Chapter 663 – Turning The Tides In A Hopeless Situation


Right when everyone was astounded, the Grand Dao Fragment had already fallen into Chen Xi’s palm, and it instantly vanished without a trace.

“Hmph! You clearly know you’re going to die for sure, so why bother? Do you think you’re capable of instantly refining and absorbing a Grand Dao Fragment to multiply your strength once more?” Yan Shisan grunted coldly and seemed like a god of devils as flaming rays of light curled up as his eyes blinked, causing him to emanate an oppressive aura.

Chen Xi wiped off the blood on the corners of his mouth and puckered his lips without saying anything. Within his body, he was circulating his Blackhole World madly while relying on the might of the Dark Parasol sapling to start refining and absorbing this Grand Dao Fragment.

Yan Shisan was really terrifyingly formidable, possessed extraordinary natural talent, and possessed numerous Dao Arts and magic treasures that shook the heavens and the earth. Moreover, he possessed the ability to multiply his combat strength by seven times. Amongst those of the same generation, it was practically impossible for him to find a match.

When faced with a freak that was like an inborn saint, Chen Xi knew extremely clearly that perhaps he was capable of throwing other Nether Transformation Realm cultivators into disorder and defeating them with his five times combat strength, but when compared to Yan Shisan, he was obviously a bit inferior.

After all, no matter if it was Dao Arts, magic treasures, strength, and combat experience, Yan Shisan was already amongst the top ranks of those in the same generation, and it caused Chen Xi to be unable to gain any advantage.

Originally, he was able to rely on the might of the Dark Parasol sapling to let the fight drag on until Yan Shisan was exhausted and forcefully exhaust Yan Shisan to death. But, unfortunately, because of the tiny cauldron suddenly speaking a moment ago, it had caused a slight flaw to appear in his mind, and it was instantly grabbed by Yan Shisan without letting off, causing him to fall into a disadvantaged position right away.

As the saying goes, one wrong move and the whole game could be lost. Under these adverse circumstances, he required a great breakthrough in order to turn the situation around, whereas that Grand Dao Fragment that had emerged into the world had become Chen Xi’s one and only choice.

“Give up! Even if the Grand Dao Fragment has fallen into your hands, it will still belong to me once I kill you in the end. You’re just wasting your energy!” Yan Shisan roared like a thunderclap that shook the surroundings, and it was filled with an arrogant and overbearing tone.


In the next moment, he’d flashed out with his hand carried a myriad of flaming glows, and it was like a sea of flames descending from the sky. Such an attack was absolutely capable of obliterating a city and destroying countless armies, yet it was used to deal with a single person now.

The expressions of everyone turned to shock as they’d sensed Yan Shisan’s resolution to kill Chen Xi from this strike, and it caused their bodies to tense up uncontrollably as they stared fixedly at the battle.

His life is hanging by a thread, will Chen Xi be killed just like this?

The hearts of An Wei and Long Zhen Bei had even risen to their throats as they revealed despaired and dejected expressions. If Chen Xi were to die, then even if they were able to survive, they would be unable to be at ease for their entire lifetimes!


An enormous bang that shook the heavens resounded out. It was like the sun and moon had collided, and it resounded out in the nine heavens while surging with an extremely blazing glow that drowned out the entire sky and caused every single person to be unable to see the scene in the sky clearly.

Has Chen Xi died?

Everyone stared with their eyes wide open, yet were utterly incapable of seeing everything clearly, and their eyes were pierced by the blazing rays of light to the point of aching and being on the verge of flowing with tears instead.

“He’s probably dead. Even if he obtained that Grand Dao Fragment, it’s impossible for Chen Xi to turn the situation around in this critical situation of life and death. After all, it’s absolutely impossible to completely refine and absorb a Grand Dao Fragment within an instant.”

“Alas, actually when you think about it, if it wasn’t for him repeatedly plundering our Grand Dao Fragments and incurred public indignation, it would be unlikely for such a genius figure to fall to such an end.”

“Our? Haha, truly laughable! The Grand Dao Fragments were things without owners, so what crime has Chen Xi committed?”

