Chapter 668 – A Mass of Doors

Anyone could perceive the resentment within Shang Que’s tone. Most of the people present didn’t know who exactly Chen Xi was, and they couldn’t help but be surprised and glance towards the young man that had just arrived when they heard this.

“I owe a great favor to Martial Uncle Zi Ming. Since his nephew was bullied to death, then I, as a junior, am naturally duty bound.” As Wen Daoran’s eyes opened and closed, the phenomenon of a myriad of swords surging about appeared within them, and his entire body seemed like a sharp sword that had been thoroughly tempered and carried an oppressive fierceness.

In the next moment, his gaze had already locked onto Chen Xi as he said coldly and indifferently, “No matter who you are, since you’ve offended a member of my Heartcontrol Swordhouse, then you must atone for your crimes with death. I’ll give you a chance, kneel down and receive death, and I’ll allow you to die slightly more swiftly.”

His voice was like ice and carried ghastly and oppressive killing intent that caused everyone present to be unable to help but be astounded.

Wen Daoran deserves to be a peerless sword cultivator from the Heartcontrol Swordhouse. He’s like a sword, fierce and overbearing, and he utterly doesn’t give others any chances.

Leng Chan’er revealed a slightly strange expression. She’d once seen Chen Xi display his overwhelming martial prowess and thrash numerous experts in the highest floor of the Ice Cloud Pavilion. He even dared to bash members of the Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan, and his strength was absolutely at the top ranks amongst those of the same generation.

Wen Daoran actually directly asked such a figure to kneel down and receive death, and it caused even her to feel that it was too overbearing and even beyond arrogant.

“Kneel down and receive death? Wouldn’t that be going too easy on this kid?” With Wen Daoran’s powerful support, Shang Que’s spirits were greatly refreshed, and he stared complacently and resentfully at Chen Xi as he gritted his teeth and said, “I suggest that this kid ought to be sliced into pieces before extracting his soul and sealing it within purgatory, so that he will suffer the torment of flames and be unable to be reborn for eternity!”

Everyone was stunned as they felt this fellow was too atrocious.

Even those experts from the devil sects were surprised as they never expected that this kid from the Heartcontrol Swordhouse was actually so ruthless because such brutal methods were simply a hundred or thousand times crueler than killing a person.

Wen Daoran frowned as well when he heard this, but he nodded in the end. “So long as he receives death obediently, then I’ll leave it at that. But if he dares to go against my words, then we’ll do as you said.”

From the beginning until the end, both of them hadn’t taken Chen Xi seriously as they spoke, and the supreme feeling of arrogance came naturally to them. They had a feeling of superiority as if life and death were both controlled within the palm of their hands, and they seemed like they were dealing with an ant that was at their mercy, so relaxed and at ease.

During this entire process, Chen Xi had always been looking at them quietly with a calm expression, and when Wen Daoran finished speaking, he suddenly started laughing, yet his laughter was icy cold to the extreme.

“Hmm? Kid, you actually still dare to laugh? You’re courting death…” Shang Que was stunned and shouted explosively.


His voice stopped abruptly as if he was a duck that had its neck choked. He was confined by a shapeless and formidable force field that caused a bang sound to resound out as his entire body was directly struck to the point his legs broke, and he knelt down on the ground.

This kid isn’t simple!

The hearts of everyone present here shook as they felt a terrifying force field gush out from Chen Xi, and it was like a shocking dragon that left its lair, filled with an icy cold and emotionless aura of confinement.

Leng Chan’er was stunned as she deeply perceived that Chen Xi at this moment was even more terrifying than when she saw him at the highest floor of the Ice Cloud Pavilion, and he seemed to have been reborn and become a completely different person.


Never had Shang Que imagined that Chen Xi hadn’t knelt yet, but he’d already knelt first instead. The violent pain in his entire body coupled with his violent fury that struck his heart caused him to instantly spray out a mouthful of blood, and he was angered to the point his face warped.

