen Xi didn’t even spare it a glance as he circulated his Blackhole World and caused the aura of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree to surge out before he started moving forward all along the way.

A shocking scene appeared. Those blade vortexes and images of ghastly beings seemed as if they encountered the arrival of an emperor, and they moved aside successively before dispersing into nothingness.

It was even to the extent that the aura of chaos that coiled around the passageway was dispersed completely, causing his field of vision to instantly open up.

Only now did Chen Xi notice that the walls of the passageway were actually constructed completely out of the essence of the five elements mixed with various types of strange divine rocks, and they were densely covered with countless restrictions. Even the ground was paved with various natural treasures of the heavens and the earth that were branded with mysterious restrictions, and they emanated horrifying auras.

Let me see if the materials of this passageway can be gathered.

Chen Xi held the bloody sword of the Yazi Clan and executed his supreme Sword Dao as he slashed down.


Sparks flew out in all directions. The walls of the passageway actually didn’t move in the slightest and didn’t react at all from being slashed by Chen Xi’s sword. It was utterly impossible to be gathered.

Chen Xi’s heart shook. Even a Quasi Immortal Artifact’s body would probably be unable to avoid being damaged by a sword strike of mine. Could it be that the walls of this passageway are even more solid than a Quasi Immortal Artifact?

After that, he came to an understanding. Since the ancient times until now, there were numerous great figures that had entered this place. If it was so easy to be gathered, then it would have been plundered completely innumerable years ago.

Chen Xi didn’t dally and executed the Wings of Disruption as he flashed towards the depths of the passageway.

This passageway was really filled with danger and killing intent with every step. Along with him going deeper into the passageway, he’d seen countless dangerous killing moves. Some were similar to grand formations of annihilation, and they were capable of condensing ferocious spirits that were extremely vicious and possessed formidable strength to cover the passageway. Every single one of these ferocious spirits wasn’t inferior to a Peak Nether Transformation Realm expert, causing them to be terrifying.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi had seen some strange armored puppets. They wore bronze armor, were covered in iron spikes, and were ferocious and savage. Moreover, they held various formidable weapons like blades, hooks, tridents, axes, battleaxes, and so on and so forth.

Most astounding of it all was that these iron armored puppets had talisman markings that contained the power of a curse inscribed on them, and it was evil, overbearing, all over the puppets, and exceedingly formidable.

Besides those ferocious spirits that very exceedingly vicious and the brutal and formidable iron armored puppets, there were numerous other terrifying sources of killing intent. Wave after wave filled the surroundings of this passageway, and it simply seemed endless.

If it wasn’t for the assistance of the Dark Parasol sapling, even Chen Xi didn’t dare be sure that he would be able to traverse this exceedingly dangerous passageway by relying on his current cultivation.

On the way, Chen Xi saw numerous skeletons. Some seemed to have shattered from suffering a terrifying heavy blow, some seemed to have become pitch black from being corroded by toxic poison. The states of their deaths came in an infinite variety, and some have already transformed into a pile of bone ash since a long time ago.

Obviously, these skeletons ought to have existed for a very long time, and they might have perished when the Dark Parasol’s Abyss appeared the last time.

I wonder if so many dangers exist within the doors the others chose? Chen Xi suddenly recalled Daoist Crimson Sun, Leng Chan’er, Wen Daoran, and the others.

“You’re courting death! This abode was discovered by my Zhuyan Clan first![1] The treasures within it naturally ought to belong to us!”

“Hmph! That would depend on if all of you have the ability to seize it all!”


“You dare call my Whitebone Devil Sect despicable? Kill, kill all of them!”

Right when Chen Xi was pondering, the sound of violent battle suddenly sounded out from the depths of the passageway, and there were explosive shouts that frequently sounded out from there as they seemed to be arguing about something.

The Zhuyan Clan? The Whitebone Devil Sect? Aren’t these two of the powers that entered the divine palace along with me? Why have they appeared here? Chen Xi was surprised. He clearly remembered that these two powers had chosen different doors. Moreover, the door he chose was different as well. Yet now, all of them had actually gathered together!

Could it be that the passageways within these doors are interconnected?

Chen Xi pondered for a short moment before he flashed out while restraining his aura, and he approached without emitting a single sound.

This was a rather magnificent hall that was filled with brilliant light and flowing with the aura of treasures while Immortal Energy that was dense to the point of being on the verge of transforming into liquid suffused the entire surroundings.

But the hall was completely empty and only a stone table lay at the center. On the table was some jade pots and jade cups that flowed with divine light, and it was obvious with a single glance that they weren’t ordinary.

At this moment, there were over 10 figures in battle within the hall, causing Dao Arts to soar about while streaks shot out violently, and all of them were fighting to seize the jade pots and jade cups on the stone table.

The situation of the battle of violent to the extreme, and they were obviously fighting with their lives on the line.

When Chen Xi arrived here, his spirits couldn’t help but be refreshed as a wisp of a burning gaze suffused his eyes. The jade pots and jade cups on the stone table seemed as if they were carved out of jade, glowed like treasures, and a rain of light actually sprinkled down in their surroundings, causing them to seem extremely miraculous.

There was even an intoxicating fragrance of wine suffused in the air, and just a whiff of it caused the blood in Chen Xi’s entire body to surge while his soul felt light, and he seemed to be intoxicated by it.

A treasure!

Could it be that the jade pots contained divine wine brewed by an immortal?

Chen Xi instantly understood that even though the jade pots and jade cups were rare and precious, but if it was in terms of value, then they were absolutely unable to compare to the divine treasure that seemed to have been brewed by an immortal contained within them!

1. An ape in Chinese Myth

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