“Unfortunately, this kid has been killed in the end…”

Everyone whispered in discussion with various different expressions. Some carried admiration, regret, pity, excitement, delight, and wished for nothing more than to dance with joy.

All of these discussions weren’t inferior to thunderclaps when they entered into the ears of Long Zhenbei and An Wei, and it caused their expressions to turn gloomy, their eyes to lose color, their hearts to feel dejected and ache as if it was being minced apart, and they felt it was difficult to breathe.

He’s dead?

Is he really dead?


Right at this moment, a figure was suddenly blasted flying from within the light that covered the heavens and the earth, and it was captured in the fields of everyone’s visions.

However, everyone seemed as if they were struck by lightning when they saw this figure, and they almost didn’t dare believe their eyes. That figure was actually Yan Shisan!

A strand of scarlet red blood flowed out from the corners of his mouth, and even though it vanished instantly, it was still clearly noticed by everyone present in the surroundings. In other words, he’d actually been injured?

This was the first time that Yan Shisan was injured since the battle began! Originally, everyone thought that Chen Xi would die for sure, yet never had they imagined that such a turn in the situation would occur?

Everyone was stupefied like wooden puppets and didn’t understand exactly what had happened.

But when they saw Chen Xi’s tall figure gradually appearing within the dispersing glow, they instantly knew that all their guesses from before were utterly wrong!

Chen Xi didn’t die, and he’d injured Yan Shisan in this critical moment instead!

The scene was in an uproar because they’d seen an enormous miracle occur right before their very eyes.

“He’s alive! Haha! He’s alive! I knew this fellow wasn’t someone who would die young! Hahaha…”

“It’s good that he’s alive, it’s good that he’s alive.”

Long Zhenbei and An Wei were still in disbelief, but when they raised their heads and saw that familiar tall figure beneath the sky with their own two eyes, they were instantly stunned, and they almost wept from extreme joy and the rise and fall in their feelings. After all, since they’d started cultivating until now, they’d never lost their composure as they had at this moment.

It was obvious from this that this scene had brought enormous pleasant surprise and joy to them.

“Very good! You were actually able to endure for so long before bringing forth your entire strength at this moment!” Yan Shisan’s eyes turned icy cold and flickered with surging flames, as he’d already become truly infuriated.

He didn’t think that Chen Xi was capable of completely refining and absorbing the Grand Dao Fragment in an instant, so he felt that Chen Xi had always been concealing his strength since the beginning of the battle!

Only by explaining it in this way would he be able to accept it.

“Again!” Yan Shisan roared as his strength became even more tremendous, and his entire body burned while he held an ancient and heavy bronze cauldron in his hand before smashing it down at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi avoided it. At this moment, his entire body emanated boundless radiance and was suffused with a terrifying aura that was more than two times more formidable than before, and he went head on with Yan Shisan ferociously.

At this moment, he’d relied on the might of the Dark Parasol sapling to instantly refine and absorb the Grand Dao Fragment, and he’d already possessed the ability to multiply his combat strength by six times, causing his strength to be incomparable to before.


It was like a Fiendgod had struck a drum of the gods as his hand slapped onto the bronze cauldron, and it struck the cauldron to the point its body actually sunk down. Exactly how enormous would the strength needed to accomplish this be?

After all, this cauldron was a Quasi Immortal Artifact with peerless might, and it was called the Suncrow World Cauldron. It was a precious treasure that Yan Shisan had searched for bitterly, and it was far from something ordinary Quasi Immortal Artifacts could compare to.

Yet now, it was actually struck to the point of sinking in by a single strike from Chen Xi. This divine might couldn’t help but shock everyone present, and even Yan Shisan himself was visibly moved.

“Very good! Very good!” Yan Shisan roared repeatedly and seemed to be furious to the extreme. His eyes were crimson red and surging with the glow of flames, and he’d already gone completely mad, causing his peerless imposing manner to seem as if it belonged to a great god of demons while he charged towards Chen Xi while coiled by divine flames.

Chen Xi remained silent and was composed. Every single action of his executed a thousand skills and a myriad of profound techniques, and he was like a sovereign that had descended to the world to guide it and possessed boundless might.