He intended to stand up, yet felt the space around his body had been confined, causing him to feel as if an enormous mountain was pressing down on him. Not to mention standing up, there wasn’t even room to struggle, and this caused him to be both shocked and furious as he spat blood repeatedly.

“You…” Wen Daoran had never imagined that Chen Xi would actually be so resolute, ruthless, and decisive in making a move, and would suppress Shang Que right before his eyes. This was simply an undisguised slap to the face!

If I don’t capture and kill this kid, then my face is completely lost today!

“Explode!” However, before he could make a move, the nearby Chen Xi spoke once more, and he spat out a word that seemed like a thunderclap that emanated a horrifying force as it resounded out in the eardrums of everyone.


A rain of blood sprayed out. Under the gazes of everyone present, Shang Que who knelt on the ground seemed as if he was fiercely torn apart by a ferocious beast from the primeval times, and he instantly exploded into a ball of bloody rain that sprayed down to the surroundings. The scene of his death was exceedingly miserable and horrifying, and it was simply no different to being executed by dismemberment.

“Courting death, you’re courting death!” Wen Daoran shouted explosively, and his expression was gloomy to the extreme. His entire body glowed as peerlessly fierce and dense Sword Insight surged out from his body like a circulating tide, and he simply seemed like a peerless treasure sword that had been unsheathed and intended to destroy everything.

This caused everyone to feel apprehensive in their hearts, and they dodged towards the distance as they were deeply afraid of being affected.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged instead, and he was calm and unhurried. Even though Wen Daoran was strong, his imposing aura was obviously slightly inferior to Yan Shisan, so Chen Xi was naturally unafraid.


However, right when the battle between the two would be triggered at any moment. Suddenly, an enormous bang that shook the heavens and the earth resounded out, and the door to the Divine Palace of Creation had actually opened!

“It finally opened up!” Everyone exclaimed with surprise and completely moved their intention from Chen Xi and Wen Daoran to the inside of the mysterious palace.

The entrance that seemed to be constructed from ancient wood opened up abruptly and emanated a dazzling glow that was extremely brilliant. Auspicious qi curled up from within while numerous rays of divine light penetrated out from within, and it emitted a wave of the sounds of worship.

At this moment, it seemed as if they’d returned to the primeval times. The gods were chanting causing the tune of the gods to enter the ear, and the mysterious aura of the Grand Dao was dense and was emitted from space itself.

The door of the Divine Palace of Creation had opened up completely. Multicolored lights flowed within it and drew the minds of all, and they couldn’t restrain themselves any longer and charged over in unison.

They’d already been waiting here for a long time, and they knew that after the door to the divine palace opened, it would close once more in a short moment. So how could they dare hesitate?

Chen Xi and Wen Daoran had split up as well. Even though Wen Daoran hated Chen Xi to death, at this moment, nothing could be more attractive than the palace left behind by an exalted expert. He yearned extremely for the supreme inheritance within the palace and was determined to obtain it. Compared to this, the death of Shang Que wasn’t anything important, and it wouldn’t be too late to annihilate Chen Xi after he entered the palace.

“Kid, I’ll let you live for a short moment more, and I’ll personally take your life later!” Wen Daoran glanced coldly at Chen Xi before transforming into a wisp of flowing light that swiftly charged into the palace.

“Conceited!” Chen Xi shook his head before flashing into the palace as well.


When everyone had just entered the Divine Palace of Creation, the door of the palace closed tightly once more.


“My god! What a large pool of immortal liquid!” This was a vast and grand hall, its air was enshrouded with dense spirit energy that assaulted the nose, whereas there was shockingly a pool at the center of the hall.

When everyone entered, they instantly noticed that the pool actually contained immortal liquid!

The golden and brilliant immortal liquid effused a refreshing fragrance. It was dense and bright like sap that had turned gold, and it gurgled and roiled while surging with strands of the aura of the Grand Dao, causing it to seem as if one could ascend to become an immortal by drinking a single gulp.


