Chapter 667 – Divine Palace of Creation

In this space that was suffused with the aura of blood, battles surged all around, and it was horrifying like purgatory.

Numerous experts had lost their minds to the bloody baleful qi and had fallen into an insane state, and they were fighting with all their might within the vast army of bronze ants. There were people that perished from time to time, and the scene was horrifying and bloody.

There were also some experts that hadn’t stepped foot into the battlefield, and they avoided it from far away in the surroundings. They were looking for an opportune moment to make a move because they’d similarly discerned that if they were to charge over rashly, then they would surely share the same fate of those that had entered the battlefield before them and fall to their doom.

They were waiting bitterly for an opportunity. Unfortunately, the army of bronze ants that covered the heavens and the earth and the bloody baleful qi that suffused the entire world was an extreme headache that they didn’t know how to overcome.


It was at this moment that a flowing ray of light suddenly tore through the sky and charged towards the army of bronze ants, and it seemed to be especially striking within this chaotic and horrifying battlefield.

“Eh, there’s actually someone charging over?”

“Idiot! He’s even giving up his life for the sake of arriving at the Divine Palace of Creation, his mind has really been befuddled, and he’s overestimating his ability.”

“Haha! How many idiots like this have there been today? Let me see how this fellow dies a miserable death!”

All those experts in the surroundings were slightly stunned when they saw this scene, and then they revealed a wisp of pity. This is another fellow that’s about to give his life away.

After all, they’d been waiting here for a long time and had always been searching for a superb opportunity because they intended to wait for the opportune moment to take action as they didn’t dare play around with their lives.

During this process, they’d seen countless experts being unable to restrain themselves from charging out, and there was no lack of Peak Nether Transformation Realm experts amongst them. But in the end, all of them were like moths that darted to the flame, and they died miserably within the army of bronze ants.

Not a single one survived! So when they saw this streak of light appear, as far as they were concerned, it was another idiot that was going to give his life away.

“Hmm? That’s…” Suddenly, someone spoke out with surprise and bewilderment, and he revealed an expression of disbelief.

Everyone else that was laughing coldly raised their eyes to look over, and their expressions instantly froze while their bodies seemed to have become clay puppets when they saw the distant scene clearly. They seemed as if they’d seen a ghost.

Within their fields of vision, at the instant that streak of light charged into the chaotic battlefield, the dense army of bronze ants actually split apart and moved towards the side, and they opened an empty passageway!

Those terrifying divine ants whose ancestors had once devoured gods simply seemed as if they were respectfully greeting the arrival of a king, and they were extraordinarily meek and didn’t seem ferocious at all!

It was too strange!

Who would have imagined that a fellow that everyone thought would die for sure would actually be capable enough to accomplish this? Even the Primeval God Devourer Ants had moved aside successively and didn’t dare obstruct his path at all, and it was simply like a miracle was occurring.

Everyone was shocked as they knew they’d misjudged earlier. This wasn’t a moth that was darting into the flames, this was obviously a dragon returning to its lair unobstructed!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Someone noticed a slight opportunity in this and flew out in pursuit of that streak with the intention of following behind the streak and avoiding the assault of the bronze ants.

“Fuck! Why didn’t I think of doing that?”

“Everyone, charge! Follow up to them!”

“Quickly! Quickly! An unforeseen event might occur if you hesitate!”

The others were unable to restrain themselves as well when they saw this because they knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Once they lost it, they would probably be unable to arrive at the Divine Palace of Creation any longer.

“AH!!!” However, before they could even make a move, a string of shrill and miserable cries resounded out. Those experts that were the first to charge out hadn’t even chased up to Chen Xi’s footsteps when they were drowned by the army of bronze ants, and they were instantly transformed into nothingness and vanished without a trace.

“Hiss!” Everyone stopped moving as soon as they saw this scene, and they gasped repeatedly and felt extremely astounded. Never had they imagined that those damnable ants actually seemed as if they could recognize people. They were extremely meek and respected that streak of light as if it was a god, yet once all of them made an appearance, those ants instantly changed completely into their ferocious and ruthless selves, and the ants assaulted them as if they’d killed the parents of the ants.

After they understood this, besides feeling astounded, everyone felt extremely vexed and dejected. If we were able to strike up a relationship with that person before this and rely on his strength, then wouldn’t we have been able to easily avoid these damnable ants?


That streak of light was naturally Chen Xi.

He’d utterly never imagined that the scene of him charging into the army of bronze ants would actually draw out such thoughts from the hearts of all those experts in the surroundings.

After he found out the army of ants was of no threat to him, he’d instantly relaxed and flew with extreme speed, and he flew for the time for an entire half of an incense stick to burn before the scene before his eyes changed instantaneously.

The vast army of bronze ants had vanished and was replaced by a palace. The palace was grand, ancient, and seemed to have been standing in the heavens and the earth for countless years, and it emitted a desolate, heavy, and ancient aura.

This palace seemed to have been constructed from ancient wood, and its entire body was suffused with expanses of striations and veins that seemed like the rings of an ancient tree, causing it to give others a strange feeling of profoundness and mysteriousness.

It was self-evident that this was surely the most mysterious location in the Creation Sword Domain — The Divine Palace of Creation!

According to rumor, the mantle and inheritance of that exalted expert from the primeval times was left within the Divine Palace of Creation, and during the countless years until now, it had drawn innumerable great figures to come search for it.

Unfortunately, not a single person had obtained the inheritance until now, and it caused this place to seem even more mysterious. Many people were guessing exactly what sort of figure would be able to obtain the inheritance.

