Chapter 666 – Primeval God Devourer Ants

A black hole floated in midair at the end of the Nether Spring Ocean. It was deep, pitch black, and suffused with a horrifying sheen, and it seemed like a door that lead to the mysterious unknown.

According to Chen Xi’s guess, the blackhole was probably the door that led to the Creation Sword Domain!

However, he didn’t move instead, and his gaze shot towards the sky at the side as he seemed to have noticed something.

This place was completely silent, yet because it was silent, it seemed to be unusual instead. Along with Chen Xi’s gaze sweeping out, he instantly understood why this place would be unusual.

Because there was actually group after group of figures lying in ambush within the sky in an area of 500km around the black hole!

Those figures formed groups of three to five and ought to belong to different powers, and they were scattered at different positions while using some sort of secret technique to actually be able to conceal themselves within space, causing their figures to be completely hidden out of sight.

They were like venomous snakes that were concealed in the shadows, hidden from the eye of others, and it caused them to be difficult to be noticed by others. It was even to the extent that it was impossible to notice them with Divine Sense.

If it wasn’t for Chen Xi possessing the Eye of Divine Truth that was capable of seeing true reality and to see through the truth behind something, Chen Xi would have almost been deceived.

But all of them had been completely exposed down to the slightest detail before his eyes, and he instantly noticed that there were 78 people that belonged to 13 powers lying in ambush in the surroundings.

Moreover, he even clearly saw that when the gazes of these people descended onto him, all of them revealed imperceptible traces of excitement and cruelty. They seemed like a group of wild beasts that had set their sights on a lamb that had fallen into a trap.

Looks like these fellows are all akin to bandits. Lying in ambush in the surroundings of the entrance to the Creation Sword Domain is indeed a superb location to rob and kill. If an ordinary person comes over, the person would probably become dizzy from the pleasant surprise of discovering the Creation Sword Domain, so how could the person possibly notice the layer upon layer of killing intent lying in ambush in the surroundings?

An imperceptible wisp of a cold expression suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth as he’d guessed the purpose of these people were lying in ambush here.


Right at this moment, a cold and swift sword light suddenly pierced out from behind him, and it seemed as if it had appeared from thin air. It was cunning and sinister, and it struck directly towards his heart from behind.

At practically the exact same moment, a few more figures leaped out at the same time from the sky on the other side, and they assaulted Chen Xi from different angles. Their movements were extraordinarily swift, and their attacks were swift and mighty like lightning. Obviously, they intended to kill Chen Xi with one strike.

In an instant, the entire surroundings were covered in piercingly cold and terrifying killing intent, and it was like a heaven encompassing net that completely locked down all Chen Xi’s paths of retreat.

If it was anyone else here at this moment, the person would probably be shocked to the point of being dazed when facing this sudden scene, and the person could only wait helplessly for death to arrive. In the end, the person would be tortured and killed before the treasures in the person’s possession would be completely plundered.

This group of experts was extremely formidable because it was impossible for weaklings to arrive here. Unfortunately, they’d chosen the wrong target and had actually targeted Chen Xi, so they deserved to suffer calamity.

Even the peerless genius Yan Shisan wasn’t a match for him, let alone them?

“Fuck off!” Chen Xi hadn’t moved yet a terrifying aura surged out explosively from him, and his voice sounded like spring thunder as he spat out two words. He’d already included the profundities of the Slaughter Dao Insight within this shout, causing its might to be extraordinary.


It was like a hurricane that rumbled as it stretched out with Chen Xi at the center, and it directly collapsed, crushed, and swept away the attacks that came from all directions, whereas, those assailants seemed as if they were struck by lightning. All of their bodies shook violently as the bones and meridians in their entire bodies were shattered, and blood sprayed from both their mouths and nose as they fell lifelessly into the Nether Spring Ocean.