Various magic treasures flew out as everyone made a move at the first possible moment, and they rushed to be the first to collect the immortal liquid. This was true liquid Immortal Energy, and just a single drop was much more valuable than an Immortal Stone!

It was extremely rare and exceedingly precious.

Merely this pool of immortal liquid would be sufficient to be exchanged for a true Immortal Artifact in the outside world.

This was the reserves and resources of the Divine Palace of Creation. It was absolutely not something a secret realm could compare to, and the things contained within it were naturally shocking to the extreme and carried unimaginable worth.

Chen Xi made a move as well, and he executed the Stellar Lightningform’s Grand Dao of Devourer as he grabbed out like a Roc swallowing the ocean, causing him to directly seize away more than half of the immortal liquid that weighed an entire 5,000kg from the pool.

This instantly provoked the displeasure of the others.

“Your avarice knows no bounds, hand it over!” Some people couldn’t refrain from making a move against Chen Xi with the intention of killing him and seizing the immortal liquid for themselves.

“Fuck off!” Chen Xi shouted coldly with a surging voice as Dao Insights rumbled throughout his body and transformed into divine rings that coiled around him, and it seemed like numerous suns were enveloped around him as they resisted the attacks of these people.

After that, Chen Xi took a step forward.


He blasted flying those people that made a move against him, causing them to cough up blood without end, and they looked at Chen Xi as if they were looking at a freak while their gazes were filled with terror.

Who could have imagined that this fellow who’d just arrived would actually be so formidable?

At this moment, no matter if it was the experts of the immortal sect, devil sects, or primordial clans, all of them had realized how extraordinary Chen Xi’s strength was once more. All of them revealed slightly fearful expressions and no one came to cause trouble for him anymore.

Most importantly, this place was the Divine Palace of Creation, and it contained too many unknown treasures. If they were to cause trouble for Chen Xi at this moment, it would be rather unwise because what if someone were to seize this opportunity and beat them to a treasure? Then it would be too late to regret it.

In next to no time, the pool of immortal liquid was completely divided up, and the aggressive atmosphere eased up greatly along with this.

After they sized up the surroundings briefly, everyone noticed that there was actually a myriad of doors in the surroundings of the hall, and they were like the entrances to numerous mazes, causing one to be dazed by the side of them and not know which door to enter.

“So many doors! I wonder which door leads to the place of inheritance of that exalted expert from the primeval times?” Someone frowned and felt slightly at a loss for what to do.

“What’s so difficult about this? Haven’t our Ancestors entered a long time ago? We only have to sense carefully, and we’ll surely be able to sense the trace of aura left behind by them.” Someone muttered in a soft voice.

Ancestors? Chen Xi raised his eyes and looked over. He saw that the person who spoke earlier was a disciple of the Truth Embrace Sect that followed by Daoist Crimson Sun’s side.

Moreover, he noticed that after the members of the other powers heard this, most of their expressions remained unchanged, as if they knew about this since a long time ago.

Could it be that these powers were led by Earthly Immortal Realm experts, and they’d entered the Divine Palace of Creation beforehand?

Chen Xi frowned, and he felt his guess wasn’t far from the truth.

Looks like the news from before about Earthly Immortal Realm experts wouldn’t be joining in clearly can’t be believed completely…

This discovery caused Chen Xi’s heart to constrict. If it was true, then Earthly Immortal Realm experts would be added to the ranks of the opponents he was competing with, and just thinking about it caused him to have a headache. Actually, it was obvious just from thinking about it. When faced with such a treasure trove that only emerged once in a very long time, even Heavenly Immortals would probably be moved, let alone Earthly Immortal Realm experts.

“Let’s go!” Suddenly, a wisp of excitement suffused the corners of Leng Chan’er’s mouth as she seemed to have sensed something, and then all the experts of the Heavenflow Dao Sect instantly flashed directly towards one of the doors.

Moreover, at this moment, the members of the other powers acted in this way as well. Group after group left swiftly and headed towards different doors, and they’d vanished in an instant.

In the time of a few breaths, only Chen Xi remained in the entire hall.

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