Chapter 662 – The Shadow Of Xeno-race Experts

Yan Shisan was the most renowned madman in the Heavenflow Dao Sect, he yearned for battle insanely and was peerlessly formidable, causing him to terrify everyone. But, he’d found his match now!

In the sky, various Dao Arts that shook the heavens and the earth flew about while dazzling lights erupted explosively. Those two figures were like two wyrms that were coiled together as they surged about violently and fought valiantly, and they fought from the heavens to the earth before entering into the clouds.

This battle seemed to already be capable of being called a peak battle in the Nether Transformation Realm, and it alarmed everyone within the Dark Parasol Secret Realm!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

At an extremely far distance from the battlefield, the figure of a man and woman appeared abruptly.

“I never imagined that there’re actually young men of such level amongst the natives of the three dimensions.” The man raised his eyes and focused towards the distance while a wisp of a bloodthirsty and excited sheen suffused his eyes.

His figure was extremely tall while his hair hung loosely behind his head. He wore a golden robe that was embroidered with numerous strange patterns that seemed like devils yet weren’t devils, seemed like demons yet weren’t demons, and it formed a terrifying, ghastly, and mysterious pattern.

He was precisely that mysterious figure called Xuan Chen.

“Xuan Kui, if I refine both of them into Bloodsoul Pills, it’ll probably taste wonderful, right?” Xuan Chen stretched out his scarlet red tongue and licked his lips while his eyes were filled with a ruthless and bloodthirsty expression.

“I’ve already utilized the Darklight Ice Sacrifice Technique to deduce that the Creation Sword Domain will emerge in less than three days, whereas, the Creation Sword Domain is one of the barriers that guard the Door of Profundity. If we want to enter it, then we must arrive at the Creation Sword Domain extremely early, otherwise, if those natives of the three dimensions beat us to it and seize that divine object, then we’ll be unable to report the fulfillment of our assignment to the Lord.” Xue Kui frowned as she spoke. She was peerlessly beautiful and similarly wore a golden robe. Her slender and plump thighs were much longer than an ordinary woman, and it caused her to seem more slender, graceful, and beautiful. “So, I advise you not to do that so as to avoid exposing our identities.”

“Disappointing! Truly disappointing!” Xuan Chen sighed deeply and was extremely disgruntled, but the ruthless and ghastly expression in his eyes grew even deeper.

“Eh, the dressing of those two fellows is so strange.” Right at this moment, a group of cultivators flashed over from the distance, and all of them were stunned upon seeing Xuan Chen and Xuan Kui.

“A group of little natives dares to point at me and talk about me? Die!” Xuan Chen’s eyes surged with a bloody glow as he stretched out with his hand and grabbed, causing a wisp of a dazzling beam of light to stretch out and envelop down.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A wave of muffled bangs resounded out. Those cultivators hadn’t even reacted to what had happened when they were directly blasted into balls of dense bloody mist, and they didn’t even have the time to let out shrill cries.


Xuan Chen stretched out his hand and grabbed once more, causing the mist of blood to swiftly condense into numerous berry sized blood pills that descended into his hand before being swallowed by him in a single gulp.

“Mmm, Nether Transformation Realm Bloodsoul Pills. Unfortunately, the taste is slightly inferior, but it’s better than nothing.” Xuan Chen chewed as he let out a sigh of comfort. He had ghastly blood red eyes and sharp teeth, and there were strands of blood flowing down from the corners of his mouth, causing him to seem extraordinarily terrifying.

“Let’s go!” Xuan Kui frowned and glanced at this bloodthirsty and perverted madman before turning around and leaving.

“Mmm, I forgot to leave some for you to enjoy. Once the Door of Profundity emerges, I’ll refine all the cultivators here into Bloodsoul Pills for you to enjoy. How about it?” Xuan Chen shook his head and chuckled as he followed up.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them had already vanished without a trace.