The water from the Nether Springs was exceedingly overbearing. No matter how formidable one’s cultivation was, merely being tainted by a single drop would cause one’s consciousness to be corroded while one’s flesh and bones were melted, causing one to transform into a spirit that lacked a consciousness.

These assailants had just fallen into the Nether Spring Ocean when they instantly emitted exceedingly shrill and miserable cries. After a short moment, they were completely swallowed by the Nether Spring water to the point not even scraps remained, and it was an extremely horrifying sight.

All the other people concealed within space itself gasped when they saw this scene, and their entire bodies went cold. They instantly knew that this young man that had come here alone was a formidable figure that absolutely couldn’t be offended because his strength was terrifying to the extreme!


After he killed these ignorant fools, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d done an extremely normal thing and dusted his clothes before sweeping the surroundings with his gaze, and then he didn’t hesitate any longer to unfold the Wings of Disruption and flash towards the black hole that floated in midair.

In the blink of an eye, he’d vanished without a trace.

On the other hand, all the groups of experts hidden in space looked at each other. Especially that icy cold gaze that Chen Xi shot at them before leaving, it still caused them to be extremely terrified even at this moment.

What sort of gaze was that?

Icy cold like a blade, it penetrated right down to the heart, and it seemed like the gaze of a god that was looking down at an ant and was filled with dignity that couldn’t be provoked!

Who’s that fellow? Why would there be such a formidable figure in the world?

They were unable to guess the answer, and it was precisely because of their inability that it caused them to feel horrified. Fortunately, Chen Xi had already left, and it allowed them to be slightly at ease.


Just like the changing of position of the stars, as soon as Chen Xi entered the black hole, his entire body was involuntarily led by an enormous force, causing scenery to flash before his eyes and seem as if he was penetrating through layer upon layer of time and space.

Before he could recover from his shock, in the next moment, he’d arrived at a strange area.

A sky that was thick like blood, a ground that was crimson red as if it was soaked with boundless scarlet red flesh blood. This vast, boundless, and desolate area was covered in the color of blood.

It was like the blood of the gods had been sprayed all over the ground, it was like a horrifying ancient battlefield, and the air was suffused with a bloody aura that caused one’s mind to become restless.

The slightest weakness of the will might cause one’s inner demons to be drawn out by the bloody aura, causing one to lose control of one’s emotions and transform into a bloodthirsty and insane madman. It was even to the extent that one might experience qi deviation and have one’s foundation destroyed!

This is the Creation Sword Domain?

Chen Xi circulated his cultivation to maintain the clarity of his mind and Dao Heart as he sized up the surroundings. In next to no time, he noticed that the extreme distance was actually filled with exceedingly chaotic fluctuations of battle!

There seemed to be a great battle being carried out over there.


In the next moment, he’d already transformed into a flowing ray of light that flashed towards the source of the fluctuations of battle.

“Kill!” Violent sounds of battle shot into the sky and shook the wind and the clouds, and it was like the shouts of Fiendgods.

“Kill!” Numerous terrifying Dao Arts mixed with magic treasures of various colors soared through the heavens and the earth while erupting with blazing and dazzling glows that illuminated the world.

“Kill!” Numerous figures moved about in the heavens and the earth. There were cultivators from the immortal sects, devil sects, and even the clans from the Primordial Era, and all of them were pressing forward with all their might.

The scene before him seemed like an exceedingly violent battlefield, fresh blood sprayed out violently, magic treasures soared about, and terrifying Dao Arts rumbled in the heavens and the earth while emanating boundless light.

This was the scene Chen Xi saw when he rushed over, and as he sensed the horrifying aura that assaulted his face, he couldn’t help but feel apprehensive in his heart while the nerves in his entire body tensed up involuntarily.

Ants! What terrifying ants!

Chen Xi’s eyes focused instantly when he saw what those cultivators were fighting against, and he felt a wisp of shock.