This question had accompanied this palace for countless years until now yet no one was capable of giving a clear and definite answer to it.

At this moment, the door to this palace was sealed tightly, and there were actually many people standing outside its doors!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a wave of surprise because he was clearly aware of exactly how enormous the size of the bronze ant army all along the way was. It was simply like an ocean, and he’d relied on the strand of aura of the Dark Parasol sapling to arrive here safely.

Yet now, there were actually others that had passed through the vast army of bronze ants since a long time ago and had arrived here. So how could this not be shocking?

Looks like I’m not the only one who has something to rely on and those that are capable of arriving here probably have their own secret techniques.

Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought. After all, if they were to go head on against the bronze ants, then even an Earthly Immortal Realm expert would probably be trapped to death within the army.

However, these people were actually able to arrive here beforehand, so they were surely of extraordinary origin.

The facts were really as Chen Xi had inferred. When he arrived before the palace and saw the appearances of these people clearly, he was instantly enlightened in his heart.

There were around forty or fifty experts before the palace. There were beings from the immortal sects, devil sects, and clans from the Primordial Era. All of them were distributed into various different powers and left each other alone, yet faintly formed a confrontational situation.

Obviously, the reason they were able to get along peacefully with each other earlier was that the door to the Divine Palace of Creation hadn’t opened yet, otherwise, it would absolutely be impossible for such a scene to appear.

Shockingly, Chen Xi saw the figures of the Truth Embrace Sect’s Daoist Crimson Sun, the Heavenflow Dao Sect’s Leng Chan’er, the Heartcontrol Swordhouse’s Wen Daoran, and many others amongst these people. All these three people came from different powers in the 10 great immortal sects, and they respectively stood at different positions. Moreover, they were surrounded by the experts of the power they came from, causing them to seem extremely striking like brilliant moons that were surrounded by a host of stars.

Moreover, Chen Xi even noticed the figure of Shang Que at the side of the Heartcontrol Swordhouse’s Wen Daoran with a single glance.

This disciple from the Shang Clan could be considered to be lucky. During the time they were at the Primeval Battlefield, he was saved by an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, and if it wasn’t for that, he’d have died at Chen Xi’s hand since a long time ago.

Besides the three immortal sects represented by Daoist Crimson Sun, Leng Chan’er, and Wen Daoran, there were some other experts from the devil sects and clans from the Primordial Era. All of them formed their own circles respectively, and they faintly formed the situation where the immortal sects, devil sects, and primordial clans rivaled each other.

Such a scene was actually shockingly similar to the distribution of powers in the Dark Reverie. No matter if it was the 10 great immortal sects, the six lineages of the devil sect, or the primordial clans, all three of these powers were in confrontation with each other from afar and formed a triangle of confrontation. All of them more or less had conflict and competition with each other.

“Someone has already entered the Divine Palace of Creation. You have to make the best use of your time because there’s only a single day remaining until the Door of Profundity opens.” The tiny cauldron reminded abruptly.

“It wouldn’t be those Xeno-race experts that have entered, right?” Chen Xi’s heart shook as he withdrew his gaze that was sizing up the situation in the surrounding. At this moment, he hadn’t approached the Divine Palace of Creation, and he’d restrained his aura while hiding in the extremely distant shadows.

“It might be. In short, you have to get ready beforehand because the door to the palace will open again in the time for an incense stick to burn. You must grab this opportunity, otherwise, the next time it opens will be seven days from now, and everything would be too late then,” replied the tiny cauldron.

“Senior, don’t worry. No matter what, I’ll help you obtain that Chaotic Divine Crystal.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and revealed a firm expression.

As soon as he finished speaking, he’d transformed into a flowing ray of light that approached the front of the palace. With his current strength, he naturally wouldn’t be afraid of anyone present here.


A streak tore through the sky and drew the attention of numerous gazes before the hall.

“Chen Xi! How could it be you?” Leng Chan’er was surprised. Her features were like a painting, her beautiful hair hung loosely like a waterfall, causing her to be charming and sweep like a rose in full bloom, graceful and gorgeous.

“What, could it be that I can’t come here?” Chen Xi glanced at Leng Chan’er and replied with a question.

As he spoke, he’d already descended before the palace and stood there alone, causing him to seem lonely, and he formed a sharp contrast with the experts from the other powers.

Leng Chan’er was stunned, and then she said with a smile, “I was just slightly surprised.”

Chen Xi glanced at her deeply yet didn’t expose her.

He’d already confirmed one thing through Leng Chan’er’s reaction, she surely knew of the matter of Yan Shisan plotting against him, otherwise, she wouldn’t feel so surprised upon seeing him making an appearance.

“He’s Chen Xi?” At the other side, a clear voice suddenly sounded out.

Chen Xi raised his eyes and looked over. He saw that the person who spoke had eyes that were brilliant like the stars, a face that was white like jade, a high nose, and emitted a vast imposing aura that towered into the sky, and it caused him to seem like a king that had descended here. This person was the peerless sword cultivator from the Heartcontrol Swordhouse, Wen Daoran.

“Exactly. It’s precisely this detestable villain that brutally killed the disciples of my Shang Clan and even the Young Master Shang Kun perished at his hand in the Primeval Battlefield!” At Wen Daoran’s side, Shang Que gnashed his teeth while his eyes were filled with resentment. “Senior Brother Wen, my Young Master Shang Kun is the nephew Ancestor Zi Ming dotes upon the most, you must take revenge for him!”

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