“I never imagined that you would actually be able to go against me for so long with five times combat strength, and you really are an exceptional figure. But the more it’s like this, the more excited it makes me because killing a genius provides a better sense of accomplishment than killing a pile of trash! Chen Xi, am I right?” In the sky, Yan Shisan roared into the sky as the glow of flames curled up from his entire body. He took a step forward in midair like a god of flames. He seemed extremely violent and the stars, moon, and sun circulated in his hand as he charged at Chen Xi.

Everyone was shocked. Exactly how terrifying and overbearing is this ability of grasping the world in his hand and forming the sun, stars, and moon!?

Those numerous stars, sun, and moon surged with the glow of flames as they appeared in the sky, causing the heavens and the earth to be cast into a shade. It seemed like a starry sky that was a sea of flames.


Space shattered. This palm strike of Yan Shisan’s contained the heavens and the earth and formed stars. It was too terrifying and was like a tempestuous storm that swept through 5,000km in the surroundings with a might capable of obliterating everything!

“That might not necessarily be the case. The person that dies today might be you, Yan Shisan!” Chen Xi spoke with an extremely calm voice, and the Wings of Disruption flapped as he charged forward to meet Yan Shisan’s attack.

His attack didn’t have any dazzling lights or stars that lay across the sky, but it possessed a terrifying imposing aura that shook those stars, sun, and moon to the point of shattering one by one, and it was a terrifying scene that seemed like the obliteration of the universe.

Shockingly, this was the Obliteration Dao Insight. But it was executed by Chen Xi with a Dao Art, causing its might to be even more terrifying, and it caused all the stars, moon, and sun Yan Shisan formed to be blasted apart and obliterated.

Chen Xi swung his fist out ceaselessly as he moved straight ahead and went head-on against Yan Shisan.

Even though he was lacking in two times combat strength when compared to Yan Shisan, his Blackhole World was even more solid and vast, and coupled with the assistance of the Dark Parasol sapling, the vital energy and True Essence in his entire body was practically at a peak state at all times.

So he was utterly unafraid when going head-on against Yan Shisan.


Various Dao Arts shook the surroundings and were extremely terrifying as they caused blazing brilliance to envelop the land and drown the landscape.

Such a terrifying scene shocked everyone in the surroundings to the point of retreating repeatedly, as they were deeply afraid of being affected because their lives would be in danger.

Long Zhenbei and An Wei were dazed by this scene, and their minds shook without end. Never had they imagined that Chen Xi’s combat strength had actually attained such a level. Earlier, he’d swept through all enemies as he fought the crowd of geniuses, and now he fought Yan Shisan equally. Such strength was something that even they considered themselves to be inferior to.

“Swiftly deal with this person. I sensed the aura of Xeno-race experts from outside the three dimensions just a moment ago. Perhaps they’ve come for the sake of the Chaotic Divine Crystal as well.”

Right when Chen Xi was battling Yan Shisan fiercely, the voice of the tiny cauldron suddenly resounded out in his heart, and it instantly caused him to be shocked.

Xeno-race experts?

He knew now that the three dimensions formed a whole of its own, and the defense of the extremely solid Dimensional Crystal Walls in its surroundings had always been stopping the Xeno-race experts that were from outside the three dimensions from invading.

Moreover, these Xeno-race experts from outside the three dimensions had been the enemies of every single living being in the three dimensions since ancient times, and they’d always wished for nothing more than to invade the three dimensions and take control of it.

During the time he was at the Primeval Battlefield, Chen Xi had once seen four peak Xeno-race experts that came from outside the three dimensions, and their strengths were absolutely terrifying. Even a Heavenly Immortal like Bing Shitian wasn’t a match for them, and if it wasn’t for the tiny cauldron making a move at the critical moment, the entire Primeval Battlefield might have fallen into the hands of those Xeno-race experts! Now there were actually Xeno-race experts that had snuck into the Dark Reverie and arrived within the Dark Parasol Secret Realm, so how could this not shock Chen Xi?

Could it be the three dimensions are really about to undergo an upheaval?

He’d once heard Madman Liu speak of it while he was in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. There was only less than a thousand years remaining from the upheaval of the three dimensions. So the appearance of these Xeno-race experts at this moment was undoubtedly a type of sign, and it caused him to sense a slight feeling of impending disaster.

