Chapter 665 – Sacred Water From The Nether Springs

The Dark Parasol’s Abyss was extremely huge, and it was covered in a lustrous and dazzling landscape. The slightest carelessness while moving within it might cause one to get lost and be unable to find one’s way.

Unless one possessed an extraordinary treasure or had knowledge of the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, one would utterly not dare to move about randomly in here because the entire Dark Parasol’s Abyss was filled with mysterious and unfathomable places. It was filled with great dangers and the risk of getting lost, and it really wouldn’t be worth it to move about randomly and lose one’s life in the process.

But Chen Xi had the tiny cauldron to lead the way, so he wasn’t worried about going on the wrong path.


The Wings of Disruption flapped as Chen Xi left the Dark Parasol Secret Realm like a flowing ray of light, and then he repeatedly changed direction and passed through numerous expanses of strange and unfathomable places. He turned here and there as if he’d fallen into a large-scale maze.

If it wasn’t for the tiny cauldron’s guidance, he would have almost thought he’d gone the wrong way.

“Senior, where exactly is the Chaotic Divine Crystal kept?” Chen Xi couldn’t refrain from asking.

“According to what you said, it’s probably behind the Creation Sword Domain and within the Door of Profundity.” The tiny cauldron didn’t continue keeping silent, and it seemed to be awake at all times since it sensed the aura of those Xeno-race experts.

“The Door of Profundity?” Chen Xi was shocked in his heart as he never expected such a mysterious place of legend to actually really exist! According to rumor, there’s a shocking secret treasure kept within there. It wouldn’t be the Chaotic Divine Crystal, right?

Most shocking of it all was that according to what the tiny cauldron said, the Door of Profundity wasn’t uncertain and difficult to find. Shockingly, it was just behind the Creation Sword Domain!

He knew extremely clearly that if another were to find out about this information, then it would surely cause a great stir!

After an entire hour, an ocean suddenly appeared within Chen Xi’s field of vision. To his astonishment, this ocean was actually floating in midair, and it was entirely a world of water.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration in his heart when he saw this scene. This is like a great figure with extraordinary ability had placed a vast ocean into the sky.

“Watch out, this is the water from the Nether Spring of the universe. Once one is tainted by it in the slightest, one’s consciousness would be corroded while one’s flesh and bones would be devoured, causing one to transform into a soul that lacked a consciousness.” The tiny cauldron warned.

“Water from the Nether Springs?” Chen Xi was stunned, and he sensed the water carefully. Sure enough, he noticed that the ocean emitted the unique aura of the Netherworld that was bone piercingly cold and unusual.

After that, a wisp of a faint smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth. The water from the Nether Springs? I’ve grasped the Paramita and Oblivion Grand Dao Insights that are supreme Dao Insights in the Netherworld, this water from the Nether Springs is probably utterly incapable of harming me in the slightest.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right at this moment, two figures suddenly flashed over from the distance, and they quickly arrived here.

These two figures were tall and short, fat and thin. Obviously, they were from the same sect because they were dressed similarly, and their auras were rather strong. Both of them were slightly stunned when they saw Chen Xi standing alone before the ocean of Nether Spring water and they revealed vigilant expressions.

Chen Xi rubbed his nose as he turned around. He understood that so long as it was unfamiliar people that encountered each other in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, it was possible for fierce competition to arise.

It was even to the extent that there was no lack of cruel and vicious figures amongst the experts that had come to the Dark Parasol’s Abyss this time. These people didn’t go to explore the secret realms but intended to reap the gains of others, and they stayed in the shadows while launching sneak attacks, surprise attacks, and plundering the gains of others. They were despicable and ruthless to the extreme.

When they saw Chen Xi turn around and didn’t reveal any hostility, both of their expressions eased up.

The thin one amongst them briefly sized up the ocean that lay across the sky before them and couldn’t refrain from saying in a low voice. “The Nether Spring Ocean. It really is this place. We only have to go past this ocean and we’ll be able to arrive at the Creation…”

The fatty at the other side coughed dryly and interrupted. “It’s good that you know, so cut the crap and let’s go!”

After that, both of them soared into the sky and flashed towards the Nether Spring Ocean, and they quickly vanished without a trace.

