Chapter 664 – Shocking Everyone

Yan Shisan roared with laughter as he instantly vanished without a trace, and it caused everyone present to be astounded to the extreme.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was similarly surprised and bewildered because it didn’t seem like teleportation, and it was utterly impossible for Yan Shisan to teleport with his current cultivation. Chen Xi searched the surroundings with the Eye of Divine Truth yet didn’t notice any spatial fluctuation.

“That’s a Cosmic Immortal Talisman! My Ancestor once possessed one, and only a great figure in the Immortal Dimension is capable of refining one. Once it’s crushed, it’s capable of moving through boundless space and attaining the effect of greater spatial teleportation! It’s the best tool to protect one’s life because no one in the Mortal Dimension is capable of obstructing it!” Someone exclaimed with shock when he recognized the method Yan Shisan had utilized to flee, and it caused everyone present in the surroundings to be exceedingly shocked in their hearts because the value of such an immortal talisman was even greater than a Quasi Immortal Artifact!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head, and he was slightly disgruntled because he never expected that Yan Shisan would be able to escape in the end.

Especially those last words Yan Shisan spoke before he left, it caused Chen Xi to feel slightly surprised because, with Yan Shisan’s attitude, he actually admitted that there were many people more formidable than himself.

Could it be that it’s an Exalted Nether Transformation Realm expert that has grasped 10 times combat strength? If it really is like this, then it would be too terrifying.

After all, amongst the young Nether Transformation Realm disciples in the 10 great immortal sects and the six lineages of the devil sects, disciples that possessed five times combat strength were already rather rare, and they were capable of being reputed as Peak Nether Transformation Realm experts.

On the other hand, Exalted Nether Transformation Realm experts were simply a legend, and it was difficult for a single figure of such caliber to appear amidst 10 million people. Such a figure was extremely rare in the entire Dark Reverie, and it was difficult for one to appear in a thousand years.

Such a figure was absolutely a favorite of the heavens, a genius of the world. Once such a figure emerged into the world, the person would surely be an overlord that led a generation with extreme brilliance and be invincible amongst those of the same generation!

For example, Yan Shisan possessed seven times his combat strength and had already attained his current reputation. So it was obvious how shocking the appearance of an Exalted Nether Transformation Realm expert would be.

But in next to no time, Chen Xi stopped thinking about this matter because the world was so large that nothing was too strange in it. Perhaps there were really existences that were more extraordinary than Yan Shisan, but all of that wasn’t related to him, so there was no point in thinking about it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the next moment, Chen Xi’s gaze had already moved down and with a sweep of the Eye of Divine Truth, he directly saw through the profundities of the Eight Illusion Immortal Cage. Chen Xi flicked his sleeve right away to break apart the formation, whereas those eight Quasi Immortal Artifact flags fell into his hands.

These eight flags were thick like a child’s arm, pitch black and icy cold, extremely heavy, and covered in a metallic and bloody color. Every single flag had a different pattern inscribed on it, there was a Fiendgod, spirit, the mortal world, sages that had attained the Dao… The eight patterns practically encompassed the interrelationships between everything in the world.

Chen Xi acutely noticed that these eight flags had a myriad of profound and complicated inscriptions refined on them, and when they were utilized together, their might was comparable to an Immortal Artifact, causing their value to be priceless!

Even though Yan Shisan has fled, I didn’t do all this for nothing in the end.

Chen Xi eliminated the brand on the flags with a raise of his hand, and then he refined them slightly before putting them away.

This was a set of a formidable magic treasure, and it could be utilized for both protecting one’s abode and to annihilate one’s enemies. Its might was extraordinarily great, and it possessed boundless miraculous effects.

At this moment, Long Zhenbei and An Wei had already approached him, and their expressions were both extremely excited. The gazes they shot at Chen Xi carried a wisp of admiration, but it was mostly a moved expression.

Chen Xi had fought the crowd of experts and gone against Yan Shisan all for the sake of rescuing the two of them. Now that they were finally rescued, it wasn’t inferior to obtaining new life. So how could they not feel sincere gratitude towards Chen Xi?