Just like this, both of them collided once again, and they carried out a most terrifying battle of life and death.

It was like two savage ferocious beasts from the primeval times had encountered each other and were fighting violently. They fought from the heavens right down to the ground, then from the Region of Earth to the entire Dark Parasol Secret Realm before charging once more into the clouds, and then they fought all the way back to the Region of Earth.

This caused all the spectators of the battle to be dumbstruck by this scene, and they practically forgot everything because their eyes and hearts were filled with enormous shock and their minds were shaking endlessly.

This was absolutely a battle that was peerless in their generation, a battle between unequalled geniuses, and it was bound to go down in history, shake the world, and cause the entire Dark Reverie to be shocked!

On the other hand, both Long Zhenbei and An Wei knew that when Chen Xi returned to the sect and with his natural talent, Chen Xi would absolutely surpass all geniuses to be ranked at the peak of the Seed Disciples on Divine Radiance Peak!

In the sky, both of them fought more and more violently, and they fought to the point the heavens and the earth were cast into a shade, the sun and moon dimmed down, and the corners of their mouths flowed with blood. In the end, Yan Shisan’s killing move was obliterated, causing him to be slapped flying by Chen Xi, and it shook him to the point he coughed up blood without end as he flew out through the sky.

“Not to mention you, even Bing Shitian is unable to obstruct my footsteps!” Chen Xi spoke with an icy cold voice.

“I refuse to accept this!” Yan Shisan roared furiously as he stared his eyes wide open with rage.

Chen Xi made a move directly. This time, his expression was even more icy-cold and murderous than before, and it was also much calmer. He slapped out with his palm, and it seemed like a myriad of enormous waves were surging out while emitting rumbling and whistling sounds.

Amongst them was the vague scene of numerous mysterious and beautiful Paramita Flowers in full bloom, swaying and emitting a terrifying aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

That was the might of Paramita, and it was capable of guiding souls through the afterlife. If one didn’t obey, then one would surely be suppressed beneath the six paths of reincarnation and the eighteen levels of hell!

Yan Shisan bombarded it with all his might. His entire body was burning like a scorching sun while he himself was trying to dodge it yet it was futile, and he was blasted flying by it.


A string of blood flew up into the air. The front of his clothes shattered apart while his chest sunk down, and numerous bones had been blasted apart. If it wasn’t for his formidable strength and swift change to defense, all his internal organs would have been shattered by this attack.


Yan Shisan fell towards the ground, and he suffered a heavy injury that caused him to lose his ability to do battle!

The outcome was decided.

At this moment, the entire world was perfectly silent to the point a falling needle could be heard, and it was silent for a very long time because it had actually ended like this, causing it to be difficult for many people to accept.

Yan Shisan had lost!

This madman that had roamed freely throughout the Dark Reverie for many years, commanded the winds and the clouds, and was practically unable to find a match amongst those of the same generation was a figure that was so formidable and overbearing. Yet he’d actually been defeated!

How could this not shock all of them?

He was a genius of the Heavenflow Dao Sect that possessed outstanding natural talent yet had fallen to a miserable defeat now and completely lost the ability to do battle. How could all of them accept this?

Even Long Zhenbei and An Wei couldn’t help but feel suffocated and were shocked to speechlessness when they saw a scene like this. After all, Yan Shisan’s reputation was too great, and he was like the sun in the midday sky within the 10 great immortal sects. So his defeat naturally seemed to be too unbelievable.

“I never expected, haha! I truly never expected that I’d actually lose at your hands. But Chen Xi, you shouldn’t get complacent too early, because there are many more people that are much more formidable than I, Yan Shisan, amongst the experts of the same generation in the Dark Reverie. You’re not the only one!” Yan Shisan’s clothes were dyed red with blood while his expression was pale, yet his bearing remained the same as he roared endlessly with laughter while facing the sky.

As he spoke, he suddenly crushed a mysterious jade talisman within his hand, causing a ray of light to flash before his entire body actually vanished instantaneously, and it was even to the extent that it didn’t even give rise to a spatial fluctuation!

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