“Senior, the Creation Sword Domain wouldn’t be at the other side of the Nether Spring Ocean, right?” Chen Xi’s hearing was extremely acute, and he instantly captured the conversation between the two, causing him to ask the tiny cauldron with surprise.

“Exactly,” replied the tiny cauldron.

“Looks like there are already many people that have headed over there.” Chen Xi muttered for a short while, and then he didn’t hesitate any longer to flash out towards the Nether Spring Ocean.


On the way, Chen Xi felt bored, so he stretched out his hand and grabbed. Instantly, a force blasted onto the boundless ocean in midair, and it forcefully grabbed up a ball of Nether Spring water.

“How heavy!” As soon as he grabbed it in his hand, Chen Xi felt his arm become heave, causing him to let go completely. Merely a drop from that ball of Nether Spring Water was no less than a few tens of thousands of kilograms in weight. Moreover, once he grabbed it, it started to corrode his flesh and skin. But he was prepared since the beginning, and he circulated the Paramita Dao Insight and instantly subdued the ball of Nether Spring water.

However, there was a problem with taking possession of it. The Nether Spring Water was too overbearing, causing ordinary containers to be utterly incapable of containing it without being corroded.

Even a Quasi Immortal Artifact storage magic treasure would be corroded to the point its quality was damaged after some time.

“Nether Spring water can be utilized to refine medicinal pills, and it’s a top sacred water in the world. It’s capable of cleansing the impurities of medicinal pills and greatly increase the quality of medicinal pills. Since the ancient times, many great figures utilized it to refine medicinal pills.” The tiny cauldron guided. “I’ll pass on a minor confinement technique to you, and it’s capable of sealing up the Nether Spring water. You can keep a bit more for future use. After all, besides the Netherworld, Nether Spring water can only be found in this Dark Parasol’s Abyss.”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart because he never imagined that the Nether Spring water would possess such a miraculous effect, and he never expected even more than the tiny cauldron would actually unprecedentedly take the initiative to pass on a technique to him. It was simply too shocking to him.

“This technique is called Cage Etching, and it means to etch an area that would serve as a prison. Listen well…” In next to no time, the tiny cauldron had finished passing down this profound technique and gave Chen Xi some pointers, causing him to instantly understand its profundities and exclaim endlessly with admiration in his heart.

This Cage Etching technique wasn’t just a minor confinement technique like the tiny cauldron has said, and it was simply capable of comparing to a peak-grade Dao Art. It was profound and unfathomable, and capable of sealing and confining everything in the world. Moreover, it didn’t injure the target, causing it to be extremely formidable even when used against enemies.

Unlike the Grand Confinement Dao Art and Light of Eradication, Cage Etching mostly related to sealing, and when it was cultivated to the extreme, it was even capable of sealing the changes of time and space!


In next to no time, Chen Xi had already made a move. His hands fluttered about as he struck out repeatedly to grab expanse after expanse of Nether Spring water, and then he utilized the Cage Etching technique to seal it before tossing it into the Buddha’s Pagoda.

Just like this, he flew forward as he gathered, and in a short time of 10 minutes, he’d gathered an entire river of Nether Spring water that was immeasurable.

“We’ve arrived!” The tiny cauldron reminded abruptly.

Chen Xi was stunned and instantly stopped what he was doing before raising his eyes to look over. He saw that there was an enormous black hole floating in the sky above the end of the Nether Spring Ocean.

The black hole seemed extremely out of place as it floated in midair. It was deep, pitch black, and suffused with a horrifying sheen, and it seemed like a door that led to the mysterious unknown.

Is that the door that leads to the Creation Sword Domain?

Chen Xi’s spirits were refreshed as a wisp of anticipation couldn’t help but arise in his heart. According to his knowledge, the inheritance of an exalted expert was hidden within here, and from the ancient times until now, countless great figures of the three dimensions had been drawn over to search for it.

Unfortunately, not a single person had obtained the inheritance within it to date, and this caused this place to become even more mysterious and filled with the color of myth and legend.

Chen Xi really wanted to know if the inheritance that was capable of moving the hearts of the great figures in the three dimensions really existed, and if it existed, then how shocking would it be?

But right when he intended to stride into the pitch black ‘door,’ he suddenly noticed something, and his gaze was like lightning as it swiftly shot towards the space at the side.

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