As the saying goes, every time there’s great chaos, there’re surely heretics present. The appearance of these Xeno-race experts just happened to be like these ‘heretics’, and he had no choice but to be vigilant.


Right during the time Chen Xi’s mind had zoned out slightly, and it wasn’t even an instant, Yan Shisan had firmly grasped onto this opportunity and fiercely blasted Chen Xi flying with a palm strike.


Chen Xi spat blood as his figure staggered back and retreated without end.

A single mistake caused a string of mistakes.

Yan Shisan didn’t let up after obtaining success, and his attacks were like a violent storm that locked tightly onto Chen Xi without stopping. He had the oppressive and imposing aura of intending to achieve victory in one go.

During this horrifying battle, the enormous mountain that was filled with the aura of earth transformed into an enormous, earthen yellow leaf amidst a wave of rumbling.

Its striations and veins were clear like the brand of the Grand Dao, and it was coiled by boundless yellow and hazy strands of the aura of the Grand Dao of Earth. It was precisely the Grand Dao Fragment concealed within the Region of Earth!

But everyone present couldn’t care about all this now. All of them were watching the battle in the skies with astonishment and without blinking as they were deeply afraid of missing any slight detail.

Because they knew that the outcome of this battle between two great geniuses was about to be decided! Who would have the mood to care about anything else at this critical moment?

Not to mention that so many experts were casting covetous gazes at the Grand Dao Fragment that had emerged, so no one would dare to make a move at this moment because if they were to become a target of all, then their lives would be at risk.

Chen Xi’s in a precarious situation!

As they looked at Chen Xi who was coughing up blood without end while being pursued repeatedly by Yan Shisan in the sky, the hearts of Long Zhenbei and An Wei tightened instantly, and they were anxious, worried, perturbed, and uneasy.

Why did it turn out like this? They were clearly well-matched in strength earlier, so why has he instantly been pressured to the point of falling into a disadvantageous position?

Both of them were unable to guess the reason, and it was precisely because of this that they felt even more worried for Chen Xi.

Yan Shisan had already spoken with certainty earlier that he wanted to annihilate Chen Xi this time. In other words, once Chen Xi lost, he would absolutely die without any chance of survival!

“Truthfully speaking, I’m slightly unable to bear killing an opponent like you. Unfortunately, you’re an enemy of my Heavenflow Dao Sect and overestimated your ability to the point of wishfully thinking of fighting for Ancestor Qing with Lord Bing Shitian. I can only kill you now to remove any future troubles!” Yan Shisan shouted explosively as his entire body surged with resolute killing intent, whereas his movements didn’t slow down in the slightest as he carried seas of flames, enormous waves, stars, suns, and moons, as he slapped out repeatedly at Chen Xi with the intention of annihilating Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was shaken by these attacks to the point of coughing up blood again and again, but he didn’t retreat. His fighting spirit hadn’t weakened at all, and he still fought with all his strength and revealed shocking tenacity.

“You’re like an ant trying to topple a giant tree, struggling is futile!” Yan Shisan’s palm pressed down like a myriad of giant mountains pressing down, and they rumbled as they blasted Chen Xi flying like a kite that had its string cut, causing a mouthful of blood to spray out from his mouth once again.

Everyone was shocked and stared their eyes open even wider as they stared fixedly at the battlefield to the point they practically forgot to breathe. The curtains to this battle were about to be drawn, and life or death would occur in an instant!

However, right at this moment, Yan Shisan suddenly noticed that Chen Xi had suddenly started grinning in this extremely dangerous moment, and he very unexpectedly beckoned with his hand.

This action… seems to be slightly familiar?


A wisp of earthen yellow flowing light tore through space as it flashed towards Chen Xi that beckoned at it. Shockingly, it was the Grand Dao Fragment that had the Grand Dao of Earth branded upon it.

“Fuck, no wonder it looked familiar. This fellow relied on this exact method to seize our Grand Dao Fragment!” The eyeballs of everyone almost fell out, and they were astounded to the extreme.

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