Both of them opened their mouths and intended to say something yet Chen Xi shook his head and smiled as he stopped them. “Let’s leave first before we speak.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi flicked his sleeve and brought the two of them along as he left, and from the beginning until the end, he didn’t spare another glance at the other people present at the scene.

Besides looking at each other, everyone present couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief in their hearts upon Chen Xi’s departure.

Because they’d laid in ambush here with the intention of going against Chen Xi earlier, they couldn’t help but be slightly worried that they would suffer Chen Xi’s revenge. Now it would seem like they’d obviously thought too much, and Chen Xi didn’t take them seriously at all.

In next to no time, the silence in the surrounding atmosphere was broken, and it was seething with excitement and clamor. All of them were animatedly discussing how the battle between Chen Xi and Yan Shisan was too shocking. Even though the battle didn’t last for long, it had ended with such an outcome, and it caused many people to be unable to calm their hearts.

All of them knew clearly that Chen Xi’s name was bound to become a storm after this battle here today, and this storm would sweep through the world, shock the Dark Reverie, and become the hottest topic of discussion.



A stream tore through the sky and flashed past the boundless earth. The Dark Parasol Secret Realm was extremely large, yet was only a part of the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, and the other areas were even vaster and more mysterious.

“I have something to do, so I’m probably unable to go along with the both of you.” Chen Xi spoke apologetically on the way.

Earlier, the tiny cauldron had spoken once more, and it said that the Chaotic Divine Crystal would emerge into the world in the next three days. So he had to rush towards his destination and help the tiny cauldron obtain this divine object.

Moreover, this process concerned the Xeno-race experts from outside the three dimensions as well. So he couldn’t bear to bring Long Zhenbei and An Wei along so as to avoid any mishap from occurring and implicating them.

“Where’re you going? The Creation Sword Domain or the Door of Profundity?” Long Zhenbei asked with surprise.

“An extremely dangerous place.” Chen Xi could only give such an answer.

Long Zhenbei and An Wei looked at each other, and both of them were extremely shocked in their hearts. Presently, after the battle with Yan Shisan, Chen Xi had already proven exactly how formidable his strength was, and it caused them to feel that they were inferior to him. Even he says that place is dangerous, so exactly what sort of dangerous place is it?

“Alright, we’ll stay in the Dark Parasol Secret Realm and continue searching for Grand Dao Fragments while waiting for you to return.” After going silent for a short moment, An Wei made a decision.

Everyone had their own secrets, so since Chen Xi has spoken like this, he’d surely made sufficient preparations already, and they could only respect his decision and be unable to interfere.

“Oh, there are still more Grand Dao Fragments within the Dark Parasol Secret Realm?” Chen Xi was surprised.

“How could there possibly be no more? Even though you’ve swept away so many, there are still many hidden in other places, they’re just even more deeply concealed.” Long Zhenbei looked at Chen Xi with a strange gaze because he felt both admiration and amused when Grand Dao Fragments were mentioned. A single person had swept away six Grand Dao Fragments and angered all the experts to the point of stamping with rage and being on the verge of insanity. Such a ferocious deed was something only someone with Chen Xi’s strength could do.

“Good, haha! I thought it has been plundered completely by me.” Chen Xi rubbed his nose and laughed without end.

An Wei puckered her red lips and chuckled lightly as well when she heard this. Her beautiful hair hung loosely on her shoulders, her figure was slender and graceful, her skin pure white and tender, and her bearing was gorgeous and ethereal, causing every expression of hers to emanate shocking beauty.

“Set out quickly, I’ve already sensed its exact direction.” The tiny cauldron suddenly sent Chen Xi a voice transmission and reminded him.

“Senior Sister An, Senior Brother Long, there’s no time to lose, Junior Brother will bid his farewells first.” Chen Xi was shocked in his heart and cupped his hands towards the two of them.

“Go ahead, Junior Brother Chen, take care of yourself!”

“Take care.”

Long Zhenbei and An Wei cupped their hands as they spoke solemnly.

Chen Xi nodded before turning around and transforming into a ray of light that sailed off, and he vanished instantly without a trace.

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