Those numerous ants in the battlefield that were like ancient bronze statues had crimson red eyes and were over 30m long. Their four limbs were strong, powerful, and suffused with a metallic and icy cold sheen.

Every single time their feet descended, it would shatter apart the ground like a mountain was moving, and they possessed terrifying strength.

Most shocking of it all was these bronze ants had actually mastered numerous formidable Sword Insights. They fought valiantly with sword qi that charged into the sky and was ghastly and fierce to the extreme, they seemed capable of cutting space apart into pieces and slashing the milky way into half.

The circumstances seemed as if they’d transformed into numerous peerless sword cultivators as they fought those cultivators, and they were ferocious, overbearing, fearless, and terrifying to the extreme.

What sort of existences are these? Primeval divine ants?

Chen Xi noticed with a single glance that every single one of these bronze ants possessed the strength of a first-rate Nether Transformation Realm cultivation. Moreover, the Sword Insights they’d mastered were different from one other, yet were exceedingly formidable and fierce.

If it was only one or two, then it would naturally be much easier to deal with. But the scene before his eyes was one where the bronze ants were scattered about densely, and they covered the heavens and the earth. When looked at from far, it seemed as if the end of them couldn’t be seen, and it caused one’s scalp to go numb.

Even if an Earthly Immortal Realm expert were to enter a battlefield with so many bronze ants, the Earthly Immortal Realm expert might not even be able to annihilate them before falling to exhaustion and might even be exhausted to death!

The scene before his eyes was just like this. There was an entire few hundred cultivators and beings from the clans of the Primordial Era. But before this army of bronze ants, they were like a splash in an ocean and extremely inconspicuous.

Moreover, there were people perishing miserably without leaving a corpse behind at every moment, and it was horrifying and bloody to the extreme.

But even then, not a single person retreated, and they exerted all their strength to charge forward instead. It seemed as if there was something ahead that was drawing their attention, causing them to be unable to refuse, and they fought repeatedly as if they’d gone mad too and they even disregarded their lives.

“These are Primeval God Devourer Ants. During the primeval times, they moved about in large numbers and had once ruled over a terrifying period of time. Every single one of them is capable of destroying a mountain and possesses boundless strength. Moreover, they once devoured a real god, causing them to possess a monstrous reputation.” The tiny cauldron reminded abruptly. “You have to be careful. This expanse of the heavens and the earth is filled with the bloody baleful qi formed from the fall of gods and devils. Once you enter battle, it’s extremely easy for your mind to be blinded by this bloody baleful qi, causing you to lose your cool before being completely reduced to a madman that only knows how to fight.”

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding and was shocking in his heart.

No wonder those cultivators are fighting so madly and even disregarded their lives. Their minds have probably been seized by that bloody baleful qi, causing them to enter an insane state.

“Let’s go. After we pass through this area, the Divine Palace of Creation is not far ahead, and the Door of Profundity is behind the divine palace,” said the tiny cauldron.

“Err.” Chen Xi looked at the army of bronze ants that covered the surroundings, and he couldn’t help but feel his scalp go numb. Even though he possessed the Dark Parasol sapling and didn’t have to worry about his True Essence drying up, but what if the bloody baleful qi caused him to lose his mind, that would be troublesome…

“Don’t forget that this is the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, and it was formed from the Dark Parasol Divine Tree. You possess a strand of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree’s soul in your body and being here is no different than returning to your own territory. Those Primeval God Devourer Ants wouldn’t dare make things difficult for you.” The tiny cauldron seemed to have seen through Chen Xi’s worries and reminded.

“So it turns out that the Dark Parasol sapling also has such a miraculous effect…” Chen Xi’s spirits were instantly refreshed when he heard this, and all his worries were wiped away. He flashed out right away towards the army of bronze ants.

But for safety’s sake, he still circulated his Blackhole World to emit a strand of the aura of the Dark Parasol sapling and wrapped it around his body before he felt much more at ease.

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